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What if you could improve your multispecialty practice billing & coding? Make more money faster with AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions -based

25 de Agosto 1987/ 25 de Agosto 2019. Feliz cumpleaños Garrahan. Por muchas vidas más...

My Distant 's friend posted: "Today I visited my friend, at the and I am happy to say he looks good and is feeling good. He is pleased in his progress and getting stronger every day. He was sitting up and told he just completed his first walk since ."

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Little Pieces-Chapter 6



In the morning of the 3rd day after the surgery, the doctors decided it was time for Catherine to try to get up and walk a few steps.

The woman was anxious about it because she was not feeling strong enough and also, no one from her family was by her side.

-I do not want to do it-she said looking at the ceiling.

-Your Royal Highness, we said you have to start. You were talking with your family members yesterday and you were happy about it.

“Royal Highness? Is he idiot or what?”

-I am not at the moment.. IS IT THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND?! and stop calling me “Your Royal Highness”. I do not know what you mean.

-Ms. Catherine, stop screaming please.

She just looked at the doctor and said slowly but with anger:

-Leave Me Alone.


She was laying on the bed by more than an hour already when her mother walked it to the room.

-Hey sweetheart, how are you?

Carole kissed her on the cheek.

She didn’t answer her.


-WHO ARE YOU?! - she screamed, having some kind of panic attack.


Carole seemed to be speechless.

-Kate.. I am..

-DON’T CALL ME ‘KATE’ ! - she shouted and hid her face in hands.

-I am your mother…What is happening to her, doctor?-She asked when Catherine’s doctor and the nurse entered the hospital room.

-She’s behaving differently since this morning.. We have no idea what caused that but we guess it’s amnesia.

-Wh-.. What? Amnesia? After 3 days?

-It often happens after brain surgeries. It should be gone soon.

-“soon” means when?

-Sadly, I don’t know..

The doctor turned to the nurse that was giving some medications to The Duchess.

-Ready? Good. -he looked at Carole again.-Your daughter got medications. She will be sleeping for a few hours right now.

-Can I stay with her?

-Of course.

-Thank you.


William was preparing breakfast for his children when he heard the phone ringing.

“At this hour?”. He picked up the phone.

-Carole? Good morning


-Has she started to walk?

-No, she hasn’t.. According to the doctor.. She has amnesia. They have no idea how long it will last..

-Amnesia? O my god. Did she forget who are you?

-Yes. It seems she forget her name too. Doctors don’t know how long she will be like that.. I am so scared..

-I’ll be there in a while okay?

-Yes, okay..

William seemed to be shocked when he hung up the call. Did she forget him as well? their children? Her whole life?


The Duke Of Cambridge slowly went into her room and exchanged a “hello” with his mother in-law.

He looked at his wife and stayed like that until she wake up 2 hours later. Her eyes started to open.


-Who are you? - she said quietly.

Those words ripped off his heart. She has forgotten him.

-I.. I am William. Your husband.

-Do I have a husband?

-Yeah.. And.. 3 children..

He was really shocked by the situation, as much as Catherine.

-Kids? What are their names?

-George, he’s 6. Charlotte,4 and Louis, 1.

-Why do I forget everything? what happened to me?

-You had.. a surgery 3 days ago and it seems like you’ve got amnesia..

-Oh no.. I do not remember anything of our lives, of my life.. Where do I work?

“Should I tell her the truth? Say something like "calm down, you will know everything but step by step” ? What should I tell her?“ William was helpless. Catherine’s mother noticed that so she replied instead:

-You help kids and other groups of people.

-So.. Am I volunteer somewhere?

-Kind of..

William turned to Carole with a "thank you” look.

-But.. Doctor was calling me “Your royal highness”. What does it mean?

William sighed and decided to explain her everything, the whole truth.

He started from the story about their first meeting and then everything else.

Catherine was asking a lot of questions, she was in a state of shock.


Later, they left the hospital room and were talking, sitting in the hospital cafe.

-I have no idea what will we do if she stays this way for a long time.

-I do not know..-William said. -She doesn’t deserve all of this. The brain tumour, the surgery and now amnesia. The children will want to see her by FaceTime again and she only remembers them because of my story and photos.. I do not know what to think and do anymore..

-William.. We have to be strong, for her. She needs our support. More than ever.

-I know but it’s really hard for me to see her like that.. Well ugh.. I guess I have to make a few phone calls to my family. They needed an update about Catherine’s condition.

-Yes, of course. Take your time, I’m going to see her.



In the afternoon, The Duke Of Cambridge decided to go home. He wanted to explain to his kids their mother’s current situation.

-Your mummy has got amnesia. It is something that causes memory loss..

-She has forgotten us? - George asked and his sister started to cry.

-Not completely, but yes.. Do not worry, please.. it is temporary, it will last only a few days..

He tried to calm down his children but felt drained himself.


In the evening, William went back to the hospital.

Catherine was crying as sitting on the bed.


-Doctor just told me what happened.. Brain tumour can have remission. I can die..

William quickly went to the doctor’s office.


-She went to the bathroom and saw a bandage on her head.. We can’t hide the truth from the patient.

-Yes I know but you could wait or just tell her only about surgery, not about the tumour. What am I supposed to tell her right now? Or no, do not give me any advice. It was you who made a mistake.

William went to his wife’s room. She was still sitting on bed. He sat down next to her and cuddled her without any words. They were both silent. Catherine spoke first:

-Can you stay with me all night?



-Okay, I’m staying with you.

-But make a phone call home. Our kids need to know you won’t be there.

-You are right.


William went at the corridor and after making a phone call he decided to go to the bathroom.

-This is too much. I don’t know how to handle it all.. I have to be strong. For her..


When he went back to the room, he laid down next to his wife. Kate laid her head on his chest.

-I can feel this familiar feeling-she said quietly a few minutes later.

-What feeling?

-Feeling of.. being safe..

-You will remember everything soon. Amnesia will be gone after a few days..

-I know but the tumour..

-Shh, do not think about it now. Try to sleep, okay?


I was in the ER from 9pm to 4am on Friday night/Saturday morning. The amount of rude, entitled old people was fucking pitiful. Like, when a hospital is at capacity, and is sending Ambulances and HELICOPTERS to a hospital across town and you have the fucking nerve to complain that you’re not being seen fast enough? Fuck. Off. The triage nurse said I was possibly suffering a heart attack. Left arm numb, chest hurt, sweating, dizzy, couldn’t breathe, and a history of tachycardia. And I still sat my sick ass down in that waiting room respectfully until I almost passed out. I saw a TEENAGER being carried in by her friends, saying that she had been roofied. She was half naked and nearly passed out and vomiting. Of course she’s going to be treated first you old sack of useless bones! I fucking hate old entitled people. If you’re waiting YOURE NOT GONNA DIE, BE THANKFUL.

Penso di aver assistito ad una delle scene più belle della mia vita in un luogo in cui certe scene non è facile vederle.

Un uomo e una donna, entrambi sulla settantina, che si tenevano per mano seduti fuori il reparto dove probabilmente uno dei due era ricoverato, data la lunga camicia da notte di lei.

La cosa più tenera che ho sentito dire in questa piccola conversazione è stata un “sta tranquillo, andrà tutto bene. Sono stata peggio” e lui incredulo l'ha fissata per un attimo con le lacrime agli occhi non capendo del tutto, allora lei con un sorriso dolce gli ha spiegato.

“Ti ricordi quando circa una 50ina di anni fa mi lasciasti per godere un po’ di più la vita da ragazzo? Lì ho pensato di non poter davvero continuare a vivere perché avevo perso l'unica ragione che mi faceva sorridere anche in situazioni più brutte, ma tu sei tornato dopo qualche mese, forse un anno, e allora ho capito che da li in poi avrei potuto affrontare tutto, perché tu ci saresti sempre stato, sempre, al mio fianco. Questa battaglia non è nulla in confronto, perchè adesso sono con te, dopo 50 anni, e mi sento più forte che mai, convinta di poter battere questo mostro.”

Dopodiché, gli ha lasciato un bacio sulla guancia ed è entrata in quella porta dove su c'era scritto “oncologia”. Avevo anche io le lacrime agli occhi e quando ho incrociato quelli dell'uomo mi ha sorriso, dicendomi

“È una forza della natura, anche senza di me.” per poi alzarsi e seguire sua moglie.

Ho ancora i brividi, le lacrime e un sorriso stampato sul volto.

Via @sheisjo


1 year ago today (August 25, 2018) vs Today (August 25, 2019)

  • I was in the hospital for a delayed allergic reaction that resulted in a horrible full body rash
  • I stayed in the hospital for 5 days before they reluctantly released me
  • I couldn’t do much because I was in the heart monitor section and my roommate was a 90 year old woman who always complained, so I had to stay quiet
  • After I was released, I wore long sleeves for a long time because I was nervous and ashamed of my arms. I didn’t know how people in a small town would react to my depigmentation.
  • I was basically a vampire because I couldn’t be in the sun
  • I used to say that I was the moon (picture reference below)

I was the moon


I saw that hashtag trending on Twitter and couldn’t resist 😏😂

*Image description: a black background, Twitter tweet with the username “v anastasiya” and the handle “@prettypunkdolli” with the message: #weirdthingstoputupyourass - when I worked in healthcare we saw so many cases, we probably heard and/or seen it all at this point , emoticon of a smirking face, gif explanation of nurses being silly with the disclaimer that the tweeter never was a nurse or doctor*

Also, I’m an addict, hi. But in recovery, no worries. At the time of the accident I wasn’t sober or was i? Actually I was newly sober. Bc I had a sponsor at the time. Anyway in the hospital I got shot up with morphine lol it felt so good but only lasted a minute. So they kept asking if I wanted more and I kept saying yes hahah. I remember thinking this feels so good then it would stop. I remember my brother standing next to me he was always the first one to show up anywhere when I needed someone. Or my mom needed someone. My dad…always late.


Originally posted by its-arevolution-isuppose

I was started on Klonopin to help with the spasms. As much as I am so against opioids and antidepressants, the doctor was very convincing to at least try them. On Wednesday morning started my first dose. Now let me be Frank, I’ve only had Xanax a few times to help me sleep. I was addicted to Ambien after my first back surgery. So you can say, I can addicted to things pretty quickly which is why I always fought against it especially being a mom. I feel very scattered brain a bit with them. She always add Lyrica to the mix. With the Lyrica, I notice my vision stayed blurred the entire day. I know what you are thinking…. if you are against them, why take them? I honestly wanted to try something for how intense these spasms are. I’m allergic to all NSAIDs and other meds that could help. Narcotics just makes me vomit all day. It is like what to do. I heard about possibly microdosing shrooms and I’m totally interested. Have any of you fellow Zebras tried alternatives like shrooms and or LSD? I can I admit I have tried acid way before my kids and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I would try it again since I hear it helps with healing those emotional wounds that still in need of healing. I’m up for the challenge if you ask me. Anything to get me close to a peaceful and happy life I’m done. I’m noticing a little bit of sadness yet I’m watching out for any other emotional and or mental health that warns me to call the doctor. This Rising (my way of saying Morning, explain in a later blog) I feel weird. I ate some cereal. Smoked a joint after I rolled myself to the patio. It is pretty nice, cool and cloudy Rising in Atlanta. It was nice to roll around and have my Rising spliff. I feel the need to meditate to help me today. I am hope that keeps me in control with whatever sadness and mood swings that may try to creep in. Life of a Zebra is quite a life. I may never try to really understand it, yet I will make the best of it that I can make it to be! I want to be able to show others life doesn’t stop because you have a disease that is being your control. Keep loving and living but more of all…Keep fighting!!

Ana 🦓💖💪🏽


So this is my last 4 nights in hospital (thank goodness) so I have another 3 full days of my liquid fast/diet. Once I get home, it’s that much harder to do it. Plus it’s not ideal to do it at work because it can get quite busy and I don’t want to pass out at work… I’ll weigh myself Friday morning and see what my weight has done.

How to Save a Life

Author: FriendLey
Rating: teen
Word Count: 5-10k
Genre(s): romance
Film-specific: pre iron man, mid iron man
Tropes: AU, Pepper is a doctor, Dr. Pepper, Hospitals

Summary:  AU where Virginia Potts is a doctor trying to save lives but Tony Stark keeps showing up in her hospital making it hard to do so. 

OR the AU where Virginia is really Dr. Pepper.


Back in my wheelchair again

This time I’m not even going to fight it anymore. There is definitely reason for why my left leg doesn’t want to work as proper. Maybe its tired and needs a break. I spend 3 days in the hospital. One thing I can see the view was amazing. Still no help on why the back spasms, how to control them, or is this just me not being able to walk again?! So let me take you back to Monday night. I was have excruciating pain with the muscle spasms. The more I walked the worse it got. So I tried to smoke a spliff to see if that will help relax the muscles. Unfortunately it didn’t. I was at my max level of pain that I couldn’t tolerate anymore. So I told my family I’m going to try to sleep it off and if I’m still not able to stay and walk I will go. The spasms got worse through Tuesday morning so I told my brother after my son finished home school for the day that they can drop me off at the hospital. My husband was going to meet me there. If it was nothing then I could ride home with him. Well of course of they didn’t happened at all. While we was waiting for a room in the waiting room, my husband brought some food from the Cafe in the hospital. It was bowl of rice and beans, shrimp and steak. I ate a few bites and then I started to feeling funny. Instantly started breaking out in hives. By the time I rolled my wheelchair of to the nurse my tongue is swelling from the back of my throat. Now things are rush more. As I’m being rolled to a room I’m trying to say my husband’s name but the nurse is like we will get him. I was rolled very quickly into a room epi pen in hand, another nurse hits the left leg that of course I can’t feel shit for real and another is putting 50 MG of benadryl in my IV. I’m allergic to coconut and almonds so fell that being it was a private Cafe that they used a product with coconut and or almond. So after the reaction calmed down the ER doctor comes in and is like “I’m glad that happened here and not anywhere.” I totally agreed. “So the left leg numbness and muscle spasms is what you came about right?” Yes I said. He had already saw that I had been there a month prior. I told him that I don’t have an Neuro appointment in December and I’m on the waiting list but this keeps happening. This is the 5th time now that I have been in the hospital for the same thing. So there must be something. I’m admitted. Before I’m admitted, I asked the nurse for something for pain, she gives me diuadid. Within 10 minutes I’m 🤢🤮. Yet I’m also choking on my vomit now. I’m panicking now because this is two near death experiences I’m having within minutes of each other. Is God trying to tell me something?! So now I’m puking all the shrimp and other stuff I ate. It was burning and gross. I can’t even lie to you! Once I was calm down again I hear doctor and nurse outside the room say NPO. I’m pissed now! What the FUCK you mean?! Nothing not even water?! As I’m ready to go left, the transport come to take me to my room. If you ever been to Emory University Hospital it has been remodeled and the Tower side with the new rooms are like 5 star hotels with the barn side doors for the bathroom and shower with drain on the floor. 50 in TV and a futon couch that would lay out completely. Like I could have my whole entire family the night with me. Now it is about 3 AM before I get in my room. So I’m wide away after puking my life. The nurses was so amazing. To make a long story short, I’m sent home with still an Nuero appointment for December, can not walk and in my wheelchair and will have more PT as home health care. Life of a Zebra huh! What a life! I feel like I’m suppose to sit down for a while. I must surrender in order to get the answers I see. The one Neuro I did see mention Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Have any of your heard of it? Also I was started on Klonopin and Lyrica. Anyone other Zebras had it? How it work for you? I notice the lyrica makes my vision very blurry and for the entire day. I would love to get your feedback and or your experience if you would like to share. Keep fighting!!

Ana 🙏🏼🦓💪🏽


Originally posted by animatedtext

I got sent to the hospital last night from drugs, drinking and low blood sugar. I was sick and convulsing. My girl literally had to call the ambulance on me. I feel fucking terrible. I’m literally destroying my body but I don’t care enough to fix it. I don’t have energy. I can’t eat. I feel awful and I don’t know what to do anymore. I just want everything to stop.

More Updates

Alright, so this is day..5 at the hospital and day 2 in the ICU.

I have discovered a lot of things about myself, specifically my health conditions since being admitted into the ER on Tuesday morning. At first things didn’t add up and I was missing some pieces to the puzzle. See in my head, you don’t just go from being completely fine, pain free and normal feeling to BOOM, agony and needing surgery. You just don’t. Usually health problems come on gradually not suddenly. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that the days leading to Monday night I was feeling well. I was, there was no severe pain, no big issues, all the minor things that I dealt with like a headache or heartburn I was used to and I had brushed off thinking they weren’t a big deal. So on Monday night when I felt some discomfort in my left shoulder I didn’t think much about it. It felt like I had a knot in the muscle so I started to massage my shoulder. I just figured I had some minor heartburn because I ate pizza for lunch that day and that my shoulder and neck were just tired from being on the computer. So when my stomach and back began to hurt I thought those were completely unrelated to the stiffness in my neck and shoulder. I went to lay down, I took an Aleve PM for the stomach cramps and the headache I had, took an over the counter tum for acid reflux which I am prone to and I took 15 mg of a sleeping pill that is prescribed to me, thinking that I could sleep off the pain. I discovered quickly that laying on my side hurt the worst, the pain intensified, pressure on my chest scared me into thinking something was wrong with my heart.

Now I tried, I really tried to just push through the pain. Usually when I was in severe pain it would fade away within an hour of taking a painkiller and I’d fall asleep. An hour passed by with no relief. Eventually I was able to get up and slowly walk outside of my room to my grandparent’s room, clutching my stomach as if trying to keep my intestines from spilling out onto the floor. It was 1:19 am and I was barely able to catch my breath. The thing with me is I may complain about a tummy ache or a migraine but I never really panic over them and I RARELY ask for someone to help me. I’m also the kind of person who will postpone going to the doctors. My joke was that unless a limb was on fire there was no need to bother someone over a silly cough. So when I woke my folks up in the middle of night, tears running down my cheeks, my palms clammy from sweat, and face contorted in pain they knew something was wrong. 

So they rushed me over to the closest ER and around 2 am I was admitted. Around 3 am I was told that no the pain was not all in my head and that it was not a panic attack. That was my biggest fear, that the pain was just something my evil, twisted brain concocted to torture me with. I was both relieved over knowing that there was something physically wrong but also scared out of my mind because all of the worst possible scenarios were flooding my brain. The doctors rushed me in for chest x-rays and a CT scan, even giving me iodine to light up my organs and see what was going on. It all happened so fast that it is still a blur to me. Around 5 am they told me that the scans showed I had free air trapped in my diaphragm, that’s what caused the neck and shoulder pains. There are 2 ways to get free air trapped like that. The most common way is by having a perforated organ. The rare way sometimes happens during sex but since my last sexual encounter was in December of last year it was easy to rule that one out. 

The doctors gave me a GI cocktail, morpheme and some antibiotics. They then told me that I required and emergency exploratory laparotomy. Basically that’s fancy words for “We need to open you up, dig through your organs in your abdomen and search by hand for a hole that may or may not exist.” That’s pretty much what they did. I don’t remember much after being told. 

I woke up later that Tuesday in a hospital bed with wires and tubes all over me. They had put a catheter in my bladder and an NG tube in my nose down my throat. I woke up in a lot of pain, they gave me a button I could press for the pain pump to give me morpheme every 15 minutes. They removed my catheter, which was one of many weird sensations I have ever felt. I was feeling a bit rushed to recover and move and I was still in so much shock. How did I go from being perfectly fine to having a giant zipper like incision from my chest down to my bellybutton? 

The days spent on the fifth floor in the hospital for recovery are pretty blurry for me. The morpheme made me loopy and mean. It also made me super itchy. Walking, moving, sitting up, just doing the simplest thing, even coughing, hurt like nobody’s business. I kept screaming that I wanted to die because of the pain. I would have panic attacks constantly, worried that this would be my life now. 

One day after more CT scans and of course a massive panic attack a crowd of doctors and nurses flooded into my room and moved my bed down to the ICU. The ICU only has 4 patients including myself and 2 nurses. It’s easier for me to get more care and fast responses. Ever since they moved me from the 5th floor I have improved so much. 

The doctors slowly gave me more details on the surgery. Apparently during the surgery, a surgeon picked up my liver and set it down outside of my body, the way it landed the liver folded onto itself and tore open. I lost a lot of blood when that happened and the surgeons didn’t tell me, my family or even some of the nurses what had happened until 4 days after the surgery. I’m guessing they thought it wouldn’t effect me much seeing how the liver can heal itself. I have a fatty liver due to ADD medications. After finding this out the doctors rushed to get my blood type so they could get me some blood transfusions. I discovered yesterday that I am O+ :D

Yesterday during my lab testing the doctors also discovered that I am extremely anemic and the low levels of iron was not caused by the liver rip during surgery. Levels so low would take about 2 years to cause this bad of an iron deficiency. This is explains why for the last two years I have been getting sick a lot. 

So the main issues right now that must be treated are my iron levels (this will be fixed in five days of daily supplements) and slowing down my rapid heart beat. 

They did an echo on my heart last night which was pretty cool!! I got to see my heart beat on the ultrasound monitor. I’m no longer in critical condition and I will probably be back on the fifth floor in 2-3 days. I can now eat solid food, I got to have chicken and bread last night for dinner. I can also now drink orange juice, apple juice, tea, coffee, protein shakes (that taste nasty) besides water. My lungs are working better and today is the first full day I’ve gone without needing oxygen flowing straight into my nose. 

I am still in a good deal of pain but its mostly soreness from having to sit or lay in one position. It does take a lot out of me when I walk a few steps, so I have to careful. Today they are not having me walk because my heart rate is still too high and I’m dizzy. I’m also happy to announce that I can now get my body into the lotus position when sitting. I still can’t bend over though. 

I’m having to get used to not being so independent though. I don’t like to ask for help especially for simple tasks but now I have no choice. I need to get it in my head that if I need to pee I MUST call for the nurse to help me detangle myself and get me where I can easily and safely pick myself up and move over to the toilet without issues. Peeing is the hardest part. Getting in and out of bed hurts the most and takes a lot of energy that I don’t have. Sometimes I give up and just sit on the reclining chair. It’s easier to escape it if I need to quickly move to the bathroom. I’m just not a fan of constantly asking for the nurse to help me do something so simple. 

When I get the chance I’ll take some photos of my new scar. It’s pretty scary looking, at least it is for me. 



my heart beats for you, so listen close by starcanopus

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 5332

Scott looks a little bit like he wants to die now and Dr. Hale is outright glaring at him, but Stiles presses on, undeterred. “You ever seen Grey’s Anatomy? Because let me tell you, Dr. Derek Hale, Derek Shepherd has nothing on you. McDreamy and McSteamy combined have nothing on you. Combined. Nothing.”


AU in which Stiles suffers a concussion and really shouldn’t be held accountable for the repercussions