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The UK is using shipping containers to create affordable

We've advised long-standing client on the acquisition of over 100 affordable homes at a new mixed-use development in , supporting the further expansion of its portfolio.

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Children are being raised in shipping containers because councils do not have enough accommodation to house them, an official report has found. Are such measures right for the vulnerable? -

RT : The median existing-home price for all housing types in July was $280,800, up 4.3% from July 2018 ($269,300). July’s price increase marks the 89th straight month of year-over-year gains.

If we continue talking about the of living in we have: Finding is not a problem. The average rental per month is approximately $ 1,613. Acquiring a car is simple. You can easily get in this area.

We’ve updated our State Landlord-Tenant Laws dataset to include laws in effect through Aug 1, 2019. Biggest changes? GA & VT added protections for victims of domestic violence 🌎Data:

Just launched ! Update to the State Landlord-Tenant Laws data now includes laws in effect through Aug 1, 2019 🌎 Data:

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Housing units in the United States by time zone.

In the first decades of the twentieth century, it became clear that the commodification of dwelling space had proven to be a social disaster. Many governments moved to contain or neutralize the resulting unrest. Reformers created new rent regulations and building standards, and social housing was developed on a larger scale. At the same time, the value of housing within the overall political economy was becoming clearer. Residential and urban environments were becoming crucial circuits of investment that could act as an escape valve through which capital sought to manage the problem of over-accumulation.
—  In Defense of Housing: The politics of Crisis, David Madden & Peter Marcuse
By choice or by force, planners use gentrification to create the physical environments for capital to thrive. It is the process by which cities seek capital, and capital seeks land. Its endgame is a city controlled by bankers and developers, run like a corporation, designed as a luxury product and planned by the finance sector. What was public becomes private; what was common becomes enclosed; what was cheap becomes expensive; what was shared becomes traded. Through the real estate state, the city becomes gentrified. Through gentrification, the city becomes neoliberal.
—  Samuel Stein, Capital City: Gentrification and the Real Estate State

<Brumée 16-21>

Lali ho !!

Encore une semaine avant la rentrée !! Mais !! J’ai fais mes devoirs de vacances ayaiii !!

Je suis trop impatiente de vous montrer alors on y va !! 

Bienvenue à Ala Rauha, l’ancien Atelier à Brumée devenu ma maison personnelle.(vous en faites pas, un nouvel Atelier sous l’eau très bientôt en plus grand !) J’ai la eu chance de pouvoir la garder pour réaliser un projet qui me tenait à cœur :

Un tribut à la team Fashion deco qui j'espère leur plaira. Non seulement j'ai la chance d'y résider, mais en plus de ça cette maisonnette représente un peu tout ce que j'ai pu apprendre grâce à eux cette année, et je voulais leur dire, avec des mots de designer, regardez ! J'ai appris tout ça auprès de vous, grâce a votre élan de partage. Aujourd’hui nous sommes une communauté et je suis très fière de voir comme on progresse tous ensemble !

Alors voila, mes petits amours, je me suis servis comme base de l’entrée de la maison d’Ashen parce que je l’adore depuis toujours, et le vert céleste est définitivement ma couleur aussi ! Vous reconnaitrez plein de clin d’œils comme la toute mimi cuisine dans le style de notre rayon de soleil Rhapsody, les lignes captivantes de Feng et même un lit remanié surement inspiré d’un Ishgardais qu’on aime toutes, Dividus ~ Le dressing de lechat ! les sofa partout, les fenêtres avec vue sur la mer, l’aquarium incrusté, la douche ! Pffieuw ! J’aimerai cité chaque petite inspiration de tout le monde mais ce serait trop long !

Continuez de nous faire rêver et vivement la rentrée qu’on aille toujours plus loin, merci pour tout ce que vous faites ♥


<Myst 16-21>

Lali ho !! 

Always on holidays ~Soon in september ! But.. I did my holydays homeworks tuduuum !!!

I can’t wait to show you !!! Let’s go !!

Welcome to Ala Rauha ! I used my old workshop plot in the myst to realise a little tribute during my holidays. (don’t panic !! A medium new underwather workshop comin’soon ~)

My tribute to the Fashion Deco team, I hope they’ll enjoy. This house represents what I learned this year thanks to them, and I wanted to tell them, with designers words, look ! I learned all this from you. Now, we are a wonderfull community and I’m proud to see how we are progressing together !

So, Thanks Fashion Deco, I used for base of all the house the entrance of Ashen cause.. I’ve ever love it and celestial green is definetly my color too ! You will recognize many style, like a KitchyKitchen of our sunchine Rhapsody, the Feng’s wall lines and a reworked bed certainly from.. An Ishgardian we love, Dividus ~ Lechat’s dressing, Sofa styles, windows with sea view. aquariums, shower !! pffieuw ! I d’like to quote everyone but it would be too long !

Make us dream again, can’t wait to see next year’s designs, thank you for your investment  ♥

Commissioners Support Affordable Housing Projects to Help Seniors, Families

Clark County Commissioners today approved funding plans for two affordable housing projects that will help more than 400 low-income seniors and families in Southern Nevada.

“Affordable housing is an important need in our community,” Commission Chairman Marilyn Kirkpatrick said. “The projects we supported today will give families and senior citizens more and better housing choices.”

“It is important to create more housing opportunities for our seniors,” Commission Vice Chairman Lawrence Weekly said. “The County is taking the right and appropriate steps to make sure everyone in our community has a place to call home.”

The Blue Diamond Senior Apartments is a new project that will create 112 one-bedroom units and 83 two-bedroom units for low-income seniors. The project will be built on the southeast corner of Blue Diamond Road and South Quarterhorse Lane and is expected to open in summer 2021.

The Woodcreek Apartments is an existing complex at 4485 Pennwood Avenue with 232 units including 208 apartments with two or more bedrooms. The proposal calls for renovating all the apartments during the next 12 to 18 months as the units become vacant naturally. The apartments will be required to be kept affordable under federal affordable housing rules through 2050.

Both apartment complexes will be for residents who earn less than 60 percent of the area median income. For example, a family of four would have an annual income under $41,820, and a household with two seniors would have an annual income under $33,480.

Today, the commissioners approved the allocation of up to $52.6 million in private activity bonds to support these projects as well as Nevada Housing Division Single Family Mortgage Programs, and the Nevada Rural Housing Authority Mortgage Credit Certificate Program.The Blue Diamond Senior Apartments, which is being proposed by Coordinated Living of Southern Nevada Inc., would use up to $13 million of these bonds to help fund this $33.1 million project.

The Woodcreek Apartments, proposed by Fairfield Residential, would use up to $13 million of these bonds to help fund this $48.5 million project.

Private activity bonds are tax-exempt bonds that may be issued to support private-sector projects with a public benefit, such as creating or sustaining affordable housing units. The bonds are not guaranteed by the government but may be linked to tax credits, which the bonds supported today are.


So, new crisis.

I have CPTSD, anxiety and depression due to severe and sustained abuse over decades earlier in my life. I live in supportive housing. That’s independent housing, in a normal apartment, for clients with mental health issues. It is supposed to be a place of safety where I can heal, grow, recover. It is not a hospital or a halfway house. No staff stay in the apartment.

I have an apartment mate, much like most single people in NYC, and like all supportive housing clients. There are rules. No guests are permitted between 10pm and 10am. No minors are allowed at all. My apartment is no smoking. Needless to say, no drugs are allowed either. I visit with a case manager once a week, seek treatment on my own, and try to get on with my life and healing.

The new roommate has been sneaking a guy in overnight. My case manager has been on vacation, so I was going to call her anyway today when she returned.

I woke up in the morning, came out of my room, and the guy is still here, coming out of the bathroom. There is a towel over her bedroom door (never there before) and there is a stick of incense jammed into the wall by the cable wire by her doorway. I am not an idiot. I know they were smoking up substances in there.

I came out of my room three hours later on my way to the bathroom. The dude walks out the front door. Her bedroom door is open. There is a young teenage boy sitting on her bed, game controller in hand. She is in the kitchen washing dishes. The guy left his kid here, he is coming and going like he lives here.

A good comparison would be this: if you were in the hospital for a procedure, and the other person in the room had other people sneaking in at all hours, sleeping there, making a mess and being noisy, apparently because this was the only place to go. They think you don’t mind because you are very quiet, but the reality is, you are having rolling panic attacks and can’t speak.

I called my case manager to report this. I am not going to confront her (roommate) on my own. It would send me off the rails. I am scared of the BF. Men trigger me to begin with, and this guy reminds me of my abuser.

I am very symptomatic right now. My privacy has been invaded. I have huge trust issues to begin with; I have all the issues and such I have been dealing with lately.

I want to spend a week in crisis respite, if it is available, in the city while my case manager tries to figure out what to do (not my call, sadly). Respite has drawbacks; namely, food isn’t provided. I have no money . I am already deep into reactive symptoms. I need sanctuary, fast!




I just had a long conversation with my case manager. She implied these things aren’t always dealt with optimally, because of bullshit reasons and apathy. She did apologize for me having to go through this. She says she will do her best to get things worked out in a was that will cause me the least distress.

This is pushing on all the rape/abuse triggers.