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Identityはじめたので良かったら対戦しましょ!! フレンドなりましょ!!

Another iteration of the Alpha Beta Omega logo, we’ve been toying around with ideas, while trying to keep it minimalistic, because SOMEONE (Mik) insists on it.

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▷ season2 ₍ ᐢ. ̫ .ᐢ ₎ ♡ チェイス時間5秒の泥棒 ひったすら解読する傭兵 銃があたらない空軍します🐣💕 楽しくできるひと申請ください💉

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-V友達募集中 -V,YouTube研究中 、分身、やり方、知りたい。 。優しい、 管理人。のんびり、気長に。 、超重低音、爆重低音、 EDM、DSG、密かに、ボカロ、初音ミク、ファン、だれか、気付いて。 つまらんおらに。

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2018 Forum () begins this week in . Always good to hear from so many professionals in government, university, & enterprise & see my good mate ! .

and I will be at Pitzer College this week presenting our original research, turned article in progress, on Afro-Latinx identity.

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At the World APAC, we will combine: , & . Listen to Dr. Hans Lombardo, CMO at , and join his session: Identity for a World

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with how you identify

Screw it I’m doing it

Gender identity: questioning, nonbinary, Transsexual Male

Pronouns: ze/zir/zem/zemself, they/them/themself, he/him/himself

Gender alignment: dawnian (partially fem partially masc aligned)

Gender presentation: cinnab (masc + androgynous)

Sexual orientation: omnisexual, aceflux

Romantic orientation: omniromantic

Sensual orientation: semisensual

Other: polyamorous, omniqueerplatonic, Taken since 6/10/2016, Fox therian

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“Aliases and Lies”

Donning a quaint fedora, a man traversed the town
He was loved by all, never the kind to frown
Skipping and smiling, a spring in his step
As superficial as any other, his demeanor well-kept
In himself he built sturdy, towering walls
And he built more inside them, lest one of them falls
His ‘self’ was sheltered from within, ensuring his safety
Cold, murky and dark, his comfort in this society
Ah, what a fulfilling life, he thinks
To love, and to be loved, in pleasure he sinks
The man muses, how does one become more attractive than they seem?
He laughs to himself; the key is always a perfect scheme
Surely this has already become a chronic addiction
Teeming with dread and pain, an unnamed affliction
But the insanity within it invites him to a soul-tearing dance
Lulling him to sleep, moving aimlessly to a lunatic trance
He was sure, confident rather, that he was sober
Surely he wasn’t drunk of the old Bollinger
The man was awfully aware of his perfect, elusive countenance
It renders them defenseless, easier to sway through their ignorance
However, he has grown weary of such tactics
How many more women to bewitch, how many more fake signatures to affix?
He scoots over to a town and another, engaging in silly games
Each town a change in his character, where he went by many names
Stepping into the place of his dwelling, he was unusually careful
The permeating sensation crippling, horrific, dreadful
And then as his eyes fall upon the mirror whilst the area turned dim
He merely cackled in its wake, realizing that it was no longer him