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Starting Your Strategy With "Why"? Consider These Risks Too For already a decade, Simon Sinek’s book "Start with Why" and his "Golden Circle" are wildly popular.

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MIT took 'approximately $800,000' in donations from Jeffrey Epstein's charities, MIT's president says in apology letter

A former Googler says she plans on suing the search giant for the discrimination and retaliation she faced during her pregnancy (GOOG, GOOGL)

Poetry like prose style site's view: Rule of is a must for any country. But should a 's impose its on the and privileges of constitutional as in ?

You don't have a clear unless you can say it in a maximum of 7 seconds or 30 words. People are easily . If you take too long to make a point, people will not latch onto ANY of it. Further, if it's not crystal clear in your mind, it certainly won't be in theirs!

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E improvvisamente

ti accorgi che il silenzio

ha il volto delle cose che hai perduto

E io ti sento amore

Ti sento nel mio cuore

Stai riprendendo il posto che

tu non avevi perso mai.


Story prompt: character A and their best friend character B (who happens to be a fae) are going to a college party with some buds. One of the drinking games is two truths and a lie. How does B, with their indomitable competitive streak, manage to win?

A Moment of Truth (encounter idea)

Here’s one for you Dm’s that want your npc & your players to be forced to tell the truth for awhile.

The players are about a town, when they find a weird blue orb. If the players interact with the orb nothing will seemingly happen to them. However anyone who touches the orb (after 30 minutes) will be unable to tell a lie for the next 24 hours.

This encounter is used best in combination with some form of  diplomatic/charisma challenge.

Funky Fungi (entity idea)

Here’s one for you Dm’s that want some funky fungi that force the players’ to dance

The Funky Fungi is a magically enhanced fungi that naturally give of bardic music while flashing colorful lights. Both of these have been enhanced with evolution & now the funky fungi has become a  natural rave making plant that can cause their predators to be too preoccupied dancing. Besides this, the flashing colors tend to hide where they are when they do it as a group. Please Note that this fungi has no sentience

Cr: 0

Hp: 3

Ac: 6

Str: 1

Dex: 4

Con: 18

Int: 1 

Wis: 1

Cha: 1

Movement: Stationary


-Bardic ballid: Anything that can move within 10ft of the fungi will have to make a wisdom check (DC 12) & on fail, will be compelled to dance

-Flashing Lights: Anything that attempts to attack the funky fungi will get a disadvantage on there attack

Attacks: None…

Relationship Tracker (game mechanic idea)

Here’s one for you DM’s that need an easy way to keep track of how npc’s view the players of the world & eachother in the world.

The relation tracker, tracks relationships (as if the name wasn’t a dead give away). It does this by using a negative to positive point tracker but adds a layer of complex by adding a maximum amount that it can go positively or negatively, this is due to the pretense of the relationship.

For instance let’s say we have a generic NPC that works at a shop. When a player interact with them, a relationship scale from -10 +10 will start at 0. If the player interact with them in a positive way, it may go from 0 to +1 or +2. If the player is rude to the shop keep, the amount may go from 0 to -1 to -2. This amount is remembered till nextime & will affect how the NPC interacts with the player on their next interaction. Their relations can go from just random customer/shop-keep -} that jerk customer/crappy shopkeep -} Ughhh it’s this *expletive again. But at the end of the day the player & the shop keep will never go beyond this since the only pretense of their relationship is just customer/worker.

But let’s say the player is interacting with someone under a different pretense. For example they could be interacting with the main villain & or their love interest. In these examples, the relationship matter will increase in the direction of how one of these relationships would be perceived to go. Ie the in the love interest one it can go from -10 to + 30, & in the villain one it can go from -30 to +10. Of Course the pretenses of relationships also tend to change over time so there amount may get there maximum increased or lowered depending on the pre-tense change.

With all of this being said, the article writer would like to note that this system only works when both the player & npc are on the same page about the relationship. If they are not, the article writer recommends that both the player & npc have an seate relationship tracker with how they perceive how the relationship is going & then have a third one which is just the official one (which works by being the average of the two put together.)

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Intrulogical for the ask thing

hate it | don’t like it | meh | like it | love it | literally the best ship

Headcanon: they can both be ‘dirty’ boys, Remus for the sake of being dirty (both physically and verbally) while Logan will get dirty (physically) in the name of science and Remus really, really likes it when Logan is dirty

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hate it | don’t like it | meh | like it | love it | literally the best ship

Headcanon: are literaly dads (well, Logan is more a mum) but will coddle each other if they need (or want) it e.g. when Patton is feeling overly emotional or when Logan is burnt out they will dote on each other, heaven forbid when one of them is sick

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hate it | don’t like it | meh | like it | love it | literally the best ship

Headcanon: Deceit gets very used to giving Roman (genuine) compliments and Roman is flattered but when the tables are turned Deceit gets very embarrassed about being complimented by Roman (especially when it’s something so deep and meaningful) 

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hate it | don’t like it | meh | like it | love it | literally the best ship

Headcanon: they’re both opposite ends of the romance scale, Roman is very extra, can and will give Logan flowers and chocolates and fancy dates, Logan just finds sitting in the same space as Roman ‘romantic’ (well, soft and intimate)

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Analogical for the rating thing

Already done but have another headcanon: when Virgil is getting anxious he automatically goes to Logan for cuddles and head pats, if he doesn’t want to be touched they interlace pinkies and listen to audio books/documentaries. This is vice versa when Logan gets stressed/overworked