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The one thing I admire & am in awe of,about .How diverse she is acting wise. From Friends to Rock Star to any of her Rom-Com’s, you can hardly tell it’s the same actress or character’s. Meryl Streep has nothing on her ! She’s just a generational talent ! ❤️JA

I am in awe of this bag! 😍 thankyou so much for my beauty backpack filled with amazing goodies!

# HE is the Great I AM... I am because HE is!!! I'm in awe of HIS "otherness". 'mSufficientInHisSufficiency

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pictures do not do my custom pop justice

Mystery Solved

So for the last few days many of you have been following the ongoing saga of just who is Daddy Anon and now we’ve solved it!

I give full credit to Tara because she guessed the identity and I dismissed it like “nah, it couldn’t be!”  WHY was I so sure it couldn’t be?  Because this lovely person and I are friends and we’d been talking about Daddy anon and their identity and she so thoroughly threw me off track I had NO idea it was her!

I am in shock and absolute awe of their fabulous Daddy-self and I can now let you know that Daddy Anon is none other than the amazing and talented @breathofmine!

*bows down to Daddy*

You had us all enthralled, entertained, and hell, turned on for days.  You are a damn master of deception and Daddy-dom!

slight burn the stage spoilers

Burn the Stage, simply put, was amazing. an experience. one that I never thought we would have, to see our boys on the BIG screen. to really see their passion and hard work up close and personal. the narration was so beautiful and really made you feel what they feel. one of the best things about it was the score. it had orchestral versions of bts songs and it sounded and looked so beautiful paired with scenes of their concerts and dances and preparations. i also loved that they didnt blur out the faces of the staff. it was so amazing to see all the people who work behind the scenes with them and to get a little glimpse of the strong relationships they have with all of them. there is so much more but im not gonna spoil anything else. if you can, seriously go. see. it.

okay, i don’t care if you prefer lotr to the hobbit we all have to agree that martin freeman’s acting in thorin’s death scene is absolutely flawless. any other actor could have just sobbed hysterically, but the crack in his voice and the way he steels himself to stay strong for his friend. i am speechless wow. the little clearing of his throat even now and then and the defeated sigh.