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Emperor Huizong, in ‘Treatise on Tea’ – a key document on traditional tea ceremony in Imperial China, mentions that he particularly enjoyed drinking ‘Bai Cha’ (Bai means white, Cha means tea).

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Check this gorgeous glittery work top out by @epoxy_wizard and they have used our glitters 🙏🙏❤️ This is for an outside bar!!!! How cool 😎
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Found the perfect addition for my screened porch - this lovely Rumba fountain - got it at a local store in Green Hills called Flower Mart!
#home (at Green Hills, Nashville)

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The cats met me at the door and I rewarded them with catnip and treats.  

I planted the catnip using a bbq mean fork and giant spoon b/c I had no spade or shovel.  I hope it worked.

The house was burning up even though I left all the fans on.  I felt so bad.  I could hardly stand it,  I can’t imagine how bad it was for them in their fur.  Three were already outside though.  Two of the three have come in and eaten, the other one should turn up soon.

I think they knew I was going somewhere.  Before I left one of them peed all over my AMERICAN STRAIGHTEDGE  shirt.

Found out there were all kinds of things going on in Corpus for PRIDE MONTH/ 

i don’t remember anything going on when I lived there.  God I’m too old and broke down to march anywhere for anything.  I could have someone push me in a rainbow wheelchair but that’s it.

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I think a lot of things while driving and it occurred to me:  I don’t know why I am surprised that I am so broken down at such a relatively young age when the whole goal of my 20s and 30s was to fight my way to the front of as many punk, metal, rock and hardcore shows as I could.. 

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And honestly if I’d known I’d end this broken down I wouldn’t change a damn thing anyway, except to go to MORE damn shows and REALLY earn it. :)