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When queen celebrate am in always in awe of the right words to use

The one thing I admire & am in awe of,about .How diverse she is acting wise. From Friends to Rock Star to any of her Rom-Com’s, you can hardly tell it’s the same actress or character’s. Meryl Streep has nothing on her ! She’s just a generational talent ! ❤️JA

I am in awe of this bag! 😍 thankyou so much for my beauty backpack filled with amazing goodies!

am still in Total Awe from d conduct of Goodluck Jonathan...He has redeemed d Image of Nigeria all over d world.."

# HE is the Great I AM... I am because HE is!!! I'm in awe of HIS "otherness". 'mSufficientInHisSufficiency

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Day 3: Aliea Arc | Angst

pls click for better resolution

Yep I’m awful to my children, I drew them yesterday and I am 1000 years late to this event but hey, better late than never (?)

Didn’t draw Ryuuji’s mouth to symbolize he had to keep quiet and could not stand up against their Father.

I imagine it was very tough for everyone to see how slowly all your dear loved ones became someone else, someone awful.

She’s the type of girl people write songs about, that I’d listen to on repeat

She’s the type of girl that art is inspired by, and id spend all the money I have on

She’s the type of girl authors spend hours writing about, that I’d spend all my days reading

She’s the type of girl that’s too good for me, but I find myself desperately wanting her anyway

Can anyone explain to me why I signed up to write a fic for a fandom I’m not really a part of, set in an era I’ve only hazy knowledge of, featuring an issue I’m not educated enough about to do justice to? Anyone??

SO a family is picking up their puppy today, and the brother of one of them came along to meet the dog. and i shit you not, his car has a bumper sticker that says “I EAT ASS

bold pink letters and everything

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if i made a gb discord server do u think anyone would join? or is there already one? i'm new to the fanbase lmao idk how to Make Friends

hoo boy. i’m gonna be honest, @thebunnywhoneverlikedcarrots just explained what discord is to me on wednesday and i’m still not confident in what it is or how it works. at this point, i should probably check it out since it seems all the cool kids are doing it

as for Making Friends. again, honestly, it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out how to do that. as in i just figured this shit out back in december. and i’m still struggling.

pretty much what happened was i wanted to talk about stuff i liked and no one in person wanted to hear my bullshit so i just started… dumping it into the void that is tumblr. and because the most active Ghostbusters community here was in the form of rp blogs, i couldn’t reblog their beautiful content and paste it all over my virtual walls. so i made my own; in the form of mood boards, shit posts, character analyses, fics/drabbles, and some really shitty illustrations. turns out, for some crazy reason, they liked that stuff? 

i think what i’m trying to say is you can’t just pop into someone’s dm’s and say “let’s talk about Ghostbusters!” it doesn’t go very well, it’s too broad. jump into the discussions, add your two cents, maybe you caught something in the movies/comics/cartoons that someone hasn’t mentioned yet or you think is interesting and post about it

idk, man, maybe this is bad advice. i can’t explain how it worked. i may very well have a social cognitive deficit. if anyone has better advice please, for the love of the gods, add to this

i hate overhaul but i will say the overhaul arc IS interesting AND does give new light to villains, yeah overhaul sucks but i wont lie and say his arc isnt interesting

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Hi Leah! What did you think of Pix when you first met? When did you start to realize you wanted to date Pix?

when we first met… I first met her while she was fishing, and she was having a tough time with it. I didn’t want to talk with her, but the moment she saw me, her eyes lit up.

Something about finally meeting me and i was the last on her introductions list. I thought she was just going to be like another farmer, and just leave me alone after that. Not worth my time. Someone who just worried about their crops and profits and whatnot.

…. when i first realized i wanted to date her, it was- it was for pure attraction reasons. And maybe after she realized i liked to scuplt. When i walked up to her doorstep with that sculpture, I was nervous she would realize my ‘feelings’ that were represented there were more than just… friendly.

she didn’t, by the way.

But then we hung out more, and, well, it turned from attraction reasons to pure, legit reasons! But that’s my answer to those questions!

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