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Easy 3

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Can someone confirm if this really is a myth or a proven fact that🥺 More messed your handwriting is the more intelligent you are?🤔 because i am concerned now👽

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Day 3/100 of was running through the basics on I really need to give myself more credit for how much I've retained.

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this is an older skin i did revamp a lot in order to post here. it has a lot included, including a shipper and a complete profile app. obviously the shipper is optional. i included lots of templates, but posting templates are something you must acquire on your own. you may order more templates, but please note that i’ll be very busy soon so it may take a while. i do give you permission to use this skin as a base, with proper credit. do not remove the credit, relocating is fine. 

this skin was used, briefly, in the past … like a year ago? but i upgraded it so it doesn’t look … so much like the other. it’s also why the price tag is a little lower. anyways, feel free to message me here or contact me on discord via luna#6821 if you’re interested in previewing/purchasing the skin. serious inquiries only.

  • + includes: color-changing skin per member group. colors not added, but grouped for easy access. (just change the numbers & rgb colors)
  • + includes: includes: basic content templates - rules/written, face claim, mod reply, reserves, shipper template, and member directory
  • + includes: sidebar toggle (merc’s), scroll to top button, nicole’s code areas
  • + includes:  pop-up admin info
  • * add-ons: $15 per code set. $5-15 per skin edit
  • once purchased, this is yours to do what you wish, so long as credit can change colors or fonts. or anything, just as long as you keep my name there.
  • FREE support if anything breaks for up to 30 days
  • upon purchase: you will receive the admin cp login to the testing site when the transaction is completed. from there, you can download and copy over everything to your own drive/site.
Back from hiatus!

I’m back from the hiatus of… how many years? I’m going to keep this blog up and running frequently like I used to. I’m currently updating the HTML changing things around and having a million issues! It won’t let me update anything because apparently, your urls need to be https, not http now? I’ve been running around for the last hour trying to save it and it just wont let me, not sure what I’m doing wrong here.