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Een snelle check of u uw salaris- en personeelsadministratie op orde heeft:

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Poszukujesz kandydatów otwartych na zmianę pracy w technologii Java? Odwiedź naszą wyszukiwarkę gdzie w każdym tygodniu pojawiają się nowi kandydaci:-)

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Facing disciplinary action after making a formal complaint, what can you do? Read

Frau Heuer verdeutlicht auf der sollte mit Herz den Wandel voranbringen.“ Ambidextrie, New Leadership und Mitbestimmung sind dabei Erfolgsfaktoren für führende Unternehmen.

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des fonctions : une priorité pour les entreprises comme pour les . Découvrez les grandes étapes de cette démarche dans notre brochure :

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des fonctions : une priorité pour les entreprises comme pour les . Découvrez les grandes étapes de cette démarche dans notre brochure :

organisations are changing. What are some of the trends we are sensing? via

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Stocks Drop in Europe and Asia as U.S.-China Trade Dispute Escalates

Investors are worried that worsening ties between the world’s two biggest economies will affect global growth.

I woke up 4 hours before my exam to revise and study but I’m just sitting here tucked in a million blankets, waiting for my coffee to cool down and questioning my entire existence and why I even bother anymore.

if my dialogue sounded like I always sound online

literally order your troops to s t a n d d o w n tbh

and in real life:
“Hi! Sorry to interrupt, I hope this doesn’t sound weird — I was just wondering if you could order your troops to stand down? Thanks, have a wonderful day!”

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Your shit is so cute uwu Would you be willing to make a panel edit of Tagora without his vest and wearing something rainbow?? Maybe ♦️ Cirava?? I'd be so happyp,,,

so like the dummy i am i MISREAD this ask adn didnt see the part abt a panel edit but take this hdfkjlaksd 

credit 2 @ s–pooky on da 4 the base! 

need yalls energy had to decline job offer bc i dont drive and cant get to the building its located to bc i live in thE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE WITH NO PAVEMENTS IN SOME AREAS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA meh probs a sign it would have gone tits up anyway but still fustraiting