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今日は何の日 3月24日は 山本彩2ndアルバム 💗

We have Linga , We told as Lingayata What shall I tell these monkey men? Further lean towards worldly Shaiva deities O Lord Kalideva.

弾丸札幌なう✈️☀️さや姉さまの札幌公演観に来て以来、彩ちゃん大好きのママにお土産💕それにしても何回観ても最高だね✨サードマンなう😚 p.s.うちの子も可愛いでしょ?🐶❤️脚の長さ音遠ちゃんの半分くらいしかないけどー😂ww

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one more time loud and clear for the people in the back

mental illness does not equal character assassination


Hello! We collectively go by Echo, but our blog has been about making relatable posts about DID and some of our other issues. So we decided to make it into a cool little blog where we post comics but also answer asks through comics! Sorry for how bad the art is. It’s 2 am and I really wanted to doodle a little intro to this aspect of the blog! 

So feel free to ask away, we will try to answer every question.

By the way, the images are of (in order from left to right):

Julie, Saturn, Karin, Kitt (ME), Zeke, Gabriel, Yukari (green) and Macie (Yellow)! I will try to sketch everyone a full colored thing slowly but surely. 

Aaa I hope this isn’t cringey..


The undeniable paradox of human existence is that a person seeks closeness with other people while protecting his or her sanctified right of privacy. Each person must carefully guard their personal identity in order to give their life a unique purposefulness. Loving other people and nature is not mutually exclusive of a person maintaining independence of thought and action. A person need not surrender his or her own pursuit of personal excellence when maintaining a respectful and reciprocal relationship with a life mate.
30 Days of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Day Seven: How many parts do you know of in the system? How many know about each other?

We currently are aware of 8 parts. We keep confusing facets and fragments as alters but we got it now. And we actually are all pretty much well aware of each other. Some of us haven’t really sat down and talked but for the most part we at least know the others exist.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I saw your earlier posts about relationships between alters so I hope this is ok to ask. I have one who wants to date me casually. I’m not opposed to that but she’s very clear that it would be temporary until I got a gf outside the body. What I’m afraid of is then having to “break up with myself”, like it would hurt to end what I make with my alter for the sake of being with someone else and I wonder what it’s like to switch from dating an alter to a “real person”

For sure, I’m happy to try to help! I’m not a professional, but I can do my best to provide personal suggestions from my own experience. :) 

I think the best way to sort out relationships with alters is to legitimately view them as another person, just like an “outside the body gf.” The only difference is that a partner who’s an alter explores physical affection in a different way–it’s through the same body. 

Going into a relationship with anyone, alter or not, with the intention of ending it later down the road is what I think the real concern is here. That’s a surefire way to set yourself up for grief, since cutting off any relationship is painful! 

So, because of this, I’d chat with your alter about other options. Something that allows you both to explore your ideal relationship with each other (because alter relationships are really important!), but won’t set you up for an inevitable end. You don’t want to toss away all you build up.

Bael and I sort of had this. He and I were together for several years (this was before I even really knew he was an alter, I thought he was a “spirit”) and I went through a few other relationships. Sometimes we dealt with jealousy (he’s a bit more jealous in nature, and I tend to be often loving many people at a time–not all romantic, I’m just a very loving person). So it was messy at times. 

Looking back, I think the best solution is what we came to. We’re still intimate at times, we still deeply express love for each other. I mean–he’s a great individual. He’s helped me through so much and I’ve helped him through so much. How could we not have an inseparable bond? Bael and I don’t consider ourselves dating, more like just lovers and system-mates. 

I am dating my wonderful amazing girlfriend @jinyoungiemp3, and she’s really supportive of our inner system relationships! This might be something with seeking in an “outside the body” girlfriend or partner, since someone who gets in the way of your system is probably not very healthy. You can have your own relationships and choose to be monogamous, but perhaps exploring system-related polyamory could be helpful too! 

I’m not sure if this has a clear answer in it, but hopefully my experiences with something similar has helped you out! 

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Why is everyone suddenly so hostile towards pan people now like I’ve been seeing it come up resently and people are calling it trans and nbphobic to identify as pan???? Like its not “a separate identity for liking trans and nb ppl”???? They say it’s the same as bi when its not like….bi is attraction to two genders wether that be m/f m/nb w/nb or any form of two it’s up to the person really and how they desire to use the label. And like pan is all genders it’s not the same like if u like all genders ur pan man sorry but yeh Paradise man was not yet man. Or to be more precise, man has not yet been cast on man’s path. Now we are longtime outcasts, flying through the emptiness of time in a straight line. Yet somewhere deep down a thin thread still ties us to that far-off misty Paradise, where Adam leans over a well and, unlike Narcissus, never even suspects that the pale yellow blotch appearing in it is he himself. The longing for Paradise is man’s longing not to be man.
—  The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera, tr. Michael Henry Heim