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Books do.

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Thomas was excited. More excited than nervous. He knew that this was a big opportunity—to be able to talk to the Sun’s editor in person, so he was happy just because of that. If his chat ended up with a part-time job or an internship of some kind, great! If not, well… at least he tried. But the Sun seemed to be the type of place he wanted to work at. From what he could see, people seemed to mind their own business, but it didn’t have a heavy feeling to it. It was hard to explain. Somewhere between his birthday from last year and this year’s he went back to biting his nails whenever he was anxious, so, when he heard his name being called, it took him an extra second to peel his eyes from what he could see of the journalists, wipe his hand over his lips quickly and then smile at the person talking to him.

He stepped into Ian’s office and offered his hand (he had wiped it on his pants because it was a bit sweaty) and smiled. “Hi, Mr. Dragan. Thank you for having me. I really appreciate it.”


(– @iandragan

“Do you ever feel like all you do is wake up, work, eat and repeat?” Lara pondered as she downed another shot of whiskey. It had been a while since she’s had a mental day off and she figured that the person she needed beside her tonight was Ian. The hadn’t gone out in a while and she seriously missed it. “I feel like I’m developing an old soul syndrome and that’s horrible, you know? I’m 33, not 90 and yet, I feel so old.” With a sigh, she rested her face on her closed fist and looked over to her best friend. “I need to feel young again, you know? To screw up, to get laid, to fall in love, to live carelessly—but at the same time, do I really need those things? Do you ever feel like that?—-Ian what’s this thing you gave me to drink?”


The NISF were the state police of the Naplian Empire. There were three main branches within the NISF with some external organizations.


The SANWEI were the uniformed police of the empire. They worked routine police patrols, enforcement, and criminal investigations. They were also court security. Limited anti-partisan operations were often detailed to the Sanwei. The Sanwei encompassed virtually all of Imperial Naplia’s law-enforcement and emergency response organizations, including fire brigades, orbital guard, and civil defense.

In the prewar period, Ffawe General Ta At Niher and Tur Da Lug, chief of the Onwe Imperial Police, cooperated in transforming the police force of the old Onwe Naplian Empire into militarized formations ready to serve Benaltep and Bonate’s aims of conquest. Police troops were first formed into battalion-sized formations for the invasion of Audria, where they were deployed for security and policing purposes, and taking part in executions and mass deportations. During the Terran Campaign, the force had the task of policing civilian populations of the conquered and colonized worlds beginning in 2680. Sanwei activities escalated to genocide with the invasion of the Hosan Obelisk. Twenty-seven million police battalions formed into independent regiments or attached to Naplian security divisions and execution squadrons, perpetrated mass murder and were responsible for widespread crimes against aliens and genocide of the civilian populations of the Hosanii, the Qomiti, and the Proq.


The DRUWEI were the internal security officers. They handled political prisoners and internal affairs investigations. In the Ffawe era, it was used to describe the Imperial political and criminal investigation security agencies. It was made up by the combined forces of the Surawei (secret Imperial police aka Sura) and the Krelwei (criminal police, aka Krel).  Druwei in Onwe Naplia  The term originated in when the Onwe Imperial Army set up the Sekat (Special Police Branch) as a militarized police force to act during times of riots or strikes. However, owing to the unpopularity of the army, it was renamed the Druwei to avoid attention. They wore a black uniform and were sometimes called the “Black Police.” It was a military body, mainly recruited from the Onwe, with NCOs and officers from the old Naplian Imperial Army.

  Ffawe Era

When the Ffawe came to power, Naplia had myriad planet and systemwide police agencies, which were un-coordinated, with overlapping jurisdictions. Ta At Niher and his lieutenant, Goh a’ Vella planned to absorb all police and security apparatus into the structure of the Grissan Nast. To this end, Ta At Niher took command first of the Surawei. He then united all police forces throughout Naplia following Bonate and Benaltep’s appointment of Ta At Niher as Chief of Naplian Police. As such he was nominally subordinate to Interior Minister Tal’ To Krif, but in practice Ta At Niher answered only to Bonate and Benaltep. 

Ta At Niher immediately reorganized the police. The Imperial agencies were divided into echelons: the Turawei (Discipline Police; Tura), consisting of both the Imperial uniformed police and the municipal police, and the Druwei (Security Police; Drew), consisting of the Krel and Surawei. Goh at’ Vella was appointed Chief of the Drew and was already head of the Ffawe Sekat and the Surawei. The two police branches were commonly known as the Tura and Drew (Krel and Surawei combined), respectively.  The idea was to integrate the Ffawe agency Drew with the Imperial agency Tura. Most of the Tura members were encouraged or volunteered to become members of the Grissan Nast, and many held a rank in both organizations. Nevertheless, in practice, there was jurisdictional overlap and operational conflict between the Druwei and Surawei. The Krel kept a level of independence since its structure was longer-established. Ta At Niher founded the Grissan Druwei to create a centralized main office under Vella’s overall command of the Drew.


The TARWEI were the secret service officers of the empire. They were in charge of security for government officials and high-level threat mitigation, including some special operations assignments. More about them another time.

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Q&A W/ Jaqueline

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Q: Where did the idea of Witch and The Fool come from?

A: When figuring out which book to write next, Aminah expressed that I should create a character to balance out all the chaos I had written previously. She said I needed balance and a happy ending. So I took my love for horror and created a character with so much pain, that the thought of love would never cross her mind, so that way when it happened it would be all that much special and real.

Q&A W/ Jaqueline

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q; How do you balance with taking care of the reader while also keeping the story authentic?

A: When writing, I like to think that my reader’s share my taste in horror and controversy. So I try and stay as vivid and detailed in my writing as possible in order to stay true to the storyline but also give the readers something tantalizing to read.


📕Alive For Now, #eBK 1 #99c
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From the barrier islands of South Carolina to a lake in North Carolina and a hospital ship on the Atlantic, the infected dead have destroyed the population of the world. People band together, some who travel down the road toward death and some who make decisions that keep them alive. This is the story of the Mud Island survivors who have a plan to save a small part of humanity.
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Q: What inspired you to create the UGF and is there more insight you can give us?

A: I don’t really know. The entire plot for Hit List was built around the UGF. Aminah actually helped me create it. I knew that gene manipulation was an interesting angle to go at and hasn’t been done in Red Ink. I loved the twist Aminah and I was able to put on it and the UGF was born.


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Q:What inspired the plot of Order from Chaos and why did the ladies originally say no?

A: Haha I honestly smiled. I wanted Order from Chaos way back in 2016. It was a little after AD that I wanted to push the envelope and go broader. The plot was still a blur but I knew I wanted to involve different series and merge worlds. I love Marvel and DC for doing that but I had never see a publication house do it. I think the ladies, well Aminah mostly opposed because of her busy schedule. She was working on the Vamperial HEAVY so I didn’t blame her, finally though she freed her schedule and finally agreed. 


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Q:Who was the hardest to write for in Order from Chaos?

A: Uhm…Honestly, Acaleus was but wasn’t? I have been writing for Liam for well over a year and he’s so present in my brain, it was so fluid to write for him in Order from Chaos while I haven’t seen Acaleus in a year. And when I wrote him last, he was way more immature, selfish almost and looser. He has grown so much so I had to be sure to perfectly capture that.