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That’s our jar of ambrosia! Yes, the hard to find, home grown lemon chilies transformed into the yummiest lemon pickle. Tastes super duper yummy! . .

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Cheating in vacation. MF, Anal
Cheating in vacation. MF, Anal

David had been waiting over a year for this vacation, working long hours and squirreling away money for airfare and five nights stay in the Bahamas. He loves the beach. He always loved the water but the moment he hit puberty his eyes became trained to seek out every attractive woman in a bathing suit. Large breasts with miles of cleavage supported by sturdy bikini tops. Small breasts with perky nipples covered by wispy fabric. And don’t forget the bikini bottoms. The trend of late he noticed was something that was almost a thong but not a string thong and the scrunchy bottoms with elastic which pulled the fabric into the buttcrack.

David and his wife Liz had set up their chairs as close to the beach as possible. They’d learned from experience that as the tide receded people are given to setting up in front of them and spoiling the view.

Liz and David were in their mid thirties and as yet had no children. They had put it off while they pursued their dreams of travelling. They had visited many beaches over the years and kept in shape mostly by running a few times a week and limiting their drinking to weekends. David was almost six foot with light hair cut short but he tanned fairly well in the summer. Liz had dark mediterranean skin and dark hair which required frequent maintenance. She was a voluptuous woman, but hirsute like her father. She waxed plucked and even had electrolysis on a few areas. She had the dark line of hair between her navel and pubic area done, her lip and eyebrows, but most pleasingly to David she had the skin between the anus and vulva and the dark skin around her anus done.

Just as they settled into their beach chairs under the shade of their umbrella a young woman with a turquoise suit entered the water. She looked Malaysian, the beautiful eyes, wide mouth and European nose. Her skin was in the middle of the Asian shades. Not pale but not dark either. She was young, but in her prime, not an ounce of baby fat. Her hips curved gently from her slim waist, just enough to hold securely onto the tied straps of her bikini bottom. Her bottom was round, two handfuls for a man of David’s size and the turquoise fabric covered less than half of her soft cheeks, which jiggled lightly as she bounced through the surf and five into the water.

Dave loved that. The moment before her ass submerged he got to see it from a different angle, from below, where the tiniest bit of fabric gently cupped her pussy and was squeezed by her thighs. That is exactly where I’d like to put my face, thought David. He glanced at Liz who wore a wide brimmed hat and Hollywood sunglasses as she read her paperback. Her dark skinned breasts listened with sweat beading over her sunscreen. The gentle curve inviting David to cum all over them and watch his seed drip down between them to her navel.

“I’m jumping in babe, care to join me?” David said. “I’m not hit enough yet” she replied, “I will in a little bit.”

David dove in and kicked underwater a bit. The water so clear that when he opened his eyes he could see the young girls slender legs not very far ahead of him. Refreshed and feeling confident he said to her “the water’s so clear isn’t it? It’s really amazing.” He noticed her bikini top had folded down a bit on one side revealing a shade of skin he knew to be the outer ring of areola on her breast and a darker shade which was about half of what looked to be a slightly puffy nipple. His cock stiffened slightly. “Yes, it’s beautiful” she said, “like glass.”

David smiled as he weighed in his head whether to tell her about the bathing suit slip. While he enjoyed looking at her nipple very much he felt he would be doing the right thing if he told her, to save her from embarrassment. “I’m sorry, but you've….slipped a little,” he said as he gestured with his eyes toward her left breast. Oh my gosh! She gasped and looked down with wide eyes as.she pulled the fabric over her nipple. “I’m sorry” said David, embarrassed and uncomfortable. “Don’t be, thank you” she replied “I never wear a top in St. Maarten and I think I’ve outgrown it.” She smiled in a very girlish and playful way. David’s cock was shifting in his suit and as he had always cut the netting out of them the head of his penis was brushing against the rough fabric, accelerating his arousal.

David felt guilty, he tried to casually glance at his wife to see if she might be watching him, and the young woman noticed. “Is that your wife?” she asked. “Uh yes, that’s Liz and I’m David.” “Sarah” she said and extended her delicate hand, which David lightly shook. “Your wife is sooo beautiful.” “Thank you, I guess. You are also very beautiful.” “Oh, you’re kind but I am not as pretty.” David didn’t want to get into an argument with her and thought better of showering her with flattery. “In a different way,” he conceded. This felt awkward, but was true. Sarah exuded youth, the soft gentle curves, the skin which glowed it was so smooth and unblemished. She looked….perfect. Liz had the body of a fantasy, large breasts, round ass, full lips. And Sarah was a secret fantasy, you never told anyone about, smallish, delicate and feminine. You could reach behind and grab both ass cheeks with fingers splayed, one pulling gently at the tight ring that was her perfect anus and the other fingers easily brushed the wetness between her lips.

They weren’t talking, but they each saw something in the other, a want. An itch that needed to be scratched. Without salutations Sarah dove in the water enjoying the gentle surf and David watched her pillow soft ass breach the surface as he waded for moment to let his cock soften before he got out of the water.

David scrolled through his phone as he sat in the shade drying off. Selfie time, he thought..he held up his coconut drink in one hand and his phone in the other when he noticed that just over his shoulder layed Sarah face down and her assglistening in the golden sun. She reached back with both hands and pulled her underwear further up her crack and with a brimming smile David got his shot. He managed to position himself as though he was reading his phone but in fact the camera was on and he was still watching her tender ass.

“I’m getting in”Liz declared as she slapped David’s leg. “You coming?” No thanks, he replied, engrossed in his phone. Her ass bounced rhythmically as she shimmied down the hill toward the surf. It was slick with tanning lotion and mostly covered by her black bathing suit bottoms. Liz wore a more conservative style of bathing suit, but no suit could reasonably conceal her curves short of a Burkini.

Sarah spread her legs a bit and David hit record. She reached back and pulled the cloth from her crotch, presumably to find a more comfortable position for the fabric. But it seemed to settle inside her pussy lips. At least the outer labia were revealed, and the thin strip of turquoise fabric stretched between them. David rested his phone on his leg as his genitals stirred. A sip of drink and he returned to “reading” his phone. He zoomed in. It appeared she shifted again. Now the fabric had been pulled completely to one side revealing the entirety of her completely bald vagina. Two round and light colored labia embracing a very small pair of purplish petals tucked neatly inside.

“Liz, you want a drink?” David called to the water. He barely listened to her response as he turned around to walk right past Sarah. He had many years of practice getting a solid snapshot with just his eyes, without seeming too obvious. As he passed he looked at her and she caught his glance and smiled. That was all the evidence he needed. She was definitely DTF.

David and Liz stayed just a little longer and then packed up for the day. He hoped beyond hope that she would be in the same spot tomorrow. When they got to the room they stripped for the shower and David was desperate to fuck his wife.

The hotel had a double shower, two heads with one in each side. They jumped in together and one thing was for certain Liz was going to leave with very clean boobs. He approached her from behind as she leaned forward to wet her hair, his dick was rock hard and nestled easily between the deep round warmth of her ass. “Oh,” Liz jumped slightly. David reached around and grabbed her breasts, kneading them as his cock slid up and down the remarkable length of ass crack.

Liz reached for her bottle of expensive conditioner and squirted a large amount into her hand. She reached back and stroked his cock into her ass creek. David was feeling on the edge, he was a pool horny and the feeling of her slippery hands was incredible. He felt the head of his cock brush past her anus. On the second pass he pushed in a little and Liz moaned. That was his signal. He grabbed her hips and pushed forward an inch. The head of his cock snapped through the muscles in her sphincter. The anticipation of a full stroke had his mind reeling.

David pushed slowly into the hilt. Now he felt the choke of her ring of muscles around the base of his dick. He began slowly stroking in and out of her ass as he groped her slippery breasts. Liz moaned with pleasure. The extreme slipperiness of their fleshy connection encouraged an increase in speed. David began slamming into her faster and faster. Water splashed up between them as his hips smacked her juicy ass.

His climax came quickly and David unloaded a truly superior amount of semen inside her ass. They both caught their breath, and disconnected. David’s was at half mast. “I guess we’ll call that a quicky” Liz declared and David smiled sheepishly, knowing she had not orgasmed as he did. Liz began pushing inside her ass until David’s cum leaked out and down her leg. “Jesus Christ that turns me on” said David. “Better it come out now than at dinner” she smiled and they both finished washing up.

After dinner they returned to their, exhausted from a long day in the sun. As they crossed the lobby David’s stomach dropped as he sighted Sarah, the girl from the beach waiting for the elevator. She wore a loose silky top with a devastating plunging neckline, revealing gentle curve of her smallish breasts and her slender figure, she was flawless thought David.

They entered the elevator together and David felt an awkward silence. Liz held onto David’s arm, resting her head on his shoulder. “Would you do me a big favor?” Liz asked. “Will you get me a bottle of water from the vending machine?” “Sure thing” David replied, he playfully smacked her ass as they exited the elevator. He glimpsed back at Sarah before the doors started closing and Sarah held a hand up, she held four fingers up. Four O one, and the doors closed.

Liz popped into the room, totally exhausted. She may face down on the soft white duvet, and David said “I’ll be back in a minute with your water.” “thank you” mumbled Liz, her face pressed into the bed. He could see there was a very strong possibility she would be passed out by the time he got back.

David hot-stepped toward the stairs, why waste time waiting for the elevator. He scurried down the hallway clocking room numbers, odd numbers on his right. 409, 407, 405, 403…David took a deep breathe and as he approached room 401 He could see the door was open slightly. An invitation.

Sarah pulled the door open before he had a chance and she stood there in her bra and panties. The diaphanous pink fabric left very little to the imagination. Her dark nipples were clearly visible and they were full if not hard. They immediately embraced, wrapping their arms around each other, hand moving hungrily over backs, necks and asses. David picked her up like nothing and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He held her ass cheeks in his hands exactly as he imagined, held completely in the grasp of his strong hands. The bed was just a few steps from the door and he tossed her down firmly. Sarah was lying back on her elbows with her knees up and legs wide while David ripped off his shorts and shirt. He could see through the fabric of her panties she was smoothly shaven around her lips with just a tiny patch of hair above. She had a look of determination on her face, a hunger for a challenge like she was about to enter a ring. Like she knew something David didn’t.

David was filled with excitement and the tiniest bit of fear. He went straight for her pussy. His desire to ram his face into her warm wet sex overcame him and he sucked the moist lips through the filmy fabric. Sarah moaned as David sucked and mumbled into her. He pulled the fabric aside and licked as deep as he could into pussy. He started flicking his tongue over her tiny hidden clit and Sarah gave a loud OH! She grabbed him by the ears and pulled him up to her face. She put her mouth on his and tasted his tongue. She licked his chin and his cheeks and sucked her juices off of him. David easily entered her and stroked deeply into her hot wet void. She had the kind of hips you could see poking through her abdomen, her stomach so flat it stretched her naval into an ellipse. David held himself up on his arms and Sarah thrust herself up to meet his strokes. She brought her legs between his and closed them straight trapping David’s cock inside her like a vice. He began to saw in and out of her. He couldn’t see where his cock was going between her legs but he could feel it on his cock when it entered her. It felt like a magic trick. David pulled out completely and then aimed his hard cock at the crux of her thighs and pushed. It pushed through the tight space and as the head of his cock found the wet opening he could slide it all in. It was excruciatingly pleasurable.  He did it a number of times and at a point Sarah suddenly flipped over onto her stomach, still holding her legs tightly together. Her back arched and her ass rose to meet him. David peeled her underpants down her legs, sniffing his way from her ass to her thighs. David He sat lightly on her thighs and grabbed her ass spreading her as if he was opening a book. He could see the hollow wet opening of her lips in the shape of an upside down teardrop and thrust himself into her, holding cheeks painfully apart.

The view from above was amazing. A thin skin of purple and pink wrapped around his cock and pulled out like a sleeve as he pulled back. And disappeared inside her as he pushed. He shifted his hands slightly so his thumbs bordered her light brown asshole. As he pushed out on her cheeks she began to gape just slightly, the width of a whistle. David leaned over her and spit with precision right into her gape, and as tradition dictates he thrust thumb into her home, pulling slightly out spa he could feel the strength of the muscle trying to keep her ass closed.

Oh my God! Sarah said and was pushing her hole onto his thumb. David could feel his cock on his thumb and his thumb on his cock as the two instruments danced inside her. Fiddling the ridge of his penis each twist of his thumb opened slightly more the band of muscle in her ass. The multiple points of stimulation were beginning to trigger an orgasm for Sarah like a pinball machine about to go on tilt. “I want you to suck you” she declared. David climbed off of her and stood at the foot of the bed stroking himself. Sarah hopped up and sat on the edge of the bed. She grabbed David’s balls and gently squeezed them. She took him into her mouth and slid gently up and down his cock. She stopped at the head and started sucking on it hungrily, the rough flat of her tongue rubbing the underside like she was trying to finish a lollipop.

Sarah could feel the ridge around his dick getting firmer and his balls start to tighten. David pulled in his stomach trying to hold back what would be a massive eruption. His eyebrows twitched and the kids half closed. Sarah grabbed her tangled panties from the bed and shoved them in her mouth. She started slamming her face down onto David’s cock and he could feel the soft pillow in the back of her throat. A few more strokes and he was erupting into the panties feeling his hot come with no place to go bathe the head of his dick. Sarah’s nose was pressing into him, breathing warm air into his pubic hair. David’s balls shriveled tight trying to expel every last drop of him. She pulled off and gave the tip a good suck pulling out the last drop. She took the panties out of her mouth and found the spot filled with David’s come. She nursed the fabric pulling his semen through the threads and into her mouth, swallowing with a look of sated desire.

David stood exhausted, almost in tears of joy. Sarah hopped up and grabbed two bottles of Evian from the mini-fridge. The look on his face fave said “huh?” and she put the bottles in his hands. Oh right David thought, I went to get water. “See you at the beach tomorrow?” Sarah said and lightly smacked his ass. David was still speechless. She smiled and walked to the bathroom closing the door behind her. Oh I guess that’s my cue he thought and pulled his clothes together. He looked forward to the beach tomorrow.

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