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Listening to album #15 in my quest to listen to all the top 500 albums in 2020!

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Glory, Glory, Hallelujah! I got my tablet working 🎉🎉🎉Look at all the shadows I can make with minimal cost to my sanity. Now I got to get used to not looking at my hands while I draw cause it’s not a screen tablet and actually learn all the ins and outs of digital art. I am actually excited about that. Expect all my future SU comics to be colored digitally. 

I know this is not how gem clothing works but this idea of the origin of the coattails just popped into my head and I thought it was super cute and then it didn’t want to leave so…screw cannon I needed to get it out of my system. Also the soldiers Yellow would be inspecting would probably citrines and jaspers and other ones in the yellowish part of a color wheel but I wanted her to stand out more against the crowd and I didn’t want to shift the color scheme so drastically in the last page so…pretend they’re citrines.  

I like using character maker stuff I find around to TRY and get a feel for the OC’s I put in my stories or RP forums, this is a prime example.

HIS name is Onyx a former Crystal Gem who betrayed the rebellion when the gem she loved fell in love with a human knight, so Onyx a former bard was driven to instability and murdered the knight and shattered her beloved self-poofing and reforming with the dead knight’s face. Onyx then proceeded to inform homeworld of several crystal gem bases citing ignorance is bliss and blaming Rose, Pearl, Bismuth and Garnet for his suffering, he identifies as a man because he is the man he killed in most ways now.

As a reward for his actions during the war he was given a ship, a black hand shaped ship and worked for White Diamond as a wetworks executioner who stamps out other rebellions with great prejudice aided by his elite officers they make up the Homeworld Black Ops group: Black Hand.


Houseki no Kuni AU Spinel! I like to think that she used to be Pink’s partner, and she is a multi-layered gem like Ghost Quartz in the series. The outer layer is her bright, friendly personality, and the inner layer is her angsty, angry personality. She lost the outer layer during a battle due to Pink’s betrayal😢


Now she’s on the moon to stay with the Diamonds.


Pink Pearl also used to be Pink Diamond’s partner before Spinel. She lost her eye during a battle because Pink was acting very childish and let her guard down. Currently she was taken away to the moon, and White Diamond gave her a synthetic pearl eye. (Just like Phosphophyllite in the series!)


Pink used to live on the moon with the other Diamonds, but she grew tired of their lifestyle and decided to run away with Pearl to Earth. The other Diamonds are constantly attacking the Earth because they want Pink back, so she decides to change her idenity by replacing parts of her gem with Rose quartz gem.

I tried to get creative with these Hnk x SU backstories. Hehe, these were fun to draw!!