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Economy is booming for the mega rich. How many work 2-3 jobs, barely hanging on? How many can't afford healthcare or insurance, can't afford college? How many got squat from ? How many families & are ? You dont know, don't care.

Some residents have been frustrated with the encampments that have lined the shoreline of the Platte River. But tomorrow police will be handing out flyers telling the camp residents they will need to leave or they will be forced out in 2 weeks

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Top story: : 'Warning Graphic Officials Care Professionals Leave Double Amputee n Elements Until He Is De… , see more

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Seattle is DYING! Thank you, KOMO! Oscar, Pulitzer, Nobel Peace Prize - these awards are YOURS because this project is GENIUS!

Sculpture by Canadian sculptor Timothy P. Schmalz depicts an unidentified sleeping person, covered with a blanket, on a park bench. Considered controversial by some, those passing by do not know it is Jesus until they take a closer look. There are holes in the feet.

Some people living in a apartment complex prepare to move out as new owners get ready to turn the property into permanent housing. Many in the community aren’t okay with the new neighbors on the way.

An agreement between a neighborhood nonprofit and a local landlord aims to keep 63 homes in redeveloping Hazelwood permanently . Via

Thank you to everyone who supports us, whether that is volunteering, donating money, food or other goods, partnership working, lending us your venue, helping us create awareness of our services or anything else you do, we really appreciate it.

CA has ~25% of US pop. of individuals, w/ ~134K homeless residents as of Jan 2017. The of the 2019-20 highlights problem of , proposes additional funding to address it. Fact from our "First Look":

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Wow! I don’t feel safe! I shouldn’t have left after dark! FUCK!!!


So this guy goes and buys a homeless sex offenders abandoned storage unit and this is what he found.

YouTube: What The Hales

Hnng, so. My first night was weird, the mats we slept on were like, 2 inches thick on concrete floors. Every time I eat I get sick, and I gotta find a freaking job.

I did the lottery drawing tonight, and I didn’t get a number, so I wasn’t allowed to stay. But I had enough money for the hostel. Got talking to one of the girls here, and she suggested that I talk to said hostel about jobs, and some of them also offer reduced/free bunks?? Like, HELLO??

I’m really happy with where my life is going. I’m glad I got out of my parents house. I’m glad I cut off communication, and I’m glad I’m me.


Please remember 3rd party scholarships for college are available!!! And theres a shit ton of them too. I cannot think of how there cant be at least one that you fit for. Some don’t even require GPAs/test scores !!!! College is stressful and trying to get the perfect GPA/test scores just adds to burn out 💖💖💖


NYC100456 by a Psychiatrist’s view
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the locals East Village ManHatTan


Reposted from @chef_to_the_homeless_ - Jon Bon Jovi and how the journey began. #jbjsoulkitchen,#jbjsoulfoundation,#feed,#chefscottconant,#gzchef,#rockstar,#band,#homeless,#homelessness - #regrann

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According to the Governments latest Rough Sleeping statistics the total number of people counted or estimated to be sleeping rough on a single night was 4,677.

The majority of homeless people don’t all hail from broken homes. Most are well to do people who have experienced an unfortunate catastrophe or breakdown of some sort which has led them down this cold and stony path.

Today we decided to trial a lunchtime kitchen for the very first time. It was hugely successful with plenty of new friends visiting us.

It’s the month of #Ramadan and fasting gives us the perfect opportunity to empathise with what homeless and needy people experience on a daily basis.

One Third Soup Kitchen team are committed to serving friends who need this support. If you would like to donate food and are local then please get in touch with me.

Thank you Isma, Lou as well as my fantastic team: @_zainab_r1 @abz.rahman and Hamza.

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This is the problem with America today. You kids cry about "toxic workplaces" and being "triggered". You dont need a safe space. Grow some fucking balls and suck it up butter cup. Your art isnt going to pay the the bills. I dont understand why i have to pay for your fucking food stamps and section 8 housing. I couldnt get help when i needed it. I had to work and deal with my issues. Not avoid them. Shake your ass on a pole or go ride dick for money. Stop being a pussy and "focus on your art"

I’ve never talked about being triggered or even used the word trigger in all my life or ever said I want a safe place ever in my life? What I mean by toxic is they lied to me, told me the head manager came in a certain time and making me late to work just to talk to him just to find out he actually didn’t come in that time. I was throwing up in front of customers, so weak I could barely lift up anything and they told me to go home and that it’ll be okay just to find out the next day it wasn’t okay and that I broke a rule no one told me about and said I wouldn’t get in trouble for and the only way I had to save myself was spend +1000 dollars I don’t have to go to the doctors to get an excuse that I was sick in which I didn’t have. So I would like to know how you can just assume I want a safe place or that I’m ‘triggered’ because that isn’t it at all? Maybe stop assuming shit because your head is stuck in your ass in the past and think everyone wants to work the same shitty job for 50 years. It leads to depression and lack of motivation if things are always the same forever, not being “triggered”. And for you getting mad for “paying” food stamps, I DONT USE food stamps. YOU DONT PAY FOR ANY SERVICES I USE, I make a living off my own shit. My own ‘art’. I have a stable life for the moment so if you mistake my honesty for being triggered then excuse me. I’ve been homeless for a year before and had no way to get a job because of certain circumstances so I had to find food myself. I’d like to say I’m far from a “lil bitch” and I WILL sell my art if it comes down to it. Maybe you should stop judging people what they do for a job if it makes me happy because my ART makes me happy and I will make as much money off of it as I please, so how about YOU ride my dick BEN because I’m tired of you harassing me and all you seem to do for a job is like to smd.

Fundraiser for the Youngstown Bluecoats

Our little gift shop is donating 10% from the sale of anything blue over the next month or so to help the Youngstown Bluecoats organization in its efforts to get their bus painted and get ready for the Autumn when they’ll be going out again to offer coats and other warming items to our area homeless.

Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop

We specialize in Handmade & Vintage Goods at our Gift shop

6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road

Weds. noon-5 & Thurs./F./Sat. 10 - 5

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Basically I know that it's easy to look at a homeless person on the street and say that they deserve where they got themselves, but they don't realize is they're saying that I, a middle-class addict who might be their friend or coworker and they not know it, deserve homelessness and hate. No one deserves that, and I hope you can manage to make it through. <3

Most people deserve love and compassion. You never know a person’s full story, situation, or how they ended up where they are struggling with whatever it is they’re dealing with. It’s a big reason why I always try to be kind to others. I wish more people thought about this before being judgmental towards others in situations they don’t understand or know nothing about. Most people are a paycheck or two away from being homeless themselves. Just being real here.