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If you don’t hookah, just remember there’s always hummus. ❤

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¿Qué es el hummus?, ¿cómo se prepara?, ¿es vegano? 🤔 Os lo contamos todo en el siguiente enlace ⬇️

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How cute is this happy pink Beetroot Hummus?! It's like a pop of sunshine for your bread (or veggies or anything)! It's a healthy and beautiful makeover for boring tan hummus;)⁣

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Blessed beets.

8 Reasons Why You Should Eat Hummus


Good afternoon everyone!

Today I bought some sundried tomato hummus and I have to say, it’s probably one of my favorite spreads from now on!

Not only because it is really yummy (duh), but also because it has a LOT of healthy benefits!

  1. It’s super nutritious and packed with plant-based protein
  2. It is rich in ingredients proven to help fight inflammation
  3. Hummus is high in fiber that promotes digestive health and feeds your good gut bacteria
  4. It has a low glycemix index, so it may help control blood sugar levels
  5. It contains heart-healthy ingredients that may reduce heart disease risk
  6. Hummus promotes weight loss and helps you maintain a healthy body weight
  7. It’s great for those with intolerances, as it’s naturally gluten-, nut- and dairy free
  8. It’s incredibly easy to add to your diet

So the bottom line is, hummus and its ingredients have a variety of impressive health benefits, inluding helping fight inflammation, improving blood sugar control, better digestive health, lower heart disease risk and weight loss.

Moreover, hummus is naturally free of common food allergens and irritants, such as gluten, nuts and dairy, which means it can be enjoyed by most people.

All in all, hummus is a super simple, healthy and delicious addition to your diet!



-Bote de garbanzos cocidos

-1 diente de ajo

-1 cucharadita de sésamo tostado

-1 cucharadita de comido en polvo

-Zumo de medio limón

-1 cucharadas soperas de aceite de oliva virgen extra

-1 cucharadas soperas de sal


-Pimentón dulce


Poner los ingredientes menos el agua y el pimentón en el vaso de la batidora y triturar. Añadir agua hasta conseguir la textura que queramos. Cuando esté hecho, emplatar y poner pimentón por encima.


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Been away for a while now, but at least I’ve been busy in the kitchen. Over the past week I’ve made:

- Roasted Bell Pepper Hummus

- Asian Style Peanut Pasta

- Homemade non-bake Oat treats

- Sweet Mixed Herb Lamb Chops

- Creamy Red Pepper Hummus Rigatoni

I really enjoyed making these and I’m going to keep on trying new recipes and sharing with y’all. I really love food, cooking makes me happy, I love thinking about food, haha who doesn’t sha. I want to try a pesto hummus soon, I’ll keep y’all updated.