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This month our .bobbidi.boxes is a fit for a birthday! All her favorites in one box, does it again! . . . .

should hire me because my are almost magical—getting better and better every time I do them!

Apparate yourself to the candy store while you're carrying one of these sweet new bags, mini backpacks, and wallets from 's first collection. Click link for more! 🍬 👜 Photos:

Chocolate frogs are a must when you're at . Did we get another ?

Which purse is your favorite? 🍬 👜 Get It Now Before They're Gone:

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How adorable is our Honeydukes Cosmetic Bag Set? It's absolutely delicious! 🍬 Shop Collection:

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"It's the sweetshop, where they've got everything....” - Ron Weasley

Time to apparate yourself to the candy store for our Collection! They're absolutely delicious so grab a treat before they're gone. 🍬 Shop New Arrivals:

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True!! You can’t have too much merch! I just acquired this beauty today - a Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean cookie jar from 2001.

Like in we are now selling potter sweets and ( not real beer ) ideal stocking fillers

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New range in store & on our website official Loungefly Honeydukes mini backpack & wallet (sold separately)

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the only reason I want an SO is to have somebody to sing “Honeydukes” from I Ship It with me

Drooble's Best Blowing Gum

Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum is a wizarding brand of bubblegum manufactured by Honeydukes Company Ltd. It was presumably invented by Drooble. It lets the consumer blow bluebell-coloured bubbles that refuse to pop for days. Described as “guaranteed never to lose its flavour,” it is available in sugar-free crazyberry flavour, and possibly others as well. 

This gum is sold at Honeydukes in Hogsmeade and on the food trolley for two Sickles. It is also sold at Sugarplum’s Sweets Shop in Diagon Alley for four sickles.


Honeydukes (Full Performance) | Joey Richter & Mary Kate Wiles | I Ship It