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With our strong foundations, evolution is what we needed. Seeing all legends go through that phase, we opted for it too.

Travel is endless. So, we made your jewellery shopping more convenient. We give you twice the jewellery as well! Our branches: Hughes Road, Grant Road, Mumbai and S V Road, Vile Parle, Mumbai

Jewellery is best when it brings out your inner spark and beauty altogether. Make you your own gem and cherish who you are.

The way we put full effort and expertise into jewellery, we did the same for our logo. It took more than 300 hours, but we finally perfected our look!

When Ramzan ends with the bright light of the moon, let some of our jewellery reflect its beauty on you. Eid Mubarak!

The ’s presents the "Allure Bridal Collection" to find the most exquisite look for your big day!

The ’s luminescent & mesmerizing neckpiece wraps around your neck!

Adorned in the ultimate wedding finery with the ’s emerald, uncut diamond and gold earrings!

Sway along for any occasion in the ’s extraordinary diamond, gold and ruby stone earrings.

A sheer radiance is the ’s diamond, gold and pink stone pendant that makes you dazzle with perfection!

Revel at the sight of the stunning uncut diamonds with pearls and red enamel jewellery set from the

The offers you the mesmerizing pendant, designed with gleam of gold, uncut diamonds and purple enamel

to the being published on the cover of The Global Gujarati Magazine.

crafts the most luxurious jewellery, in its own manufacturing unit exclusively for you!

Celebrate the wondrous diamond gemstone with dazzling facts from the .

invites you to discover the inspiration behind our elite jewellery at our flagship store on

Get your hands on these absolutely elegant collection from the . Which one is your favourite?

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