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7 Key Social Media ROI Metrics by with and

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8 qualities that make great bosses unforgettable: they protect others, they embrace a larger purpose...

I attended the in World Trade Centre & was pleased to hear these words: humanistic, happiness, mindfulness. It was refreshing to witness a reshifting in focus to a balance between numerical & humanistic side of the profession.

Are you listening to your employees? They want more flexibility, fairness and wellness. 's report explains:

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Mountains of Glass

12 Nov 2018. 1/100 days of productivity

Arrived at the office before 7am. Petted two cats who became addicted to petting. Finished updating our weekly report. Submitted the proposed rate for the pending managers. Did first draft of script. Sent invite for consultation.

Kinda slow day today. I drank two liters of water at the office at ate clean. Also, that raspberry green iced tea is so bitter I love it. Tried hard not to fall asleep while sourcing.

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Thank you @dccc_ssstrio for having me today! Next up at 5:30pm I am speaking to a private group of @wfuniversity students then I am heading to @venturecafews for my 7PM talk on Colleges, Companies, and Cities At A Crossroads! Everyone is welcome to Venture Cafe!!!
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My job requires me to face different kinds of people. I tell people around me, I’m always scared and nervous to do so but truth is, it excites me. I love meeting fellow fresh graduates and seeing them as hopeful, ambitious and grateful as I was when I was looking for a job. I love seeing experienced men and women that have been in different industries for years, and are looking for greater opportunities. I love seeing kindness in the eyes of old people when they give me their applications, asking for an opportunity to work just so they can provide something for their family. We meet different kinds of people everyday and I love that my job makes me at least know a little about these people’s stories.