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Wow! Our shelter is bursting with gratitude as we tweet! Guests are receiving raingear, taking hot showers, and using our laundry machines – preparing them to take on the wet day tomorrow. All because of your support!

Cutting-edge, and entertaining are adjectives that best describe contemporary trends.Buying or selling home or property in Atlanta or Miami? Give us a call today to reach your real estate dreams! 470-400-8203

Find a Career in the Lumber Industry! Introducing NeLMA’s Job Board

run themed Peer Support groups and Workshops every Thurs. Upcoming themes include , , / , , , and . Contact

A criminal record creates to & , perpetuating a cycle of poverty for people in recovery involved with the criminal justice system. Services are available:

According to 's 2019 Housing Outlook, while affordability will remain an issue, demographic trends will continue to support demand; home price appreciation will slow, yet remain solid; and regional disparities will level out:

Humbled and honored to deliver the State of the County address to the 🍊🏛 I spoke on , , and more. 2018 was a year of major accomplishments. Let’s make 2019 a year of even greater strides towards a better !

[Metropolitics] Progressive Mayors & Urban Social Movements Essays | Organizing Against “Projet Gentrification”: Housing Activism in a White-Supremacist Landscape in Montreal (by Pierce Nettling):

I'm sorry but i need you all to know this studio apartment FOR ANTS in Brookline will cost you $1400 a month in

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The fundamental forces that have driven and prices higher – more demand for than supply - will continue unabated.

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Charibert’s apartment

About me...

I am a single, quiet female, and I need a new home. 

I don’t need amenities like a pool, garage, yard, balcony, in unit washer and dryer, spa, lounge, gym, or anything else. I simply need a room to myself and my cat, and a closet.

I am fine with sharing a bathroom, as long as you don’t mind a beautiful little orange kitty girl’s litter box in it. (I keep it clean.)

I am a clean individual, quiet, and don’t bring home parties. It’s just me and my cat.

I am an introvert youtuber, so I record video gameplay after work, and comedy sketches, and I have 2 jobs as a waitress in Playa Vista while I study to become a video editor.

Please work with me on the price. I don’t need access to any out-of-apartment amenities. Just the room.

This is a rock bottom time for me, but I am working hard to get back to a better place.

Please contact me.

Hi there, my name’s Mischief, and I need some help.

I’m trans, autistic, disability is my only income, and I can’t afford to live in my home town of Santa Cruz, CA any more. Rent around here costs more than I get a month, and disability even disqualifies me for food stamps. Where I live right now isn’t safe or healthy (roommates borderline physical violence, steal my food, there’s unaddressed mold and building falling apart), but it’s the only place I can afford because a “friend” is the landlord.

I’ve stuck around this long because this is where my mom lives and it’s where my doctors and long-term therapist are, and my illness needs lots of help that my mom provides, but things here have been getting worse and I don’t think I can hold out much longer. I may finally have access to treatment for my illness, but if that doesn’t work out, I still won’t be able to move away to somewhere I can afford.

I need to find somewhere in the San Francisco bay area for $600 or less a month (tbh that’s like half of a normal rent here), and I guess I’m just hoping somebody will see this and take pity on a well-meaning but poor trans girl.

Royal Mail sold a London site for £22m to famous luxury property developers
A Royal Mail sorting office. Photo: Andrew Milligan/PA Archive/PA Images

Royal Mail (RMG.L) has just sold a 0.9 acre plot on its Nine Elms Park site to Galliard Homes, a property developer famous for its luxury homes, for £22.2m ($28.5m) in cash.

Galliard said in a statement sent to Yahoo Finance UK that it intends to develop 262 residential homes on the plot. While Galliard is known for its multi-million penthouses in London, it said 25% will be affordable housing. 

Completion of the sale is expected at the end of June.

The Nine Elms Park plot is Royal Mail’s former mail centre site in Vauxhall, South London, and the wider site covers approximately 14 acres. Once the whole site is fully developed, the housing will be situated in a park setting, just a short walk to the River Thames and Houses of Parliament.

There will also be a a “wider regeneration area” and Galliard’s executive chairman Stephen Conway said that the impending development has “already attracted several major occupiers.”

It is likely to also benefit from a planned Northern Line extension, meaning there will be two new tube stations within walking distance. The plot itself will extend from the new US Embassy to the planned Northern Line extension.

There are no further details on what the properties will look like, how large they are, and how much they will cost.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I was accepted to hollins in november but I only told my dad that it was where ive decieed to go (I wouldve told him earlier but our relationship is strained and I was waiting for a good time) so I went on the website to see what I had to do besides making the deposit and it said to fill out a form for roomates and it said it was due on Jan. 4th? Does this mean I can't go now? Ik I should be emailing someone but like. Do you know anything abt this? Thnx.

I’m not sure without digging into it further but that definitely doesn’t sound right. If I had to guess I’d say that’s housing for the spring semester that starts in February, the assignments for fall semester 2019 won’t be due until sometime in late spring or early summer. Looking forward to seeing you here ✌️

BayRat housing request from a wayward vagabond

Hey! Next academic year (starting somewhere inclusively between the upcoming May and upcoming August, ending inclusively between the subsequent May and August) I plan to be on medical/personal leave from my graduate programme, and I will need somewhere to live that is reasonably affordable, near high quality trans healthcare and people whose company I am likely to enjoy, and not Chicago. It occurs to me that rationalist group living in the Bay (or possibly Seattle) fits this bill pretty well.

If you would be able to help me locate such housing, please send me a message.

Possibly relevant things I am:

  • Transfeminine (she/her/hers or it/it/its)
  • Born on 3 September 1992
  • A doctoral candidate in philosophy
  • Probably in need of a low-stress job to pay partially for living (also have support through parents)
  • Bi, poly, single, sporadically sexually active
  • Catholic
  • Neurodivergent/mentally ill (hence the medical leave)

Thanks to anyone who can help me out. Feel free to ask any clarificatory questions. Cheers!
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