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seminar today by Dr Coretta Phillips on the systemic oppression & pains of penal power on young Londoners from ethnic minority communities

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第5人格クラン 『Lilac』をつくります! ガチではなく、エンジョイを目的にやります! 活動はdiscordです! 条件→下記に記載!! URL→コメントに❗️

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"Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death." ​​Romans 8:1, NIV

"A healthy attitude is contagious but don't wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier". - Tom Stoppard

Blockchain and the GDPR - The EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum is an initiative sponsored by the European Commission Link :

-53. was burnt (allegedly because the author(s) "" closed down the account themselves). It was entitled "The of White Male ". It argued that ALL major movements and decisions in the past 100 years ..

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The first the first on Identity for the industry is online! 89% of respondents consider digital user identification a priority for their businesses. 👉🏼 Download it now on our new website

Day 1 of the and the Hydro team are at their booth and ready for action - it's going to be a busy day with networking and talking , , , &

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I’m not Good I’m not Bad I’m just

All I have are my feelings! and I chose to let myself go numb so that I could survive. I closed it up in a box with the dead (both people and dreams) and now I don’t know who I goddamned am anymore. 

I try to be nice. I try to be nice and I’m very nice. I’m too nice. “You’re too nice” they say, and I hate myself for it. This isn’t who I am. I’m not that nice girl, Sarah. That’s not ME! That’s the watered down, version of me that would result if you took a quiz and you kept choosing to say “Sorry!” in response to every question. 

I am not nice. I am NOT NICE! I am a loner who learned how to socialize. I let myself become normal, and being “nice” has got me “friends” who are really good people who I don’t deserve and don’t know who I am. I am weird, and I am meant to be alone. I am not meant to be with good, stable people. 

I think everyone feels a bit better that I’ve stopped trying to fit them into neat little boxes with labels for everything. This leaves Austin and Avery room to explore and minimal stress when they start exhibiting traits I didn’t expect them to have or exploring identities that fit better than what I seemed to be forcing onto them.

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ive seen butch/femme drama and it’s kinda got me wondering if I have to label myself as one or the other? I’ve never thought about it but it kind of seems like really important labels that lesbians have to make? I’m not sure :(

omg noooo!! most of us are neither butch nor femme honestly 💜 you’re all good and there is no pressure! you don’t need to use either label or any labels for that matter. simply lesbian is enough
Proposed HUD rule would strip transgender protections at homeless shelters
Proposed rule would allow homeless shelters to bar transgender people on religious grounds or force transgender women to share bathrooms and sleeping quarters with men.
Yoruba names of the week

Jùwọ́n-More than them/Bigger than them. Olúwajùwọ́n: God is more than/ above them. Ọlájùwọ́n: Nobility/wealth is more than them.

Adétúbèrù- Royalty is worth respecting.

Ayọ̀olúwakìítán- The joy of the lord knows no end.

Àkànfẹ́- Specially loved.

Yésìdé- Mother returns still.

Bóorépọ̀- Where there is plenty goodness.

Bámilóyè- Help me gain honour.

Folúshẹwà- Make beauty with God.

Olúdámipé- God has made me complete.

Olúwadáminí- I belong only to God.

Làlà-One who marks out boundaries. (“A nickname among the warriors of Olúkòyí lineage)

Nírètí- Have hope.

Wúrà- 1. Gold. 2. Golden. 3. Precious.

Pàímọ́-  Keep this (one) safe. ( The name is a prayer to the gods to keep this chid safe from dying. It’s a name given to suspected àbíkú children)

Ìràpadà- Salvation.

Iyìolúwárọ̀gbàyímiká- God’s honour surrounds me.

Ìyìnolúwa-The lord’s praise.

Ìfẹ́dẹ̀rù- Love becomes something to be awed by.

Motúnrọ́lá- I’ve found success again.

I’d love to change my name.

Since I’m pretty much out of my fathers firm grasp, I started going by Allyson instead of ally, which all of my family and friends of my younger life called me.

But I would love to totally change my name (although I feel like that’s not N option because I’m not trans? I know that’s crazy but I don’t want to feel like I’m stealing there thunder..) but since I’m no longer being abused by my father on the daily, I want to change my name to change who I am (although that could be the borderline talking..)

If I did change my name I’d go with something eccentric, like Freya, or Skylar. I’m not sure. Something uncommon but not unheard of. Just like I want to be.

me, stressing about labels: ive called myself bi since high school, but i’m also attracted to genderfluid or nonbinary people, so shouldn’t i id as pan instead? but what if someone points out that i used to be openly proud to be bi and i have to explain myself and they accuse me of going through a phase???

Also Me, realizing that labels should only serve to make you comfortable and not be a box that you feel trapped in: fuck it, i love who i love and don’t have to explain myself to anyone

Where Do You Find Your Value?

If you are finding your value, purpose, and power, in the opinions of others, you will always be a slave bound to the pressure of their expectations. Yes, maybe you’ll be able to earn admiration, or find admiration, but you’ll forget what matters most. Stop trying to live up to what others say is impressive and admirable, and refocus. Our identities are not in what we do, or how we do it, but in why we do what we do. 

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hey qt what's your ethnicity? im also a hapa bb hehehehe

Awe hehe hello my hapa fam🦋 uwu I’m Japanese/Chinese and Sicilian! ✨ wby? I love meeting other hapa peeps and talking about mix/multiracial experiences c: especially bc a lot of my art and acedemic work is around that topic and deals with identity 🌺

They ask, “What are you?” And I give them a blank look.

“I’m a human being,” I say.

“No, but what are you?”

They want an answer. It dawns upon me that they are actually asking me what my race or ethnicity is.

I stare down at my skin. It is warm toned but light and pale. I consider my curly dark brown hair, my thick eyebrows, the dimples. I am petite and relatively small.

“I’m Mexican,” I tell them.

It’s the truth. Both of my parents are; everybody in my family is. Spanish is my native language. Although English is my primary one, I am close to my roots.

Something has changed within them. They begin to make a face. It is brief, but I catch it.

“Oh,” they say. Then, louder, “well, you don’t look Mexican.”

I lean in. “What is ‘Mexican’ supossed to look like?”

“Oh, um,” they start. Their face begins to turn red. “well …”

I get my bag and leave.

Breakups, part 7

After dating and dating and dating for the past six years, I’ve started to recognize that I haven’t been single enough to explore who I am without a relationship

I’m always someone’s something, I’m always identified with someone else. That in and of itself is unhealthy. Our society glorifies dating and sex and relationships in that it describes an unhappiness found in being single.

I’ve begun to recognize that in my life, it is the opposite. Not to say that relationships are bad or that I only find unhappiness when I’m with someone, but I’ve found a simple satisfaction with being single. 

I’m breaking up with someone today and yes, it sucks, but I’m looking forward to exploring who I am again.