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New teaching job!

thank you all so much for the support and lets continue together, to make a meaningful difference affects us all and does not discriminate! No one is to or ....

Delighted to be asked to talk at the Health & Wellbeing at Work Conference about 'How Menopause Friendly is Your Organisation?', raising awareness, education & support. It's 5/6 March: NEC, B’ham

Need to 0px; " tag="ulate redundancy or maternity pay? Use the HR Solver App free. Read the attached article for more information.

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I want to go back to that morning when I got up to leave and you pulled me back into bed and tickled me. I wanted to stay so badly, but Ollie and Lawrence heard me laughing from your room, they didn’t realise we’d gone home together, and then I just felt like I had to leave. We’re friends, but we’ve also always been so flirty. And it’d have been one thing if you were awkward after we drunkenly slept together, but that morning you weren’t, you pulled me back into bed when I went to leave. And I wonder if I’d stayed, would we have kissed? And then would it all be different? Or am I making this in to a way bigger deal that it was?



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Interested in product development? We are a mobile agency based in Argentina 🚀

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