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HAHAHA 2499 AED ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Check out this of the docked in in 1980! The Northwind was a Wind-class that was launched in 1945 and was decommissioned in 1989 after decades of service.

2รจme atelier : comment crรฉer plus de liens lors des ? Les Leads se livrent et se dรฉcouvrent des points communs ! ๐Ÿ”ด๐Ÿ”ตโšชโšซ

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*I useta could.
*Wanna try?
*When I was young we jumped rope for Cancer. And I raised the most money.
*Yes mam. I raised $300 and they gave me a #Walmart gift card.
#defyingcancer #defyinggravity
It’s amazing what an #icebreaker the #jumprope can be. And the many scenarios that it can fit into. I have used it as a math/science/arts/humanities #bestpractices teaching tool. As an introduction into #Christianity and #goodwill. As a tool of #encouragement for children in some of the most #empoverished crevasses of the world.
@vividskip (at Kentucky)

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75 000 h.p. The Biggest Nuclear Icebreaker \ 75 000 л.с. Атомный Ледоко…

A small triumph, my Valoris friends.

As you know I will never stop tagging “Chernobyl” in my positive Chernobyl-related posts. I will make sure to leave most of the dramaz I’m sent out of the Chernobyl/Valoris tags because I’m nice like that but the rest? Nah, not gonna stop using those tags, not in art, headcanons or pro-Valoris posts, certainly not pro-Valoris posts.

So I received the usual trolling treatment in one of my pro-Valoris asks.

 That was from people who WANTED to spew out their outrage no matter what but THEN decided to block me, so that I got to see the offensive tone in my notifications even after they blocked me and their comment was deleted. You see, tumblr trolls know what they’re doing. They’ve done this for years. They knew I’d see the aggressive comment in my notifications, still they demand respect with that attitude of theirs. Lol.

It would be 100% fine if they blocked me *before* spewing out insults but I’m not complaining, my goal is accomplished. 

I was finally blocked by this Icebreaker person and… it feels good! Not only because they won’t get to see THIS post about them but because… that’s my proof to you, my dear Valoris friends, that the only solution is to block as many antis as possible BUT ALSO to never stop using those tags just because someone told you not to.  Eventually they’ll get used to us and block us on sight, just like they just did. Just like they should have done from day one. See? Even they are learning.

And no, babe, I won’t “leave this shit” our of your precious “Chernobyl” tag. I won’t be confined to the tags *you* choose for me. You people made sure I wouldn’t.


Custom foldable & adjustable SD Wheelchair with additional backside decoration & safety harness, made for Nate from Russia.

Story behind the chair: The character of the doll it is intended for is an ex-Navy Seal with the codename Icebreaker. She was hurt in battle and has occasional seizures. Thus a wheelchair with metallic ice colours, safety harness, Navy Seals slogan, American flag and a seal silhouette (the actual US Navy logo is an eagle. Client & I agreed this was a huge missed opportunity that needed to be rectified).

Doll model: Bailey (Fairyland Feeple60 Shushu, owned by Evelien/Evsdolls)

Want a wheelchair for your doll too? Shoot me a message (Facebook is quickest)! Or find all the info you need in this post.