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Table accidents can occur, but don't worry, there are solutions. . Follow these steps for removing red wine from your tablecloth. . . .

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Want to get creative with your wooden flooring? Consider adding contrast by choosing darker flooring with lighter walls and vice versa.

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DRAWINGS AND IDEAS by Joseph Whittington

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You always did this. You’ve always got up in the middle of the night. You always had a problem of some sort. For some reason, like always, you made a lot of noise doing this. If anything you were surprised the neighbours didn’t throw tomatoes at your window to shut you up.

Something happened tonight though, maybe it was your neighbours finally acting up, but tonight there were more noises than you. More shadows than you. There was somebody other than you.

You know what’s a fascinating visual technique in film/comics/etc.? The frozen “caught red-handed” moment.

You’re alone in the office kitchen, licking your plate clean. Your boss walks in. In real life you automatically complete the movement because you cannot react any faster. You put the plate down maybe and try to make an excuse or something.

In Comedies? The moment freezes, tongue on the plate, eyes big as saucers staring at the boss. An awkward pause as the realisation sinks in. The resolution, depending on the characters’ relationship:

1. Both laugh / the employee continues with gusto. A joke is made and the resolution relaxes.

2. Shock / embarrassment / the plate is comically dropped or slowly lowered.

Dropping would convey shock, which is most effective if the situation might have negative consequences.

Slowly lowering it indicates a humorous outcome - the visual metaphor being a wild animal that mustn’t be spooked by too-quick movements and the obvious silliness of trying to make an act “unseen” which has been clearly witnessed.

The time freeze captures the uncertainty of which of these outcomes will happen. It shows effectively in slow motion (without using actual slo motion) what is going through the character’s head: oh God, how do I react? It’s a visual shorthand for suspense, creating tension by emphasising the tense/unexpected moment.

we spend an immeasurable amount of time non-existent and then come to live for less than a blink and this time we spend with memorizing vocabulary or numbing our conciousness


Me gustan los pechos pequeños, las piernas largas, las caderas anchas y me atrae mucho la tez blanca junto al pelo negro.

Me gustan como si de una fruta se tratase; la sandía por ejemplo, me gusta mucho y podría comerla siempre pero sólo las hay en verano y sin embargo tampoco las como sí o sí. Puede acabarse la época y yo no haber probado ninguna e incluso haber preferido otra fruta por sobre esta pero siempre va a estar en mi esa fascinación.

Si no me he explicado, es como si te gustasen los hombre rubios pero igual tu novio es de pelo oscuro. Porque da lo mismo al fin y al cabo, no se trata de conformarse tampoco sino de encontrar, en la gente, algo que va más allá de lo que se desea, se quiera o se vea porque puede ser ahí donde están lo imprescindible que todos estamos buscando.

Si no te interesa, quédate con tus predilecciones (que no es malo), no todo es para todos y por algo somos selectivos.

Оформление конспектов (1 часть)

Так как на дворе, как это печально бы не звучало, конец августа, я решила сделать для вас пост с разными идеями для оформления ваших тетрадей 🌿

➷выделение заголовков, ключевых моментов, списков и формул




➷красивые поля на случай скучных предметов


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