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anonymous asked:

I feel like such an asshole. When I lived in Shithole USA there was an out and proud lesbian who helped me accept that I was lesbian too. We became best friends and we moved to a more liberal city together. Recently they came out as a trans man to me. And I'm happy for him, I really am. I can tell he us so much happier when he's himself around me. But when I think about "him", my first thought is always that we're not lesbuddies anymore. I haven't told him, because it's obviously transphobic.

Based purely only on what you’ve told me, I don’t know if this is transphobic as much as it is grieving change.

As far as you knew, you guys used to be the same. Two peas in a pod, two lesbians from Shithole USA who escaped together. There was almost certainly security and comfort in sharing that identity together. 

Now, you’ve found out that what you believed is wrong: he’s trans and you’re still a lesbian. You’re not the same anymore. You’re no longer two peas in a pod. Sure, you’re still close, you’re both still queer - but you don’t share that identity like you used to.

Dude, it’s natural to be sad about that. Being sad that your buddy and you don’t share the same identity anymore is okay, it’s not transphobic. You can be super support and love trans folks and be sad you no longer share the same identity as your friend. 

It’s okay to grieve over this. It’s okay to feel sad. Change is difficult, and finding out your friend isn’t the same as you can make you feel very alone. 

If it helps, he’s probably feeling alone and different as well - he’s probably also sad he doesn’t share the same identity as his best friend any more. Perhaps you can bond over no longer being the same and feeling a bit alone as a result?

You know, I’ve never really attached much of my identity to my hair. It just… Got long in the winter, went back to a bob in the summer. When I came out and moved out, I hacked it all off (because fuck dealing with hair and also fuck you conservative family). Logical processes, not really personal.

I just saw a few clips of models, a woman with alopecia, and a trans woman talking about their hair, and it just clicked. Some people actually feel like their hair defines them. I’ve probably been really rude to some of those people. I’ll try to respect that in the future.

It’s just… people have vastly different things they apply value to, and sometimes I forget. To understand other people sometimes you have to realize that what you think is trivial isn’t to them.

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I want to change…something. I don’t know what, or how, but I need to do something to come into alignment with my gender identity.

Short hair? New name and pronouns? Cologne?

What do you think I should do to bring out the masculine edge of my identity? Of those who know me in real life, what would seem realistic and natural?

Names–what gender-neutral or masculine alternate name do you think would suit me? I’ve played in online spaces with the names Sinclair and Indigo, but they don’t seem like they’d fit real life. I’d like to honour someone I knew and loved by incorporating his surname, Cruz, somehow, but I don’t think that could fit in.

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Chemdorff — Designer: Francisco Marco Vilar; Firm: Grupo de Diseño, Spain; Year: 1970


We made a video talking about amnesia in DID and OSDD. In the process, John ended up switching to camera to Jack and then to me. We still kept it up because we felt like people could learn from the video. Not only about amnesia, but that switches can be subtle and very disruptive in what you’re trying to accomplish. We hope you all enjoy and learn from it.

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Again, just a reminder of a DID/OSDD Discord server that we’re in.

- Wicker

If you love your neighbor as you love yourself then I guess God wants you to have a healthy view of yourself in order to love others well. If you keep trashing your identity, you’ll keep trashing people around you and think it’s good.


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Handsome and Majestic

Who I Am. 

A black and white photo; reaching my hand out to wood fencing. 

This photograph metaphorically represents knowing who I am, the journey of what I’ve become, and what I strive to be in the future. Each image I post has an underlying meaning and purpose. If you analyze my pictures thoroughly, you would be able to know parts of my identity that I want to reveal. 

For many people, the eyes tend to convey emotions, and the reason I chose to photograph my hand is because I think hands are very personal, and can disclose information about someone. What does my photograph reveal about myself? Well, there are four main things I want to point out:

  • I’m young 
  • A female 
  • I am passionate about photography 
  • Curiosity 

I have a good sense of self and my identity, but like anyone else I’m still discovering new things about myself and developing into the person I want to become. The hand gesture of reaching out towards the fence symbolizes curiosity, and wanting to explore ‘the unknown.’ There are so many things that I have yet to see and learn, and reaching my hand out is just the beginning that will allow me to create meaningful experiences and add to my identity.