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Rolex 1019 Vintage Milgauss Black Dial VERY CLEAN.

Warning: you may develop a new addiction after going through this overview of vintage Seiko chronographs powered by the 6138 caliber.

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Intihuatana (Machu Picchu).

Carved directly into the bedrock of the mountain summit, the Intihuatana points directly at the sun during the winter solstice. At noon on the equinox days, it casts no shadow at all.  On June 21st, it casts the longest shadow on its southern side, and a much shorter shadow on the northern side on December 21st.

The stone column tilts 13° north, rising from a slightly inclined plane.  A granite block may have been an altar, carved shelf or bench.  The base is rectangular.

The Inca had many such ritual stones, but most were destroyed by the Spanish during the late 1500s, by the order of Viceroy Francisco de Toledo, the fifth Viceroy of Peru.  However, as the Machu Picchu ruins were undiscovered by the invaders, this one remained undisturbed.

Types of smiles for the signs

Gemini: Close lipped, or a wide grin, there is no in between. A smile that lights up their face. Irresistible, charming.

Aries: A rare smile. Often accompanied by a short laugh, this smile can be explosive, fading just as soon as it is seen. A smile that must be earned.

Libra: A smile that makes you want to smile too. Toothy, sweet, and giggly. A smile you remember forever.

Cancer: Smiles with the eyes. A smile that starts quiet, but lets loose a laugh or a quip soon after. A smile that lingers.

Aquarius: A smile you never see. Smiles while talking, or when your back is turned. Difficult to coax this smile out of hiding, but it is dazzling.

Virgo: A picture perfect smile, sparkling eyes and dimples. A smile that is polite, a smile that disguises itself.

Scorpio: A private smile that lets you in on a secret. Smiles with their whole face. Breathtaking, but charmingly shy at times.

Sagittarius: A smile just for friends. Sometimes awkward, always intensely charming and sincere. A bashful, sweet smile.

Pisces: Smiles to make you happy. So lovely, it’s impossible not to smile back. A smile you snap a picture of to remember fondly.

Capricorn: A sharp teeth smile. Diplomatic, beautiful, and electric. A smile you wish you had.

Leo: A generous smile. Wide, winsome, and genuine. A smile that cheers up your day and makes you feel good.

Taurus: A smile you trust. An easy, fun smile that lets you in on the joke and is welcoming. A smile that is forever etched into your memory.


One of the great joys in our lives at Strickland Vintage Watches is creating original art highlighting our timepieces. Another of our great joys is having the perfect cup of café con leche at Nicahabana’s on 7th Avenue in Ybor City. And when we say perfect, we mean perfect.

All of us – including our SVW Calendar Girls – are welcomed as family by Yordany, Eloisa and the gifted tabaquaros tucked away in a little corner of Tampa paradise.

It’s an honor to present our friends with an image created especially for Nicahabana during one of our SVW calendar shoots. It was a perfect fit for Lucero Gutierrez, our stunningly beautiful Cuban SVW Calendar Girl! Through this work, entitled “Satisfacción,” we feel we’ve immortalized the essence of Nicahabana and SVW.

Yordany and his family embody all of the traits we admire: honor, respect and a faithful commitment to his patrons and craft. May Lucero smile down upon generations of happiness and prosperity for you, dear friends!

Special thanks to “La Guitarra” Lucero Gutierrez; photographer Donna Strickland and SVW Calendar goddess Hanna Cowart for her post-production work.

Horoscope for Scorpio for the month of April

You are more focused and confident than usual today Scorpio. Set your sites high to accomplish your responsibilities so that you can spend more time playing. This is a perfect time for day dreaming, (Not that you don’t do enough of that as it is.) about future plans, goals and aspirations. Friends are more supportive and receptive, this is one of the few times that you play well with others. Embrace it! Don’t forget to thank others and offer to help where you can. Remember to breathe and take it one step at a time.

The energy you feel from friends and loved ones might be a little off putting this month. You know no matter how hard you try to deny it, that you really DO care what others think of you. Try to remember not to become a conspiratorial nut job, but instead be direct and ask what’s up and trust them when they say nothing is wrong. Every once in a while you do get the signals crossed and think that something negative is happening when everything is just fine.


I don’t know how many times i have to tell you Scorpio,… CALM DOWN! No seriously when it comes to love this month try to take a chill pill. Mistrust can kill a relationship faster than a bad tuna sandwich on date night. If you suspect a lie has been told, don’t trust your first instinct and hit your significant other with the toaster. Instead, be honest, be open, be loving. Embrace that inner sage soul that all Scorpio have. Shhhh, trust me its in there, you just have to look for it. Talk it out, and communicate.


What did you put in the coffee? This month will see Scorpio running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Scorpio has a rush of energy this month that will have you ready to go before everyone else has even gotten out of bed. Take advantage of this go getter, can do attitude. You may not get the recognition you feel you deserve from those around you, but the reward of a job well done and the hard work put in will be satisfaction enough.


Did the wind just change?,….. Time to go! Scorpio you may feel like things have become boring this month. I mean after all you have been doing to same old thing for three days in a row now. Try not to let the day to day routine get you down, and don’t make any big leaps without first really taking the time to think it through,… more than you already have! This isn’t the time for a change, but it could be the time to find the inspiration for that change.

That’s a terrible idea, your crazy!,…. DON’T Listen when anyone tells you that your idea is a bad one. Scorpio is above all else passionate and resolute in seeing a task come to life as long as you don’t lose focus. Don’t let anyone steal your focus this month. Keep your eyes on the prize and just run right over all of those naysayers.

Photo This image is available from the United States Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs division under the digital ID cph.3g10069


Another unboxing series with DWISS RS1-SL . Check our website for more information about this incredible timepiece!!!

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Automatic ETA 2824-2

Sapphire with anti-reflection
316L Stainless Steel 45mm case
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Franck Muller Color Dreams. A beautiful classic watch with an incredible dial!!
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