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. Just in time for ! inspires w/ 26 MARATHONS & 👉🏽 Thu 3/21. 🎟️ Meet him at reception before (sep tix). 🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♀️

Join us next week on Friday and Saturday for our graduate student conference WER BIN ICH. We are looking forward to the upcoming presentations and hope to see you there!

On this date in 1965, Malcolm X, religious figure and African American nationalist, is assassinated by rival Black Muslims while speaking in Washington Heights, New York

Today our buzzword is Out of Band Authentication! Follow us on our social channels to keep up with our weekly educational series!

Wonderful evening learning about and celebrating the life of . Loved the deep conversation on . Left me thinking. Love the UKs diversity giving us access to continuously learn about other cultures and spiritual beliefs.

Napoleon's legacy. There wouldn't be " anarchy" in the UK if Napoleon had conquered the country, suggests Professor Bart Jacobs

The stage is set for night 4 of Hallam CU's mission. 'Accepted' - pray that I would proclaim Jesus clearly and winsomely. Pray that the Holy Spirit would give people a desire for God's Acceptance

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Join us TOMORROW on FEBRUARY 22nd for the Annual Research Symposium 9:30 AM - 1 PM at CAHI! Our theme is "Navigating Through Intersections: & Advancing Asian American Issues & ". Our keynote speaker is . See you there!

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Only me

As a Latina, I don’t represent the peoples of the hispanohablante countries in Latin America.

As a Dominican, I don’t represent the peoples of my peninsula.

As a mixed woman, I don’t represent all the mixed peoples of the world.

As a black woman, I don’t represent all the black women or people of the world.

As a woman, I don’t represent all the women of the world.

As a Carollaine, Aka Caro, I represent only.. myself. So please don’t expect for me to know all the tidbits that encompass Latinos, Dominicans, mixed and black peoples, and women, as if my belonging to those groups makes me their spokesperson.

Identity (Part 3)

Yep. Still working on this during my down time at work. This is going to tie-in with the last episode which was the Valentine’s Day episode. It’ll weave in and out of canon and ultimately diverge unless I’m a psychic or something.


It was Valentine’s Day. Lena had dressed in a stunning red dress with a large flower print on it and her reddest lipstick. The dress hugged every curve perfectly. She felt good. Sexy and bold. Ready to tackle the world. She sat down at the same time her phone started buzzing. It was a text from an unknown number.

“I know who Kara Danvers is.”

“What?” Lena crinkled her brow. That was a weird thing to text. Kara was a well-known reporter for Catco. Was it some sort of threat? Was someone trying to let her know they knew how important Kara was to her?

A photo of Kara popped up. Lena grew more concerned. If someone was using Kara to threaten or scare her, they were in for a big surprise. No one threatened Lena Luthor’s best friend. Before she could type anything in response another photo popped up.

This one of Kara removing her glasses.

Lena could feel one of those tiny boxes in her mind moving to the front. Another photo soon followed the first two.

Kara unbuttoning the top of her blouse and a tiny glow of blue showing through from underneath, an uncharacteristic yet familiar look on her face.

The box in her mind began glowing.

The next picture made Lena’s heart drop.

The box busted open.

Her mind swirled.

At that moment, James came through the door with a wide grin and a beautiful gift under his arm. She barely acknowledged the gift as she tried to reclose the box in her mind. She was going into full Luthor mode. Shut down or escape. Hide or run away. Escape. She had to escape. This couldn’t be real. Someone was trying to confuse her. Hurt her relationship with her best reporter. Perhaps try to get Kara fired. James said something, she wasn’t sure what, but she blurted out, “Let’s go to Paris!”

Yes! Leave! Leave everything, like she did in Metropolis. Run away. Escape.

James was reluctant, so she turned up the charm and used what she knew would work. It did. He wouldn’t drop everything and go immediately though. He said he had to tie up a few loose ends and he’d meet her this evening. She wished he hadn’t. She needed to leave now.

Luckily, a new distraction presented itself.

“Ms. Luthor, your 1 o'clock is here.” Jess came over the intercom.

Lena composed herself. Brushed invisible wrinkles from her dress and walked to meet Colonel Haley. The Colonel had requested a meeting on very short notice. Lena had assumed Alex would be with her and she was beyond relieved when the door opened to reveal just a single representative of the DEO. Lena wasn’t ready to deal with anyone named Danvers. She wasn’t sure she’d ever be if those photos turned out to be legit.

The glowing box rattled in her head. She shoved it toward the back.

Colonel Haley had offered her a contract with the military. A super soldier project. Lena didn’t say no. All day long this anonymous number had been sending her horrifying photos and headlines of humans murdered by aliens as well as photos of Supergirl fighting, destroying property, using her powers.

Suddenly, a different number popped up. She clicked it and there was a photo of her brother. He was surrounded by guards and in chains being lead out of the prison. “Guess who’s coming to National City!”

“What?!” Lena panicked. “How? When!?”

The message had been sent by a tabloid reporter.

“Any comment on the transfer of your brother and his upcoming parole hearing?”

“Parole hearing?! How did Lex manage that? He was in for life.” Lena’s whole world was upending. Her head full of questions that she knew better than to ask this rag writer.

“Apparently his ideas on alien removal and threats is being seen in a new light now.” The tabloid writer continued.

Lena swallowed hard.

She immediately texted back, “No comment.”

They weren’t getting anything from her. She might be in complete Luthor mode, but part of that mode was self-preservation despite the utter panic that lie right below the surface.

Her head was spinning. This was far too much. ESCAPE.

She quickly gathered her things and and practically ran out the door.

“Cancel everything for the next two weeks, Jess.” She called as she made her way to the elevator. Jess, eyeing her with confusion and concern, simply replied. “Yes, Ms. Luthor.”

(To be Continued)

“Showroom Identity

Identity means narrative, the sum of all the data concerning me: what I know and believe about myself, and what others know and believe about me. It is the sum of relevant statements about me, including those that are merely attributed to me—ones I claim are hearsay.
Technological society has opposing motivations and goals. For the body to maintain its integrity, technology screens it off and protects it as a unit. The space capsule illustrates this aspect: a body launched into outer space is entirely screened off from its surroundings; it occupies a sac of synthetic amniotic fluid. In everyday life, too, we protect the body from exposure: food is getting softer, clothing is made to be more comfortable and multipurpose, and domestic space is growing cozier; houses are so many little biospheres, cars drive themselves, and hotels have all the amenities of the womb. One could even say that technology is trying to keep the body from entering the world in the first place. Digital technologies display the same tendency. Above all, they simulate the world in order to avoid taxing the body, while still leaving a safe space for experience. In the digital dimension, we shed our mortal frames and become angels. (There are already some who say that digital space is God.)“

Martin Burckhardt, Dirk Höfer- All or Nothing: A Digital Apocalypse

This year in April 2019 the 4th CREATIVE CODING DAYS, a small meetup for creative technologists from all around Europe will take place! We share a beautiful, large house far out in the flatlands of North Holland for a 96 hours hackathon. A creative timeout with good talks, nice people, great food and a lot of inspiration. Time and space to work on the projects that really matter to you.

So I’m a girl, right?

Not exactly the most girly girl in this world but still a girl. But today after class I was discussing something with my class mate and he was like “If you were a guy, I’d say something but I don’t wanna offend you” and I seriously wanted to say “I am a guy.” I stopped in front of the door in shock like wth I just wanted to say that? My best friend actually had to push me to wake up. And a few hours after I’m still like what the hell?? Like I never thought of thing like that before but I actually meant it in that moment.

Stupid identity crisis

Why do people believe in fictions?

While a good story must give me a role, and must extend beyond my horizons, it need not be true. A story can be pure fiction, and yet provide me with an identity and make me feel that my life has meaning. Indeed, to the best of our scientific understanding, none of the thousands of stories that different cultures, religions and tribes have invented throughout history is true. They are all just human inventions. If you ask for the true meaning of life and get a story in reply, know that this is the wrong answer. The exact details don’t really matter. Any story is wrong, simply for being a story. The universe just does not work like a story.

So why do people believe in these fictions? One reason is that their personal identity is built on the story. People are taught to believe in the story from early childhood. They hear it from their parents, their teachers, their neighbours and the general culture long before they develop the intellectual and emotional independence necessary to question and verify such stories. By the time their intellect matures, they are so heavily invested in the story, that they are far more likely to use their intellect to rationalise the story than to doubt it. Most people who go on identity quests are like children going treasure hunting. They find only what their parents have hidden for them in advance.

- ‘21 Lessons for the 21st Century’ by Yuval Noah Harari

Fiction v Reality: Football

Blurring the line between fiction and reality can be done for many purposes, starting with ‘having fun’ and going all the way to 'survival’. You cannot play games or read novels unless you suspend disbelief at least for a little while. To really enjoy football, you have to accept the rules of the game, and forget for at least ninety minutes that they are merely human inventions. If you don’t, you will think it utterly ridiculous for twenty-two people to go running after a ball. Football may begin with just having fun, but it can then become far more serious stuff, as any English hooligan or Argentinian nationalist will attest. Football can help formulate personal identities, it can cement large-scale communities, and it can even provide reasons for violence. Nations and religions are football clubs on steroids.

Humans have this remarkable ability to know and not to know at the same time. Or more correctly, they can know something when they really think about it, but most of the time they don’t think about it, so they don’t know it. If you really focus you realise that money is fiction. But usually you don’t focus. If you are asked about it, you know that football is a human invention. But in the heat of the match, nobody asks you about it. If you devote the time and energy, you can discover that nations are elaborate yarns. But in the midst of a war you don’t have the time and energy. If you demand the ultimate truth, you realise that the story of Adam and Eve is a myth. But how often do you demand the ultimate truth?

- '21 Lessons for the 21st Century’ by Yuval Noah Harari

😠Friendly Reminder😠

Telling someone that they are pretending to be offended is one of THE MOST OFFENSIVE things you can do!!!

Like how dare you imply that all this offense taking over me is all just an act!!!!

Why on earth would anyone - especially a trans nonbinary nonhomosapien gender identifying individual like myself - ever fake outrage??? I’ve never even so much as faked an orgasm because no one will have sex with me due to the homosapienist notion that “barbecue tongs can’t be genitals.” Okay those were the EXACT words said to me by this one nonbinary agender femme boi who refused to sleep with me due to my gender so DONT TELL ME THAT MY OFFENSE IS NOT REAL


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post/182912056317/trebi%C3%B1u <-- I love that they defend Trebinu is Burgos, Castilian & Spanish, AS IF Basque was different and opposed to Spanish. Weren't these same people who defended that the Basque country is Spain?

Originally posted by ivanv

Kaixo, anon!

We thought nobody else would notice that delicious subtlety!! Aaaah, it’s so refreshing when foreign people get to see the nonsense of this all…

It’s always been like this: Basque IS different from Spanish, and they know, they KNOW it deep inside of them, and sometimes they say it out loud wanting to mean the opposite. 


Multidimensional Self - The Spiritual Split Part 1

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Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong ‘here?’ Have you ever felt as if you were not supposed to be in this relative place and time, but continued to exist for unknown reasons? Do you often have thoughts that are of yourself, but not quite what you really believe in or follow?

These are all common facets of a topic less known to most. The ‘split.’

In plain psychological terms, a ‘split’ occurs when one has received or perceives immense traumas or goes through a series of unfortunate events that their mind perceives as ineffable to their core logic, and thus must be categorized under a completely different or ‘new’ persona in order to cope and push forward. In many cases, this happens without the person’s prior understanding or will for such a thing to occur.

In this case, someone can go most of their lives in a relatively normal way or manner without much to do with the events or happening that originally caused the disturbance. In some cases, however, the healing journey of the mind will either manifest events or be triggered to perceive the altered persona or state of mind which can recall these events in one way, shape, or form. This can be very harmful to one’s state of wellness and being if trekked without proper aid and assistance.

Spiritually speaking, similar things can cause this to occur as well such as a rapid opening of the senses and perception of other worlds or timelines. What is most interesting is that more times than not, the very same stimuli that cause a psychological split can also cause a spiritual split as well. Let me explain in an example.

Enter Jimmy.

Jimmy was a young boy of a fair demeanor. He never really put himself in harm’s way because he knew much better of the consequences from his family. He was mild in attitude but very wise for his age. Some would say that Jimmy would one day aspire to great things. That would be until one day Jimmy found himself experiencing a series of unfortunate events.

First, it would be him stepping in a pile of dog droppings on his way to school. This left him ill at ease because his mother had just bought him new shoes and he knows that she will be very unhappy that he didn’t pay closer attention to his step. This would lead him to have a very unbalanced day at school, so when the normal bully encounters Jimmy.

In most circumstances, Jimmy managed to avoid the bully because he never really took it upon himself to be a target. However, with the new smell in literal tow, the bully immediately honed in on Jimmy’s scent and furthermore his new shoes. Slightly extravagant as Jimmy was with his style, the bully proceeded to make grand gestures at how his smelly shoes would ruin his focus in class and their strong coloration would be of no help to this endeavor. Jimmy was highly embarrassed.

Normally, Jimmy would have stayed silent at the bully’s attempts to rouse fervor within him, however already perceiving his day to be less than ideal, he felt very confused with himself. Before he could collect his thoughts, the bully made a pass at his mother’s judgment of his footwear and Jimmy for the first time in his life experienced rage.

It would be a fair thing to mention at this point that such feelings were not foreign to Jimmy. He always thought ill of this bully for his actions, even occasionally seeing in his mind how badly he would pummel the bully should ever the just cause arise. Such thoughts never surfaced within Jimmy as they scared him, but this day was already quite different. This day would be the day when Jimmy finally lost his composure.

Jimmy clenched his fists in anger and lost consciousness. Something had taken over Jimmy to where he was no longer witness to his deeds or even his thoughts.

Soon after the teacher would manage to separate them, she noticed enough of the situation to call for Jimmy’s parents immediately and request emergency assistance for the now bleeding bully. By the time Jimmy would calm down and regain his sense of self, he was home and under high scrutiny by his parents. Namely, his mom.

She yelled at him, screaming very close to his face, “I taught you better than this! You should know better! Now we have to explain to the police why you stabbed that poor boy with a pencil!”

Jimmy was in shock at this news, he was unable to cope with the situation between her yelling and the events that lead up to it. He began to cry, but his mother continued pressing on.

“How are we going to live in this neighborhood now? What are we going to do about this? You’ve embarrassed this house and yourself! All because of what?”

At this moment, she would finally smell what lead this day downhill. The now dried stains on Jimmy’s shoes would be all she would need in her assessment for her to lose herself as well. She began to experience rage.

Jimmy that day, for the first time in his life, felt his mother’s red hand. That day, in when Jimmy, as he knew himself, would fade away to preserve all of the good he once knew of his mother before this moment. Locking it away deep as the unspeakable happened.

From that day on, Jimmy was no longer Jimmy, but an altered persona. The timeline in which he knew trauma such as this became his reality. “Jimmi” was now who walked among the world that had become too much for Jimmy.

Have you experienced something like this? Would you like to learn more about how to heal from these experiences and become ‘whole’ again?

Subscribe to my blog for part 2 (coming soon) where I will also give you details on how to overcome these types of events and grow.

Following part 2 I will be releasing a holistic service aimed at helping people accomplish this goal through healing and coaching.

I am not a psychologist, only a Holistic Health, PhD. If you are suffering in a way that would be harmful to yourself or others, I encourage you to see immediate medical assistance. I will not be offering any help outside of my qualifications.

Love and Light

I never criticize how I look verbally or in my head/heart. Maybe people have or they might have judged me in one way or another but I never do because life and death is in the power of the tongue and also if I wouldn’t hear it coming out of Jesus’ mouth, then I’m not going to have it come out of mine since I’m made in His image and likeness.