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Our boy is co-organising an art event over on Columbia Road this Friday. Expect an evening of art, poetry, performance and cuisine. Head of to Jobiar’s instagram for the link to the event. - - - -

is here! Come to the to enjoy it, call me for make a beach reservation (832) 298-0151

From the swimming pool... it's so sunny that the sky is white... In casa dinàmica, a 6 bedroom house to rent 10km to Barcelona...

I've just clean the entire flat.. I was all sweaty and smelly.. so I've had a shower put fresh sheets on the bed.. time to get naked and chill

It's time at UK!🥳🎉on our FB page. For the chance to win a 9272 Housewarming Party from the Modern range 🏠Head on over and see if you can find the missing piece? ◀️

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🍁🍂 Autumn Day (No CC) - 👉 DOWNLOAD 👈 at The Sims Resource!

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White House official who favored more refugee admissions is out:...
A White House official who supported higher numbers of refugee admissions to the United States and clashed with immigration hard-liners in the Trump administration left her position on Thursday, two U.S. officials with knowledge of the departure said.

Jennifer Arangio, a senior director at the White House National Security Council for International Organizations and Alliances, left after months of open disagreements with officials who support slashing refugee admissions, including White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller and Department of Justice official Gene Hamilton, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The sources said Arangio was escorted from the White House. It was not clear if her departure was directly linked to her views on refugee admissions. Her departure was first reported by Politico.

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Fingers crossed for my first time home buyer client 🏡
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Mercury In 1st House Meaning And Significance

Celebrities With Mercury In 1st House: Kate Winslet, George W. Bush, Selena Gomez, Freddie Mercury, Grace Kelly, Mahatma Gandhi

Keywords for Mercury In 1st House: Instinctive, Literary, Intelligent, Quick, Curious, Impatient

Mercury In First House: Personality Profile

As energetic as you are, Mercury in the 1st house makes you restless and distracted. You tend to talk a mile a minute because you just have so much to say. But because of that you can take over a conversation without realizing it. Try to slow down a bit. You can’t help but get excited and fascinated by new topics, and your curiosity is insatiable. You want to learn as much as possible in as short a time as possible because you are constantly moving on to the next thing. Patience is not your strong suit – you want instant gratification.  🌺 🌸


WIP apartment decoration of 18 Culpepper House in San Myshuno. I love decorating; probably one of my favorite things to do in The Sims :D Still a lot to do, window shades/curtains, art, the bathroom, MORE CLUTTER and more plants of course!! Thank you to all the custom content creators whos cc I used, especially @peacemaker-ic. I pretty much could not play my game without you! <3

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