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I befriended a women who just moved to our (Canadian) neighborhood from Beijing. We see each other every morning at the bus stop where we drop off our kids. She knows I am home with a baby all day and she started packing a lunch for me.

Another doodle of the day! Did you know Casandra has a hard time to read, and uses reading glasses? Well, have at you! 😘

ブログ記事紹介:「吸収力」と「応用力」が乏しい人がとても多い現実に気がついた skill

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Far Shiverpeaks - Bjora Marches - Jora’s Keep
Vigil Relief Crew #2: We’re in good hands now that Jhavi’s back—
Vigil Relief Crew #1: —Without General Soulkeeper.
Vigil Relief Crew #2: Jhavi’s here now, and she’s ready to lead. We need to act.
Vigil Relief Crew #1: Almorra’s still out there.

Story Time #6

You see, I’m a compulsive World of Warcraft player. I’ve got tons of characters and most of them have backgrounds, stories and I intend to do comics with their lives one day. And something that all WoW players love is when your friends play with you. I managed to convince a friend to play with me and we were leveling our characters (his main and one of my alts), when we ended up in Gnomeregan - one of the most annoying dungeons of the game - and we met Varon, a human warrior that kept playing with us for a long time and turns out that we became friends. Then, one day, I was with Zakos (the worgen) and Varon, doing a few runs on Stratholme - Service Entrance for them to gear up and also to farm Rivendare’s Deathcharger (a skeleton horse) with my Demon Hunter, when we decided to have some extra fun. We took all off our clothes and started to travel through the dungeon casually, takings some pictures and do some role play, like it was no one’s business.

Outside the dungeon, there were a blood elf and a Huojin pandaren, Horde players, and they were somehow intrigued by three Alliance players walking out of a dungeon naked and talking to each other, so they followed us to the entrance of the dungeon, where we put on a fire pit and started to throw some casual conversation, just for fun and shit. The blood elf girl disappeared, but the pandaren took off his clothes and stood with us for a while. Then, a night elf appeared, saying that she was the blood elf girl and she was so curious about what were we doing that she had to log with her Alliance character, so she could come and ask what was going on. We just said that we were having fun and she told us that the pandaren was Tad, a Twitch Streamer, and he was streaming all of this. After Ash, the Night Elf, appeared, Tad left the fire pit, and I checked his stream on Twitch. He was doing a trip to Silvermoon to bring a new friend for our party, Bam, another blood elf. Meanwhile, two taurens appeared and joined us. We showed off our toys, mounts and pets, and in the end I told Ash that was going to do a fanart in tribute to this day. It took me forever, but it was really fun.


(Gnomeregan Camp Party - December 31st, 2018)

Male Night Elf: It’s ME!
Female Night Elf: Ashterial
Male Tauren: Dragonfan96 (if I’m not mistaken)
Female Tauren: Pyromaniac22
Human Warrior: Varon (or Mikey)
Male Pandaren: Tad (Zombchicken)
Male Blood Elf: BamCobalt
Male Worgen: Zakos

Some days I forget that I’m a real person.


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Yeah December has been quite the expensive month again and Im also running low on gold in Gw2 (Legendaries haha…) But I thought it was fun to have a small christmas promotion.

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