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Deer by Carpe Diem Hardware

Students continued to work hard on their . They are challenged to write a good for each of their sections/slides that includes a , about their life, and a sentence. We will be adding later in the week!

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🇬🇧🇺🇸This is my little niece Zoe, playing with her best friend Andrea, preparing him someting very good to eat, and feeding him too.
For me, definitely one of the cutest things in the whole world. I love you Baby Zoe, and I love you Mama Giulia, always treating me with such beauty ❤️ 👧🏼🌈
🇮🇹 Questa è la mia nipotina Zoe che gioca col suo migliore amico Amdrea, gli prepara degli ottimi manicaretti e lo aiuta a mangiare.
Definitivamente una delle cose più carine nel mondo intero. Ti voglio bene piccola Zoe, e ti voglio bene Mamma Giulia @il_magico_mondo_di_zoe, perché ogni volta mi regali tanta bellezza ❤️👧🏼🌈
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You were sitting at Granny’s about to order food when you hear the door opening roughly.

Everyone turned it was Regina. She breathed in more air before she swiftly walk towards you and sat down next to you.

Regina smirked, her eyes sparkled and her beautiful face glowed. “You seem quite happy.” You smiled at her enjoying seeing her smile. “I figure it out” She yelled. “What? Figure out what” You said.

“My happy ending I dont need the author.” Regina exclaimed. “Then what do you need?” You asked. “I need you” Regina smiled. You gasped, “Me wha why.” You stuttered.

“Your my happy ending.” Regina grabbed your hand. You turned around your body completely facing her.

“Im sorry Y/N it took me a while to notice. The way your so protective of me and always comfort me and have been by my side when everyone doubts me” Regina said. You sat there in complete shock.

“I know your in love with me Y/N” Regina smiled. You laughed. “Wow your very confident” You smiled and she was but I like that about her. “Wait listen” She grabbed my other hand.

“Im in love with you to” She said.

You kissed her it was wonderful way better and you dream about this many times.

“Seems like someone got there happy ending.” You looked up you saw Emma, Hook, Snow, and David. “And your ruining it leave us alone” Regina said. Hook and Emma laughed Regina was joking about ruining it but she did want them to leave. She turned around to you and her plump lips fell on yours.