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. and President should be commended for their commitment to affordability & availability in the Seattle area. But the company is also acknowledging that the state needs structural – and policy - reforms to solve the housing puzzle. Via ⬇️

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More than 3000 new are to be built in West creating 1 of biggest linked projects & generating up to £1 billion value to the over 15 to 20 years

$40M Villa on Miami Beach’s Star Island Is the Week’s Most Expensive New Listing via

February 13! Our 3rd Local Area Plan Update workshop, “Building the Plan” is on! Join us to discuss and land use.

Self-Help Guru Tim Ferriss Is Tired of Waiting for a Buyer, Puts Florida Home Up for Auction via

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Did you know Jane Knodell took nearly $3000 from developers while gentrification and evictions pushed out hundreds of low income renters in the old north end?

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IN ESCROW : This gorgeous 3 Bedroom condominium has expensive finishes throughout and is ideally located in the West Hollywood Area. The January Real Estate Market continues to be hot!

Quoted in the National Mortgage News! "I do see an emerging, potential market, but I don't know how long it is going to take," said Brad Waite, president of Land Home Financial Services, Inc.

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Royal Mail sold a London site for £22m to famous luxury property developers
A Royal Mail sorting office. Photo: Andrew Milligan/PA Archive/PA Images

Royal Mail (RMG.L) has just sold a 0.9 acre plot on its Nine Elms Park site to Galliard Homes, a property developer famous for its luxury homes, for £22.2m ($28.5m) in cash.

Galliard said in a statement sent to Yahoo Finance UK that it intends to develop 262 residential homes on the plot. While Galliard is known for its multi-million penthouses in London, it said 25% will be affordable housing. 

Completion of the sale is expected at the end of June.

The Nine Elms Park plot is Royal Mail’s former mail centre site in Vauxhall, South London, and the wider site covers approximately 14 acres. Once the whole site is fully developed, the housing will be situated in a park setting, just a short walk to the River Thames and Houses of Parliament.

There will also be a a “wider regeneration area” and Galliard’s executive chairman Stephen Conway said that the impending development has “already attracted several major occupiers.”

It is likely to also benefit from a planned Northern Line extension, meaning there will be two new tube stations within walking distance. The plot itself will extend from the new US Embassy to the planned Northern Line extension.

There are no further details on what the properties will look like, how large they are, and how much they will cost.

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Hey! I was accepted to hollins in november but I only told my dad that it was where ive decieed to go (I wouldve told him earlier but our relationship is strained and I was waiting for a good time) so I went on the website to see what I had to do besides making the deposit and it said to fill out a form for roomates and it said it was due on Jan. 4th? Does this mean I can't go now? Ik I should be emailing someone but like. Do you know anything abt this? Thnx.

I’m not sure without digging into it further but that definitely doesn’t sound right. If I had to guess I’d say that’s housing for the spring semester that starts in February, the assignments for fall semester 2019 won’t be due until sometime in late spring or early summer. Looking forward to seeing you here ✌️


The Owl-Eyed Apothecary

After fiddling with the residence portion of the apartment the other day, I went back and redid the whole thing with the lofts specifically in mind. I’m so happy they added this furnishing to the game, it has made a huge difference. I was able to build up a more robust residence without sacrificing ‘store-front’ space in a single room. I’m really pleased with the result. If you’d like to take a peek yourself, the Apothecary is located:

Balmung :: Mist :: Ward 5 :: Topmast Wing 2 :: Apartment #31

Microsoft Is Pledging $500 Million for Affordable Housing in the Seattle Area

I love Bill Gates and Microsoft!!! He knows it takes a Village to support its people. Government can’t be the end all to every problem or crisis.

We have a national CRISIS of affordable housing in this country. As wages remain stagnant and housing costs skyrocket, it is very difficult to find affordable housing. As companies like Microsoft hire workers, they need their employees to have affordable housing, not worrying about having a roof over their head. So this is a win-win for everyone. TY Microsoft 👏👏👏👏

Microsoft Is Pledging $500 Million for Affordable Housing in the Seattle Area

By Karen Weise | Jan. 16, 2019 | New York Times | Posted January 16, 2019 |

SEATTLE — Microsoft will invest $500 million to build affordable housing in the Seattle region, company officials said, in what would be the most ambitious effort by a tech company to directly address the inequality that has spread in areas where the industry is concentrated.

The debate about the rapid growth of the tech industry and the inequality that often follows has spilled across the country. King County, which includes Seattle and Microsoft’s home campus in the suburb of Redmond, has boomed along with its tech giants, but its housing supply has not kept up, causing housing costs to soar.

Earlier this week, at a meeting with editors at the company’s headquarters, Satya Nadella, the chief executive, and Brad Smith, its president, said that the housing initiative came out of concern about skyrocketing real estate prices for Microsoft workers and far beyond.

“We are going to invest quite a bit,” Mr. Nadella said at the meeting. “Of course, we have lots of software engineers, but the reality is that a lot of people work for Microsoft. Cafeteria workers, shuttle drivers.”

“We have a real challenge. We don’t have enough affordable housing units.”

A government report in December found that the region needs 156,000 more affordable housing units, and will need 88,000 more by 2040 if the region’s growth continues.

Microsoft’s decision is sure to escalate debate in the industry of companies’ responsibility to help find solutions for those who have not benefited from the industry’s fortunes.

“As a sector, we are starting to step up, but have a lot more room to do so,” Mr. Smith said at the meeting.

While other leading tech businesses have tried to address the housing crisis, many have done so largely by donations to homeless organizations or by building housing for their own employees. Such housing may help with demand, but it has also reinforced the impression that the companies are isolated from their broader communities.

BayRat housing request from a wayward vagabond

Hey! Next academic year (starting somewhere inclusively between the upcoming May and upcoming August, ending inclusively between the subsequent May and August) I plan to be on medical/personal leave from my graduate programme, and I will need somewhere to live that is reasonably affordable, near high quality trans healthcare and people whose company I am likely to enjoy, and not Chicago. It occurs to me that rationalist group living in the Bay (or possibly Seattle) fits this bill pretty well.

If you would be able to help me locate such housing, please send me a message.

Possibly relevant things I am:

  • Transfeminine (she/her/hers or it/it/its)
  • Born on 3 September 1992
  • A doctoral candidate in philosophy
  • Probably in need of a low-stress job to pay partially for living (also have support through parents)
  • Bi, poly, single, sporadically sexually active
  • Catholic
  • Neurodivergent/mentally ill (hence the medical leave)

Thanks to anyone who can help me out. Feel free to ask any clarificatory questions. Cheers!
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A new Mori-themed house has arrived, there is also a new Little Nikki~

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Campus houses as squirrels... because why not?








Paran Creek Apartments










Welling Town House (our off-campus co-op)

Shingle (the only house that is restricted for seniors, hence the grad cap)



The Burrow

Plot Owner: Daniil Korolev

Danya’s home has been through a number of iterations, but before the shut down, I finally settled on this one. I wanted to go a bit more ‘minimal’ in terms of the landscape w/ a concentrated point. (And try my hand at a cabin.) He lived somewhere in the large expanses of Whitevale’s snowy fields, where pockets of forestry survived the region’s cold climate. 

His home served as a sort of safehouse for weary travelers that dared to tread through Whitevale’s occasional blizzards. (Moreso if you were Exile or CoGs, being straight up Dominion you’d be pretty much get a fight.) For the most part, it was Danya’s little farm, including a sheep pen, stables, a green house, a frozen pond behind his home. And most importantly the outhouse in the back. 

There’s more to his house in the bunker, with the stain glass window acting as a ‘portal’ to wherever this place is. Danya would be the only one to activate it so no worries about people breaking in lol. I’ll save that part of the home for another time. 

He and his brothers all live in Whitevale, and eventually I’ll get to posting their homes as well.