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Slick Slider Quick Implementation | Slick Vertical slider Examples Checkout the video :

What to do if your image isn't the right size for the banner space? Try these tips from PRODUCTIVITY TIPS FOR WEB DESIGNERS ///

How to manipulate classes without jQuery by using HTML5’s classList API ☞

How to manipulate classes without jQuery by using HTML5’s classList API ☞

How to manipulate classes without jQuery by using HTML5’s classList API ☞

How to manipulate classes without jQuery by using HTML5’s classList API ☞

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~doyoung icon pack for @scintiya ~ 

1. 102129 2. F7EBEF 3. BBD7FB 


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Part 3: Object Oriented #javascript.
Another way of adding a method to a constructor in ES5 is to use a prototype. -
The difference here is that you can specify which new instances will inherit this method. Really neat. 😊
What are your thoughts on adding a method via prototype v. inside a constructor?

anonymous asked:

como vc conseguiu arrumar o problema do seu theme? to passando pelo mesmo ):

vou tentar explicar, desculpa se você não entender 

1. vai no “Editar HTML”

2. aperta em ctrl+f (se aparecer uma caixinha no canto direito da tela, aperta x, tem que aparecer duas caixinhas pretas, dentro daqueles troços do theme)

3. na primeira caixinha, escreva http, na segunda, https, e em seguida aperte “all”

4. se não der certo, é porque o http que está no seu theme, está com dois “s” (httpSS), ai, pra consertar, tem dois modos:

aperta em “Replace” e fica corrigindo todos que tem 2 “s”

ou, faça do jeito que eu fiz:

na primeira caixinha, coloque https, e na segunda, http, e aperte em “all”

ai, depois destroca, colocando do jeito que eu falei lá em cima, http no primeiro e https no segundo, e apertando em “all” logo em seguida

aperta em “atualizar visualização” e depois salva

My First JAVA Project
First Coding
Then Checking
Error or Opening
Then Coding Again
A whole cycle to make
Making sure no error has done
Perfect placing of contents
A time consuming project
However if it is finally done

When Not to use #javascript arrow functions?
Although for the most part, arrow functions bring a lot of new features to #js, there are always two sides to the medal.
When defining methods on an object prototype, you have to watch for the scope of “this” keyword. -
When using an arrow function in such instance, the “this” is scoped to the window object. Therefore, making your method on an object seem as “undefined”.
In this case, it is better to use good ol’ function expression.
What questions do you have about javascript/html/css?

Hi, if you’re getting an Error prompting “Uh oh! We could’t save your theme. Looks like your custom theme references assets from non-HTTPS URLS . Please try again using only HTTPS URLS.”, you can go ahead and go to your Blog’s profile > Edit Appearance > Edit HTML and Ctrl+F http and turn them to https

I have no idea what happened but this worked for me.