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When you are an atheist person almost but the family gods how you gonna look at this quote!! Ummmm 🤣

"If you're not using Instagram as a marketing tool, you are missing out on a lot of money!"

"Let your followers see behind the scenes of your business, introduce your employees, run giveaways and contests as well as showcasing your products."

New cities, new museum experiences. Wonderful presentation of “The Big Bang” from retiree (TY for answering my Q’s about galaxy collision! 🌌 reminder: this is a model not theory, and a history not creation story). My 2yo nephew was excited lol 🦖🥚💎🧭

Human Nature. (Self portrait) Pen. Getting back to doing what I love the most. (Inspired by my recent trip to Sequoia, Yosemite, Tahoe, and Mammoth.)

The truth is that from birth on we are, to one extent or another, a fairly sensual species.

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= harmful Traditionalism = grounded Masculinity = natural Pseudo- cannot square that circle (see ) ☝

ある程度視界揺れる程度に酒のキメてこの曲聴くの、 本当に気持ちいいのでオススメです

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express yourself don’t repress yourself

Human nature, Madonna

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Sim Love ❇️

Do you ever wonder how societal norms restrain us as human beings? Look at history and how things have changed over the course of time. Look at how we view certain ways of the past and laugh, cringe, or shriek. Let’s focus on something light as an example - courtship. As I listened to the classical station while on my commute into work, I pictured a dance in the Victorian Era. Girls adorned in lavish dresses, with enough fabric to drown in, giggling as they finished a dance with a gentleman. How a kiss on a gloved hand would have left a lady blushing.

Then there’s today - finding a d*ck pic in your DM is just another eye-rolling Tuesday morning. So I wondered, how would humans naturally pair if just dropped into nature? For reference: I’m picturing sims being placed in that open green area. All different types of people, but there are no cars, houses, jewelry, phones, or fancy clothes. What would bring two people together? Is it as simple as location and convenience? What would make one man or woman stand out to someone over the next? I’m not necessarily talking about beauty, or at least not in the generic sense. I mean, if there are 15 gorgeous girls in a convenient location near a man seeking - when chosen, what about her pulled him in? Is it biology? Pheromones? Did she make him laugh? Was he intrigued by the way she hunted for her next meal? I’m so curious.

Looking back throughout history, or even just in different cultures. There are social norms that have been created. That’s human nature then, I guess? To create structure? To create a system of right and wrongs? Of how to be? I’m just spitballing here, no knowledge. I’m sure there are studies that have gone over this, but I am not trying to get intellectual. I’m just curious and maybe it’s because of my own quest for love, so to speak. Jeez, I cringed as I typed that. But in all fairness it is something I’d like. I’ve had my share of failed relationships, and I would like to find my match.

So it got me thinking. Maybe it has nothing to do with what we think it does. Who cares what you look like, what you do for a living, where you live. Strip yourself down to that sim in a green field. What do you have left? What can you offer? That’s what will really sync you up with someone. You have to see your mate the same way, though. So how do I find that person? The one I can happily share a plain, pixelated, patch with for all of eternity?


I hope I find him before the world ends.
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NOBODY HATES WATERFALLS | Nobody hates waterfalls. Or sunsets. Or turquoise shores. Nobody finds nature repulsive. I think that’s safe to say. And it feels intuitive. But if you think about it, it’s anything but. It’s not like we can’t perceive ugliness. We can see it in the manmade. Or even in each other. That’s why we have a word for it. And yet, to see beauty in landscapes is universal and inherent in human beings, albeit superfluous for our survival. Evolutionary psychology falls short of explaining this phenomenon; human marvel goes far beyond the Savannah landscapes that sheltered our ancestors. What’s more, other animals appear indifferent enough to nature’s face and yet here they are, doing just fine. You never catch a dog hiking up a mountain for the view, but they seem happy and surviving enough. So why, when and how did nature code this sense for aesthetics into our DNA?


This is MY United States of America

God Bless America.


“We talk to ourselves more than we speak to others” •

Let’s make it 💯➕! •

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This is why I believe in a better world. This is why I believe in people. This is why I’m becoming a coach. He goes on: “With humans, it depends on whether or not there’s something really worth fighting over - whether we live in a situation of abundance or not, whether we live in societies that are based upon sharing or societies that are based upon hoarding. All of these contextual issues really determine how we behave. Cleary we’ve got capacity for incredible brutality and we’ve got the capacity for incredible generosity. So we can go in any different direction depending on the situation. Having said that, I’d just like to note that nobody suffers from post traumatic stress disorder for having been generous. So there is some natural inclination towards sharing and kindness and generosity, and when we go against that, we suffer.”

William James Quotes: கவலையை அடியோடு விட்டு ஒழியுங்கள்

முடிவெடுத்து ஒரு வேலையைத் தொடங்கிய பிறகு, அதன் விளைவு என்னவாக இருக்கும் என்கிற கவலையை அடியோடு விட்டு ஒழியுங்கள்.


This is one of my all time favorite Michael Jackson songs. I love all of his songs and they are all my favorites. I love the way he sings Human Nature in this video. The This Is It tour would’ve been amaizng and extraordinary and this clip is just one of the many ones to prove it.

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Human Nature

Maybe I was a rabbit in a past life.
Or life.. a squirrel, or a sparrow because
sometimes it just feels so fucking messed up
that I’m walking up carpeted steps into my furnished bedroom
to take off clothes I have to wear
to exist beyond these waves.
And day in and day out I’m surrounded by people like me
that have jobs and drive cars
and make meals in clean kitchens
with food that they bought from a grocery store.
I’m not sure what I’m doing here
One foot in the door, one foot out in the alpine forests
springing up rocky cliffs and breathing in mountain air.
I guess I’m just a human this time around
But is this what a human has to be?


Last stop on #Europe tour in #Munich #Germany where #michaeljackson spent a lot of time at has a shrine/memorial check it out! #humannature #mj #kingofpop #music

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Lonely Faces

The elderly woman by the door is senile

She chats about tomato juice as her latest victim rolls his eyes

Come sit with me, I’d love to hear your stories

The stylish girl with coloured hair is overweight

She tries to squeeze between tables, apologetically her gaze meets mine

Does she know I was looking at her soul not her thighs?

The young barista takes my order, stuttering

He’s trying to be cool as if there is any other way that he could be

Please breathe easy, I love it so much when you smile

I see lonely faces everywhere I go

I ache for





Underneath your masks

You possess inexplicable beauty

Do not let yourself forget.

Underneath your masks

You are greater than infinity

Do not let yourself forget.

I am having trouble being human today

For I know I am the mother and the child

I am the earth and I am the skies

I am you and you are me

But it seems we have let ourselves forget.


*Michael Jackson | Halloween 2018 Celebration


#humannature ‘s #synthbass line is 🔥! Simple yet powerful❤️ This song is the perfect example of when you get #toto & #mj together🤘#basscover #thriller #michaeljackson #quincyjones #steveporcaro #stevelukather #jeffporcaro #davidpaich #johnbettis #epicrecords #cbsrecords #bass #bassplayer #bassist #bassguitar #bassplayersunited #warwickcustomshop #corvettedoublebuck #verdebrillante #daddariostrings #daddarioaustralia @bass.clips @michaeljackson @totofanpage99 @steveporcaromusic @framuswarwickofficial @warwickbasses (at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

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