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Every thing they want to take? Let them be fake, that always breaks. Then there is their necks like snakes, they move while losing anything they stood for grinding the floor. Even "being" is much more, we explore the universe. Without subverting each other, umm give more.

Criminal record for Neil Scott. All allegations stopped my career without one single conviction in 25 arrests. .

We haven't had one of these in a while. It's another weird holiday, Random Act of Kindness Day! That's a premise we can all support. Share with us your good deed of the day!

@maribella_socriecam asks "I’m a starting my master in . Do you have recommendations about what's coming?" The future is all about: Communities, & branding . Anyone else have a question? Ask me in a post. .

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Mister Negative

Martin Li

Powers: Can generate and control the Darkforce and Lightforce and use it for object empowerment, person empowerment and a corrupting touch.

A member of the Snakeheads gang in China, he was smuggling Chinese immigrants into the USA when the ship nearly crashed and he stole the identity of one of the dead Fujian slaves, Martin Li. Upon discovering the rest of the Snakehead gang dead he was captured by the Maggia crime family and along with Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen was experimented upon with the D-Lite drug. The three later escaped and developed powers related to Darkforce and Lightforce. The drug also gave Li two distinct personalities of the kind-hearted Martin Li and the villainous Mister Negative.

Martin Li was a seemingly good willed philanthropist who ran a volunteer soup kitchen called F.E.A.S.T. whilst Mister Negative was a Chinatown crime boss. Mister Negative attempted to take out the Karnelli and Maggie crime families with a bio-weapon called Devil’s Breath when he came into contact with Spider-Man for the first time. He was later rescued by Spider-man when he refused to submit to The Hood’s rule of New York’s criminal underworld. Spider-man was corrupted by Mister Negative and sent to fight The Hood’s men on his behalf.

Later Mister Negative and his operation were targeted by Spider-Man, Anti-Venom and the new Wraith when they interrupted a heroin-smuggling operation. Wraith used visual recognition software, linked to every television broadcast in New York, to publicly out Mister Negative as Martin Li. When the police approach, Negative and his men retreat. Li was then locked in a room by Negative’s men, who wait for him to change back into their master.

Cantact pt7

Human pov

Battle Of The Trillions

First to drop into planet ZXF-689.


“Ladies and gentlemen its been 5 years since this bastereds attacked our homes and killed our loved ones. And I can say we have made them pay hundreds times worst”

Cheers went out around me as our sergeant grinned at our cheers. Everyone here remembered the events that happened at out home solar system 5 years ago. Everyone had lost something in those attacks.

“I know we all want to celebrate for making our "friends” pay for what they did to us but we have to fight some more to give future generations a free galaxy for humanity to enjoy in peace"

Another round of cheers went out. But this time they went out quickly as everyone waited in anticipation for their orders before they deploy.

“The planet we about to drop on has one huge land mass. There’s only one city and 40 percent is underground. So our mission is to go in their air and ground defenses our tough so it will be a coordinated attack, will go in from south of the city and attack air defenses for our ships can move in after that we will move in and take out any resistance left on the planet. Now who’s ready to slaughter some aliens?!”

Cheers erupted all around the room that would make you cover your ears.

“Ready for deployment in 30 seconds” the announcement changed the cheers to boots rushing to their deployment pods. This will be the first time humans troops land on and the first time which means humans and aliens will fight face to face.

“Deployment in 15 seconds”

The last troops loaded into the pods from the armory. And the leading captain stepped onto his seat to give a speech to calm down any nerves that might be in the air.

“Ladies and gentlemen today humanity will fight together and not against herself. Today we will conquer the thing our ancestors always wished on doing and conquer the sky and the stars. Today we will win and as while as our ancestors we’ll create an empire that will bring humanity closer to our roots. Today we will get our revenge in and we will win !”

Cheers went off all over the pods that would’ve put fear into any living thing.

“Launching in 5”





Thousands of drop ships flew through the atmespher in giant balls of fire.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

Drop ship after drop ship slammed into the ground with deafening explosion.

Inside the drop ships soldiers readied their weapons as the ramps lowered reveling that they have landed in the middle of a forest. Across the forest galactic troops have taken up defensive positions above a ridge letting red beams fly all across the forest hitting anything they could.

Once the ramps lowered Sgt Stabby rolled of the ramps leading the charge against the galactic troops.

Thousands upon thousands of soldiers followed shortly after as they took cover behind trees and took pot shots at the galactic troops.

Then a roar filled the air as armored jeeps rolled up firing their guns at the galactic troops on top of the ridge only leaving small bunkers but those were quickly silenced by troops with flame throwers lifting some of the pressure of the ground troops allowing them to move forward and overrun the galactic troops.

Human soldiers ran down galactic troops that tried running back to the city but they were run done by humans and dogs shredding them to pieces.

As troops gathered around the edge of the forest as artillery moved in to position to shell the alien city.

As the guns went off the the troops cheered as the shells flow over them hitting the city directly explosions going of over the city walls then the explosion stopped, but the shells kept flying.

A yellow cloud rised for the burning city. The cheers never stopped human troops new perfectly what that cloud was.

Mustard gas.

Screams from aliens came from inside the alien city walls as ships from orbit started bombing the city.

As the day turned to night troops settled in for the night at the edge of the forest. Soon everyone was asleep except for some sentries keeping watch at the burning city filled with yellow gas.

Tomorrow humanity will have its revagne.

Everyone was curious to see how an alien body will react to Rabies.


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Fun fact - you guys can make tear gas by putting Tabasco sauce in a water bottle with a little bit of air and water and drop in a MRE heater shaking it and run😂🏃


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I don’t remember where we found it, but I knew it would come in handy when we discovered what awaited us in the Black Lake.

Vindicatus, the dread black dragon, dove deep into the lake.   Og-Bardur rustled his treasure piles to drive him back out, Pelita tossed him the mithril shield we had come to find.  Cirno waited, spells ready to fire at the malevolent wyrm. Deimos hid, to try and sneak up on him.

Earlier, we had found some sort of liquid in a bottle.  Deimos identified it as a potion of hill-giant strength - they were an excellent alchemist and I knew I could trust their judgement.   Since Bardur held a shield, I figured it would be worth a shot to consume the potion. It was quick to uncork, and I downed it as fast as I could.  It tasted just as I thought it would - vaguely medicinal, slightly herbal. And a hint of something that made me grimace slightly, like a shot of some hard alcohol.

Immediately I felt a difference in me.  My gear felt much lighter. My bow was almost like a twig in my hand, weighing much less to me than it had before.  But I narrowed my eyes and set my shoulders.

I had a legacy to uphold.  I was going to prove the worth of my name.  

The name Calixian has stricken fear into the hearts of many a dragon over the past 5,000 years.  It was clear, from the revelation he made from Pelita’s many riddles, that he too feared the name.  That it was myth and fairytale and nightmare come true.

Water splashed everywhere as Vindicatus breached its surface, roaring and spraying acid right at us, which we were fortunate enough to dodge.  Og-Bardur popped up from the treasure pile, hurling a javelin straight at the dragon’s chest, piercing deeply. He roared as the weapon broke through the scales.

That roar of pain gave me the opening I needed to loose an arrow to join that javelin.  Channeling that old Elvish virtue of rûth - wrath - I somehow willed some of that wraith-like energy around me into the arrow.  It was as if Galadis was right there with me. Together, somehow, we shouted these words at Vindicatus:

“Acharas enethen Calixianus!”  In other words: “Fear the name Calixian.”

Vindicatus was shaken by this.  To think that I scared a dragon…  

This truly was a nightmare come true for him.

Tujuan Tujuan Keluarga (1)

Kira kira sudah 1 tahun 7 bulan saya menikah sama abang. Ga kerasa kayak baru beberapa bulan (iyalah wong LDM hehe). Momen berjauhan seperti ini saya syukuri sebagai momen untuk mempersiapkan diri lagi sebelum nantinya tinggal seatap lagi. Belajar banyak hal supaya sebagai istri bisa menjadi penenang dan tempat berlabuh yang nyaman. Selain itu saya juga cukup concern sejak dahulu tentang isu isu perempuan dan keluarga, jadi saya membaca buku buku dengerin kajian terkait itu untuk mencerdaskan diri. Dan sepertinya sayang jika informasi dan ilmu tersebut hanya saya simpan sendiri.

Di tulisan ini saya ingin bahas beberapa hal tentang tujuan berkeluarga, semoga dapat menyemangati yang sudah menikah dan dapat mencerahkan untuk yang belum menikah. Dalam sebuah buku “Tatanan Berkeluarga dalam Islam” yang dikeluarkan oleh Komite Islam Internasional untuk Perempuan dan Anak setidaknya ada 5 tujuan keluarga. Agar tidak terlalu panjang dan menjemukan untuk dibaca saya akan membaginya menjadi beberapa tulisan.

Berketurunan untuk memelihara eksistensi manusia

Dalam syariat islam tujuan pertama adalah supaya manusia dapat menjaga eksistensinya. Itu mengapa ada hadits yang mengatakan untuk menikahi perempuan yang subur dan mampu memberikan keturunan. Di hadits yang lain juga disebutkan bahwa rasulullah saw akan membanggakan umatnya karena jumlahnya yang banyak. Eksistensi tersebut agar manusia dapat memakmurkan bumi sehingga terjamin kesinambungan generasi. Sehingga dalam sudut pandang islam nafsu seksual adalah fitrah yang Allah berikan pada manusia agar menjadi sarana untuk kelahiran yang sesuai dengan syariat, dan bukan menjadi tujuan akhir.

Hal ini juga yang membuat perilaku LGBT sangat bertentangan dengan syariat islam. Saya pernah diskusi sama teman terkait hal ini lalu dia berkata, “Tapi kan pasangan lesbi atau homo bisa adopsi anak.” Bagaimana jika perilaku tersebut merebak dan jumlah mereka jauh lebih banyak dari pasangan heteroseksual? alangkah mengerikannya jika beberapa tahun dari sekarang kita tak lagi mengkhawatirkan kondisi komodo atau elang flores yang terancam punah. Melainkan populasi manusia yang justru terancam punah bila perilaku LGBT merebak (naudzubillahi min dzalik) , berlebihan? Tentu tidak. Di SMA kita belajar tentang sistem reproduksi manusia, kita tahu bagaimana terciptanya manusia terjadi karena pertemuan sel reproduksi laki laki dan perempuan. Hal yang tidak mungkin terjadi jika perempuan dengan perempuan laki laki dengan laki laki.

Baiklah teknologi bisa saja dikembangkan untuk menyiasati itu semua. Namun tetap kemuliaan dan kehormatan diri manusia tak lagi ada pada diri kaum LGBT. Yang menjadikan hasrat seksual sebagai tujuan akhir bukan sebagai fitrah yang Allah berikan agar menjadi jalan untuk kita menjaga eksistensi generasi manusia.

Sebagai keluarga muslim, atas dasar inilah kita hendaknya bersemangat untuk melahirkan keturunan. Melahirkan generasi yang kelak dapat memakmurkan bumi sesuai dengan ajaran dan syari'at dari Allah swt. Pantang bagi kita meninggalkan generasi di belakang kita dalam kondisi yang lemah. Pantang juga bagi kita untuk enggan melahirkan keturunan keturunan seperti krisis yang tengah terjadi di Eropa maupun di Jepang yang enggan memiliki anak sehingga yang tersisa hanyalah generasi generasi orang tua tanpa penerus. Mengapa pula bangsa cina begitu mendominasi banyak wilayah? sederhana salah satu alasannya adalah karena jumlah mereka yang banyak.

Kiranya saya cukupkan dulu ditujuan pertama insya Allah akan dilanjutkan pada tulisan selanjutnya. Semoga bermanfaat..


Alizeti, Jakarta


#I #pray for #mankind … #human #kind … #ipray for #myself and ask the #universe to #guide #me and #gettoknow the #girl I #used to #be … because #imissher & #because I used to #know #her …

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