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Sprites in Exo are now rendered with WebGL. So things can be crazier and run a lot better at the same time. Still work to do on non-sprite things, and some physics/collision stuff.

最近疲れが溜まってますが模写だけはやってます。 継続しないと何かひらめきのようなものが落ちる気がして。 絶賛ブートストラップ使用中

Now available: Output your dynamic content with transparency and overlay on top of video in your native CMS

Co-exhibiting with we'll be showcasing our dynamic, high-impact content and digital signage in collaboration with their latest 4K players. Visit us, stand 2B92 at for more info

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The jungle of mobile HTML5 development

#html5 #css3

Day 58 of #100daysofcode 💙

These Exercises are fun to do and test what we learnt!!

Completed basic JSX section

Next section will be communicating with props

Focua Focus Focus💙