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that video of awsten eating m&Ms out of his hoodie on waterparks’ story on Instagram made me laugh so hard for some reason and i thank him for that

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Hey hey i scrolled through your page a bit. You like bees??? Would you draw a little fluffle bee?? Bees are so cute man

a bwee

Tamaki: If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live? I’d live anywhere with all of you

Haruhi: if I had to choose just one place, it would be Cape Town in South Africa to get away from—

Kaoru: Spain

Hikaru: Spain

Honey: I would live inside a candy factory

Mori: Right here

Kyouya: Inside a volcano

Hikaru: But sempai, you would die

Kyouya: Small price to pay to escape the idiocy


Tamaki: I change my answer. I choose above a small town bakery in France

watching 6 grown men and 1 woman play gmod murder is fucking entertaining as shit i love achievement hunter so much god

can we just take a moment to appreciate Yang giving Weiss a piggyback ride in one of the latest RT Merch?


Holby City S20E49

「Family talking」


Dumplin’ (2018) dir. Anne Fletcher

you know we all love the ‘get your moody headass over here and cuddle me’ kind of relationships

omg what did jinyoung say to get jacks all flustered???

cr: @sseulbaby on twitter

yall i love them with my whole heart

according to spotify i listened to 259 hours of the 1975 this year

idk whether to be embarrassed or proud

tfw ur dad idol praises u & u get so overwhelmed u gotta walk away to hide it tHIS IS SO PURE !!!

I need more horribly good 80s sweaters in my life


All the pictures I have of Jensen Ackles and Nina Dobrev at The CW UpFronts 2014.

akdsjf;lka this one student is always blasting into the home ec room to steal snacks and usually theres nothing that he wants so ive never stopped him but today he came in asking about orange juice??? which we haven’t had in like 2 months but THEN he says, ‘yeah last time i took a big swig of orange juice and it was rotten but i didn’t realize til i drank it so basically i drank a bunch of rotten orange juice’ and I caNNOT believe him i have been laughing for 20 minutes


More Pixel fanart / trade stuff! 

Top left by @sp00kyautumn

Top right by @stinkiwii


Kory being a mom.

♫♫ those flowers are really pretty ♫♫

(3) cute little babies 💗

I said I’m a bisexual having a panic attack