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"Stop setting goals. Goals are pure fantasy unless you have a specific plan to achieve them." Stephen Covey

is calling all schools!!📣📣📣 Get ready for SRC's National Science & Technology Fair by submitting your applications now! Come showcase your innovative ideas! 📣

Reading a good book can decrease stress. In recent research, reading dropped cortisol (the stress hormone) levels 67%, a much greater reduction than that from listening to music or playing video games.

According to LIMRA (a life insurance industry organization), the average American woman has almost $130K of individual life insurance, while the average American man has about $187K.

Interesting engagement with partners on Monmouthshire’s new online community We are currently learning and exploring the opportunities before launch. Thanks Everyone

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Keep muscles tight and strong so you can age with grace. Yoga doesn’t have an age limit and there’s no better time to start than now.

Camellia flowers mean different things based on their coloring. Use red for excellence or love. White is perfect to tell someone you think they’re adorable while pink shows they you long for their attention.

Create an easy guest password for your Wi-Fi network so guests have internet access when they visit. But be sure to change it regularly so your network stays secure.

The single cherry blossom is a great graduation gift since it symbolizes pride and education. Tell someone you’re happy for their achievements as they move on to new things.

Lavender flowers are a brilliant purple color, which often speaks of elegance, luxury, and refinement since it is the color of royalty. It is also known for signifying devotion, serenity, and grace.

Use furniture polish on wood furniture and floors a couple of times a year. Otherwise, clean with a microfiber cloth. Furniture actually gets less dusty when furniture polish isn't used regularly.

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Find Me- by Mackenzie Tolk

I searched Medieval Music on Spotify.

I listened to the song, tried Googling the lyrics, couldn’t find any, so I carefully wrote them out. It’s a wonderfully enchanting love song (could be considered Christian, a lullaby, or a couple love song for a fanfic)

- - -

(Beautiful melody vocal intro “Oh~”)

Find me in the shivering trees,

In the cold winds that blow o’er the bay.

Find me in your sleep, in your dreams,

In the night, in the morn’, in the day!

Love knows no boundaries, yet crosses all plains.

In light or in dark it remains.

I will be with you wherever you go,

In your heart you will find me I know.

Find me in the cool autumn breeze,

In the waves crashing down on the sand.

Find me in the crisp falling leaves,

In the sky, in the sea, on the land!

Love knows no boundaries, yet crosses all plains.

In light or in dark it remains.

I will be with you wherever you go,

In your heart you will find me I know.

Find me in each falling tear,

When the sorrow and pain touch your soul.

Find me in your joy and your fear,

Dream of love, call my name, I’ll be near!

Love knows no boundaries, yet crosses all plains.

In light or in dark it remains.

I will be with you wherever you go,

In your heart you will find me I know.

I will be with you wherever you go,

In your heart you will find me I know.


thinkin abt cyberpunk fahc au + what body augmentation everyone would have, but for now i have some few ideas about what the lads would have

for gav, since he’s an assassin/hitman of some sort, he has more so stealth + psychical related body mods. hydraulics in the legs and arms (and at the joints) to act as shock absorbers as well as being able to propel, support more weight, move faster, and be able to apply pressure. electronic silicon implant against the spinal cord that hooks up with the brain and has a little port on the back of his neck to be able to transfer data to a computer, and plugs into his helmet. bionic augmented eyes to be able to track people’s (or objects’) vitals, movements, and weak spots. record video + audio through his eyes and ears and modify said footage. can hook up to machines that can override people’s brain augmentation mechanics and control their bodies remotely. 

for michael, and based off sky factory, replacement of the skeleton with stronger materials like titanium and hydraulics, again, in his legs and arms but not as thin as gavin’s. definitely meant for more heavy duty, hands on work than gavin being a lean assassin. does not need to sleep or eat, but does have to hook up to a machine to recharge + drink fluids to keep his mechanics from overheating. if he does overheat, panels that hide his mechanics on his arms with open up and release steam. the core of his machine lies under his sternum, which will glow through his skin when overheating. his veins glow subtly that carry probs some radioactive material and fluids to his machinery. has a electronic silicon implant against his spinal cord much like gavin does, with an external port, that connects to a suit of armour or other add-ons

like michael, jeremy’s is a lot more for strength rather than for dexterity. he has the same replacement of the skeleton, internal core that can and will overheat if it is exerted. he doesn’t have as heavy-duty hydraulics in his limbs that michael does, still more than gavin however, but more so has a ton of spinal cord and brain augmentation. he can record video and audio much like gavin, even mimicry voices and replay conversations that he might have overheard. can track people or objects, see the status of their vitals, and their weak spots, as well. can track individual voices and selectively be able to tune surroundings out completely. like gavin, he can be hooked up to machines or people who also have a port and be able to control their bodies, and can remotely.

Big-E (One-shot idea)

Here’s one for you DM’s that want to fight a giant of an abnormally large size (in comparison to other giants).

In the world of giant the biggest & brawniest get a say on what happens & what the norm is. However amongst all giants, their is a giant of giants, known by the name of Big Eddie. Big Eddie is planning on doing some big plays that will change the status quo in the world.

Of course those in power have caught wind of this & are no please. They decide that “big-e”needs to be put to a big end & those have hired a group of adventure (the party) to put an end to Edd. However this won’t be an easy fight & their is no way to win it by going against Edd head on & will have to use their giule to put a stop to the giant’s giant

“I’ve always loved the idea that because of the serum, Steve’s cum not only tastes sweet, but when he comes inside you, it gives you a euphoric feeling. Like imagine Vicodin and oxycotin. You could literally get high off sex with Steve 😏



American Craft council is fast approaching. Trying to stick to my timeline for show prep. This is such a big show it always slightly intimidates me. That’s why it’s even more important to make my road map and stick to it. I’m changing some of my signage this year, this photo will be one of 3 new signs I’m using in my booth. Jewelry is so small it’s always a good idea to show your work on a poster or sign that can be seen from afar. I went for a more bold, graphic style this time and I hope it conveys what my work is currently about: creating harmony through pattern.

its finally time again for me to start writing another book and I am curious, does this sound like something anyone would be interested in reading?

Avery, a friendly, highly imaginative child, runs away from her foster home to join the first civilian trip to Mars, but things go haywire when she discovers a pessimistic ghost haunts the car she steals. 

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core concept: Found family fahc.

they’re all a bit broken. 

mentally, physically — have no family left, feel hopeless… that is, until they find each other. learn to love again, even if it’s just some other big time criminals, but they’re a family. they’re a weird mismatched family but you hurt one of the fakes, you have to face the reprehensible wrath of the rest of them.

found family fahc is sooooo soo good! knowing each other’s boundaries, respecting those boundaries, but learning to be soft again and open up. communicate their emotions together, be physical. they’re all growing softer and healing together