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The more times a parent gives negative feedback whenever their child vocalizes an idea, the less the child will talk to the parent.

Wee trip over East yesterday afternoon with Bill, great mural and use of space at their Visitors Centre. Two Thin Lizzy legends Gary Moore and Eric Bell definitely caught my eye.

El cliente nos contacta solicitando nuestros servicios y nos muestra sus ideas... Quiero un logo así que tenga la J el cual representa ¿? La M y la otra M que son de las iniciales de los socios... el diseñador ve, escucha e imagina...

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. Al margen de la campañita pro , más hace por la igualdad mostrar a los miles de mujeres que hace décadas ocupan puestos de combate en FFAA. Y sin enfoque de género, paridad ni alternancia.

Visiting the Student Centre and there are something cool going on! gov bodies with your issue/ as an int students

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A comma is a short pause, a coma is a long pause. (source)

I want to start a short story blog. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. Instead of going into some of the bigger projects I’ve had planned for years, it’d probably be better to focus on writing one-shot stories and just work from there. I have so much shit I want to write that its hard to choose what to start with. Plus, I’m always coming up with story ideas and characters. Might as well turn them into one-shot stories. Seriously, I have so many damn projects that I’ve created my own multiverse. I gotta grind and get to work. Just have to make time.

Tweaks to Andromeda I would make.

Andromeda has a lot of missed potential, so its is within these areas of longing for more complexity I want to touch on.

These are my personal ideas that I feel would of greatly improved the Andromeda experience.


Andromeda is an entirely new galaxy that feels a little too much like our own in the original MASS EFFECT trilogy… There is little in the way that evokes a real sense of wonder/sense of real discovery, fear and awe to me.

Original conceptual art showcased some truly wacky looking aliens!

What the game needed was to really PUSH the weirdness and confusing realities that come with travelling to new stars across dark space, present the player with new space/planet side environmental dangers and wonder. Contrasting blind optimistic discovery with harsh and terrifying reality, now keep in mind the games already sort of attempts this dynamic, but not effectively in my opinion. Make the aliens TRULY alien like in the first conceptualisations, and defy expectations, play with em, mess with em!. Even try evoke some semblance of fear in the face of the unknown.

Ever watch the movie Sunshine from 2007? That film really gives you a sense of mystery and subtle horror as the crew of the Icarus 2 head towards the sun to reignite it. You really feel that cold indifference space expresses towards those who venture into it, you see how dangerous but also remarkably beautiful and meaningful it all is at the same time. There is simply nothing quite like it in scifi film history and Andromeda would of benefited greatly if it followed some of its examples!


Just Imagine if once you entered Andromeda, instead of being immediately struck with some nonsensical “Dark energy” cloud. You got a subtle escalation of events involving initial awe and wonder at the new space you have arrived in mixed with the slow realisation that something is off or starting to become dangerous thanks to unforeseen factors. 

Like… What if the laws of physics suddenly CHANGED drastically like how EDI speculated in that memorable conversation in ME3. What if materials on the ark starting to get effected, technologies ceased to function and other normality’s started to become abnormal, twisted and or distorted. What if time started to also change in strange ways similar to how interstellar handled it?

WHAT IF! Milky way races suddenly found themselves in the position of the Qaurians? Having to adapt to bran new biology and ecology slowly and sometimes painfully. Fighting off disease and alien infections, VIRUSES! species suddenly starting to die off and you need to find a way to say them or yourself! It would be much more interesting than the great hunt for the convenient global air conditioners as you get chased by the galaxies most angry telly tubby I think…


Andromeda has a very by the book soundtrack that does not tread much new ground in terms of pushing whats already been portrayed in terms of soundscape. It is very interchangeable with a ton of other contemporary SCIFI score we have heard a billion times before! And this is a new galaxy!

We need something more, something surreal and profound. Something really weird!

My answer to this would be something akin to the dream like score of SOLARIS 2002. This soundtrack is superb and really messes with your emotions in a interesting way even Sunshine’s score is effective in this way, incorporating sounds of the environment and scorching heat of the sun.


MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA is as said before VERY play it safe in terms of scifi, while the Kett and Angara are new and sort of unique in a variety of ways. They still do not feel like something we have not seen before! The whole problems and existential questions associated with intergalactic colonialism also need much better review and examination. The initiative sort of just roles into town, starts setting up shop and the response from the natives seems rather passive and token to be honest, not much happens to really set off some new level of scifi intrigue. Translators just seem to MAGICALLY pick up on cross alien linguistics light years separated from each other which always hurt my brain and signalled to me the very by the numbers nature of the plot I was about to embark on.

What if the first aliens we meet in a new galaxy simply cannot understand us at all with our known methods of communication? And a large portion of the game was dedicated story wise to coming up with new and inventive ways to conduct communication and evolve our understanding of culture and alien societal functions! So much potential here…

Have existing species really and I mean REALLY have to come to terms with their pasts in this new galaxy, strengthen their bonds and overcome differences in ways never expected.

These are just a few of my personal ideas, what are yours?

Alright, so I thought of a bunch of stuff about an adult Aine. Of course, she has two forms like her dear dad/mom/parent. And a title for a hall of the gods statue. Read more for length. Not everything of this would be used in an rp btw.

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Person A: “It isn’t funny! This is serious!”

Person B: “It’s pretty funny.”

Person C: “It’s fucking hilarious actually.”

Person D: *Twitching on the floor, still wheezing with laughter.*

The sound of a familiar and beloved voice calling your name, had your stomach sinking with dread. Heart pounding, you began struggling harder, trying to stay quiet despite the pain. They couldn’t see you right now, not like this! If they did…

…then they’d always know just how much of a freak you are.

Still, your desperate desire did nothing to stop their inevitable approach, and it was like this that they found you. With tears streaming down your cheeks and blood staining your hands, you desperately tried to free you tangled wings, your frantic motions only serving to damage the grand things further, your feathers quickly soaking with blood that shimmered in the light. You had no doubt in your mind that you looked like a mess, especially with all that you had been through.

Hearing their sharp gasp, your heart sank, face turned away in shame as you choked back a sob. They would hate you now, you just knew it.

Shining Spear (Treasure Idea)

Here’s one for you DM’s that want a Treasure that is also a useless weapon.

Description: A Spear made of a strong glass that has a shining glow, which can nearly blind a person.

Backstory: This spear was part of an ancient statue of some long forgot event. But after a devastating siege in the tow the spear was located in the rest of the statue was sadly destroyed only leaving the spear left. After that a sorcerer took it in for a small time to try & figure out light manipulation magic with it, which directly caused it’s shining glow. The spear now rests in the grave of said sorcerer.

Material Value: This spear, despite having good historical value, isn’t actually worth that much due to the fact that it can easily be made now a days & the fact that the historical value isn’t worth that much. Still if you find someone from the original town who is also a history buff you may fetch yourself a good price.

Magical Value: This spear can be used to cast spells which use light is an incorperl element easier. It’s materials can be used as components in spells as well.