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Candyman: Farewell fo the Flesh available for pre-order now from 88 Films, but it no longer appears to be part of the Slasher Classics Collection.

Watched It’s in three parts really and the 1/3 was hard to get through they are making a daft low budget zombie πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ πŸŽ₯ .Wife left after 20 minutes, son laughed at this πŸ’© when all became clear, it turned into a funny 😁 take on the

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“Re-Birth” I call this one; not to happy with her nose… :\ and if you’re scared of naked bodies, please just scroll by… :3

But anyway! This was a time consuming mf :P and the time lapse is up on me YouTube channel as well :) probably the reason I decided to finish it completely since I had already been hogging up my SD cards on this one :P I managed to squeeze it down to 15 min from 10h tho ._.

There is a pale white thing in a dark dark room. Nobody knows its there.

The pale white thing wishes people knew, it feels like this isn’t fair.

It remembers talk, it remembers laughter, but it doesn’t know from when.

Maybe if it could leave its room, what would happen then?

But it cannot leave, though don’t think its trapped, not in a physical way.

Its trapped by fear, trapped by wondering, what will people say?

We don’t want to see you, we don’t want to hear you, right now you must leave

That’s what they’ll say, that’s what they think is what the pale thing believes

So it sits in its room, quiet, dark and alone

it waits and waits and waits, until it rots to nothing but bone

The Exorcist (1973)

A young girl gets possessed and it’s up to a priest whose faith is wavering to try and save her.

Possibly the element that has made this film so famous with critics is the combination of religious and scientific subtext. Many similar films have been made which focus entirely on the horror and the characters mostly accept the presence of a demon after the required denials but by including a psychologist character the filmmakers expanded the possible messages that can be taken from the film.

One negative thing about the film is more to do with the technical aspects than the content and that’s the fact that 9 people associated with the film reportedly died within a short time of the film’s production and release. While this isn’t a criticism of the film, the fact that a lot of the cast and crew manoeuvred that information into publicity is not an appropriate thing to do no matter how spooky it felt.

The use of the young girl was interesting because possession films have been made with adults and teenagers but they’re never as effective as when the demonic aspects are contrasted with childish innocence. The make-up and practical effects were interesting because they weren’t too over done and it wouldn’t have felt as personal with CGI. The music was also effective because it was eerie and only used occasionally.

Although the film is good in terms of content and direction, I’ve never really seen why it’s often voted as one of the scariest horror films of all time; It’s similar to the Shining (1980) in this way. It may just be that things aren’t as shocking as they were when the film was released or possibly that some parts are just more amusing than frightening like the idea of a small girl swearing or the humorously timed vomit.

6/10 -Just a cut above average-

-The story is based on an exorcism case that really took place of Roeland Doe it 1949.

-The first words of the film are “Allahu Akbar” which means “God is great.”

-Three beds had to be made so that they could make different movements.

The Exorcist is regarded as one of, if not the, greatest horror movie of all time. It’s just a shame that its take on mental health has aged like an avocado. Everyone involved with Regan’s treatment- up to an especially the doctors- treats the entire field of psychiatry as dirty and taboo. The mere suggestion that she could be suffering from a mental illness is treated as an insult. “Her father ran off, perhaps it’s making her depre-” “TIME TO STICK A CAMERA UP HER CAROTID!”

It’s a product of its time, to be sure. But the mere fact that a movie like this came out as early as 1973 is monumentally groundbreaking in itself. Before this, horror was basically a guy in a leotard going “WOOooOOoo I’m a SpOoOky alien!!” It’s small wonder this movie went down in infamy. And aside from it being obvious that it came from a time when bedlam houses still existed, it does hold up extremely well in my opinion.