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Just saw the new 'The Grudge'. Was an ok movie, the biggest turndown for me was the CGI which IMO has no place in horror unless it's really subtle.

Slaughter High (1986) ~ Marty Rantzen is the victim of high school pranks, one being near fatal with nitric acid! 10 years later the bullies get an invite to a school reunion... they are now the victim of April Fools, at the hands of Marty in a jester mask! 🃏

Trying to find another Publisher for my Short story, anyone have any suggestions?

The Unwilling (2016) A man with OCD and his family gather for the will reading of their despised father. A mysterious box shows up which brings out their deepest desires with dire consequences. Something evil resides inside. D: Jonathan Heap

"THE TRIAL OF HOPE" is a and you will be unable to put down, once you are drawn inside the book. Pre-order your edition today & don't forget to post your wonderful experience.

part of my process is sketching out comics and making notes as I go along. I spend no real time drawing and stick figures are as good as anything. try it out, hope this helps!

Try the Clifton Heights Saga by Kevin Lucia for some creeping dread horror. “Kevin Lucia is this generation's answer to Charles L. Grant.” – Brian Keene "Kevin Lucia's early-warning system to the field..." – Gary A. Braunbeck Find Lucia's books on Amazon!

Are zombies alive, dead, or undead? Do they have thoughts? How about rights? A team of scientists and security personnel tries to find out in the heat of a zombie apocalypse.

George, a wannabe Charles Bronson, heads to Koreatown, NYC. There will be Asian food, zombies, mutants, and Ninja’s that might ally themselves with George or take his life.

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Akmareul Boattda aka I Saw The Devil (2010), dir. Jee-Woon Kim

A Step Into the Dark (Part IV)

Jacob’s day went the same as the previous ones. He had lived the same day over and over for a large portion of his life. When he finished his daily rituals he put himself under the covers of his bed and took himself to the Dreamlands. He knew exactly where he was going. Straight to the Dark.

“Jacob.” He heard the sweet voice calling to him. He forced himself to keep on sleeping. He couldn’t afford to lose another day. “Darkness! I have come to prove myself worthy!” Jacob felt an instant regret after having uttered those words. “Come closer…” A grave voice mumbled. Jacob flew down to a lit tunnel in the bottom of the pit. The entrance to the tunnel looked a lot like a face. A face with nine eyes and sharp teeth. Each step Jacob took darkened the tunnel more and more. A rumbling sound caught his attention and he turned to see the entrance to the tunnel closing in on itself. The light was fading faster and faster. Soon enough, Jacob was trapped in the dark.

“Closer…” The grave voice willed. Jacob continued to step forward. “Jacob… Stop…” The sweet voice was back. “Mama?” Jacob asked. “Closer…” The Darkness requested. Jacob ignored his mother’s voice to find the Darkness. “Don’t go any further.” A man stopped with a candle in front of Jacob. His flesh was tore and twisted. His face had faded on one side. Eyes and scars jumbled together on the other side of his face. “Be the end of this curse. Not a new beginning.” The man said. Jacob knew he recognized the man, but he failed to recognize exactly who he was. “Listen to me, Jacob. I’m sorry for all this, don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made.” That’s when Jacob realized who he was. “You’re Poe, my great great grandfather.” Jacob remembered seeing a portrait of him in the house. “He’s the cause of the Canter curse.” The Darkness whispered to him. “Kill him, and I’ll break your curse.” Jacob glared at the twisted man whose selfishness caused all the evils in his family. “Jacob!”

Jacob woke up screaming. “What is it, sweetheart?” His mother came into his room. “Did you have that nightmare again?” She sat on the bed and laid his head on her lap. “Everything will be okay.” Jacob was too confused to respond. He looked at himself. The sores were gone. His skin was… Skin. Was he a child again? What was going on? “Mommy?” He asked in a child’s voice. “Yes, honey, mommy is here. Everything will be okay. We can be a family again.” He looked around his room. The house wasn’t crumbling anymore. Had all his life been a terrible nightmare?



Hello everyone dear Fans of Fears and Horrors, today we have a new cool Game! Very Worthy Horror, very similar to the Game called: “Love Sam”. But it’s done much better and more interesting, even with girls … But it’s very scary, Climb to me in Search of Pillows and Horrible Monsters!


[ID: A digital drawing of Aesling, a young woman with pale skin, white hair and yellow eyes. It’s divided into two halves separated by a banner reading “snow beast” in capital letters. The upper depicts her as a seemingly normal human with shoulder-length hair wearing a brown fur-lined coat, though if you look closely you can see small fangs poking out from her lips. The background is around midday in a snowy landscape. By her head is a cluster of red dahlias.The lower half depicts her again but her hair is much longer and her skin paler. Her yellow eyes are slitted and glowing. Curling indigo tattoos are visible on her neck and chest through the torn, dull green shirt she is wearing. One of her hands is raised, it’s fingers too long and tipped with claws. It is drenched in blood. Around her mouth is a poorly wiped off bloodstain and her fangs are likewise stained. It is night over the same landscape as before, a large full moon hangs in the sky. By her head is a cluster of black roses. - end ID]

Hair like snow, eyes that gleam,
Things aren’t always what they seem.
Teeth too long, hands too thin
Always look beneath the skin

Red dahlias - Betrayal and dishonesty
Black roses - Death


Did I just make “Miku Myers” a thing bc of a conversation with a friend? Um yeah, I did. I’M NOT TAKING ANY CRITICISM THANKS.

ignore my poor art skills LMAOO

Thanks @pineapplesaregay2 for the inspo bb