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On this auspicious day of Basant Panchami, Nirwana Greens wishes you with bountiful blessings of Goddess Saraswati. Happy Basant Panchami!

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– Alexa Chung, “It”

*in commercial narrator voice*

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How I Choose to Live

I don’t care for your minimalism.

I don’t care for your modern.

Give me joyously cluttered,

antique, upcycled, repurposed.

I don’t care for empty rooms.

I don’t care for the modern fad affair,

with white walls, white floors, white everything,

pretentious unused kitchens, and

empty coffee tables,

in front of dog-less couches.

I prefer a cozy, romantic, welcoming,

cheerful home.

Give me craftmanship.

Let me delight in the details,

knick knacks, each with meaning,

pieces of wreckage collected on my travels,

each with a story to tell.

I want color and texture and patterns.

I want plaster and paint and layers of beauty.

Antique oak, walnut or maple, quality,

as strong today as the day it was built.

I want history in my rooms,

photos, paintings and children’s drawings.

I want to feel my story emanating

from the walls.

I don’t want perfect, I want tradition.

You can keep your Ikea,

with their plywood and formaldehyde,

particle board and other garbage.

I want real, pesticide and poison free.

I want my health, to breathe.

You can keep your greed.

I want rugs made of natural dyes

made the old fashioned way.

You can keep your target, your walmarts

and your malls.

I want beauty, old books, attics.

I want plants and eclectic chaos.

I don’t want fast and busy and stark.

I don’t want society to dictate my style.

Let me be me, to grow, to develop

to live, centered, grounded, and

with dignity …..

Maritza Alvarez | Creator | Our Journey to Balance