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Fucking hilarious! What an awesome night. You rocked!

Encuentro en entre los GBC's de la región y Mahesh Ramanujam, compartiendo e intercambiando iniciativas, ideas y avances de la construcción sostenible en América Latina.

The debate on the history and evolution of reasoning has been usually interlaced with specific views of .

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What an iconic image. Makes me start to imagine how a human in 100 years will look like, in a similar iconic image. Nature will make us pay the price for treating every other species and the planet like a trashcan. Will nature trash us as well?

The debate on the history and evolution of reasoning has been usually interlaced with specific views of .

abt 🏞 always gives us new is discovering all the different ways that nature benefits our well-being🔭 There's always more to learn about landforms & cool places which teaches us about living in harmony 🌎 Relationship

Introducing Juliette Strange, joining us from the heart and home of conservation- dreary old England!!

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Whenever I see behavior that seems insane or otherwise is disturbing I ask if it's or . This may or may not be 's nature but not fighting him is definitely the choice of and .

Absolute must read for everyone. Why people do what they do, how to decode their behavior including your own. Love it. 📚

& ? Get the scoop What Did Jesus Look Like? Anti-Semitism Worldwide Jim & Sue Waddington In the Footsteps of the Group of 7 Magdalena: A Story of Colombia &

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A quarter after one thought...the heart is capable of feeling different forms of love, but it's the soul that gives loyalty to the one it chooses to love. (A thread...or maybe not)

We should realize that our diversity is one of our biggest strengths and greatest gifts. • • • •

It's Monday! Best day! Where's your gusto? Your spirit, enthusiasm 2 achieve something big this week? Not the case? Then is controlling YOU, you are not controlling it. Monday 2 a bizman is Thursday 2 a golfpro! WAKE UP, figure it out!

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Spirituality and religious as words fall short when human beings actually experience reality.
—  Anandmantra

Hope your day is going well! Here’s a little something my friend @lyo_hollf and I put together for you. A little #michaeljackson #humannature on #ukulele and #cajon

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The problem with the idea of ‘learning from one’s mistakes’ is that most of
what people call mistakes aren’t mistakes.
—  Nassim Taleb
Are humanoid robots that look and act identically to human beings possible currently?

This was a question posted recently on I proposed an answer that I hope is worth sharing:

No, and at the risk of being pedantic, nothing can look and act identical to a human being other than a human being.

Perhaps the question you ought to ask is: Are humanoid robots that are indistinguishable from to human beings possible currently?

The answer is still no but the potential for this to become possible is surprisingly high - and sooner than many people think.Human beings are very good at detecting differences in appearances, particularly in faces, but we’re quite poor at detecting differences in behaviour - perhaps this is partly because our own behaviour is so inconsistent.

Developments with 3D printing, enhancements in speech generation, motion generation, environmental awareness, and more, are all advancing at an increasingly accelerated rate.

The Turing test was beaten years ago, albeit by presenting a person who did not speak English very well.We will have humanoid autonomous AI robots in our environment, probably within 15 years. In another 10 years they may be indistinguishable from human beings. In fact, it is likely we will use markings to ensure they are differentiable.

Compared with humans, they are likely to be stronger, faster, tireless, faster-thinking, with better vision and hearing, with additional senses (seeing infra-red and Ultra-Violet, detecting sounds outside human hearing, able to precisely analyse molecules, aware of your heartbeat), interconnected, far more skilled (with skills modelled on multiple human masters of their craft), less influenced by human non-conscious bias, and have access to almost all human knowledge instantly.

These robots are likely to have an emotional range that is a) completely indistinguishable from human feelings that is b) based on a profound level of awareness of our non-verbal signals, subvocal stresses, biofeedback, unconscious but indicative word selection, previous behaviour, physical condition and health, and environmental influences (like background noise, smells, etc).

They will be more aware of our state than we will be ourselves, and able to choose their behaviour to achieve the exact understanding and outcome they have selected.


We do not know what free will is, and all of the features described above are likely to be based on a simulation of free will. In reality, it is likely to be procedurally generated emergent behaviours that seem to be free choice. They’ll be serving priories we give them.

These robots are likely to appear to be superior to humans in every way, and there is likely to be significant conflict from humans who feel threatened by that superiority. The difference, as Asimov pointed out, is that robots have an Off switch.

As the universe tends towards information, not chaos, and as these robots are likely to contain and act upon so much information, some people are already suggesting they may constitute the next order of being - almost homo sapiens-sapiens. Instead, we are likely to enhance our biology, incorporating many of the benefits of our technology in much the way that we incorporate a pair of glasses into our lives already today.

We are likely to develop what is effectively telepathy and access to all knowledge, and to share a connection with the future robots that is functional and healthy (for us, emotionally). We are also likely to be able to live indefinitely, ‘clean’ our DNA to remove diseases like Asthma, Downs Syndrome, and pre-dispositions to conditions like Diabetes or short-sightedness, and we’re likely to achieve interstellar travel (all within the next 50 years).

I hope that last paragraph is terrifying because if there is anything the last 200 years have shown us, it’s that human beings are incapable of managing power.

Before we develop human-like robots (that will be, effectively - and uncomfortably - benign slavery, in exactly the way that you use your toaster as a slave), before we overcome our physical limitations and enhance our human power, it is perhaps more critical than ever that we develop and improve our supranatural (beyond biological nature, from the beginning) abilities (not supernatural).

We must focus on kindness, compassion, a holistic view of ourselves, our culture, and our world. We must embrace nobility as a way of being that is more apt, and therefore superior to selfishness - not because it is better for others but rather because the alternative is a dark, dark future, where the technologies I have described are used for damaging, controlling, violent goals.

The fulfilment of human potential is in the service of others. This outlook allows us to develop ourselves, our technologies, and our world in ways that follow the natural flow of Nature. Nature took millions of years to develop this approach and we are only now beginning to embrace the understanding that it works.

Nature uses sympathetic systems that operate in a balanced state. Our bodies, the environment, even natural selection itself are all examples of complex interacting systems that create a perceivable whole - seemingly single ‘thing’.

Our future robots will operate this way but we will not. Self-driving cars will operate in communication with each other, and the series of sensors providing feedback on the state of the road network. Manufacturing, energy generation, and food production will all operate as part of a cohesive feedback-and-response network. It’s very similar to modular nodal programming - but physical.

If we can, as a collective, embrace that we ARE a collective, if we can celebrate that we are part of the only life found so far in the universe (how precious!), if we can see ourselves as one life in many forms and seek to help with the overarching movement from chaos or order - and to help one another - then we may be ready for robots that are superior to us in almost every way.

Without this outlook, we may have as little as 15 years left on the planet.


#madonna #madamex #madamextour #humannature #amazing #queenofpop #superstar #legend #iconic (en Santa Fe, Argentina)

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Human Nature Practice Michael Jackson Cover Decided to learn this today #mjcover #coversong #coversongs #michaeljackson #humannature (at Manhattan, New York)

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●Human Nature / Michael Jackson
midnight wisper version in my room.
●2019.5.26 (SUN)
@富山 酒場イート
【久樂 陸の都市伝説トーク & Piano de Live】
■1st STAGE
17:00:DJ TIME
18:00:Logeq LIVE
■2nd STAGE
19:00:Piano de Live
▼Support Piano
:Ai Ikehata
●OPEN:16:30 / START:17:00
●ALL STAGE:¥4,000
#アカペラ #深夜のアカペラ #midnight #midnightacapella #acapella #acapellacover #onedayoneacappella #1日1アカペラ #humannature #ヒューマンネイチャー #マイケルジャクソン #michaeljackson #俺の部屋

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Thoughts on Instagram

I heard that Instagram was gonna start hiding the number of likes you get so only you can see them. They say they want to do this so people will stop being obsessed with how many likes they can get. I mean… I get it. They say that many people get super self conscious and suicidal from not getting too many likes. Personally I have not noticed that in my life but yeah it happens. But it makes me think about when I was growing up they always said magazines and tv made teens self conscious and suicidal because they we do not look like them. And I’m sure in EVERY generation there is something that we compare ourselves to as kids and even as adults, that do make us feel bad. There’s always gonna be something. I think it’s human nature to compare yourself to others. To see others and think wow, that person is perfect!! I wish I had her skin or her hair or her body. Even if you take away social media you’re still gonna compare yourself to classmates, tv and movie stars, our own siblings.

We don’t start out knowing how to deal with these feelings. I think the power in these situations is learning how to think through it objectively. I know, easier said than done. It’s a life long process I believe. I don’t think anybody is as confident as they act. I mean there absolutely are confident people and I am pretty confident most the time. But you don’t see a lot of elderly people worrying about looking perfect. They’re over it. As you get older I hope that everyone can chill.

I’m not saying oh let yourself go or be unhealthy or whatever. But you have to accept yourself as you are in the moment. Yes we always have to be improving ourselves but that doesn’t mean the person you are right now does not deserve to enjoy your life and have solid relationships. We all deserve this irregardless.

I’m an older millennial… so maybe I’m too old to feel much pressure on getting likes. I mean I love getting my pictures appreciated but I don’t need empty appreciation. It matters much MUCH more to me WHO is liking and commenting on my pictures. WHO it is that’s watching my story. And I hate how they changed the stories to where you can only see the first 24 hours of views. Like if you post a story on your profile they used to keep all the likes and add new ones. I loved that because I could see who has been creeping. Well who WANTS me to see them creeping.

On one hand if only we can see our own likes then maybe a lot more would go down in private. Maybe somebody wouldn’t want to have a like be public on your page but if it was private, they would. I mean there’s always screen shots, but still. Maybe somebody who was contemplating hitting you up but didn’t know if you’d be receptive to a DM.

I think for me I would prefer them to keep it like it is. But if it helps others not be suicidal or whatever, then that’s a good thing. But personally as someone who’s been suicidal and depressed for a long time, i feel like you take a “trigger” away and another one will inevitably happen. Because the trigger is not really the root, it’s a symptom of something else.


The truth is…there’s no such thing as unconditional love - everybody wants something in return for the ‘love’ they give…if for any reason you’re no longer able to provide that which they want, the ‘love’ suddenly becomes hate. Where’s the LOVE then?


You can’t go wrong with the #KingofPop @michaeljackson after your shift #HumanNature (at Phoenix, Arizona)

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❌❤️❌ RepostBy @lucatommassiniofficial
“Ancora una volta… l’ennesimo debutto… The queen is back ❤️🙏🏻💪🔥✨ stasera su @mtvitalia

Mercoledì 24/04 alle 22.00. Première mondiale di Medellín. Noi siamo pronti. #MADONNAxMTV @madonna #madonna #tommassinivirtualfamily #humannature”

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Human Heart Nature Day & Night Moisturizer

Human Nature Day Moisturizer and Human Nature Night Moisturizer

50 ml / 174.50 pesos each bottle

Okay, so how do I start a review like a pro? Haha. Kidding. Well, this isn’t going to be a review just yet since I have only been using these moisturizers for 2 days now. I’ll get back to you on these babies after two weeks, maybe? :)

So the story is that one day, I noticed that my best friend’s face got really nicer and clearer so ako naman itong gusto din gumanda, I asked her what product she’s been using for her face. She said she’s using  CÉLETEQUE DermoScience Hydration Facial Wash. I bought a bottle and tried it right away. It was okay, I did not have any breakout. Well, I had a pimple on my forehead the next morning but that’s just it and it disappeared the same day. It’s nice and I still use it (it’s been 2 weeks I guess) however I noticed that my face gets even drier than it usually is, mostly on the nose and mouth area to the point that I cannot open my mouth wide enough to laugh so hard (hehe) and there’s an obvious flaking on my nose. 

So what I did, I went to Google and searched for the best moisturizers in the Philippines and Human Nature Day & Night Moisturizer appeared and I’ve also read a blog wherein the girl says that these are her HOLY GRAIL. So convinced enough, and also because I’ve been a fan of Human Nature for years now, (but i only use their shampoo, hand sanitizer and hand and foot salve), I bought ‘em the next day and tried it right away. 


  • Day Moisturizer is light and with long lasting 15 vitamins and minerals
  • Night Moisturizer has rich moisturization jojoba and plant collagen

The bottle looks like this. You only need one to two pumps of the product for your face. So I could pretty much say that it will last long since the bottle is quite big. 


  • It’s lightweight
  • It smells really fresh
  • It gets absorbed by the skin really well (would probably go well with makeup, it’s just that I do not wear makeup)
  • No breakout
  • I wake up in the morning looking fresh hehe
  • The flaking on my nose is slowly disappearing

That’s all I can say for now. But I have a strong feeling that I will be using these babies for a long time since they’re 100% no harmful chemicals and really something you can use for a long run and not worry about anything even the price because they’re affordable. Hihi <3