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should i post about my plants more? i feel like i should probably post about my plants more

ficus elastica

pear cactus


Freestyle, Tim Street-Porter, 1986 📚

Salvaged & scanned by @jpegfantasy  🖨️

Colors of nature.


Orchid remnants


“ Je suis là!”

The wind blew over my bamboo and delicately snapped it in actual half. I’m hoping the separate halves keep growing.

Local coffee shops, Form and Function

Snake Plant (Mother in law’s Tongue)

Latin Name:  Sansevieria

Genus:  Sansevieria

Family: Asparagaceae

Light:  Partial shade

Soil:  Moist and free draining

Water: Very little water, let soil dry out in between watering, in winter water every 1-2 months

They do well with warmth and bright light, but will also tolerate shade. It is important that they are grown in well-draining compost and not over-watered , or they may rot. Besides the possibility of over watering Snakes Plants have the reputation of being nearly indestructible and make excellent first house plants. 

I have several of these guys in my house that was originally one plant. I love how low maintenance they are.

Canon AE-1/Kodak Portra 160



Satin Pothos.

i just figured out what i actually need for my living room space……….. a sectional.

Canon AE-1/Kodak Portra 160

The nook