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If you kneel before God, you will stand before humans. Happy weekend and success for you!

How do you capture your & before they fly away? I have 'notes to self' everywhere...

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expresar en mi cuenta personal mis . Y Precisamente esa es la maravilla de la . Mi Libertad termina hasta donde comienza la tuya... Y precisamente por eso existen varias posibilidades en esta plataforma/ Silenciar, Bloquear e incluso reportar

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“Io voglio esprimere un sentimento in ciò che scrivo, non un giudizio. Tutti sono capaci di giudicare, pochi sono in grado di mettere i sentimenti in ciò che fanno.”

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I thought it’d be funny to have the Good Trolloc leader, since he has to try not to terrify humans so much, try to look more human. So...he shaves all his fur off. He just comes out one day as Rand is inspecting and the whole army laughs at him. I had an idea that rather than spiky black armor, they’d be in smooth silver armor with grey cloaks covering them so they’d stick out as an opposite to the Trollocs. Trolloc can even be a slur for the Evil and they adopt a new title

okay yeah that does sound cooler than just throwing it on perrin

I’m trying to work out why I don’t like makeup for myself but I’m fine with hair and skin care- my theories are a) I’m uncomfortable appearing feminine and makeup is that while hair/skin care isn’t b) it reminds me of what I was like when I was trying to be pretty and that’s never fun c) I just haven’t critically examined hair/skin care in the same way I have makeup, and I should do that, to see if it’s just a new way of trying to Be A Woman

Bernadette had a disorder where her immune system attacks & kills developing embryos mistaking them as evasive microbes. Her & Henry were childless for 8 years in their marriage. Henry tried to convince her into adopting a child but Bernadette didn’t like the idea. The only reasoning is she really wanted to pass her royal blood so that her future children could have the affect to take obeyence from the knochen dragon. The beast that has killed many kings. But the dragon has fallen asleep after Bernadette’s death and has not yet awaken after years. The twins have heard the stories and believe the beast is still out there. They’re definitely on the look out for it.

Concept: Two childhood friends, both with vastly different dreams, one wishing to be a powerful hero, and the other wishing to be a powerful villain. Instead of turning this into cause for animosity and tension, both friends continue to provide each other with the maximum support in reaching their goals.

Even after both are established in their roles as adults, they continue to send gifts or provide useful Intel, in order to help each other continue to grow and succeed in their dreams. 

Neither ever misses a family dinner or birthday together either.

The villains gaze was fierce and unyielding as they stared down the dumbfounded hero, watching them stammer and gape unattractively in shock. Around them, people buzzed about obliviously, the chatter, cheers, and delighted screams of people, old and young, filling the air of the amusement park. 

It wasn’t all that surprising that they had recognised them, given they had stared down those eyes for years now, in the midst of battle. Still, there was something about seeing the fearsome villain dressed so casually, in such a bright and cheery place, that had the hero’s brain practically short-circuiting.

The tense stare off was broken as a child came barrelling out of one of the rides, cheeks flushed with joy and exertion. To the hero’s horror, the child instantly latched onto the villains leg, mouth already running a mile a minute as they babbled excitedly up at them. Like magic, the fierce gaze shifted into something gentle and full of love, the villain listening attentively as they carefully brushed messy hair out of the flushed and beaming face.

The hero could only watch on dazedly as the villain murmured lowly in answer to the child, who practically glowed under the attention, peering up at the villain adoringly. A few moments later, the child was happily scampering back over to get on the ride one last time before they moved on, leaving the two adults alone once again.

The hero couldn’t help but stiffen under the weight of the villains returned stare, something about it seeming so much heavier than usual. So much more Dangerous. Finally the hero spoke, though they sounded dazed even to their own ears.

“Y-you have a…?” 

Yes… It’s their birthday.” 

There was a warning in those words and in that gaze, and the hero found themselves taking a step back in response, nodding quickly to the unasked question. The villain stared at them for a few moments more, before simply turning and walking away, the bright chatter of their child joining them a short while later as the two disappeared amongst the sea of excited oblivious people. 

أتمنى أن يرتاح عقلي من كل الأفكار السيئة والمعقدة التي أُجبرت على أن أتعايش معها، أتمنى أن ينشرح صدري من كل الضيق الذي بداخله، أتمنى ألا يظهر تعبي وإرهاقي على ملامح وجهي، أو يظل التعب تحت عينيّ، أتمنى أن أنام الليل دون أن أبكي لأني عاجز عن حلّ مشاكلي، فمتى تتحقق أمنياتي؟“