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Did you know Tom Hank's first role was in the movie He Know's You're Alone?

Daniel Anderson/’s “Death of the Party” is our / from our Sep’18 archives. Combining style infused with imagery, this macabre with the sultry is an absolute watch!

Top 20 Most Popular Horror TV Series Right Now on IMDB w/ Scores : Looking for a little more horror entertainment than a horror movie can give you? Here are the most popular horror TV series according to IMDB, and I strongly agree with…

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“Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here.” It’s fitting that I begin this project on Easter Weekend 🐣👹

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Final Destination 4 (2009)

Satsuriku No Tenshi / Angels Of Death


With dead and lifeless eyes, Rachel Gardner wishes only to die. Waking up in the basement of a building, she has no idea how or why she’s there. She stumbles across a bandaged murderer named Zack, who is trying to escape. After promising to kill her as soon as he is free, Rachel and Zack set out to ascend through the building floor by floor until they escape.

However, as they progress upward, they meet more twisted people, and all of them seem familiar with Rachel. What is her connection to the building, and why was she placed in it? Facing a new boss on each floor, can Rachel and Zack both achieve their wishes?

Black Waves (Part 1)

I’m an immigrant and I haven’t visited my country in decades, as the ghosts of the cold war have made sure myself not to come back to what once had been my home. Most of my family escaped long time ago to other countries except for my grandmother Martha and her daughter Ilia -who are still alive, living in the same town-, and basically we’re spread out in the World, most of us currently living in west Europe.

My childhood years -before any crisis hit us- were golden. As I text this story, hundreds of colorful memories come to my mind and I can’t but help to have a smile on my face. Back in the years, my cousins and I used to go exploring the surroundings of our town. There’s a lake close to where our families used to live and sometimes went by the shore and enjoyed eating some snacks with the rest of our cousins. In total, it’s five of us: my brother Gilbert and me -Shawn-, our two cousins Roberta and Niki, and our third cousin Wilson, Ilia’s son.

For the most part of our childhood, we used to catch the crabs and put them inside jars. It was very funny to see my younger cousin fail almost all times and blaming Gilbert because he was too clumsy at following the crabs, while the girls were setting free the ones we had captured, abiding the law of nature and letting them live. In the end, we would all end up making sand castles, ignoring the crabs, and finally watching the starry night. Those were definitely good times. As years went by and things started to look grim for our future, we’d still go out but not as often. In one of those hangouts I can never forget my cousin Wilson and I talking about life for the first time, when he had just 13 years old. That afternoon we had walked by the shore all the way for hours, talking about outer space, other planets, monsters and ghosts while our feet used to flood occasionally from the lake water. He at some point asked me about aliens, and how much he had been frightened by the idea of being abducted.

- Shawn, seriously. We’re here out in the open far away from town. What makes us so safe against a potential abduction from aliens?
- … - I remember laughing so much at this point, but tried to hide it and decided to make a bit of a prank to him.
- What?
- You’re right Wilson… What if instead ghosts are luring from the bushes and just waiting for the right moment and attack? Imagine, we’re defenseless against the underworld! I should have thought this through!
- Oh come on Shawn, that’s cheap. Aliens are actually scary. But ghosts? they don’t even exist…

I remember feeling his bluff. He bluffed so much he couldn’t dare to lose a step on the way to me, as he would have probably sh!% in his pants the moment he would stay behind, like the 13 year old kid he was. However, I wasn’t that old: I was 16 by the time and 16 years old… well… even if the difference with 13 is monumental, it isn’t very mature anyway, is it? So after his apparent act of courage I pushed it further even more:

-Oh my sweet little Wilson. If you’d knew the crude reality of the underworld. Hasn’t granny told you anything about it?
-what? what did she say to you? -could feel the change in tone, I was really nailing it with the prank!-.
-well… this lake is wicked. Whenever night falls, some portals can be opened if you do the right rituals. And some say, we can get to see our ancestors.

He of course couldn’t hold it. He started pleading me to go back, but as I said before: being 16 over 13 does not necessarily make you mature enough. So I grab one bush branch and run back to where the sand is, while his whining starts getting louder and more frequent. I am ignoring him and make a semi-circle with the curved side pointing at the lake, and a triangle pointing at the forest just like the tip of an arrow, crossed by a long arc with a curvature of the same orientation as the semi-circle. I really, really had made that symbol up, out of nowhere, and I felt it was so cool. So cool, I still remember it.

-What did you do? What did you do Shawn!
-This is the symbol for a portal. We will be met with ghosts soon enough.
-No, what are you doing? delete that!

I had really gotten carried away by the moment, as I remember enjoying his anxiety a bit too much. After arguing for a couple of minutes, he had convinced me of getting rid of the symbol and go back to town. But then something very, very weird happened…

The night had fallen since a while now, it was around 9 pm and the moon was up, exactly half moon. As soon as we had decided to go back to town, basically going back through the lake shore where we came from, everything got darker, way darker. At night we could normally see a lot of starts, but this time… this time was incredible. It seemed like a planetarium as Wilson and I looked up. It was beautiful: all the starts you could think of, absolutely everything was visible: so many constellations, maybe even Mars… I still remember it clearly even after so many years.

Infatuated. The beauty of the moment was beyond all we’d seen before, until we realized something wasn’t normal about this. We could still see the moon, it hadn’t been clouded, it was still as bright as ever! But the lake? The moon reflection on the lake had completely vanished, and the light reflection had also disappeared. I stopped feeling water on my feet, then stopped hearing the sound of it clashing with the sand, and then I looked left.

It was so, SO dark. It was a huge mass of nothingness next to us, and I’m sure we could feel the cold void, so strong, we didn’t even dare to scream. Then, seconds later, a slight, very high pitch noise was coming from somewhere, but could not identify the source. It was in this instant when I felt we were going to be killed.

-what the hell is this? -I murmured, trying to keep it calm as much as possible-.

Wilson didn’t even say anything. Just a split second had passed and he held my hand and forced me to run with him. To his immense fear driving his body at the moment, I obeyed and ran as fast as I could as well.

Never had I ever ran so fast for so long my entire life, and I’m pretty sure neither had Wilson. Finally we arrived home with pale faces, sweating and being interrogated by my parents, and then his parents. They, desperate as they were to know what had happened, also had to wait for us to cool down and come up with some explanation for the weirdest and scariest thing we had ever experienced in our lives, by far. I told my parents about it and I can never forget their skeptical faces, just as my uncles did right after. They even went to the lake to check out what we had told them, and as soon as we arrived to the lake shore -like 10 minutes walking or so-, we could already see our family walking back from it, not surprised at all. The lake, the reflection, the sound of the waves… everything was there, untouched.

Years passed by, and Wilson and I never talked about it again. Maybe he even forgot about it afterwards. In truth we had kinda lost our bond since then, and even if we had kept in touch until recently, things started to feel different as our families went different ways: I immediately left the country, and he went abroad alone to study some years later. Bottom line is, it was something I had buried with my past so many years ago, moved to the west and got on with my life, studied, got a job, single guy in his early 30’s having a somewhat stable life, every now and then visits mom, dad and Gilbert. But recently, I dared to reopen that treasure box, and this is the whole reason why I’m telling this story.

In fact, I had almost forgotten about it. It’s part of that set of childhood memories you don’t get to remember until somebody hits the spot. I’m sure you guys get it, or so I hope. But a month ago, Wilson called me after such a long time proposing me to visit his mom and our grandmother who he hadn’t seen in a couple of years, because he knew I hadn’t returned to the town ever since I left the first time. Therefore, I would visit the town that saw us grow up and our old grandmother. We talked on the phone about 30 minutes of which 20 were updating info on our lives and keeping in touch, and the rest was about traveling back home the next week.

I was initially a bit scared as I hadn’t thought of going back, plus a week was too soon for me to prepare psychologically. All my core family members were already abroad and we had had a heavy discussion with that part of the family, particularly my mom and dad. In short, my grandmother only kept close with her daughter Ilia and her family line, as we had decided to depart sooner and “leave her alone forever”, among other fights I don’t remember as it is something I lived as a kid. I guess she wasn’t exactly wrong in the end. These are the kind of issues immigrants have to face when they depart. However, many years had passed and I believe this was a solemn act and also a way to connect back to my roots, even if what’s left is the memory since the town must be something completely different nowadays.

-end of part 1-

Seems Pumpkin Night isn’t dead after all, Masaya Hokazono has apparently written 4 volumes according to one of his tweets. I’m glad he’s working on it again after he got better from whatever was making him sick. There’ll also be an illustration volume of some sort later in Halloween so there’s that to look forward to as well.

Didn’t even notice this on Twitter until someone else told me. So at least we know that it’ll be coming out sometime in the future, hopefully it won’t be too long until we had another chapter since the last one last year. 


In this video we take a look at why Cosmic Horror (or Lovecraftian Horror) is so hard to adapt onto the screen because of its visual complexity and abstraction.

Video essay made by Moises & Sergio Velasquez

————- Editor’s Note:

* It’s not mental patients but someone insane made the drawings.