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Happy Friday ๐ŸŒฑ๐Ÿ’š

A peek inside Tokyoโ€™s Atelier Tokiiro, where the idea for โ€˜Stylish Succulentโ€™ was born

Love while ? Grow your own counter top in this gorgeous set of 3 shabby chic planters! Great for & too (that's what I have in my set!)โ € โ €โ €โ €

Unhappy looking can be tipped out of the pot to examine the roots for signs of over or underwatering. If you're not sure if you're correctly watering your , read our guide: Do you have a houseplant watering schedule?

This wonderfully weird leaf cactus jumped into my bag at the flower shop. Doesn't it look like a hippy? ๐Ÿ˜Š It's called Epiphyllum anguliger and comes from the evergreen mountain forests of Mexico where it grows on trees.

We all know the essentiality of plants for the earth. But did you know that these plants and herbs are also helpful for a healthy living? Here are some of the best reasons to grow and turn your house to a .

Ever-so-slightly sinister looking flower of Alocasia amazonica. The plant will probably come with me to on Saturday if you want it.

So easy! A fun project for you or for your kids! Transform leftover into lovely ! Thanks to our outstanding Realtor for sharing this great video:

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Home by Victoria

The first step is admitting there’s a problem. And the problem is going to grow into an even BIGGER problem.

I’ve been bit hard by the cactus and succulent bug. Thankfully, I might finally be learning from all the plant children I have killed in the past. These echeverias have maintained good color and some are making offsets!

Unfortunately, two stunning columnar cacti caught my eye this past weekend (pilosocereus azureus and stetsonia coryne) and a ferocactus emoryi from the weekend before, so… that’s a thing that’s happening.

And now I have an aeonium velour cutting. I need them all.

Going to find me another shelf that sits flush with the biggest south window so they can bask in hours of sun, overcast conditions pending. Additional growing lights will help on the darkest days, but I suspect everyone will come out of winter just fine.

what you see here is an extremely root bound spider plant! I couldnt put it in a bigger pot because then it wouldnt have fit in the hanging planter any more so i chose to split off some parts of the plant, and also removed quite a bit of rooted soil. I hope this doesnt damage the plant too much, but I think it’ll be fine. It’s a spider plant, after all!

The Domino Effect in Gardening


This last spring, I bought a Polka Dot Plant as a new plant owner. They were cute, on sale, and I wanted to challenge myself on a new plant. I got home and learned that their roots were sitting in water. They were soaked! So I named her Polky, let her dry out, and repotted her. The first novice issue I made was repotting her in a pot much, much larger then I needed to. The second novice mistake I made was thinking that I didn’t need a humidity tray. And the icing on the cake, the third novice mistake I made was overwatering Polky.

So Polky isn’t doing well, but as a novice I don’t notice immediately. Or if I did, I forgot every time. Who knows? I made the same repotting mistake on an Aloe Vera named Lolo I got in the winter as well. (My plant obsession started in winter, unfortunately.)

During the summer I also got a Golden Pothos named Garnet. If you’ve seen my posts, you all know Garnet’s story well.

So here starts the domino effect.

I only have so many glass jars for cuttings, all of which were taken by Garnet’s cuttings to fill out a second Golden Pothos pot named Pearl. But I needed those jars to take cuttings of Polky, who was dying, so I could repot what’s left into size appropriate pot(s). And I couldn’t repot Lolo yet because I needed Polky’s pot to do so.

So I’ve been waiting weeks for Garnet’s cuttings to be ready so I could take the cuttings and pot them in with Pearl. That would free up the jars so I can cut Polky back and see what lives. Which would free up Polky’s pot to repot Lolo.

Well, I didn’t wait long enough. So now I have one jar of Garnet cuttings (this one has what’s left of Harry Pothos in it), and one jar overfilled with Polky cuttings. But I’ve repotted Polky’s stubs, who have tiny new growth on them that was being squished by old leafless branches (that are now cuttings).

So now here I am on my kitchen floor in my pajamas, carefully repotting two sad plants on a Wednesday morning. All because I impulse bought a plant last spring.

Because You All Asked

Before people start sending messages asking about plant listings, I want everyone to know that this small shop is still in the very early stages and design process.

A reminder that:

  • I am only one person
  • I don’t have a large scale greenhouse supply of plants and cuttings
  • Listings come from my own plant collections
  • My plants can only produce so many cuttings/plantlets at given points in time
  • This shop will start off as a small side hobby.

I will try to post announcements on SeattleSucculents and SeattleSucculentsCo. before listings go live.

I ask for patience in this new adventure.