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, the holidays are a great time for you to increase occupancy, up-sell bookings and delight guests. Here’s a quick guide to help you get ready:

Many customers judge a hotel by its restaurant. Savvy marketers at are putting a digital spotlight on with a site built on our platform. How do you promote your restaurant?

: Attention independent hoteliers! Here is an ultimate Hotel PMS year-end offer for you

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Tequila for your tacos!?🔥

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Ook zo kan je een hotelnacht verkopen...

Deze pendeldienst van de South Beach Hotel Group naar de luchthaven heb ik gespot in Miami. Ook zo kan je een overnachting in je hotels aan de man brengen… één en al belevenis :

Checked in friday morning.
Used fake name.
Drank with a local.
Danced with a stranger.
Ate something delicious I couldn’t pronounce.
Partied like a rockstar.
Slept like a baby.