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My tanning progress this year must be going well again, I was asked if I speak Spanish the other day

Me when people try to speak to me in Costa Rica. I don't speak Spanish 'mWhite

Spain_inUK: RT insidetravellab: Last supper (so to speak.) Galician octopus & my favourite pimientos de Padron! …

EVERYONES! Always surprised when they first meet me & I speak Spanish to them.. 'veAlwaysLookedWhite lol 😄

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ahh i wished i put more effort in learning spanish :/


I took the time to add english subs to this video because ALL OF YOU SHOULD WATCH IT.

Me, learning Spanish and self conscious:

Dominican Mom who has Spanish as 1st language: Say something in Spanish for me! I almost never hear you speak it!!

Me: okay

Me: *slightly fucks up a random word*

Mom: Wait say that again?!?

Me, growing more self conscious: okay *repeats slightly fucked up word*

Mom: Ew wtf you speak with such a heavy American accent and your pronunciation is trash you gringo piece of shit,,,but don’t worry because practice makes perfect!!!1!1!111

The last time I was visiting at my dad’s house, my stepmother said ‘Hey!! I bought you something on Amazon that’s Donkey Kong-related! :)’ and I immediately became terrified because the last time they bought me something Donkey Kong on Amazon, I wound up with a Spanish-dubbed copy of the Legend of the Crystal Coconut VHS.

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So you've said you speak English and French. What other languages do you speak?

Fluently, only English and French.

I have a very elementary basis of German (A1). I can understand a good amount of Mandarin Chinese (85%) and I can recognise some very basic characters and I can try to conjure up some phrases too (arguably same level as German). I can read and write Devanagari script (Hindi) but it takes a lot of effort and I’m not unlike Milo from Atlantis trying to decipher texts. My Hindi comprehension though is nonexistent so even if I can read aloud and write the letters, I can’t really comprehend. I can say some basic words and phrases (also not unlike German, but significantly significantly less). I’m really rusty.


to all my celtic antis out there

tha goal agam ort 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

is breá liom 🇨🇮

Rwy’n dy garu di 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

my a’th kar

Gracias a todos mis anons que hablan español ❤️❤️❤️
aprecio muchisimo estos mensajes tan lindos , hacen que mi dia se mejore bastante ;u;

Me hace muy feliz que  pueda llegar a mas hispanohablantes, no lo habia pensado mucho …pero desde ahora , y’all have all my uwus
es genial tenerlos de seguidores , asi nunca postee nada en español :D

(I never post anything about myself.. so i see where the surprise come from, anyway lmao)

Looking for internship

Hey everyone!

As you may or may not know, I’m a Biotechnologies studient (4th year) and am currently looking for an internship in a lab or a company doing research and developpement.

The internship takes place from approx april 1st to may 31th.

If you know someone or an organisation looking for a trainee in this field or just know about a lab I’d be super grateful if you could tell me about them.

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¿Puedo usar tus versiones de los hijos de Kirishima y Bakugou en un fanfic? Daré créditos, obviamente <3

Si puedes! ¿Cuando termines me lo puedes mandar? Quiero leerlo!
Estoy tan feliz que te gustaron tanto!

(Anon asked if they could use Rin and Kaori in a fanfic! Of course!)