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cute little trend going on on twitter rn so i decided to do my own!

anatomy of the beautiful rfa girls! ♡

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*heart eyes*

amongthcwreck  asked:

Lorna & Marcos (ship

fandom meme !

  • When I started shipping them: right away, bro
  • My thoughts: i love them and they should be happy. they’re very aesthetically pleasing too tbh
  • What makes me happy about them: that they legit love each other?
  • What makes me sad about them: that they weren’t together for sometime and how they sometimes don’t see things alike
  • Things done in fanfic that annoys me: I haven’t read any fanfic with them. shame on me
  • Things I look for in fanfic: n/a
  • My wishlist: that they can be happy and away from fighting. go get dawn and be happy
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: no one? lmao
  • My happily ever after for them: see wishlist

yall ever think about how good and comforting characters who are extremely anxious and scared to be around people or in public but are trying their best to work through their issues and slowly get to a more stable place even if rhey are still very mentally ill theyre still like Trying™️ and it makes you wanna try too

altaindustries  asked:

Best thing that’s happened to you involving rp?

Munday story time, questions. // @altaindustries

not to make it gay but meeting @naimitsuno @bassboost & @explsnmrdr was the best thing to ever happen to me & i wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them so i’m always grateful to rp for bringing us together.

radiohead owns this ass

I love,,,,,, languages,,,,, sm

no offense but!! the ghoulettes are in love!! cirrus and cumulus love each other so much and that’s just the truth!! they smooch every single day!! 


When Sebastian is away on overnight jobs, Jim secretly sleeps in one of his shirts. He puts it back before Seb comes home because he would never admit to such a thing. (The only reason Seb knows he does it is because everytime he comes home one of his shirts smells like Jim)

y’all the new tanith, sigrun and nephenee cipher cards…………. lesbian rights 🤧🤧


Never forget, the ONLY two times Yusaku smiled were:

1 - At night;

2 - In front of Stardust Road;

3 - Down at Ai.

Happy birthday to two bright men who are talented, astonishing, and handsome memes!

Carats and I wish them the best! 💕💖

  • Kitana: Jade get off my bed I'm tired
  • Jade: bitch im your best friend therefore whats yours is mine

magitekelite  asked:

terra truly doesn't mind it when she walks side-by-side with the champion of light ; his towering height is one of his most stellar qualities . yet it is on this particular day that she feels need to rise to his occasion , floating to his level mid-stroll . only when her decision causes an eyebrow raised in piqued puzzlement from the other does she explain . ❝ ... oh , um , w-well , i wanted to see things from your perspective ! ❞ ( of course , she doesn't need to fly to do that ... )

@magitekelite // terra i love you

Indeed, it was quite curious to see the esperkin aimlessly floating beside him as they walked together, the Warrior having just turned to inquire something of her before coming upon such a sight.

At her explanation , the Warrior’s curious expression shifted to one of gentle amusement, a chuckle even finding itself falling from his tiers as his hand raised up to hide his smile but by this time it was already made evident–

“ I see. “

The starlit Knight chuckled, voice usually so stern and commanding attention was soft in it’s delivery, cerulean hues shining still as he approached the esper, who is now at eye level with the towering knight, who usually had to crane his neck some to even look at her. He will admit, it is quite easy on the neck for looking down all the time can make it sore.

“ Enjoying the view then? “

Suddenly feeling a little playful, the Warrior takes hold of Terra’s hand, pulling his friend just a little closer before twirling her gently, with the esper being aloft, it was almost effortless. It had also earned him a series of sweet giggles from the young maiden at their impromptu dance. All they needed now was music. 

A lingering thought he had as they danced, was that he always wondered what it was like to be that height, not quite tall enough to see over heads but he is sure being that height had it’s own advantages and the like…but then again, he sees how often, Cloud, Zidane and the Onion Knight get teased about their heights, so he can see that it was probably not that enjoyable so count his lucky stars he supposed.

i mean, i don’t want to be in love, god forbid, but…….. that new hozier song tho… a bitch is considering

anonymous asked:

I dont know if you ship it but could you draw some tananoya flr the haikyuu request thing (if it's still going on ofc)? I love your artsyle and I think they would look adorable if you drew them!

on top of the world!!!!!

pitchblacksteel  asked:

“Even if we can’t find heaven, I’ll walk through hell with you.”

   &&. @pitchblacksteel

                   “But I’ve already found my heaven

          It was no word of a lie, with him she felt like she had already found her paradise. The dragon slayer viewed her in a different light to others, he’s crimson orbs held admiration, love and kindness towards her as his features were soft. Golden orbs would focus her gaze upon him as she took a step forward. 

         How difficult it all must be for him. Being open with her. Showing her affection. Uttering words she never thought she’d be lucky enough to hear. Truth be told she’d follow him even into the pits of hell if it mean she could be with him forever. Heaven or Hell, it all didn’t matter to her, because with him it was BLISS

        A quiet hum parted her lips before she stood on the tips of her toes, her hands cupping his cheeks before she’d pull him down into a small quick kiss. Did she care who was around? That someone who see them? Not for a second. He was hers, in fact she wanted the WORLD to know. 

             “&&. I don’t care what anyone else thinks.”

omfg I didn’t know that Roger Daltrey was at Roger Taylor and Sarina’s wedding and even performed there with Brian I just- 
it’s so cool like woah imagine being a fan of the group, get to know the members and then have their frontman singing at your wedding after decades of friendship 

i know y’all love klaus and 5 but

stop sleeping on the others please

i stg, every time i watch the “behind the scenes” scenes in the romeo making mv, the more convinced i am that yuujirou and aizou are in love like??? don’t tell me that aizou laughing the SOFTEST laugh when yuujirou leans on him and when he says that he has a cute partner (like they always call the other their partner and i love it) and that yuujirou willingly drank from aizou’s water bottle doesn’t prove that they’re in love and don’t even get me started on the scenes where they tackle each other i’m like??? they’re so in love??? i’m so weak for them??? and after they finish filming the scene when they’re on those tower things they couldn’t take their eyes off of each other and they didn’t hear sena call for them for a break like??? god bless