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Twin Day at PHS ❤️my students

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That way i'd let him i'll take out the craziest is like to death with it. 🎉

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지난 아웃트로를 위해 그리던 건데 의도치 않게 광솔콘 기념 부적으로ㅋㅋㅋ 모두 화이팅하세요~~~!!!!! 포도광의 가호가 있기를ㅋㅋㅋ(뭐래니^^)

Las alumnas de llevaremos a cabo un para trabajar la el próximo Martes 26 de Febrero en el .E.SAlhadra Ponte en contacto con nosotras a través del teléfono: 607683203, o a través de un MD. #

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Here you go...Let's start a fund to help rid the world of has-been actors who create vicious hoaxes in an attempt to smear those he disagrees with, while ignorant loons write diatribes that later make them look like jackasses. Whatyathink? 'mIgnorantButICan'tHelpIt

एक आह भरी होगी हमने ना सुनी होगी।। जाते-जाते तुमने आवाज़ तो दी होगी।। हर वक़्त यही है गम उस वक़्त कहाँ थे हम।। 🇮🇳🇮🇳🙏🙏

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in the absolute worst mood today can’t shake off the weird horrible feeling

regarding that last (edit: next) post i have the word supernatural blacklisted and every single time ive clicked show anyway it’s about the show exactly 0 times has it referred to a supernatural being not in the context of that abhorrent television program

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Hi could I get a love reading. I wanted to know if RD has feelings for me? I've been crushing so hard on them and we've been talking for a few months. I feel that hes my soulmate. Thank you so much in advance-Y

Hello, Y darling! Thanks for the interest and for being patient!✨

The cards that came up were 4 of Cups and the 8 of Pentacles, reversed. Bottom of the deck was King of Swords.

It looks as though he isn’t really ready to commit to anything with you, Y. It seems that he hasn’t really opened up to you or the connection emotionally, and it’s probably because he’s focusing more of himself right now. As the King of Swords, he’s looking at the connection with a head-over-heart perspective. I’m not too sure why exactly, but I keep getting the thought that he’s seeing this probable relationship as something that isn’t really practical for him at the moment. Maybe he has too much on his plate at the moment (work, or finances) or maybe he’s really just looking to improve himself for now.

I’m sorry if this isn’t really the positive reading you were hoping for. I don’t mean to offend you in anyway, but I try to be as honest as possible about what comes up in the reading.

I wish you the best of luck! (If you’d also like for me to look into this more, feel free to send me another Ask!)


Thank you for letting me read and practice with you!! Please remember to take this reading with a grain of salt, maybe send me some feedback, but I hope that this reading helps in any little way it can! 😊 sending you all the good, warm vibes and extra internet hugs ✨

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Hey Ray I feel like you whould like Dragon age. have you played it? If not you should I feel as though you whould enjoy it

I play inquisition and 2…I died for every character in those games

“I love you more than anything.”

“More than Godzilla?”

“More than Godzilla. I love you more than Radiohead.”


i JUST don’t understand why you wouldn’t just wear headphones in a shared space. there’s NO reason you have to play shit out loud while im also in here trying to work. like what do you lose by putting in headphones. you’ll be able to hear the thing better anyway and put it any volume you want. and you won’t be bothering the fuck out of me. 

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Hello! Can I request a ship with BTS? I'm about average height with longish light brown hair and hazel eyes. I'm extremely sarcastic and can be super moody but if you ask anyone I'm close to they'll tell you I'm super soft. I love writing/listening to music and writing my own rap songs. I'm not extremely confident in myself, but I'm working on it and I always am there to help when anyone else needs it. I used to/still kind of struggle with depression. Thank you so much!!!❤❤

If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here. Depression is a rocky road sometimes and I battle with it too. Much love to you babe. 💖 I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: extreme fluff

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All of it felt like a dream.

Just yesterday you were sitting on your couch eating ramen, staring at the plane tickets. Yoongi hadn’t said much to you that week due to the tour and you were missing him more than usual. You started to feel like you were forgetting him in a way. You forgot his smell, his laugh, his touch. His voice was only heard through your phone and you knew it was different. You missed the sound of his laugh ringing through your apartment. You stared down at the note before you.

Meet me at the airport in Venice tomorrow. I’ll see you soon. - Yoongi.”

The sun hit Yoongi and made all his features glow. The waves crashed against the boat and mixed perfectly with the soft music playing in the background. Yoongi was lost in the setting sun and birds flying low but you were lost in him. His voice sounded like heaven on earth and your suspicions were right, it did sound different over the phone. 

He sighed in contentment looking across the boat over to you. 

“What?” He smiled. 

“Thank you.” You smiled back, standing to walk over to him. He placed a longing kiss on your forehead. 

“Anything for you.”