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In a scene where her character breaks her nose, the lead in this really did hurt herself (the blood was genuine) -

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Who would you pick to be your ideal macabre dinner guests? Dead or alive. Here's our 4... 🦇⚰️💀🔪🎞️🎥

Working in my entry for jam. I already have the story and almost all the level design (it will be short and simple, as always). I've also had time to work on the cover... the title is not definitive, but I like it 😊

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A map of countries in the world that recognise the Bangladesh Genocide of 1971. The genocide began on March 26th 1971 with Pakistani government launching Operation Searchlight in an attempt to quell the Bengali’s calls for independence and self determination. The war lasted 9 months and saw between 300,000 and 3,000,000 deaths and the rape of 200,000 and 400,000 women as they were deemed “public property.” Over 30,000,000 million people were displaced from their homes and fled into neighbouring Indian to see refuge.

The war saw ethnic cleansing, genocide, starvation, the murder of intellectuals, violence against women, violence against minorities, mass murder and other crimes against humanity.

Many scholars and academics argue that the war in 1971 was not a genocide and as a result the only country in the world that recognises this atrocitiy is India. Many peaceful as well as violent protests have been held to spur the international community to take action against those responsible.

Title: Draco

I wasn’t the kind of person who believes in mysticism, magic, mythical beings, monsters, beast, creatures, etc… etc..I was a man of pure science and not fantasy. But this very event had changed everything.

Ours was a two man mission. I Van Garley and my partner Richard kid, We were sent to investigate the source of strange extraterrestrial signals transmitted from an unknown planet. Since our technology was highly sophisticated, we carried out our mission in an automated capsule space ship name D2. Our job was to land and identify its true source. On arrival, we found that the planet is highly similar to ours and so we didn’t deny the chances of extraterrestrial life.
But what we saw was beyond, challenging every theory of my skeptical approach towards myth and magic. There standing before us the titanic towering figure of the one, that our ancestors once proclaimed that existed on our very own planet. Yes, to us these Mythical creatures are known as Dragons. Draco is what I would like to call them.
If this is true, how did they were able to travel to our planet centuries ago? What technology and who brought them there, or here.
We do not know.
But now I do understand one thing, what we heard, read and feared is absolutely true. Now I cannot deny the fact of their existence. This is proof and I saw it. No, we saw it. We saw Draco.
- Van D. Garley (scientist, Aerospace engineer , Astronaut ,Test pilot ) (National Aerospace and Advanced space technology centre / Testfield ) August/1969
A page from the diary of Van D. Garley ( undisclosed )
It is said that on their return to the base.
They found Van Garley in a state of trauma with unusual marks on his neck.
Beside him, they found the pale, gaunt, bloodless stiff of Richard kid.
What happened inside the ship, still remains a mystery. Van Garley never spoke again and he spends the rest of his life in an Asylum.

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Written from a writing prompt. (Strictly fictional)

The hazy fog of sleep lifted, and the voices and noises in my brain had stopped,

i was having a nightmare.

Nightmarish splashes of blood still felt like they stained my face,

my hands still warm with the neck i wringed.

Throat still bulging at the perpetuating mental violent thoughts my disturbed mind mustered. 

The room was silent.

The kind of silence in which you could hear a pin drop.

It felt like something was with me, 

an energy;

a form of evil. 

Demons lurking in the dark depths of the next world.

Dancing in the shadows of the unknown afterlife,

i could sense them. 

I could hear them in the sinister ticking of the grandfather clock in the hallway.

They’re the familiar creak in my floorboards, 

they’ve created a room within my mind, and settled in, 

i can picture them, laughing. 

because every breath they take they grin in remembrance to the breaths they’ve taken away.

As i recall my dream, i try to gain back my grip on reality, 

i try to stop shaking, and remember there’s nothing to fear

yet, i fail to shake off the lump left in my throat, 

It’s a foggy morning, yet the sun shines bright orange 

leaves are falling from the tree’s ever so slowly, 

i take a deep breath in, 

and turn on the light.

Alright you guys page 9.

I’d say the best way to describe Magi-Chan is as a borderline sociopath. He can’t really feel emotions and thus struggles to care about anything really. The only one whose been able to bring out any sort of feeling in him is Silvana and even then being as unused to emotions as he is he struggles to express his love for her.

For Silvana herself Knowing Magi as well as she does she often has a hard time believing if what he says he feels for her is the truth given how little he expresses and how he tends to dismiss all of her concerns with a simple “don’t worry about it.” She still desperately wants to believe him though.

As you can see this relationship is far from healthy. One could say that it is in fact toxic and destructive. Though only one party seems to recognize it yet feels obligated to stay.

As always hope you enjoy and tell me what you think

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