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: The Amphibian and Reptile Collection in the Museum of Zoology contains the largest collection of preserved reptiles and amphibians from Alberta. Find out more about this collection for yourself!

See President 's comments to the Board of Governors about the redesign and presidential search committees on the APSCUF blog at:

"Hey guys it's Emily, I am taking over Cone's Insta today, and we are currently at Gatwick en route to Barca for our workation". It had begun. Our first had commenced... 🛫

: spotlighted why patient matching is key to interoperability & . Our patient ID deep dive findings answers for the + 7,600 cases of wrong-patient errors we analyzed

Dr. Tyrone Krause, Chief of Cardio-thoracic Surgery , discusses his decision to join in an effort combat the military physician shortage

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Stupid People in all their Glory


#TheHouse Rejects Bill to Reopen #FederalGovernment as #ShutdownDragsOn #ICYMI
#boldcastifymediaco #thinkspeaklivebold #business #Government #businessowner #digitalmedia #igers #SouthernBorder #GovernmentShutdown
#TheHouse voted 237-187 in favor of the bill, but the measure failed (at Washington, District of Columbia)

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If you missed it, go catch up on the first two episodes of #Season5 featuring the #HostWithTheMost @bigtiggershow #LittyIsWhatIDo🔥 @rapgamelifetime on @lifetimetv…
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CS ‘Oh Daddy’ AU please :) - it’s thanksgiving and Killian is meeting Emma’s parents for the first time - “Daddy can you please pass me the potatoes?”. David and Killian reach for the carrots at the same time, Killian beats David and says “Here you go love”. The whole table is silent and Emma turns bright red. Killian carries on eating like nothing is wrong.

A/N: Sorry it took me so long to answer this, but here it is. I have to pioint out though, in the Oh Daddy universe, Mary Margeret and David aren’t her parents, rather her best friends, but for the purpose of this prompt, they are her parents. This ended up longer than intended and with a little twist, but I hope you like it. Thanks for the prompt, Nonny :)

There’s a full spread on the dining room table that Killian and Emma had assisted in preparing as everyone gathers around. David sits across from Killian, most likely so he can keep an eye on the man his daughter has been seeing and says grace before sending the plate of turkey counterclockwise around the table. Each of them fills their plate with heaping piles of everything that comes their way.

Emma almost drops the bowl of stuffing in her hand, most likely due to Killian’s left hand landing on her thigh and squeezing firmly. A small gasp flies from her lips and the feel of his rough, callused fingers on the bare, soft skin underneath her dress elicits heat between her thighs. She quickly passes the dish to Killian and lifts her fork to shove some turkey into her mouth to repel any attention from her parents as Killian strokes the inside of her thigh.

Out of her peripheral, she can’t help but notice the smug grin planted on that handsome face of Killian’s as he grins into his mashed potatoes. She also can’t help but notice she doesn’t have any potatoes on her own plate, the dish on the other side of her father and Killian. Somehow she had missed the dish when it came by.

“Daddy, can you pass the potatoes?”

“Sure, sweetheart,” David says.

But before he can move to grab them, Killian already has the dish in his hands, offering it to her.

“Here you go, babe,” Killian says sweetly and places a kiss to her temple.

Emma’s jaw drops, her cheeks burning crimson with embarrassment. Killian returns to eating his food, the moment completely escaping him as David eyeballs him in confusion.

She takes a sip of her water, wanting to crawl into a hole and hide. Her parents are completely unaware of how exactly she and Killian had met. All they know is Emma met him on a train and had an instant connection. They have no idea about their kink in the bedroom, how Emma calls him Daddy in bed, nor does she wish for them to find out.

“I didn’t know Emma had two Daddies,” David remarks sarcastically.

She almost chokes on her water as Mary Margaret swats him on the chest. “David, can’t you be nice?” she tries to whisper, but Emma can hear her from across the table.

She looks at Killian and sees the tips of his ears turn red, an apologetic smile curving his lips.

“Apologies, mate. I’m just quick to please, that’s all.”

Emma wants to bury her face in the mashed potatoes at that point, but luckily her parents don’t catch on to what Killian actually means. He’s not lying though; since she’s known Killian, he’s proven himself to be a gentleman she’d never known she had needed in her life, and he really is quick to please. But in the bedroom, he’s always Daddy because he knows Emma loves calling him that, and he would do absolutely anything to please her.

“Well, good then,” David says, staring Killian down with a stern look on his face. “You better treat her right because, as I’m sure Emma’s told you, I’m a cop, and I’m quick to use my off duty handgun when I need to.”

“David,” Mary Margaret chastises her husband.

“No worries, I completely understand being a protective Daddy,” he says with a wink.

“Oh, do you have kids?” Mary Margaret’s voice is unusually high pitched as she asks before taking a bite of green beans.

Killian scratches behind his ear, his cheeks tingeing with red as he scrambles for an answer. “Uh, I do a lot of roleplay… for work,” he answers skittishly.

By that point, Emma’s sure her entire face is darker than her mother’s cranberry sauce as she hides her humiliated expression in her hands.

“What exactly do you do?” David interrogates him with a suspicious eye before taking a forkful of mashed potatoes in his mouth.

Killian and Emma have been together for eight months now, but her parents only found out about him recently and invited him to Thanksgiving dinner to get to know him.

“I dabble in acting,” Killian answers, eliciting further confusion from her father.

Emma is praying Killian won’t actually tell him about his audios, although he hasn’t made any since their first night together, especially now that they’re actually dating.

“How do you dabble in acting?” her father asks, and Emma doesn’t wish for any of the answers it might spur on, whether truthful or not, so she reacts hastily.

“I’m pregnant,” she blurts out, her words drawing all of the eyes in the room towards her.

“You’re what?!” her father asks, and Emma can’t tell if he’s actually pissed, just surprised, or both.

“I’m pregnant,” she repeats, avoiding Killian’s heavy gaze. “That’s why Killian responded when I said Daddy. I’ve been calling him Daddy as practice for when we have the baby. Right, honey?” She finally looks at Killian, catching the dumbstruck look on his face as she takes his hand in hers. His mouth is open wide, but he can’t seem to form words. “We were going to tell you after dinner,” she says, moving her gaze to her parents.

“Oh sweetie, that’s amazing news!” Mary Margaret chirps, clapping her hands.

David, however, doesn’t look pleased.

They eat the rest of the dinner in an unsettling silence and afterward, Emma takes Killian aside as her parents are washing the dishes.

“Love, is it true? You’re pregnant?”

Emma toys with her fingers and she can’t tell what he’s feeling. He’s in shock, yes, but is he disappointed or happy? she’s not sure. “Yeah, I am. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to blurt it out like that, but I panicked,” she explains, taking his hands in hers. “I found out yesterday at my doctor appointment and I meant to tell you first. I’m sorry,” Emma apologizes, her eyes welling up with tears as she looks at the floor. “I know we’ve only been together for eight months, but-”

“But, I’m not going anywhere, Emma. That’s my baby growing inside you, so of course, I’m not going to let you raise our child alone.”

Emma’s eyes flicker to his, relief swarming over her as a smile lights up Killian’s face. “So we’re doing this?”

He nods, raising her hand in his and placing a kiss to her knuckles. “We are.”

Emma takes a deep breath, and as scary as parenthood is, she knows this little baby will be truly loved and cherished. Killian will be a great Daddy, she has no doubts. At the thought, a wicked smirk crosses her lips. She releases his hands and wraps her arms around the back of his neck, biting her bottom lip, eyes glowing with mischief.

“Shouldn’t we check on your father first and make sure he isn’t going to murder me in cold blood?” he asks with a raised brow, knowing exactly what she’s thinking.

Emma shakes her head, not worried. “Nah, knowing my mother, she’s already calmed him down. In fact, they’re probably already planning the nursery,” she laughs. “Now how about we go upstairs and celebrate, Daddy?”

Killian growls, not needing any more convincing; he lifts her up and she wraps her legs around his hips as he heads for the stairs. “I do love when you call me Daddy.”

Thankfully her father doesn’t go after him when Mary Margaret has a long talk with him and before the end of the visit, Killian is able to show him how much he loves Emma and how much he wants to be a Daddy (an actual Daddy). Although Emma has to convince David not to shoot him after he finds out Killian has been stealing his mouth wash by Killian’s snide remark, “I like my mouth to be fresh when I’m making out with your daughter.”

When little Hope Swan Jones is born, it’s a miracle Killian is still alive to witness the birth of their daughter, with both of his hands intact so he can hold her in his arms properly.

Aquaman Review

By CoramDeo

“What could be greater than a king?”
“A hero.”

SPOILER WARNING: There will be a brief non-spoiler review to start with, then I’ll discuss the film in depth for those who’ve seen it.

Also, SARCASM WARNING: For whatever reason, I was in an extremely sarcastic mood when I wrote this review. As a result, I use sarcasm here. A lot.

By nature I love brevity: Absolutely gorgeous in every shot and action-packed, Aquaman is full to the brim with moments that will make die-hard comic book geeks and casual fans alike say things like, “Aw, YEAH!” and “That was awesome!” While there are a few themes, they don’t do too much. All in all, it doesn’t have a lot of depth, which is surprising for a movie set primarily on the ocean floor.

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Gotham - ’Trespassers’ Review

By Aaron Studer

Barbara: “Here he comes, Gotham. Your judge. Your jailer. Your most hated son. Have at him!”

I’m so relieved, for a moment there, I thought Gotham was really going to try and convince me that Barbara sincerely blamed Gordon for the death of Tabitha, while choosing to ignore the fact that Penguin was the one that stabbed Tabitha, and that Barbara had just as clear a shot as Gordon did to execute Penguin in that moment as well. Almost had me there Gotham, you little trickster, you!

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The Magicians - ‘Six Short Stories about Magic’ Review

By Ariel Williams

“Umber’s ass I’m drunk.”

“Six Short Stories about Magic” is literally that: six short stories about magic. It’s fun to see how all the stories fit together, like a puzzle. How it drives the plot forward, gives us a deeper look at other characters.

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#ICYMI via @RiplApp In case you missed it when you visited Boardwalk Limited, my daughter has all her art work for sale throughout the store .. and she does amazing work ! Maybe she can paint a picture of your choice .#alyssastudios @boardwalklimited2 @alyssamarie3_ #boardwalklimitedllc #art #artist #dollyparton #michealjackson #jamesdean #barbarastreisand #dreambig (at Boardwalk Limited,LLC)

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An #icymi #trap #trapmusic #hiphop #atlanta #headbangers Reposted from @realcancool - “In my zone” 🥶 what you think? ❄️ produced by:realcancool 🎼 (at Atlanta, Georgia)

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#ICYMI: Here’s a clip from our final video of 2018, where we interviewed @j2_thacraftsman while he played “Call of Duty: Black Ops II.” We’ll be back with new episodes very soon! (at Norfolk, Virginia)

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