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✨Life is made out of the simple things β € πŸƒThe fun parts are in the details! β € 🌸Beauty is everywhere...we just have to see it β €

✈️Save your coffee money for the gift shop! 🧰We’re so light that we’re carry on friendly! β˜•οΈ We love to travel with you and be there for all your morning needs! Tag a coffee loving friend that travels a lot!

Do you guys like persimmon? See its benefits in case you haven't known and go for this orange treasure!πŸ˜‰ β €

Today we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and remember his role for race equality that helped mold our future. Thank you Dr. King, your dream is made reality β €

Are you ready to take on the new year? Your little one is growing fastπŸ‘Ά, 2019 is the year of toddlers rollin’ and bouncin’ off the walls!πŸš΅β€β™‚οΈ Follow the link to read an articleπŸ‘‡

We’d like to thank all of our Droid family for sharing these awesome pictures with us!πŸ™ One touch and you can have the healthy version of your favorite food! Droid makes life easierπŸ˜‰ β €

There are 52 weeks in a year so we got 52 reason why you should choose us for your kitchen assistants 🍽 Tag us with your next Homia goodie πŸ“Έ and stay tuned for more reasons to love us ❀️

Decorating Christmas Cookies: Best Practices and RecipesπŸͺπŸŽ„ Follow the link the get the instructions:

Hey superpeople πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈπŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ! Which of the supercolors is your favorite - EXPLICITLY RED 🧨 or TOTALLY BLACKπŸ’£? Make your choice and let the battle begin! Share your preferences in comments belowπŸ‘‡

Hey guys, it's Monday and you know what that means! Time to announce our giveaway winners!πŸ˜‰ This time we have 5 winners! Congrats to guys! Follow us for new updates about the next giveaway!

Hey guys, Join our Ice-Cream Maker !πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ All participants will get 30% OFF Amazon promocode for Homia products; US only giveaway. Follow the link to participate πŸ‘‡ and best luck to everyone!

Do you 0px; " tag="ulate your intake of protein fat and carbohydrates? In case you do it will be useful for youπŸ‘‡

We at Homia think that it's much more fun to eat yoga cookies than to do actually yoga, what option would you prefer?πŸ™ƒπŸͺ🀸🏼 β € β €

Hey guys, Are you ready for our Friday's ? Join our Smoking Gun Wood Smoke Infuser giveaway!πŸ’₯ All participate will get 30% OFF Amazon promocode for Homia products; US only giveaway. Follow the link to participate πŸ‘‡

Your mugs definitely needs their own house 🏑. It will suit any kitchen don't you agree? β € This house shaped mug shelf is perfect to hang over your coffee cart to showoff your mug collection β˜• β € β €

Many of us are just crazy for latte! This one is for those of us who love to experiment! So we have a recipe of our favorite drink with a twist! Try it and share with us how do you like it Follow the link to get the recipe of Snickerdoodle Latte:

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