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Last year I got no gooseberries at all bc these guys ate EVERYTHING. got 5 entire berries growing this year which is an improvement!
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Интерьер столовой пентхауса в центре Москвы.

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Scott Kelly: How Tom Wolfe Changed My Life

“The Right Stuff” helped me, a terrible student with severe attention problems, find purpose and become an astronaut.
Bengal Tigers Original Drawing
Size: 18x24 Medium: Watercolor, Colored Pencil Framed: No This drawing is part of my Animal Portraits and Profiles Series, great for any childs room or classroom. Drawing is on high quality Canson Mi-Teintes drawing paper, and has a 1/4 border for easier framing. Drawing is signed and

im pissing

Chester Chillin in the Sink



any italians on here wanna proof read some shitty google translate emails i gotta send to the rural sicilian comune my great grandpa was from asking for his birth certificate? i could possibly paypal you a lil somthing for your time.

im in the process of applying for italian citizenship but its slightly problematic that all my relatives who actually spoke italian died when i was about 5 and i could only take french at school… 

oh also hey just a heads up to my followers im gonna be postin abt my boy kano like… all day tomorrow and you have been warned now.


How Much Is My Home Worth Laguna Niguel CA


I’m really happy with how Mayor Celina’s second floor is coming out!

Our kitchen is all set up, but we’re still waiting on our couch for the living room to be shipped 🙄

Does Torture Work? Trump: Yes. Haspel: No.

As a candidate, President Trump was known to tout the effectiveness of torture. But his pick for C.I.A. director, Gina Haspel, told the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday that she sees things much differently.

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My homeschool study summarized as a 3 minute video. Check it out, then follow the link to my writing portfolio to read the full study.