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Mrs Hercus S3 D&M class were learning about sketch modelling to generate ideas today! Some really creative ideas generated...creating a product that can support a pencil ✏️ Well done to all!

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Extra booster for year 10s and 11s taking the Creative Media Exam, 9-3 on Monday 18th February

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kinder is buzzing, listening, talking, and learning about writing All About books with from . Look at all the happy faces!

Thank you to and from for a brilliant workshop covering their creative process and learning more about the creative platform 🎨

Internal training with Mr. Knud Erik Hilding-Hamann from the Danish Technology Institute in Denmark.

Creating a suitable environment for processing your ideas using an open creative method that mimics children play techniques with guided supervision is useful and worth your time?

Infuse Your Organization with Design Thinking. Garofalo UX offers web-based, self-guided training courses about User Experience and User-Centered Design. Learn more:

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One factor in effective marketing is building up strategic ideas around a plan for specific customer problems or outcomes. These are where to seek answers to those questions. Will help you find the sweet spot.

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Our three year strategy workshop is underway . Looking forward to hearing some great ideas

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A change of approach to website

So originally the website aim was to house the typefaces, stories and other information. However ever point in this project has to have a deep aim and concept and I felt like this website was just a burden and not really have anything about it other than being a function to hold other items. I want the website to have a purpose so I want to re change the purpose of the website to fit more into the typography aim of the brief. That’s why I want to bring in one of my other ideas I was playing around with ‘open letters’. This ideas concept was to bring in the conversation and an interaction between the public and homeless/former. The idea is to have the website to have the main focus of this and below I can run over the people and typefaces but the posters will be the main focus of that part. 

So I need to re design the website to fit this new purpose and can develop more conceptual ideas into this new approach.


Idea Generation with George Beverley

In Today’s workshop, our aim was to create a campaign for 150 anniversary of Heinz and spark the next 150 years of brand love. 

Heinz is the most known and popular American brand and surely we aimed to find an idea that captures the attention of the public and not making the audience bored and annoyed as  

After reading the brief, we started sketching out our ideas and thoughts.

At the beginning we all have an idea that we think is the best one and there is no need to change or try other ways, but it is fundamental to try making trials, changes and sketch other plans even though bizarre and if you think they are unachievable. All of us worked well together. we and came up with interesting ideas.

When I think of a celebration, the first thing that comes to mind is fireworks so my idea was to was to let the ketchup splash out from the package as to form an explosion similar to the fireworks. We then consulted and came up with interesting drawings and gave each other suggestions and things to improve.

After hanging our ideas on the wall and explaining them, we received really good feedback, surely helpful for future works. 

Overall I can say that this workshop has helped to not only focusing on the first idea but It challenged to think lateral and come up with more than one design.  

Idea Generation Workshop

Some of the notes I took on an Idea generation workshop we had with George Beverley:

- Ideas first then execution
- Brain ends up processing the same thing over and over again, it works  against creativity
- If you’re feeling uncomfortable that’s good
- 4 R’s techniques: Re-expression (saying it differently), Random Links (join two random things together), Related Worlds (borrow an idea from somewhere else and implant it), Revolution (turn it all on its head, you need to be brave and 100% committed , best ideas come from this)
- Work Hot, Edit Cold.
- Stay away from the Mac
- Secret tip: iterate – to repeat the process

These papers show my thought process. My group got the product Adnams. None of us has ever heard of it and that made it difficult to come up with an idea for an advertisment. We reasearched the product and started brainstorming ideas. They wanted the advertisment to show that they are sustainable, but not in an obvious way - which is not an easy thing to do.

This is a sketch of my idea for the poster. I took the Mahatma Gandhi qoute: “ A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.” and adjust it a little bit. I find it quite funny and it also shows that they are sustainable and care about the environment because of the strapline “all about balance”.

I found this workshop really inspiring because I learned a lot of different ways to approach a brief. I really like the saying “Work hot, edit cold” because I always dismiss my ideas at the beginning of the process if I think they are not doable. This made me change my mind and I started thinking much differently when I am trying to come up with an idea.

Week 7 Transport app brainstorm

This week in our teams we needed to brainstorm, finalize and research our concepts for the transport app we are to create. For this project, my partner (Ramon) and I had various ideas ready to put out on the table. we brainstormed a range of ideas and we noticed a pattern; we both wanted to integrate some sort of feature that takes on the device’s sensors (accelerometer, gyroscopic, camera, and haptic technology). But most of these ideas were soon dismissed with our find in our brainstorm session of a concept that would set us both on the right path for learning IA systems in UX design.

We liked the idea of taking on a project that would be very rich in development of IA systems, something that can teach us (as we felt we were both more involved with the UI side of things and wanted to learn IA) more about the processes and importance of IA in this field of design.

We had a very cool idea of a Fridge stocking app; that utilizes NFC technology and a smart fridge. The concept was; the user programs in a set location &/or a food product that they usually have put in the fridge. When the fridge recognizes that the item is not placed in the fridge it would read this and store the information. As the users go grocery shopping they simply touch-tagged their fridge and it will directly import a list of items that they need to stock up on. The thing we wanted to additionally add to this is the option to touch tag the fridge at any other given point of time and get the items on the list delivered through a delivery service (users would be able to track their small lot of groceries coming to them for their food needs).

Another idea was the Social drinking app; this app was to work as a self-reminding app for those individuals that are going out for a night of drinks. The app would work in a sense that the user could preselect and input data on the beverages they usually drink; as they drink their alcoholic beverages they would be able to scan each one of them which would, in turn, count up the quantity of alcohol they have consumed and the cool thing was that we wanted to have the user interface react to the increase of alcohol in the user (increasing font sizes, creating shorter, bold punchy text) and switching to larger icons and buttons. We wanted to allow users to set a limit on the number of drinks they could scan so that they know when its time to go home; which when the app would assist in ordering a mode of transport home for the user. 

However all these cool ideas aside, we decided to settle on the concept of a trades service app; an app that connects users to tradespeople that are reliable and honest. Creating this app would help in diversifying the marketplace of contract labor workers. For the transport component, we very much liked the concept of being able to GPS track and watch the eta. of a hired tradesperson; enabling schedule-busy people to book tradespeople in advance knowing where they are and how long they will be to get the job done at their home. Let’s face the ordinary plumber, electrician or builder are the best when it comes to estimates so we wanted to make an app that could. Solving this problem will open a world of opportunities both ends of the spectrum.


Sketchbook Tour Part 3! I’m excited to put a few sketches from this segment into paintings, particularly my Rose Goldfish!
You know what? I’m getting a little nervous…😬 I’ve realized that to do a sketchbook tour, the sketchbook should prolly be finished…and I’m not even halfway through this book! 😅 Y’all know what that means?? I’ll have to hustle and finish a few pages between parts! Wish me luck!! 🤟😃
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Sketchbook Tour! Part 2. If you’ve been with me a while or you’ve checked out my whole feed, you’ll recognize a couple sketches! But most of this is new stuff for everyone. As you can already tell, I am generating all kinds of ideas for artwork all the time! 😃And because my anxiety causes me to keep my sketchbook (and pencils and extra lead and erasers and a couple bottled drinks and an energy bar and a set of watercolors and brushes and watercups, and oh a bottle of water too in case I am thirsty or need the water for painting, and obviously a separate sketchbook meant for wet media, too…just in case…😬) with me about 90% of the time, it’s there for me to scribble my ideas into. Or to add ideas I’ve written down on scrap paper when I can’t have my book with me, like at work! I always know I can refer back to this particular book when I’m feeling blocked. 😊 You know I wonder if anyone else would be interested in chatting about artwork ideas. It really sucks to get through artist block alone…maybe we can help each other! 🙂
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Brainstorm + Idea Generation and Expansion 

From my previous post on giff gaff, I had discovered/found three areas of territory for which I could work with.

These Three territories will benefit me in terms of expanding my thoughts and generating ideas. (still working and expanding my territories to see what other ideas and thoughts I can come up with)

  • Choice

It’s your choice.. make a decision

  • Payback

Rewarding you for not competing

  • Rebellion

Join us…. or don’t??

Choices - a decision-making game. Thinking of any games or activities which ultimately relate back to choices. A good relating idea would be some kind of 2-way game or activity or experience. Or some kind of head and tail toss game where you have a choice to make either head you do something or tail you have to say something - you have to make a choice.

Payback - Not exactly interpreting payback as a bad thing but a good like no one is a loser everybody is a winner since that is what the giffgaff campaign is all about. A subvert revenge campaign where nobody loses everybody is a winner. Payback is a word which is empahsihes within their brand, its something which enables the giffgaff to reward the gaffers. Paying it forward.

Rebellion - creating some kind of resistance where gaffers can join in to create a join or of some sorts.  By joining the giffgaff rebellion you become different, you become odd, you become a rebel.  by becoming a rebellion (giff gaffer) everything becomes easier for you, you gain and get all the goodies but if you’re not with the rebellion everything is different and difficult - so two different paths - one path for the giffgaff members and one path for the non-giffgaff members. So by joining giffgaff, you join the rebellion, the reason I state this is because giffgaff goes against every other mobile service, it doesn’t follow any rules, it doesn’t bind you to anything, it is kind of like being a rebel. Giffgaff goes against every single mobile brand, so this where the aspect/idea of rebellion comes from. Giffgaff is a rebellious brand who just want everybody to become a winner with no bounds. 

Three different areas of terrorists/categories to create ideas from/based upon.

I had literally gone crazy in writing any thoughts or ideas which I thought would connect to each category. I wrote done any relevant factors, ideas, thoughts relating to each specific category/territories from experimenting with terminology (phrases/statements) to augmented reality, virtual reality and reverse psychology and many more other thoughts.

I had than highlighted any key thoughts or ideas for which I thought were the most visually and creatively strong - furthering these thoughts and ideas even further / developing and expanding on these thoughts even further.


3 scamps done on a mobile app whilst on the move.

Idea 1… I think it makes it more original to include something to do with the brewer himself. Design with an obscure photo of music tech mixing desk. Most items positions along diagonal structure.

Idea 2… Repeat pattern of beer tankards. Possibly with frosted Baker Brew embelishment. Circle around 11 inspired by Hop House 13 brew by Guiness.

Idea 3… Ignore how much the label looks like a potato, not sure how I managed that! This was meant to look like an old label with a new, modern, oval, label stuck over the top.

I generated a map of things associated with the client/brewer to link in a bit of his personality to the branding. A map to do with beer was also created to see what I can subtly add.


For my first inquiry in ART 590: Design Process and Methods, I pulled from the personal experience of being sick and combined it with app design. 

As I lay in my bed dying I thought to myself, “if only I didn’t have to get up and drive to Walgreens to pick up meds and the other survival items…”, and in the midst of recovering from my illness, I thought of a solution.

Introducing, Care Package: the app you’ve all been missing on your sick days. This app is like a delivery driver and your mom all in one. It looks out for you. Just pick out what you want and have it delivered to your door, same-day. It features foods that won’t be too heavy on your stomach, such as your favorite soups. There are fruits and drinks to keep you hydrated, as well as frozen treats for a pick-me-up. In addition to food items, you can order over-the-counter medications or even get prescription meds with an order form from a doctor. 

Other than the changes that need to be made from what I learned in my critique, I have also been tackling with the idea of pre-written emails that can be sent out when you’re sick to notify whoever needs to know. I also had the idea of a rewards system that gives you money back on purchases if you take preventative measures to stay healthy, such as get your flu shot. 

This app was made for the individual that doesn’t really have anyone around at the time to help out, but it can just as easily be used to show someone you care by sending them a pint of their favorite ice cream when they’re under the weather. 


1. Create Boundaries

2. Consume Everything 

3. Digest the Research

4. DROP IT. 

The problem isn’t getting ideas, the problem is what to do with these ideas


Image experimentation for Dog’s Bollocks awards. 

From the images I sourced previously, I felt that these too were the most impacting, and alone could carry the intended message. 

The below image even resembles a woman inserting her foot into what could be a high heels - products sold by GUCCI. Although her ankle is chained and secured, representing the poor conditions and low rates of pay these production workers actually get from the multi billion pound brand.

Again the images aren’t original so I want to develop them further to make them my own.

Week 12

During this week we research technologies as to make our character come to life. It was quite difficult to imagine Octuman coming to life as the tentacles a extremely difficult to produce and aren’t quite steady. I assumed that Octuman should have a robotic body covered with home-made skin and some sort of tentacles that could be moved or twisted in some way. The closest I came to finding something worth investing in was; some examples of robotic bodies that move with programming (these were some of my inspirations The next thing that I found was a sort of silicon tentacle that moves and twists, the problem would be that it could be too weak to keep a robotic body over it (

We started comparing the technologies we found with each other to see if there were some that matched because we were quite startled (it was an 8 o’clock morning lesson and the ideas don’t come to mind that easily). I then realized that making a 3D virtual Octuman that an audience could interact with would make more sense and that maybe in the next semester a project like this would be feasible and very interesting.


Tunes for the editors soul #lemaitre #editingworkflow #ideageneration #inspiration

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Narrative Erik:

What do I want the cover to be and why?

What could it be?

- could it be made of water?

- could it be fire-proof?

- could it be made from the material of the firemans jacket?

- could it have something to do with a fireman yellow hat?

- could it have something to do with a fire blanket? could it fit into the cover?

- could it have ashes near it? inside it? how would this be done?