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My tanning progress this year must be going well again, I was asked if I speak Spanish the other day

Me when people try to speak to me in Costa Rica. I don't speak Spanish 'mWhite

Spain_inUK: RT insidetravellab: Last supper (so to speak.) Galician octopus & my favourite pimientos de Padron! โ€ฆ

EVERYONES! Always surprised when they first meet me & I speak Spanish to them.. 'veAlwaysLookedWhite lol ๐Ÿ˜„

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shawn-and-aiden-frost-9  asked:

Yukimura is "gaie" and "gay" everytime Fubuki-senpai appears in front of him. Happy to see him, and gay because Fubuki-senpai is just the most beautiful being in the world. (โ´โ—ก`โ) Btw, I can speak French (I was born in a French country and learned it), Portuguese (native language), English, Spanish and A BIT of Dutch. I can understand the other Roman languages since I know three of them X'D I'm not a goal. I just love languages >////< (Ara is a goal to me, with her beautiful Japanese).

I love languages too but I can only speak 2 !!! ;w; and I could have probably have spoken 3 but I dropped French years ago even tho I was p good at it because my teacher was garbage and she made me dislike the language TT_TT

I wish I could speak as many languages as you do now <33

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Name: Sol
Age: 15
Country: UK

hey, my name isn’t Sol, it’s actually the shortened version to my middle name which I often prefer to use online. I’m a bisexual girl. I don’t do much in my free time but watch asian dramas or anime, im really into asian cultures or any sort of culture really, i love learning new stuff about each country. I speak spanish as I was born there but I currently live in the UK therefore, I speak english too. I’ve been learning french for a while now at school, & i’ve attempted to learn korean and japanese but the dedication is way beyond me lmao. I’m extremely passionate when it comes to expressive arts, especially drama as I study it at school. Music wise, i like kpop, hip hop, pop rock and old music. I’ve got plenty of internet friends and it’s always great to meet new people, im a really easygoing person so feel free to chat to me! Also I prefer texting so email or any social media you’re willing to give is completely fine with me but snail mail would be okay after some time

Preferences: age: 14-17
I don’t care about race, gender, sexuality, religion etc, as long as you’re respectful and open minded then great, I don’t have the time to deal with homophobia, transphobia, etc. and y'all probably dont have the time to deal with it either, so let’s leave that aside

ID# 73992

Name: Raquel (Rachel)
Age: 18
Country: Spain

I’m new doing this so please be patience with me hehe.

Hello everyone, I’m looking for a pen pal to speak in english with, now a day everybody have to know some basics rules to achive goals in this world and that is what I want. I need to improve my english for my profesional career and, why not? Doing it with someone who have the same hobbies.

I love music, I can be listening to spotify my hole life. I love find new artist, listen to the oldies, search on internet the festivals… well, fanatic after all. My preferences in music are Rock and Indie (spanish and international), but I hear every kind of music.

I really like sing in the shower and drink tea also.

Oh, and if you want to learn something of spanish I can help you as well.

Preferences: I prefer e-mail and people between 18-23

ID #84234

Name: Carlo
Age: 22
Country: Mexico

Hi there, I like to chat and talk about every day life. I would like to meet people for other country. If you want to practice your Spanish I’m glad to help. My favorite subjects are anything related to design, movies, culture, history and music.
My favorite band is Linkin Park but I listen a variety of music, about books I don’t have a favorite one, my favorite movie topic is comedy. I currently studying Industrial Design, I would like to meet other design students but if you’re not don’t matter.
I prefer to write for email but every other social media is okay

Preferences: I would prefer people around my age but I’m open to others too. Gender, country doesn’t matter.

Do you know that feeling when you don’t want to do your homework and you know that you’re not doing your best, but the idea of doing school work just makes you want to cry and you hate yourself for that because you can and you have done this before but maybe is this year or maybe is that subject you have been failing since your first year and you just sit there in Tumblr or reading or listening to music and hating yourself for it and worrying about your grades because you care but right now you don’t care enough to do something on it…


day one of trying to learn french on duolingo!

trying to search for a pal around 14 to 17 that speaks french and wants to make a friend with me.

i speak english and spanish (but i am not good at spelling when writing spanish tildes will be the death of me heh)

so far im struggling with the word noir!!!!! i cant say it :,( 

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Name: Heather
Age: 15 
Country: England

I speak English and Spanish and am learning Korean, Italian and German. I love to explore the world and plan to visit a lot of countries, and I’ve always thought pen pals are cute. I love music - my favourite artists are The Smiths, Panic! At The Disco, Pierce The Veil, Mumford and Sons, System of a Down, Twenty One Pilots, The Beatles, Yiruma and KPop groups. My favourite TV shows are How To Get Away With Murder, The IT Crowd and Hannibal. My main interests are physics, law, maths and poetry.

Preferences: Aged 13 - 17, ideally English speaking but Spanish is okay too.