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The past week we have been learning about Abraham Lincoln, the confederacy and the civil war. Today we watched Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech and Morgan started crying.

La semana pasada en platicamos con Mayra Rodriguez de , un sitio para todos los interesados en . Para saber más sobre la misión del podcast, les invito a leer éste post que Mayra escribió. ¡Gracias, Mayra!

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Copepod with eggs. Is not it a beauty? Fun facts: they don’t need heart or gills, but the neurons quality is up to par with the vertebrates. To jump away from predators and stalkers with microscopes. 80x .

Копепод, веслоногое ракообразное с авоськами 😉 В авоськах яйца. Красиво. Чуть интересного: в сердце и жабрах у них нужды нет - очень мелкие, и так норм. А вот нейроны у них на заглядение сравнимы с нейронами позвоночных. Наверное, для повышенной прыгучести от хищников и других любопытствующих. 80x

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A birthday request fulfilled and on the trail of Thomas Telford (he designed the harbour), we headed off to Cullen. A practical, hands on history lesson for our boys and a lovely walk along the beach and around the harbour. I really do love the freedom that comes with homeschooling our children.

Come time for lunch, we headed into town for some yummy food and at least one delicious bowl of Cullen Skink … 😋 We’ll definitely be going back … 😃

For the past week, I’ve been doing something that goes against nearly every piece of homeschooling advice I’ve ever read. I’m putting math last in our day.

My third grader is working on long division and word problems. My fifth grader is working on fractions and geometry. These are challenging subjects for young minds. By the time they finish math, they are spent. The last thing they want to hear is okay, now it’s time for spelling, language arts, history and science.

Putting math last in our day means that the done feeling they are experiencing can be respected. Right now there’s also a novelty factor in knowing that once math is done, so are they. It’s newly motivating. I’ve been checking in with them every day to see if this is working for them. So far, they say yes. I’m sure at some point this will stop working and we will need to reconfigure again, but for now I am happy to have found a system that is working for them, however unorthodox it may be.

on my homeschooled years, and fanfiction

i sort of realized, today, why i developed an addiction to fanfiction, back when i was homeschooled from grades eight through twelve. why this addiction seemed to miraculously cure itself sometimes, and then come back with a vengeance at other times.

it’s incredibly simple, and i wonder at myself for not realizing it sooner.

home is lonely. home is so incredibly lonely, because i have a mother who doesn’t really believe in either friends or free time. a mother who thought it was so incredibly gracious of her to grant a full hour a day of free time, of course with the stipulation that i completed every single thing on her giant to-do list for me and didn’t “cause” her to become angry at me that day. a mother who banned me from visiting or even talking to friends whom she deemed “rebellious” or “evil.” (had she met these friends? well no, but she took a single look at their fb profile pics and deduced their moral character from that one glance. she’s an impeccable judge of character, don’t you know?)

of course i rebelled. i rebelled silently, secretly reading fanfiction instead of doing schoolwork, contacting friends on skype instead of facebook because she had my password for the latter. of course, at the time i thought i was the worst sinner on earth, disobeying my mother in that way - and the laziest person on earth for not completing my schoolwork diligently every day - but i just couldn’t help it. i didn’t realize until far later that it was a matter of my mental, emotional, and psychological survival.

i would spend most of the days in the week speaking to no one but my mother and father. on the days when i got out of the house and interacted with other people, it was always in controlled settings like church or homeschooling groups. there wasn’t unstructured time in which i could just be, to be my own self with friends who were of similar ages.

so it was only natural that, in my homeschooled hell years, i turned to fanfiction to fill that void that i couldn’t fill with friends. characters like Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, like Maglor, Maedhros, Celebrimbor, like Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Arya Stark, like Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Jim Moriarty, became my heros, my villains, my idols, my alter egos. (do note how i’ll capitalize their names, but never the first-person pronoun i.)

and it still happens that, whenever something happens in real life that makes me feel upset or lonely, i’ll turn to my little fantasy escapes from reality. such as now, when it’s winter break and i’m cooped up at home, with no one to talk to but my parents.

i guess the moral of the story here is, don’t be an authoritarian parent who bullies your child into having to rely on internet strangers and fictional characters for emotional comfort? because while fanfiction was and has been such a help to me, it’s also been an emotional crutch sometimes, and getting into a good story at the precisely wrong time has often been to the detriment of getting real life things done.

and the other moral of the story is, thank you to all of the kind strangers who have devoted so much time and labor to writing beautiful stories for all to read for free on the internet. you’ve brought happiness and comfort to so many. may writer’s block be ever far from you, and may your readers be ever plentiful and your commenters ever pleasant.

In my experience, there were five kinds of homeschooled kids: ones obsessed with Star Wars, the ones obsessed with Chronicles of Narnia, the ones obsessed with Lord of the Rings, the ones obsessed with Dr. Who (weirdly usually the same as the ones who were obsessed with Lord of the Rings, interestingly), and then the ones who just liked sports and action movies who were basically public school kids. 


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Why we don’t celebrate 🎁🎄Christmas & What we do instead

anonymous asked:

My name is Vlad, I have bad mental health, I self harm and am often suicidal, also I’m a minor, and I need therapy- well there’s no way for us to afford therapy, And my mom has a twisted view on mental health, if I told her I’m suicidal she’d get angry and I’m weak so I’m afraid she’d say something that would make me kill myself, so even if I got a therapist I’d lie to her a lot. And I’m behind in school so I have to lie about that as well which makes me come off as careless and lazy, 1/2)

(2/2) Vlad - And my old therapist didn’t take me seriously. I’m horribly behind in school and I am stuck- I’m homeschooled and I have no help at all. I’ve tried online things like khan academy and still am unable to move forward. I don’t know what to do.. it’s a huge huge huge problem

Hey lovely,

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling so much! I can imagine that this is all very tough on you and that you don’t really know where to start regarding all this.

I think a good first step would be to reach out to someone, anyone. Having to deal with this all on your own is too heavy and you shouldn’t have to do so. Is there anyone that you could reach out to? It doesn’t have to be about everything, it can also be a part of what’s going on. You mention that you’re homeschooled; would your teacher be someone you could reach out to? I’d also like to recommend online counselling. We have a page guiding you through some web counselling resources, so you might want to check that out. 

You mention that you used to have a therapist. How did you get in contact with your previous therapist? Was that something your mum was aware of? Because I do think it would be a good start to see a therapist again. Again, you can start small. But one thing you can also work on is the relationship with your mum. It’s possible to do family sessions. That way you also have the support of your therapist. They can sometimes explain what your struggles are like a bit more in a way that parents will understand and therefore not react in a hurtful way. 

There’s no shame in admitting you’re behind in school. I know it might not feel that way. But honestly, with what you’re going through it’s so understandable. When you’re constantly fighting your own brain and thoughts, school isn’t exactly the priority. Lack of concentration is also a symptom of many different mental health issues. If your thoughts are racing because of how anxious you are or for whatever reason, focusing on a school task doesn’t really work. 

When struggling with suicidal ideation, it can really help to make a list with reasons to stay. This list can be your motivation to keep fighting, to not listen to those nasty thoughts. It usually is easiest to make such a list when you’re feeling relatively okay. Often when you’re already feeling low, it’s super hard to think of reasons to stay, which only makes you feel more hopeless. So I’d strongly recommend you to make such a list when you’re not already feeling super low. You can use our page for inspiration if you’d like. I really do think it’s best to make your own personal list though! A general list such as our page is good for inspiration, but it doesn’t ring true as much as your own personal list would. The same goes for a list with reasons not ot harm yourself.

I would also recommend you to make a safety plan. This plan is an outline of what you can do (or what you need to do) when you’re at your lowest and don’t feel safe. It can include helplines to call, distractions to use, alternatives to self harm, a link to or copy of your reasons to stay, people to reach out to, and other actions to take. With these actions it’s good to be specific; ‘if I have a plan, I will tell X person’ or ‘if I have means, I will get myself to hospital’. Those are just examples, but having actions like that written out can prevent the situation from escalating. In the end, it’s your safety that matters! I hope that this helped at least a little bit and that you’ll be able to get the help you need and deserve.

Sometimes what seems impossible, is just hard.
Love Pauline


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S2: E13 The importance of ensuring the HOME EDUCATOR is not being under-…

anonymous asked:

So, regarding homeschooling...what made you ultimately decide to do it? As my kids get older and I get more frustrated with our school district (one of the so-called best in our area, not that that’s saying much), I find myself considering it more seriously-especially in this day and age when so many resources are available via the internet for curriculum and enrichment.

Hey sweet anon! I’m so sorry you’re frustrated, and I can definitely sympathise.

For us it was a combination of a lot of things. Our oldest daughter being “encouraged” to write with her right hand when she clearly had left-handed tendencies. Piling on busywork to keep them busy while other students caught up. Bullying (even in K4!) at a supposedly Christian school, my poor girl had her glasses knocked off her face so many times 😢. Selfishly, we tend to be night owls in my house, so getting up early for school was a chore and a half for all of us.

My girls also don’t learn at their best sitting in a group of people. My two littlest girls often do their work together on the stairs leading up to the second floor of our house (huh?), but that’s where they like to do it, so I don’t mind. They also help each other, which frees me up to teach reading or algebra one-on-one.

As for curriculum, we use a combination of things. Consumable workbooks for math (we use Math-U-See), textbook and workbook combinations for science and history. There are so many options out there though, from companies that offer complete in-a-box curriculums to finding everything you need online for free, so you can try something and then just switch it out if it doesn’t work.

Our state is also pretty homeschool-friendly. I’m only required to inform the superintendent of our school district that I’m homeschooling my girls and provide a list of subjects that I’m teaching, and then give them a comprehensive test at the end of the school year. Other states have more strict requirements, so you would have to check out the laws in your state. We also have a twice-weekly homeschool PE class that we go to at our local Y.

It is hard, I won’t lie. There are some days when I feel like packing them up and sending them all off on the bus, but not as many as I thought when I first started. And we have so much more time to do other things! Our school takes at most 3 hours per day, so that leaves a lot of time for extracurricular activities. I have one daughter who just recently earned her black belt in karate, another who attends a theatre camp, chess clubs, book clubs, etc.

I hope this is somewhat helpful! I’m always open to more questions, so feel free to DM me or send more asks if you like! 💕