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compra con nosotros PGA547 / J547 ) Vital PGA 8-0 Espatula 2x6,5mm 3/8c 30cm Cx12 11/2022

A Organização Mundial de Saúde (OMS) criou, há mais de uma década, uma Lista de Verificação de Segurança Cirúrgica de forma a reduzir a mortalidade após a cirurgia.

After graduating in 2013 from ennifer Hark Hameister is the & Training Program Administrator in the Department of Colon & Rectal at Sisters of Charity .

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Yay it’s dinner time! I’m loving this regular meals throughout the day lark! The food is really tasty too!!

SERVICIO DE HEMODINAMIA - Horarios de atención. Solicita tu turno con la interconsulta de tu médico cardiologo en el servicio de hemodinamia.

राजस्थान में यह कैसा अस्पताल ! Watch Live :

Iraq : हज़रत इमाम हुसैन अलैहिस्लाम के रौज़े में अस्पताल खोला जा रहा है यहाँ कैंसर के मरीज़ों का मुफ्त इलाज होगा :

अमरावतीः डॉक्टर, नर्सनी २२ बालकांना वाचवले < बातमी

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Medical treatments today🤦‍♀️



I’m gonna tell the story of it, so if you don’t want to read it, I’ll see ya in the next post. So, the story is:

We got the taxi there and when we got out we went to the place where we book our appointment. And then we had to wait. I drew and went on my phone, and then I got a unicorn from one of those things where you put money in and twist it. 

After 1 and a half hours, I got some stuff from the vending machine. Just as I finished my twix, they called me in. They took a look in my mouth and at the swelling (Which, btw, looks like I got in a boxing match and lost severly) and said, “I’m going to get antibiotics.” After getting the antibiotics, she also said, “If the swelling gets worse, come back.” Then we got a bus and got home.

That was my tale of Hospitalness, the moral is, look after your teeth and I’ll see you guys later.

~~Peace out

6 years ago today, I sent my friend home so I could kill myself, instead I told my parents I needed to go to stay in a hospital because I wanted to die and they told me that for that much money they could actually fix my problems and get their friend who they believe to be a spiritual healer.

So fucking cheers to how well that fucking worked, thanks.

*if you can’t tell, I’m being sarcastic*

Quick mental health question for y’all…

How do I not have a mental breakdown or are they like things that are set in stone?

I’m not talking about a bit of crying and a panic attack, I’m talking about hospital stay worthy kind of mental breakdowns and not being mentally stable for a good while.

Things have been building up for a while but like is there a way to stop it or will something sooner or later trigger it? I really can’t be in hospital right now and I know exactly where I’d go if I did and it’s not a pretty place.

No se a cuánta gente he visto morir, pero se sigue acelerando mi corazón

El primero hoy, código rojo, no se pudo hacer mucho.

Se deja a los familiares llorar un rato y de ahí se van.

Aprovechen el tiempo con sus familias, todos los mi vida y Dios mío te amo, Gustavo ya no los va a escuchar nunca.

Si quieren a alguien díganselo todos los días.

Ese es mi mejor consejo.

Pd: jamás interfieran en el llanto de un familiar.

Whump Prompt #312

Submitted by anon - thanks!

idea: for some reason, A ends up in the hospital. B is listed as their emergency contact, but A and B had a falling out/don’t talk anymore and A just hasn’t updated their info yet. Cue the nurse, C, having to gently break it to them that B did not answer, is there someone else they can call, and if A is unconscious or drugged up too much to think properly, they’re inevitably left to wake up alone. bonus if A is the type to pretend everything is fine, and so they don’t tell their friends they’re hurt.