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anyway not to be a lot but i constantly think about how much genos means to saitama and vice versa and every time i write them i try to emphasize that fact

although its so hard to describe and put into words because i think their relationship just runs so deep but i hope its still obvious in my writing

layers of fear 2 looks like such a good game 🙇🏻‍♀️🤧

Yes, this is the same picture from the last meetup I did, but I look like an actual trash can rn and I don’t have the time to assemble all my rainbow gear >.<. So hello, I’m Morgan, and my identity is complicated af. I’m a lesbian, but my relationship with gender is wack, so I usually go by nonbinary, but some other gender might fit me just as well. I’m out as a lesbian, but not as nonbinary so that’s a fun time. 

Being in the phandom has led me to many of the friends I have now, and it’s given me so much. Interactive Introverts was the first time I saw so many queer people like me in one place, and it was an experience I don’t think I’ll ever forget. This community helped me so much when I first realized I wasn’t straight. I had no queer friends, and seeing so many queer people united under a common interest gave me so much hope. So thanks yall, and thanks dnp for creating this wonderful community.

Congrats on 500, Julia! I thought I’d been following you for a long time but tumblr must have unfollowed me from you. Whoops! 

i have no basic video editing knowledge someone help

how tf

addressing my own concerns (that maybe some of yall are having but this post is mostly for me):

  • am i still writing yoi fic? all ive written recently is dabihawks/bnha??? short answer - yes. ive got a few bangs and my charity auction fic im looking forward to working on. long answer… the rest of this post
  • what’s taking so long? i graduated college about a month ago and was hit with a nasty case of writer’s block shortly after that i finally got over last week
  • what about my wip multichaps? iwgdwts will Definitely keep going. the rest… im unsure. id like to finish but im not Feeling a lot of them
  • so these bangs and stuff and then im done?? i… dont know. im gonna rewatch yoi at some point but also i wrote viktuuri for 2 years straight with. nothing else. ive written a lot for this ship and ive really liked exploring new dynamics in bnha. i love yoi and viktuuri and still have a lot of ideas and am big hype for the projects i have i just … idk maybe rewatching the show will bring me back to full enthusiasm

Maybe you had these questions. Maybe you didn’t and now you have more. It’s just. Been on my mind that I should mention how I feel about yoi fic rn. Iceado will probably rehype me whenever that is I just. Think I’ve gotta switch gears and write. Less viktuuri for now. Sorry. if you’re interested in my bnha content, I’m at @no1herohawks and still very hype to talk to people about the things I love. Like I’m. Big hype to do my 3 or so viktuuri projects I have lined up + iwgdwts I think I’m just. Tired of the same couple of characters. Like. Please if you’re part of one of my projects I mentioned let me reiterate I’m still BIG HYPE to do all of them I just. Hhh don’t know if I’m gonna be doing as many random viktuuri oneshots and stuff. At least for a bit. Until I have a second for my rewatch.

hhhhhh young seam

real talk tho lostbelt4 has some hella fresh and creative designs

anyway i’m just remembering how so so so nervous i used to be about posting gay things for the first couple/few-ish years of being on here like it BAFFLES me because aLL OF MY POSTS NOW ARE GAY AJXJRNDJSJS but like??? a huge part of the diffusion of the rIDICULOUS anxiety i had of posting gay things on here has been??? how outspoken taylor’s been????? and that makes me so happy??????? she’s made me feel actually fully welcome and valid?? and not to be cheesy,,, but completely willing and able to be myself????? i’m so thankful for that and i feel like a lot of people outside of the lgbtq+ community may not get to fully understand the extent to which, even things that are seemingly small, have an impact on us ugh i’m feeling emo tonight legends

ugg i just wish i could find the motivation rn but :(((

we going ✈️ jessica jones s3

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1. sadness is rebellion - lebanon hanover

2. washed out - counterfeit

3. freak - lana del rey

4. if only tonight we could sleep - the cure

5. noise addiction - pure hell

6. bitch - allie x

7. get out - frightened rabbit

8. flamboyant - dorian electra

9. teenage whore - hole

10. irresponsible hate anthem - marilyn manson

(ten is nowhere near enough for me so just imagine bowie and fleetwood mac’s entire discographies here too)

i’ll tag @bivexuals @purecamp @lesbianpearliaison @pianowired @mistressaq @chachkisalpaca and @imposterzoe bc i don’t know that many people lmao

@mirrorcharmed continued from HERE.

            The fairy wasn’t sure, it could be she was biased. For any life not in hiding seems fullfilled, but perhaps it was not that easy.  What it is you want? curiosity peeked, her wings barely made a movement as the fairy sat down on the grass. Hoping the other would join her, she had found Ivy by accident ( is what the fairy assumes ), she was not used to having company. Let be speak with them. But, she’s wanted that for so long. She saw no harm in trying, nor in one conversation. What it is like over there?



basically how that scene went

steter week 2019, aka the week I write all the fics I’ve talked about in the tags for the last year

praying that at least one of my students doesnt come today because honestly ive had it up to here with them