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SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter Retrograde 2019 Horoscope & Tarot
Hey, Sagittarius (sun or ascendant/rising)! Your ruling planet's turn retrograde in your sign — and it's native one — is a significant time for you to move t...


  • will do anything to keep feeling of freedom
  • very funny and adventurous friends
  • pretty destructive when mad, can insult without regret
  • needs to prove themselves constantly, which is why they seem like show offs
  • very active listeners when met alone but tends to be over-protective when in crowded places
  • likes being center of attention tho they might seem shy at first
  • tends to „belong“ to which group has best reputation
  • likes to lead

Thurs, Apr 18, 2019 Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Emotions build with a Full Moon approaching, dear Scorpios. A private or work matter may be in the spotlight as you see more to the story or your feelings reach a boiling over point. You may need extra time to yourself for reflection and rest, as the demands of everyday life can seem overwhelming today. Take that time if it’s possible. Watch for a tendency to restlessly scan the past for answers, as this is unproductive. Keep the bigger picture in perspective so that you don’t let the little problems drag you down. This is an important time for further insight that’s more well-formed and perhaps final along with powerful realizations about your need for downtime, rest, attention to mental health and spirituality. You’re likely to have important revelations and hunches now as you awaken to your true feelings on a matter.

Zodiac signs as my friends

I am a Taurus sun, Libra rising, Libra moon.

Aries: One of my closest friends tbh. Super supportive, always there 24/7 and my biggest fan. He speaks before he thinks. Weird sense of humor. Usually when he tells the joke, it is super cringy. Buys you extremely expensive gifts and then complaining about not having any money. Big dick energy. Total sweatheart, but biiitch if he doesn’t like you… run.

Taurus: She is really pretty, but her fashion is… a choice. Always roasting each other (I ussualy win tho, but she can throw some real shade). Sarcastic bitch! “I am sooo gonna fail.” Then get an A type of girl. She is always happy to see you and remembers small details. I really like her.

Gemini: Ooh guurl! When she came in my life I was not READY. Party animal (like best party of my life was with her). She is beautiful and has really good sense of fashion. Emotional roller coaster. She is not reliable at all. I hate that on her. She will be that wine aunt in a ten years and I am so here for it. Love her!

Cancer: The only person who wasn’t total nuts from theatre class (I liked them all tho). Sweat, understanding, most of the time depressed and that made me depressed too. The most stunning hair I have ever seen. Extremely talented. Amazing listener.

Leo: She was born with bang, she wears bang and she dies with bang. Can’t take sarcastic joke, like ever. Her locker was a secret door to Narnia… she is messy! Nobody believed she will make the exams to the medical university, but she did. Very generous with compliments!! Extreme laugh, which I kinda like.

Virgo: The smartest person I know! I would never wish this beautiful creature anything wrong. I hope she will have the best life, like even better than me honestly. Always put togheter. Very organized. Teachers loved her, but so did everybody. She has no flaw… not single one…

Libra: Okay now! There is nothing I wouldn’t do, for my honey, my boo. My bestie!! Same school, flat mates. Always gossiping togheter. Her beauty is beyond stunning. We are so same, yet so opposite. I will say this tho: she is selfish a lot of times and she is not willing to compromise. Other than that she is like my sister.

Scorpio: We used to be really closed friends. We still talk togheter, but it is not the same. I can only talk with her for an hour now, after that my head is like a balloon. Lies a lot. Parties with her are really good. She is sweat and tender, but don’t show it. Never ever apologize. Bitch it is not that hard to say sorry!! Really good taste in alcohol and drinks.

Sagittarius: Tbh I don’t have a lot of sags friends, which is pitty. I had a really good friend at elementary school (we don’t talk anymore). Super funny. I got my sense of humor partly from him. Kinda hot and kinda dumb. Trendsetter. Gay vibe, but straight. Wild child.

Capricorn: It was a looong way for us to atleast respect each other. But we overcame our differences and I really like her now. She knows what she wants. I can relate to her a lot. She is not involved or she doesn’t start any drama. Smart. She saw like every fcking series and movie that exists. Her boyfriend is HOT af.

Aquarius: He is an artist. He can act, paint, sing, play guitar. Always in the skies, never on the ground. We went to theatre class togheter. Annoying when younger. Always forgeting something. He has really good soul. Can’t say no. Working with him can be really challenging and frustrating. His style is not my cup of tea, but I have never seen him dressed badly.

Pisces: He let me down so many time, yet I always forgave him. Never on time. Our phonecalls are usually over an hour. Hardworker, maybe even workohollic. I just can’t deal with him after breakups… I do understand it’s hard for him, but guurl… He can’t let go. His brain shut down in these situations. Can’t keep a secret. He will probably be best man on my wedding. I love and hate the bastard at the same time.

Sorry if there are any grammar mistakes.


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