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has now become a hub of . Children are bursting with & Some who have proved that age is just a number

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olivia anakwe by olga yanul for l’officiel ukraine november ‘19


DIY: Custom pencil holder for PRISMACOLOR

South Park spin-off series on HBO Max?

Recently, I heard that there was a possibility that there could be some spin-offs of The Simpsons that could be produced for HBO Max. Since South Park is also a cultural icon, has a huge universe and has many characters that are served or underserved, an idea crossed my mind: what if South Park had spin-off shows that ran on HBO Max? With South Park heading to HBO Max next year and streaming platforms being a good place to put more niche, specialty and high-concept television programs, why not have South Park spin-offs that can be produced without having to worry about tooling a show for direct advertisers and wider demographics? One thing about these potential spin-off series is that it would allow Trey and Matt to still do South Park while also raking in even more money, expanding on the brand and not having to worry about writing, directing and in most cases, even voicing these spin-offs. HBO Max would be an ideal platform to run shows that could cover other characters and different concepts separately without compromising the show’s main timeline. I feel like this would make a lot of existing fans happy and attract new fans through alternative avenues that would lead them back to the original show. The type of content categories could also cover different narratives, such as full-length shows with the possibility of renewal, short-form series that could recur, limited series/miniseries, anthology, movies, specials, musicals and just about anything else in between. Here are some ideas for potential South Park spin-offs that could be run on HBO Max:

Craig and those guys spin-off

Girls spin-off

Moms spin-off

Prequel series with the adults as kids

President Garrison spin-off lampooning the craziness taking place in Washington, D.C.

Channel 4 News spin-off

Spin-off set in Canada (focusing on the Canadians, obviously)

Woodland Critters spin-off

Jesus and Pals spin-off

Huntin’ and Killin’ spin-off with Jimbo and Ned

Mayor/city council spin-off

SPPD/Yates spin-off

Kindergarteners spin-off

Goth Kids spin-off

Vampire Kids spin-off

Raisins spin-off

Fightin’ Around the World with Russell Crowe spin-off

PC Babies spin-off

Shows set in the future with the kids in high school or as adults

Spin-offs focusing on the kids’ siblings

Underpants Gnomes spin-off

Creek romantic drama series

Zombie AU series

Captain Hindsight series

Series based off of the superhero movie and film plans from the Fractured but Whole

Games of Thrones-type AU based off of the Stick of Truth

Western AU

Space AU

Magical Girl AU

Detective AU

Sports anthology series spoofing current events in sports

Victorian AU

Online troll spin-off

Entertainment tabloid spin-off

Kanye West spin-off

Harry Potter-like AU

Genderbent AU

Band/Idol series

Mirror Universe AU

Monster AU

Mecha AU

Lemmiwinks spin-off

What-if anthology series

Miniseries about certain characters or groups of characters

Movies about certain characters or groups of characters

North Park spin-off

Spin-off set in Hell with Satan, Damien and Hell’s inhabitants

These are just some possibilities of South Park spin-off series that could be produced for a platform like HBO Max. These are just ideas and obviously don’t mean that every, some, few or even any of these concepts will be produced. If you have ideas for potential South Park spin-offs, feel free to either reblog this post with your ideas or opinions on this topic or leave your responses by making comments. As far-fetched as this idea may sound, do you still think it’s at least a cool thing to think about?

  • OTP variations
  • Person A: I'm gonna do the thing
  • Person A: I'm gonna do the thing
  • Person A: I'm gonna do the thing
  • Person B: ... Don't...
  • Person A: *runs off to do the thing*
  • Person B: ... Goddammit *joins them in doing the thing*
The Mirror Society (association idea)

Here’s one for you DM’s who want an evil association.

Description: This is an association for people who are involved in an evil conspiracy that involves replacing people with mirror copies of themselves (which will be incontrol of the association due to some dark magic mind manipulation spells.)

Background: This association was started by “The Grand Wise One, Mazanderous” in an attempt to secretly rule the world. Their first few attempts basically was just to get black mail on as many high ranking officials as possible & use that as a way to attempt to coup their way into power. When this failed (since it was quickly found out what they were trying to do). After that they found out about the mirror realm (an actual place in D&D lore) that makes opposite copies of people who wish to replace the original with themselves. Mixing that with a bit of mind manipulation magic, their conspiracy (& the required associates needed to run  one of these worldwide conspiracy things) started to grow as well.

Membership: A current member of the club will seek you out to join the club (& not accepting their offer to join, may lead to one quick trip to the mirror realm)

Leadership: The leader of this association is “The Grand Wise One, Mazanderous” [With the slight possibility that it may be a mirror clone of himself]

Gains/Dues: If this association becomes a new world order, then you get to be in the higher echelon of society (yeah!). But you will have to recruit a new person every month (amount of people or amount of time between recruitments are up to change)

Nobody expect the OSHA inquisition (event idea)

Here’s one for you DM’s who want a funny event of unnecessary force.

The players are in a local business, when one of them noticed that there’s an odd amount of water coming from the back room. If they mention this to management the person will begin to say howe “they will get to it as soon as they can” then quickly provided by them looking behind the player & saying “Oh no”.

Then as if on cue, a bunch of armored individuals start breaking down the front door & windows & rush into the building. This is then followed by a tiny for even gnome standard gnome. The gnome & people introduce themselves as OSHA representatives & are here to check the due maintenance of the building. They will then go around & mention everything that’s wrong with the building (the DM can decide if this includes the damages just caused by them extravagantly entering the building), & after about a good five minutes, they will bring up all the things wrong with the building to the manger, & a fine of an absurdly large size & then leave.

After this the players can continue commenting on what they were talking about before… but the management will be too “out of it” to be able to register what is going on.

Spider spray (item idea)

Here’s one for you DM’s who want an item that screws with the players

Appearance: A small green spray bottle that has the image of a spider painted on the front, with the text “Spider Spray” on it!

Description: This spray bottle, made by a trickster, is full of spiders. When the user pushes down on the bottle’s spray trigger, a bunch of tini-tiny spiders will be sprayed out of it into any object that is 10 feet or closer to the user. These spiders are two small to cause damage to regular creatures, that being said it still can terrorize people for multiple turns,

Attribute: When this bottle is used, tiny spiders are sprayed out upto 10 feet in front of the user

-Anyone who gets hit by this spray must make a Wisdom save (if they are acrophobic make them roll with disadvantage), on a fail they will become terrorized. They will re mined terrorized till they succeed a subsequent wisdom save & or 3 turns have passed.

-Please note that these tiny spiders are flammable… make of this information as you will.

Food log 13/11/19

*Breakfast SMOOTHIE*

strawberries | 1 cup | 48.64

chard | 1 cup | 6.84 

silk, almond milk | .5 cup | 45

chia seeds | 1 tbsp | 48.6


black beans | .5 cup | 113.52

avocado | 3 tbsp | 72.02

broccoli | 1 cup | 54.6

lemon juice | 1 wedge | 1.3

sriracha | 1 tsp | 6.04

carrots | 1 small | 20.05


lettuce | 2 cup | 15.98

cucumber | .5 cup | 7.14

onion | 3 tbsp | 8.62

tomato | .05 piece | 11.07

cilantro | 2 gr | .46

edamame | .5 cup | 93.78

avocado | 1 tbsp | 24.01

pecans | 1 half | 0.31

lemon | 1 wedge | 2.6

frank´s red hot original | 5 ml | 0 

During the day: 2250 ml 

Total calories: 591 cal

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Heyo! Original Daniel X anon here! My phone shattered during a party so I had to get a new one. There’s a short scene in book 3 when the protagonist enters a town where every woman is pregnant with aliens, and I think some men were too but I can’t remember on the top of my head. It’s later revealed that the antagonist have been sending cans of fish eggs in which everyone put in their food. I think it’s really creative! Apologies for any mistakes! English isn’t my first language.

oooh thats super cool and reminds me a lot of a fic i read yeaaars ago where there was a small town where aliens would knock up all the women every year for breeding, and one year a guy also got knocked up by the aliens too, its a really interesting thing to think about a whole group of people going through the same experience at once!