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Development Finance Corp. Ltd. HDFC Ltds Q4FY19 results (Outperformer) - Strong earnings and asset quality: Q4FY19 results highlights HDFC’s PAT of Rs29bn grew 27% yoy and 35% qoq and was 2 % higher than our estimate. Strong growth in…

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Two of our residents gaining valuable on a loft conversion 2018 . Young man bottom left now full time in building .

Building new & better homes for our ageing societies should be a top priority in responding to the demographic shift we are experiencing. In the meantime, we can do more to upgrade what we’ve currently got.

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So instead, we're going to demolish them all and replace them with co-living.

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We have a guest post by Lyons O'Neill Director, Kevin Lyons this morning, check out his article on the challenges and opportunities of working on urban and rural sites.

"If you’re wondering if you can rent a property to tenants without a buy-to-let mortgage, you should think about how insurance works..." Read more -

Across the combined capital cities, there is currently 5.3 months of supply available for sale. Click here: to find out the results in your state

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House in rural Estonia. (1969)

Woe Is Me

Today is a rough day and I am not sure how much more I can sum it up to other than that. First, we learned today that we will no longer be getting our yearly bonuses. Management will continue to do so, but not the peons (like me). 

Then I received a phone call from the new Lt of my town. He visited the neighbor along with someone who had a mental illness background. Well, my neighbor is a functioning idiot, essentially is what it comes down too. They don’t believe that he is a danger at this time. Now, I just go back to waiting. Waiting for what, I am not sure, but the next step won’t be good, I have no doubt.

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Plastic Case Housing for Siemens OP177B for replace with Touchscreen glass, membrane keypad and lcd display. below is the part number for Siemens OP177A and OP177B, which would help you save time for select accessories for your HMI Operator repairing.

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The #Siemens #Simatic #OP177A or #OP177B are widely using in Industrial Automation machine, after years working, most of the #Touchscreen glass Broken, #Membrane #keypad faulty, #LCD #display no working or #Plastic #case #housing damaged, it’s really disappointed.
Vicpas is the global leading provider of full #HMI Part for replacement, we have inventory touchscreen glass, membrane keypad, LCD display and other #accessories for Siemens HMI and #Graphic #Operator #repair replacement.
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Aeryn’s “Rising Stones” Room

Not sure I’m happy with it; I spent much of yesterday messing around with a few ideas. I still want to add a few things here and there. I may change it all again.

Maybe she just does that when stressed; completely redecorates and renovates her room.

Coeurl, The Mist, The Topmast, Ward 1 Subdivision, Wing 2, Room 28