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🍃✒️ Incorporating natural elements to our decoration, we bring warmth and freshness in the spaces. 🍃

Neaaaarly done working in the first comission of the year: a family portrait full of love and cats! 💙

Check out this tweet from TeamRandL: If you've been holding out for the perfect home, look no further.

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7 days, 20+ faces, 5 billion calories, one long ass rollover hangover and a cracked screen later… my ass is coming home to New York. I feel like I’ve been gone a month bc I crammed so much into this week. I love you New Orleans but you’re real bad for my health. There wasn’t even a favorite moment or day of this trip bc it was that EPIC! I had the best gumbo and king cake I’ve ever had, partied for the Saint’s victory, danced all night, strolled through the quarter playing tourist, saw so many people I love, got a ton of new content and finished it off with an impromptu Justin Timberlake concert. #laissezlesbontempsrouler


#nola #neworleans #bts #behindthescenes #bigeasy #thebigeasy #neworleanian #inmykit #frenchquarter #wanderlust #travel #modelsoffduty #geauxsaints #besttripever #homesweethome #happiness #partyanimal #saints #workhardplayhard #butdidyoudie (at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport)

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Welcome back

It’s been a long time without you, guys. I‘ve been offline cause my live was completely shaken up, changed and rearranged during the past months. Now I feel relocated to the place where I am meant to be. So here I am. Refreshed. Settled down. Ready to share all the foodimpressions I‘ve been collecting for so long. Let’s start with something traditional: with the one and only homemade #spätzlemitgulaschundbergkäse