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Gilmore Girls


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Michel Gerard

Surly, grumpy, proud, self-righteous, superior, snooty Michel played by the ever convincing Yanic Truesdale.

At first Michel seems borderline mean but we see him as a clerk at the Independence Inn…doing customer service. That explains soooo much!

  • I’ve worked in customer service for a couple years & you can see how really patient & sweet people can turn into abrupt, straight to the point & often brutally honest people. It’s about not wasting time or energy on toxic people. And trust me, 90% of clients are stupid, rude, & angry. No exaggeration. You have to put up with a lot of shit (even rape & death threats). Some say people act better face to face but I know a lot of people working in retail who say otherwise.

Assuming he only had to deal with a fraction of the attitude & stupidity, it’s a lot. So I can see it keeping him grumpy & tired of people.


Originally posted by adi-dion

I love his wit & banter. It not only shows his intelligence but that he has a sense of humour.

Michel eagerly became a partner with Lorelai & Sookie, running the Dragonfly Inn with them.

This allows him to be happier (mostly). He became better friends with Sookie. Had more input so he probably felt more fulfilled. He also became a father…to a couple of fur babies. 🐶

It was adorable to see that side of him. It wasn’t shown often before he adopted the dogs. Mostly he was really sweet to his mother whom he loved a lot, but that wasn’t an interaction that happened very often.


Originally posted by gilmore-isms

Michel’s character is gay on the show but it was never stated in conversation or by seeing any oddly placed scene. It was obvious though. And while some people may have wished for it to be discussed or shown on screen, I feel that it would have been out of character if they did that. Michel’s personal life was private.

Year in the Life did finally say the name of his husband but I personally thought the execution of it felt odd & misplaced.

  1. Like the creators were going ‘see, look! We have a LGBTQ character!’ …more about posturing & less about appreciating the fact he was a rarity in a small conservative town. Otherwise why wouldn’t they have gradually show Michel opening up more & more in the series then have at least 1 sub plot about his family life with his hubby’s & their dogs…. even if it was something silly like he goes home to find his husband adopted 2 more dogs & there’s no room in their apartment for the humans… it would have felt more natural & given Michel more focus.

I love the surliness, wit & oddly charming character of Michel though. How can anyone not love him?


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