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December 6, 2019 CME LB CME LB

If you're looking to buy a home after filing bankruptcy, you'll want to read this.

Our and research is concerned with housing and residential environments: where people choose to live, the housing they can access, and the qualities of their neighbourhoods. Find out more:

Working for & towards is NEVER ending. If Yr happy to scrabble in gutter for crumbs frm toffs tables, knock yrself out. Rest of us know what it takes to achieve a better world.

A nicely earned coffee while helping a homeless gentleman in this cold weather to find somewhere nice and warm to stay.

Everything You Need to Know About Home Buyers and Sellers to Beat the Market (Courtesy of ) Whether they're in the market to buy a home, hoping to unload their abode

Don’t Make Things More Complicated Than Necessary (Courtesy of ) There is a tendency on personal finance websites, in personal finance books and personal finance magazines

Credit Score Needed to Buy a House in 2019 (Courtesy of ) If you’re looking into buying a house but your credit is poor.

Sometimes the property game feels like monopoly and you can't even reach the board! If you have questions about how to get on the property ladder give our team a call. - - -

These brand new, three bedroom family homes are perfectly located in the tranquil village of . Includes a large, high specification kitchen and private garden, which is ideal for relaxing with family and friends.

More Millennials Using VA Loans In 3 Florida Cities (Courtesy of ) The number of VA-backed loans rose 2.3% year-to-year in September, with millennials much of the reason.

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Sustainable housing & home improvements are critical in our move towards net , stimulating the & improving older properties. Should the reduce the VAT for this to 5%? We think so, do you?

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Bratsk, Russia. (1967)


The city I live in could literally house every single person without a home FOUR TIMES OVER AND STILL HAVE ALMOST 4,000 VACANT HOMES.

Housing everyone in this city would barely be a dent in the avalible properies but the system we live in values money and private property as more worth protecting than the lives of the people who live here.

Imagine a life where people get the things they need to live simply because they need them.

Imagine always having a roof over your head and food on your table regardless if you have money or not.

Imagine not working dead-end meaningless jobs to make profits for your boss and instead working at the things that mean something to you and your community.

Imagine what freedom is like.

Fuck Capitalism


As soon as I get her to 70, off to get those damn imitation windows I want so badly so I can absolutely flood her little herbarium with light.

I’m at a National Housing Innovation event in Toronto and the lack of people of colour is frankly abysmal

The event was only advertised in the Globe and Mail which is a very white newspaper, so I can see why there’s a lack of people of colour in attendance. The problem is that they only advertised it in white media, so how can they expect this event to be diverse?

Talking about affordable and accessible housing is so important, but all of the speakers are white. How can upper-middle class white people properly speak to the inequity inherent in Toronto and Canada’s housing crisis?

I’ve heard white person after white person lecture me on housing inequity today, and many of them are talking about the necessity for diversity.

But where is that diversity? How can they talk about the need for it while speaking at a conference with all white speakers and a 90% white audience?

White people can talk about diversity all they want, but if they don’t put their money where their mouth is and hire and listen to people of colour, then their words don’t mean shit.

The housing crisis impacts most Canadians, but it disproportionately impacts people of colour. Yet we are being left out of the conversation at every turn, so how can we expect the progress necessary to help us?
Trump Names Robert Marbut To Head Federal Agency Focused On Homelessness
The Trump administration has named Robert Marbut to head the federal agency focused on homelessness, but the nominee is controversial and some worry he'll move away from prioritizing housing.

Robert Marbut is a cold-hearted demonizer of those Without a Roof and represents a total allegiance mouth-piece for the fascist like views and xenophobia that permeate from our executive branch like a cancer.

Many thanks to Patrick Newman, Professor Robert Jones and others, who raised a rightful ruckus when the The Jesus Center brought Marbut to Chico, California as a consultant for their organization several years ago.

Gentrification is an unfair process, stemming from the beginning of white migration into urban areas, by which people who are less privileged, long-standing residents of communities are forced out of their neighborhoods while new people reap the benefits. This is a systematic selection of neighborhoods previously neglected by institutional power and government for the benefit of the more privileged. Gentrification is reinforced by inequitable housing policies, such as red-lining, redistricting, block-busting, and rezoning to uphold white supremacy. Too often political motives do not prioritize long standing residents who may live in targeted communities, including people living in rent stabilized/controlled homes and lack of access to resources. Gentrification results in displacement of families and communities, and a lack of access to affordable housing increasing the number of people relying on the shelter system. Gentrification is often marketed with a colonialist rhetoric, such as “cleaning up the streets,” or “revitalizing a neighborhood” while simultaneously appropriating the cultures of those who are being displaced. Traditionally, opportunistic players will prey on long-standing resident by using unscrupulous tactics to “buy out” homeowners and renters at under market value. Gentrification has historically disproportionately impacted blahalized communities, including communities of color, low-income communities, and other oppressed communities.
—  Definition of Gentrification, Columbia School of Social Work Contemporary Social Issues Class with Professor Deborah Lolai