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Chapter VI: Saturday night May 18 Tickets NOW at Legend w/ v. v. v.

I sure do miss the days when would focus on music. There was always so much excitement looking forward to a new, World Premiere video. 30+ years later, the excitement remains! Looking forward to seeing ! ❤️

Lotta love to my man for taking my Fortnite . Check him out on If you want an icon like this, or you need an for your videos (in case yall forgot), feel free to DM me

本日のEvermarketsのミートアップにお越しくださった皆様ありがとうございました。 も元々は のJohnからの紹介。ご縁をありがとう。

Santron music/ @jlawsonmusicgroup2018 brings you the new project present (who run it) by female artist (Nowlater) aka @itsmuthafuckinb out on ⁦

My biggest regret was forgetting my camera. To my friends that I left behind to get these shots with my iPhone I’m sorry. Unforgettable

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I just heard that Lorraine Warren passed away and I’m :-( speechless. When I was a child I was that child who was obsessed with paranormal things. I was the one weird girl who rather sat in the library reading about ghosts and mysteries of the world than played outside with the others. Lorraine, she was one of the people I looked up to the most and I can’t believe she’s gone. I wish that she rests in peace.

“ Hi it’s me again!! Could I maybe get some nonbinary bi or bigender bi icons? Preferably one flag if it exists (like one of those edit ones)? (With Junko) “ for @sol-eclipse

I wasn’t really sure what you meant by edit icons?? I hope that the heart and split ones will suffice, I did make them myself,,, - Mod Akira (Mitsunari Shift)