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How to Use Tech to Develop Lifelong Learners 3elearning

Short Computer Courses available from 7th January to 5th July 2019 Contacts: Tel.: +255 232604854 Mobile: +255 742485419

welcomes TD Bank at our S@Y campus today. They are recruiting from our talented pool of students for summer opportunities

We zijn weer te gast bij in Nieuwleusen om ons bedrijf en diensten te promoten!

Our suite of qualifications will ensure all your learners have all the , and skills they need to succeed in the workplace.

Eine Frau als riesige Inspiration für uns alle: the first CEO of a tech company in Afghanistan 🇦🇫 uses for a better society in her country! It’s possible! 💪

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We used ICT to play some warm up games with our sound! We tried to beat our scores each time!

Is it time to declutter your home? Release your devices for a new lease of life in 2019. We provide a FREE data erasure service on all devices before they get sent for REUSE.

God bless . We stop to educate youth to be equipped with . #2019 year of victory.

15/2/19 18.30-20.00 voorlichtingsbijeenkomst over de masteropleidingen Engineering en Computer Science. Waar? Online of Utrecht. Kies voor een in de op academisch niveau. Meer weten en aanmelden op

Make your career dreams come true. Learn to build websites and user experiences with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Think Techspecialist Academy. Give us a call today 07060000293

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Our journey in discovering the ICT innovation Ecosystem in Singapore and Japan has just started not ended. I will post soon about their ecosystems. Stay tuned.

Het laatste nummer 2018 Journal of Healthcare Engineering bevat een artikel van 'IT-Enabled Clinical Decision Support: An Empirical Study on Antecedents and Mechanism' Gratis download via

Looking forward to hearing speaking at in Westminster on 22nd Jan on "Harnessing data to drive digital government"

Ss used to make posters about one of the SMART rules they were learning about. Ss then recorded short videos using to explain more about the rule they had chosen.

Vandaag vond van de opleiding HBO-ICT plaats in het X-gebouw. Studenten presenteerden hun innovatieve digitale producten&diensten, o.a. in opdracht voor , en nog véél meer!

Looking forward to hearing speaking at in Westminster on 22nd Jan on "Harnessing data to drive digital government"

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We Empower on the low low no need for nos..

Super Excited To Start Writing

Hello and Welcome to my blog. 

I’m a computer science student from India, Currently pursuing M.Tech (ICT) at Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Gandhinagar. I’m interested in areas like Operating Systems and Computer Networks. I’m a Linux enthusiast currently running ManjaroLinux and learning to write device drivers. I’m also exploring areas like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Deep Learning.

I’m a Shodan (Black-Belt) in Karate (Shito Ryu Style) and a fitness enthusiast. I’m interested in Indian Classical music and exploring it on Guitar. I love to read philosophical literature.

I like to think of myself as an explorer. This is my first attempt at writing and I’m super excited to write about all the interesting and amazing stuff I’ve learned, tried and explored. I’m planning to write mostly about tech stuff but occasionally about some of my other interests too. 

Thanks for stopping by :)