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Grandson Carlos drew our family. He and I are in the middle and I am the one with the on top of my head.

🤩 ¡Mucho talento en el a la 💡mejor empresarial en la de la , donde el Dr. Gral de y de la ha formado parte, junto a otros profesionales, del Comité Evaluador.

The CEO offering a $20 TV bundle explains the tough choices and price structures behind the low-cost TV market

: If the Trump Administration is going to stonewall, should have a hearing on... - The - Congressional Oversight - History of Congressional investigations and the Executive Branch. - Subpoenas and judicial precedent. Put it centerstage.

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Qué procede cuando hoy no tienes ni la más mínima de que hacer 🤦🏽‍♀️....

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A vocal Tesla bull says he can no longer 'look investors in the eye' and recommend the stock (TSLA)

For a quick kitchen pick me up, update your cabinet hardware with sleek metals to add a modern touch!

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DIY Movie Box

Where are the hot person x cold person fics???

Give me cold Virgil who constantly presses his freezing fingers to hot Roman’s skin. Give me hot Patton who’ll engulf cold Virgil in big hugs and stay cuddling him until he’s warm. Give me cold Logan who refuses to admit he’s cold and complains that Roman is a furnace but will cuddle closer to him in bed. Give me hot Patton who will definitely distract cold Logan with his warm hands and kisses. But also Patton and Roman getting too hot cuddling so basically stripping down to their underwear just to cuddle. And Virgil and Logan buried under layers of blankets just to cuddle.


Un video per riflettere.

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If you’re still taking AU ideas, then how about an AU where the Light Sides are the Dark Sides, and vice versa? Perhaps with DLAMP, where all these stupid dicks are trying fuck Dee and he is more then tempted, and when he finally does enter that mess of relationships, he sees how kinky and fluffy they all are. They’re still kinda dicks, but sappy lovesick dicks nonetheless.

I literally cannot comprehend all of them being dicks all of the time sure like Ro and Lo are obnoxious and egotistical, Virge is snappy, and Pat is fake sometimes but— oh they could be dicks all the time :’) thanks, I hate it. they’d probs just get on Dee’s nerves if he’s still the dramatic little binch that he is but he’d love them regardless

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Have a fluffy slightly smutty idea: logan is all tired and overwhelmed by everything and Patton comes and sooth him up and hugs him close and (with concent) starts to undress him and then they are naked and logan is sucking patton off because he needs his mouth to be occupied with something and after that patton is fucking logan nice and slow working him all out and at the end after they cum and clean up they cuddle and sleep together ~E

I love this but idk what else to add to it

I really have to accept that I am a dependent person. I just want someone to lean on and get my energy from. Alam ko naman mali yun, pero ang paranoid and anxious ko kapag wala. I kept on denying hindi ko siya kailangan,kasi nasaktan na talaga ako sa mga pangiiwan nya sa ere pero alam ko naman sya lang din cure sa lahat ng ‘to. Yung suicidal and depressed thoughts ko nagstart lang naman nung nagbreak kami, kahit nung nagresign ako and was very depressed and having my anxiety attacks during work days, i can still be cheerful. Pero when he broke up with me it was ik end of the world. Yes now I am feeling all better pero I still have no motivation in life. Ewan ang sakit din naman aminin sakin na sya pa din yung gusto ko after everything, Well I hope this feeling/idea pass.


De nouveau flashs !
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Ya no

Ya no será

ya no
no viviremos juntos
no criaré a tu hijo
no coseré tu ropa
no te tendré de noche
no te besaré al irme
nunca sabrás quién fui
por qué me amaron otros.
No llegaré a saber
por qué ni cómo nunca
ni si era de verdad
lo que dijiste que era
ni quién fuiste
ni qué fui para ti
ni cómo hubiera sido
vivir juntos
Ya no soy más que yo
para siempre y tú
no serás para mí
más que tú. Ya no estás
en un día futuro
no sabré dónde vives
con quién
ni si te acuerdas.
No me abrazarás nunca
como esa noche
No volveré a tocarte.
No te veré morir.

“Ya no” —que en algunas publicaciones figura como “Ya no será”, tomando el primer verso como título— se añade a una reedición de Poemas de amor (1957), que Idea Vilariño dedicó a Juan Carlos Onetti; a su vez, él le había consagrado la novela Los adioses (1955).

There were so many amazing quirks in the world, so many interesting, powerful, and useful quirks, quirks that most people couldn’t have even come up with in their wildest dreams. And then there was yours.

No one was quite sure if your quirk was an emitter type, or a mutant type, as it couldn’t seem to be shut off, but either way, it was as strange as it was useless. 

Whilst you had heard of quirks where peoples eyes, hair, or even skin, changed colour with their emotions, you had never heard of someone who had changes quite like yours. 

It never changed colour or texture, but when you were sad, it was as though you were standing in the rain, small storm clouds forming amongst your hair, the strands growing weighted and wet, sometimes even forming small sparks of electricity, as though tiny bolts of lightning were hidden amongst the little clouds.

If you were happy, sun rays would seemingly appear out of nowhere, giving you a continuous halo affect that twinkled merrily with your joy. 

Fear would bring forth wisps of shadowy darkness that writhed between the strands like some strange beast, and anger would bring any mix of things, depending on the type it was.

All of those were strange, attention grabbing, and ultimately useless, but the one you hated the most was a more recent discovery.

It hadn’t been you that had noticed it first, distracted as you were, even if you were meant to be paying attention, but instead it had been one of your friends. Gasping, they had leaned across to you abruptly and caught something as it fell from your hair, looking down at it in awe and finally pulling your eyes away from where they had strayed. 

“Oh wow! What does the flowering mean? I’ve not seen it do that one before.”

Frozen in shock, you stared at the innocent gleaming petal in their open palm, choosing to remain silent. What could you even say in answer to that? It had never happened before, and all you were doing was staring at…..

Oh shit.”

Frost Giant's Magic Finger (weapon idea)

Here’s one for you DM’s that want an unconventional weapon.

Appearance: A frost giant’s big finger, it’s attached to the spiked end of a spear. The entire finger is frozen & so is part of the spear that is near the impaled point.

Description: This ‘hammer’, made by cutting off a finger of a frost giant, allows for the user to bludgeon an enemy with an attack that has cold properties to it. These things are not common to find [due to frost giants being hard to kill for the average person] but can still be found if a person knows where to look for exotic weapons. The finger can’t decay from lack of maintained, but the spear that is jammed into it does break more often than regular spears.

Attributes: Deals 1d10+ str damage on hit, (causes the enemy to have to make a con save & on a fail, then enemy takes an extra 1d6+str damage)

-Finger can’t be broken (unless it is hit by a heat attack)

-Breaks easier than other weapons. [can be remade via using another pointed weapon & jamming it into the finger]

-Is considered a bludgeoning weapon.

You knew you should be doing something. Running, screaming, hiding, anything would have been better than nothing, but you were oh so tired. Instead you simply sat there, watching as the creature thundered closer, teeth gleaming and snarls rumbling from its throat in a terrifying declaration of intent.

It came to a stop before you, its body towering over yours and its horrifying visage twisted in a snarl, spit dripping from its open maw. Its eyes however, were what truly captured your attention. 

With a sad smile, you leaned forward, ignoring its dangerous teeth and terrifying strength, and gently bumped your forehead against its own. Despite the threat it posed, you closed your eyes, remaining there as you listened to its growls slowly fade, an understanding taking bloom within your heart.

Because its eyes were tired too.

Savoir Supporter (Companion idea)

Here’s one for you DM’s that want a aimless, but devoted, companion.
The players are walking from one town to another town & they spot a strange sight while on the road their. They see a lady propped up against a tree, she has a spear impaled into the middle of her body & has attached her to said tree. If the players go investigate her (or get close to her) they will notice that she is barley alive. If the players succeeded at try to unimpale her & heal her, she will be comatose. At this point the players are either going to have to carry her to some form of hospital.

After they do that, if they stay at the town with the hospital for more than a week, the lady will come to their current resident. If they don’t stay in tow for three days, after said three days the lady will go on a search to find the party. Non-the-less the result is the same & the lady they save will find them & ask to join their party as a companion. She will explain to the party that she has been wandering aimlessly in search for something to do with her life & that she wishes to help the people that saved her, so that she can properly congratulate them for saving her life & so she can find something to do with her life.

If the players say yes, she will join the party. If the players so no, she will say some rushed words & then wander off. After the no outcome, the party can occasionally find her wandering around.

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okay, resending this because tumblrs a binch. So vampires (and boyfs) Virge and Dee are hunting/looking for a third and then one night they spot the most put together man at the bar, Logan. ~💙

ok 1. hot 2. is Lo a vampire or human when they spot him - do they want a third vampire or do they personally want to turn him? either way nice! imagine them either side of Lo asking if they can buy him a drink and asking him all sort before maybe booking a hotel room for the night to ‘test him out’ only they get very attached to the man who easily unravels between them cue them like 3 months later all cuddled up in a spoppy mansion being all vampiric and cute together