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We love seeing our store through your eyes, make sure to tag us when you visit 😍🌿🖤✨ Image captured from the ever lovely ...

Spent such a lovely evening wreathmaking (yes, I’m at it again!) with . 🎄I even came away with a few ☺️

I chopped all the leaves off my Dioscorea elephantipes a few weeks ago because it had thrips, but it's starting to grow more now. Go leaves.

What most people consider to be poinsettia flowers are actually the colorful bracts surrounding the small, yellow, button-like blooms.

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I love Mother MG! New addition, she has given me this lovely fittonia or nerve plant cutting to grow on.🌿

: Update the look of your artificial by framing and hanging the leaves!

I think Maria & I broke the internet w/how long we talked about light in our homes for on her , Bloom & Grow Radio! She had to break it up into 2 episodes -the first live TODAY, & 2nd episode live next wk. Listen:

If you're still looking for Christmas presents, we stock a range of wonderful in our shop, perfect for any home!

admitted it but will you admit to talking or even singing to your plants? Check out our blog and see that it may not be as daft as it seems!

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English Ivy


Gymnocalycium Mihanovichii

Happy Sunday Tumblr,

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to begin a week long daily photo event called The Week of Colors. Each day I will but up a collage of plants from my collections that represent each color group. Feel free to participate as this is a good way to learn about new species, ask questions, and see some unique collections from other plant hobbyists.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I look forward to seeing other persons collections!

#Week of Colors