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We'll be at today from 2:00-4:00PM in the Pinckney & Nicholls Ward for a Activity Day ☀️ Be sure to come by & say if you're in the area. There will be plenty of for everyone! 💛

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Bağırsaklarımızın en iyi dostu lifi, bize meyve ve sebzeler sağlar. Meyveler aynı zamanda; C vitamini, folik asit, potasyum gibi antioksidanlar açısından da zengindir.

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Ante nuestro compromiso con la sociedad sabemos que la formación de nuestro equipo es esencial para obtener los mejores resultados. No es suficiente con tener la tecnología más avanzada si no apostamos por nuestro equipo, un equipo formado y especializado.

Día Internacional del Síndrome de . Es un trastorno del espectro que dificulta la capacidad de ínteractuar socialmente y repetir ciertos comportamientos.

Día Internacional del Síndrome de . Es un trastorno del espectro que dificulta la capacidad de ínteractuar socialmente y repetir ciertos comportamientos.

Bringing world-class services to patients in Guangzhou and beyond, the new United Family Healthcare creates a heart-warming experience for patients and families within a peaceful atmosphere. Learn more about the project:

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damnshipper  asked:

Hello sweety! How are you today? Well i have a question. What V will do when his S/O feels bad maybe ill or wounded?

Hey there @damnshipper
Sorry for my late reply, but I’m doing fairly well today, thank you kindly. I hope you are doing well, too :) 

I kind of answered that question here already, but I’m suspecting you mean graver injuries than a scratch or a cold, so I’ll answer this, too :) 

V will be absolutely mortified and lose a lot of his cool if his SO gets injured. He’s finally found someone who cares deeply about him, making his life better than it ever was, and now there’s a chance his SO is taken away from him? It terrifies him to his core, even if he tries to keep it together. 

Originally posted by maxkaoruklaus

If he witnessed it and sees his SO falling, he’ll fight something fierce to get to them and prevent further harm to them, but he’ll be wide-eyed and panicked, throwing a lot of his usual caution overboard. 
His reserves will go out the window and he’ll risk being wounded himself just to get his SO safe. 
He wouldn’t do this with friends, probably - he’d be calmer and more rational. It’s the thought of losing his SO that makes him go nearly insane. 

All of his summons will be affected by his frenzy and fight fiercer than ever before - this is not “fun” after all, this is a matter of life and death. 
Through V, they care for his SO, too - V is part of them after all. They share an important bond, and they realize, even the thick-headed Nightmare, that their master might lose it if his most important person dies. 

Shadow and Nightmare help clean a path and carry the both of V and his SO as carefully as they can, and Griffon will create distractions by attacking incoming foes in their backs, frying them where he can. 

V will beg the nearest doctor to do what they can for his SO, and he will be worried sick all the time. No one around teases V with this - V’s made abundantly clear how much his SO means to him. His loss is everyone’s loss, so they try their best to work together to give his SO extra care and medication. 

It will tear V apart to go out there and fight again, without knowing how his SO is doing, and he’ll rush back after fights, exhausting himself but not caring, and he’ll fall asleep next to their bed, holding their hand. 

When his SO gets better, he’ll cry ugly. He’ll full on cry, he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He’s too relieved to show anything else. 
He’ll bury his lover in careful kisses and hugs and try to talk to them, and he’ll soak up everything the doctors say to make sure he knows exactly how well his SO is doing. 

I hope this answerred your question ^___^

UPDATE: The hospital i was looking at in California reached out to me, and I’m honestly really hoping they’ll be able to help. Like it seems perfect tbh, and the person who emailed me even included her pronouns in the end part of the email. It’s really awesome and im just. Really hoping we can get me there to get help.  I think things are looking up a bit -Alex/Dean

I’m stuck here, in the worst mental state ive been in in a long long time, and im too scared to get my mom because she might be sleeping after like 3 days of no sleep and i need to be in a hospital that ACTUALLY WILL HELP

but none of the hospitals wanna help a someone like me. Nobody does. It’s like they /WANT/ me dead and honestly i dont blame them. 

i just need a bit of help, but im so scared to ask for it


The story of how I ended up in a cast after falling down that last step of my stairs

Ok first of all its was 12 am, and I had a guard comp that day. So I was hanging out with my parents up stairs for a bit before I went to sleep.

So after I say goodnight I head down the stairs, you know like that thing you do every day. Well for some reason on the LAST step like seriously only 1 step I tripped and landed on my ankle and heard a pop.

Long story short I was taken to the ER, and was there for 3 hours, and left with a split. They said I didnt break my ankle but I had a fracture they couldn’t see on an xray.

Then fast forward until present day, I’ve been wearing my cast for a total maybe 3 weeks. And I have to wear it for 2 more weeks, then I get put into a boot and get to start physical therapy. Also I have to get all of this for a sprain. To be fair on a scale of 1 to 4, I have a type 4 sprain (the worst kind). Also my tendons were extremely close to tearing and then I would need surgery.

So yeah that’s how I ended up in a cast because I fell down the last step of my stairs. I mean you can’t be more clumsy then myself.

cosydaisies  asked:

Hi! What do clinicals consist of? Is it like skills practice or are you actually in like a hospital? Do you get a chance to see different specialties? Thank you!


“Clinicals” can mean different things. At our school, many things can contribute to our required clinical hours. For example, we have in-school lab time, simulation, health fairs, time at community centers, and hospital shifts that all contribute. The bulk of clinical time is spent in a hospital. Lab time/simulation at school is where we learn and practice skills, which is usually at the beginning of the semester. We have Fundamentals, Med-Surg, ICU, Pediatrics, OB/GYN/Neonatal, OR, Psychiatry, and Community Integration, which are the bulk of our hospital time. During a typical hospital shift, we are there for 12 hours assigned to an RN working that day. Most of our 4-5 hour courses require about 90-100 hours of clinical time per semester.

I hope that helps!

13/02/19 - At Helios Klinik, Schkeuditz, Germany

For Valentine’s Day, I’ll get a needle stuck into my spinal canal.

I am the sock queen. My doctor fetish and preemptive relief has my adrenaline pumping.

Hospitals have always been safe places for me (I speak from a position of privilege). A clinic is the one place where a lack of control makes me feel more secure - I can surrender to the routine. The machines, beeping noises, operating tables, disinfectant smells, latex gloves, blood vials, and cannulas don’t scare me, but my mind does.

Anxiety has made me write a dozen last letters in my head. I spiral and spiral and spiral and spiral downwards.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring: I try not to think, I cling to the coming dawns.

Day 6 - Moving forward

I drew Ibaraki Sans with Frisk (that isn’t canon at any point in AU) being at hospital together and Frisk being happy to see Sans again. Frisk almost died in… some accident… hehe… but forgives Sans as he forgives her and so they decide to forget about their sins and move to bright future together.

Ibaraki belongs to @sass41


Unwanted Throne

I sit on an unwanted throne

Of antiseptic rhymes,

Sterile words trying to treat

Infectious ideas.

The swift undulations

Of imagined frustrations

Pulls out the stitches

As soon as they are in,

So that piercing is always known

But healing never is.

Aspirin and Tylenol

Painkillers they prescribe for all

Warfarin and Percocet

Should manage the rest of it.

Come here to their realm

This is what you find,

Isolate the problem

Terminate the state of mind.

Visit me while I rest

An unlearned king

Amongst educated peasants,

The thing I give will not be

Found in pills or solutions.

You won’t have to open wide

No holding still while I pinch,

I won’t close you up behind curtains

I won’t be afraid to get near

Without gloves, mask, and fear.

Leaded bones and mercurial mind

You come to me

In my lonely kingdom

Medicine having failed yet again.

Let me hold your hand

You mustn’t bend a knee

Or kiss my ring,

I am here to give you hope.

Ignoring infection protocol

I embrace you close

I smell your breath

That already echoes

Of a nearing death.

Lend your ear

While I shed a tear

Afraid this might not work,

Though it has time and time again.

Drawing from the

Spring inside myself

Connected to ancient healing waters,

Tales that transcend hell and fate

Stories that separate love from hate

Memoirs of a love that died until

Beyond death it brought life,

Together we will go

Where peaceful rivers flow.

- Vagabond Prophet

It is today I claim my title as the Medical Poet

what it’s like

one year ago on this day I got a anon quoting Dear Evan Hansen, on of my favorite musicals at the time, at first I thought it was my friend as I got one the same day from them.  My friend later stated it wasn’t them. I got very confused, I only had around 30 followers so getting a regular anon out of no where was confusing. pretty soon I called them Kat and we asked questions back and forth, pretty basic but it felt nice to open up the app and have someone to talk them. I found out what their blog was quickly, looking through my little followers. I debated for weeks weather or not to message them when I did, a friendship grew and I discovered that she was close to another mutual that lived next door to her. I had conversations with them both. It wasn’t long until I found out the troubled life they’ve lead. I supported them the best I could but one can only do so much. Then on June 16th 2018 at 1 am, Kat Passed away due to injesting hand sanitizer. I stepped away for a month on tumblr and when I came back I saw a message for me that was in her queue. I won’t share ether of the blogs because I don’t want to invade their privacy. But I still miss her. And that’s why I have anon off