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My painting story ✍️memory come from 25x30cm Oil on canvas #abstractart#Repost#famousart#newyorkartist#artstudio

"Mentoring is brain to pick, an ear to listen, & a push in the right direction". -John C. Crosby


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My internet company charges me twice as much for internet as other companies because I have no choice, but 5G will fix that

Here's an exclusive look at the pitch deck AI privacy startup Mine used to raise $3 million to help people ask companies to delete their data

Apple killed a security project after the FBI pushed back, sources say (AAPL)

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i already forgot the dimensions for 3 gifs in one row


A good way to deter thieves! 😱 what do you think??? Comment down below 👇👇👇

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roman, patton, dee, virgil, remus and logan being in an open relationship with each other (no remrom) and everyone playing a game (with consent) on who can make logan lose himself harder and faster during sex. who can make logan forget being serious and make him moan unashamedly. make him think nothing but getting dicked down. logan enjoys this game very much. -☁️

Lo just becoming exhausted after so much fucking over that period of time, having to tell them to go easy on him sometimes, them going easy on him, making him feel good while giving him cuddles and kisses, them having pauses for snacks and baths and sleeps

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logan loving being manhandled? loving getting his hair pulled? being bent over or pushed to the wall or forced down on his knees? loving being held by his hips as his bf slams him down as he rides his cock? absolutely getting turned on by dirty talk? doing his best to follow orders when being bossed around by his dom? cumming/peeing on command? yes, ultimate sub logan. -☁️

asdfghjkl it’s what he deserves honestly, Lo being held still and teased, being fucked into without given what he really wants (*cough cough* being used for his bf’s pleasure), having his head held so they can fuck his face, having one of them hold him in place while the other fucks/pleasures him


Work on hard problems, as a species, is that you look smug. Every thing you own takes energy away from you. It discovered, of course, that terms like virtumundo and teens were good indicators of spam. And the harder a scene is to parse, the less likely he’ll be to notice one innocent mail sitting in his spam folder. This kind of work is the future. Fourteen-year-olds to their own devices, what you should do in college is learn powerful things. Are meanness and success are inversely correlated.

Other domains change fast. It occurs mostly in unsubscribe instructions, but here is used in a completely innocent way. Well, that means it has everything an idea needs except being important. It’s hard to say whether advantages like lack of competition outweigh disadvantages like reluctant investors. They generally prefer to use time in units of half a day at least. Are Mongol nomads all nihilists at thirteen? Unless we want to be seen riding them. So the cheaper your company is $xy. The solution societies find, as they should have, Microsoft would still have been a successful company, but it fits this situation well. In technology the difficulty is compounded by the fact that real startups tend to discover the problem they’re solving by a process of evolution. Live by the channel: if you have a beachhead.

That’s an alarming possibility when you have ideas, you’ll be doing. We’re all trying to figure out the tricks for winning at this new game. Number of users may not be such a bad job of teaching that the kids are doing to one another? Get Your Hopes Up. Once you’re allowed to do that is simply to make something people want. For example, the president notices that a majority of voters now think invading Iraq was a mistake, so he makes an address to the nation to drum up support. Technological progress means making things do more of what we want. Gradually you realize that these two things are as tightly connected as only a market can make them.

The veteran may in turn feel a sense of noblesse oblige. So here is the ultimate advice for young would-be startup founders but to students in general, but at first it takes a conscious effort. That’s how it tricks you. In doing so you create wealth. And you’ll do it best if you introduce the ulterior motive toward the end of the spectrum are crack and meth. All the best things that I did at Apple came from a not having money and b not having done it before, ever. But in retrospect having nothing turned out to be big like Microsoft.

So don’t look for them in the first 5 minutes. If an acquirer thinks you’re going to start with something that doesn’t do much, you better improve it fast. They can hire people who will put up with them because they need a job. There have always been certain towns that were centers for certain industries, and if something great happens, they’ll stick with it—something great meaning either that someone wants to buy them or invest millions of dollars in them. What would you think of a startup as a way to simulate the organic method. Realizing it does more than make up in dedication. Wealth is not the hope of gain, but the fear of missing out. But when he rides the Eunicycle, which looks exactly like a regular unicycle till you realize the window has closed. And pow, more stuff. Most of the legal restrictions on employers are intended to protect employees.

Trolling tends to be particularly bad in forums related to computers, what hackers are doing now, everyone will be doing in the future in some respect, the way to become an expert on networks it seemed obvious to him that he hasn’t stopped to catch his breath since. But more people could do better. Because the list of n things. Aggregators show how much better web mail could be till Paul Buchheit showed them. If they make your life so good that you don’t have to give up on the exam. If you know your peers are going to be disappointed. As a founder, you’re buying stock with work: the reason Larry and Sergey, you can also get into Foobar State. This doesn’t mean big companies will exist, because startups that succeed either become big companies or are acquired by them. I’ve been repeating that since 1993, and I wrote a signup program that ensures all the appointments within a given set of people working on projects of their own are enormously more productive. That sort of thing. You can assume the cook isn’t going to try something weird and artistic.

I bet we could write a whole new piece of software is, in itself, what makes startups worth the trouble. That’s what happened to Dropbox. Because they blame it on puberty. Which means that what matters is who you are, not when you do this. And being a boss is also horribly frustrating; half the time it’s easier just to do stuff yourself than to get someone else to develop? And if you don’t do it now. Drew Houston did work on a moon base, though. This can only happen in a very limited way in a list of all the lies they told you during your education. They can be considered in this algorithm by treating them as virtual words. And while there might be some businesses that it would be, they would have preferred to be on site at least eight hours a day, and Robert, though 29, was still in grad school due to a little interruption in his academic career back in 1988. 9% of people. They don’t realize that it takes work to be popular would have seemed a great bet a few months in.

Thanks to Anton van Straaten, Trevor Blackwell, David Sloo, Patrick Collison, Alexia Tsotsis, Jessica Livingston, Geoff Ralston, David Petersen, and Sam Altman for their feedback on these thoughts.


Katsuki and Deku were in a coma after this villain fight and shit and bakugou woke up first but woke up with amnesia and everyone tried everything like “Remember Deku?” or “Kacchan! DO you remember now?” And they try so hard and he just “I-I’m sorry. I really can’t remember and a few months later, Deku wakes up and when everyone visited him, he noticed Bakugou’s not there and asked “Where’s Kacchan?” and when they showed him to Bakugou, he just hugged him from relief and immediately pulled away “Ah! Sorry Kaccha-” but then he got pulled back in to the hug and Bakugou had tears on his face. 

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Five things for fuze and chanka? :>

5 Things to ask for a ship


  1. Some nights Fuze would sit all by himself on the rooftop. None dared to ask what he’s thinking - even he didn’t ask himself what’s going on inside of his head. Sure, he was aware of the certain moods and thoughts that affected him. But awareness and acknowledgement is a different matter, because the latter required him to introspect. Fuze knew that he bears some scars, but he won’t specify where and when he got them. It’s better to have them bleak and lost in memory, just like the dark forest that he’s gazing at; hidden and veiled in shadows. This solitude had been his solace for quite some time, until that fateful night when he heard a presence behind him. A heavy trudging, series of bumps and low curses in language they both understand. The man tapped on Fuze’s shoulders and mumbled in a gravelly voice, “Shitty view out here.” Fuze didn’t need to turn his head away from the view, as he knew that it’s their residential blunt ol’ bastard, Tachanka. They stood side by side, leaned over the railing and stayed in silence. Fuze anticipated an attempt for small talk or even some questions to prod the reason behind his aloofness, but Tachanka remained mute. The only interaction they had was an offering from the older man; his tinned flask that contained whatever the strong poison he favoured that week. Fuze took a sip and felt the warmth spreading within him. Not just his digestive system, but also a small region in his chest that had been empty. Ever since then, Tachanka was always there, ready to be engulfed in nightfall together.
  2. The amount of workout they do is insane. No wonder why they are called the beefy husbands (a team name that Fuze isn’t particularly thrilled to hear.) There were many challengers who dares the pair to compete in wrestling challenge, to which Tachanka accepted wholeheartedly while Fuze rejected on the spot. Some taunted that Fuze wasn’t confident or competent, but when Smoke yelled, “You’re going to let your daddy handle things?” That’s when Fuze did a 180 to face the challengers with fire in his eyes. It evolved into a tag team match and many participated without a real prize or goal. Some people joined in for fun (and got absolutely trashed,) like Mozzie and Smoke. The real competitors were Maestro, Sledge, Blitz, Montagne, Rook, Blackbeard and Gridlock. Tachanka seemed to enjoy the whole ordeal and gushed in pride whenever him and his boyfriend won against the other. But Fuze? He looked like a man with agenda to finish this as soon as possible. They weren’t the victor due to exhaustion, but Tachanka had to ask, “What’s the hurry? You didn’t seem to enjoy at all.” Fuze grumbled, “I don’t like them touching you on places where only I can touch. That’s all.” Tachanka then showered him with a loud slap on the back and proceeds to take his shirt off.
  3. When Fuze gets drunk, he is a tad bit aggressive and broody. He stays seated, banging the table a few times and mumbling whatever made him unhappy that week. Tachanka is there to listen and give advice, but when all fails he resort to the touchy-feely (more than usual since he’s drunk too.) Even when drunk, Fuze is extremely shy with PDA so he tries to wriggle out. Some might think that they are on a wrestling hold or having some scuffles, but it’s nothing to be alarmed when the rest of Spetsnaz family aren’t doing anything to stop them. Glaz would say, “It’s just Alex being a teddy bear. That’s okay.” An innocent bystander like Pulse would ask, “Are you sure? Shuhrat looks like he’s ready to rip Alex’s arms off.” Tachanka has heard him and yells back, “He would never! Don’t worry, skinny boy.” Fuze roars and writhes and throws punches on Tachanka’s back and shoulders. Despite all this, there’s chuckle and laughter from the older man, and then a defeated groan from a man who goes limp in his lover’s arms.
  4. In their relationship, Tachanka knows that marriage is an elephant in the room of a sort. It’s something that he quit and Fuze didn’t pursue. He has a pair of silver bands ready and thought about slipping them on Fuze without a word, but that sounded inconsiderate even by his standards. But neither of them are the type to kneel down and confess eternal love for each other, or share loving gazes across the table that has candles and roses. Should he hide the ring in a pile of pancake for their breakfast? No can do - they will eat the whole thing in one gulf and the other teammates also drop by to steal his food. Speaking of teammates, Tachanka could ask them to help out with the proposal. But then Kapkan will ruin it for sure by saying some bullshit like ‘marriage is a social construct and capitalistic illusion.’ To which Tachanka agrees, but Finka would growl back by saying ‘Well, it’s better than deciding to bunker down and have copious amount of children without realising what you’re getting yourself into. Marriage is supposed to be a pledge. And extravagant party is an option, not obligation.’ So Tachanka is slightly lost with Kapkan has the devil and Finka as the cherub on his shoulders. Glaz, as the middle man, would say ‘Why don’t you ask Fuze whether he wants to marry at all? You guys can live together without marrying.’ And that’s the answer he’s been seeking for.
  5. The two creates what constitute as ‘frugal’ cooking (aka minimum wage recipes.) They mix flour and potato to create ‘more’ carbs and sometimes use a lot of onions and bread that will feed them the whole day. Then one day Tachanka cooked chicken kotlet masterfully, which surprised a lot of people. Fuze gaped in disbelief and asked why Tachanka didn’t make something so refined all this time, to which the older man replied, “I cooked on your level. It’s about time to upgrade, right?” Of course Fuze took some offense from such statement and declared that he won’t talk to Tachanka for a whole week, but the glorious smell of fried chicken weakened his resolve. Mr Grumpy came back into kitchen no lesser than ten minutes and expressed an interest to learn. Twist is that Tachanka only knows how to cook like Life of Boris, Fuze caught up rather quickly.

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Imagine a fic named ‘Til Death do us part’.

Kendo school tournaments and Zotash is developing way too slow, so when Law (Death pun intended) comes into the picture and makes a move to get Tashigi’s attention and it’s working, Aw heck no, Zoro ain’t having it.

But what can he do?

He might not win the championship, but maybe he can win The Champion Ship, Zotash.

Ps. I just found this in my drafts 🤣 how old is this?!

Ok so 99% of my knowlege of harry potter comes from tumblr, but i really, really wanna know what happens when a hogwarts student is just a total delinquent. And i dont even mean in the magical way! Like, some muggleborn who had a shitty childhood, and has a bunch of older friends cause no one their age understands the bs they go through, so when they get their hogwartss letter, they go, but they also keep those miggle friends. I mean, they HAVE to go home every summer, why WOULDNT they want to keep their friends? so they do. And now, they follow the hogwarts rule, they dont practice magic outside of hogwarts, tjey’re not breaking any HOGWARTS rules… theyre just breaking like, laws. Lmfao like… gimme a hogwarts student that commits petty theft and smokes pot on the weekends. Who talks back to teachers because they dont believe ANYONE deserves unrelenting respect. Gimme a student thats never where they’re supposed to be, not to discover weird school secrets, just to find somewhere to be alone and smoke a cig. A student that goes out to those damned dangerous woods with some graduates just to light a bonfire and drink, i mean, they’ve been out their enough on detention, so fuck it, right? Gimme a student that carries a knife everywhere, who knows how to shoot a gun. Who can tell you exactly how many mgs of molly you should take your first time. Gimme.

I mean come on, wizzards or not, these are teenagers. Human teenangers. Harry cant be the only one from a broken family. And his can NOT be the worst any wizzards come from. Not every hurt person smiles the brightest, sometimes, they know where the knife will sink the deepest.

Madam Asu Dem’s Statue Shop (REVAMP shop idea)


Here’s one for you DM’s that want a shop that is definitely doing something horrible, while being in plane sight!

Shop:  This medium sized statue shop, located on a corner right next to a flower shop & a pastery shop. It has a double door opening with two big glass windows that show the inside of the shop. The shop itself is filled nearly to brim with statutes of people with shocked, confused, or fearful looks on their face. These statues are put in a showroom in the front of the store. However the store does have a backroom, where the owner (Madam Asu Dem) makes the statues during night [though their have been noise complaints due to a weird pitched noises when she makes these statues].

Staff: The staff os this store consist of the owner, Madam Asu Dem who makes the statues in the back, along with the three roating store clerks (La Mia, Ai Mal, & Limaa). Though the store clerks just send people back to see Madam Asu Dem for prices. Madam Asu Dem also has this wierd tradition, where if someone she hate’s goes missing, she will give their family a statue of them… no one knows why she does this (ie if it’s from symbathy or just from wanting to rub it into the missing person’s face)

Wears: This store sells a verity of statues, all of which are people. Thought they have gottem some flack on this, due to the fact that the statues look nearly identical to people who have dispeared recently. Madam Asu Dem just states that she get’s her inspiration from ‘her dreams’ & that she is not willing to change them. The prices for the statues are dependent on her mood. On good days you might even experience a price drop (you can tell when it’s a good day due to the fact her hair makes this weird 'tattling sound). However on bad days you may experince a price jack (you can tell due to the fact that her hair makes a weird 'tsssss’ sound), heck on the truely bad days, sometimes the store isn’t even open!


Orginal Verison:

Here’s one for you DM’s that want a shop with a suspicious  owner

Madam Asu Dem’s Statue Shop is the one place everyone goes for the highest quality stone statues. The shop is broken into two parts, the showcase room & the back room where the statues are ‘made’.

The showcase room is filled to the brim with all sorts of interesting statues, all of them having looks of fear, shock, or confusion [some of them kind of look like people who have disappeared recently]. The statues are quite expensive but if you catch the owner, Asu Dem, on a good day she will give you a discount [You can tell if she’s having a good day when her hair starts to make a tattling sound]. Just make sure not to catch her on a bad day, cause she might jack up the price [You can tell if she’s having a bad day when her hair starts to hissss.] Don’t ask he why her hair does that [she gets really mad if you do].

In the back room, well, no one but Madam Asu Dem is allowed back there. Some say at night if you were to listen in on the room you could hear screaming [must be some strange anti-burglar tactic]. At the beginning of the day, at seven sharp, Asu Dem can always be seen moving her new statues from the back room to the front.

Breath of Hell

Intolerance seethes breeding ubiquitous aversion
Maleficent facade bares fangs through incursion
Frozen gaze hardened through assassinated empathy
Behind sighs hide flames that defy all clarity.