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Pierre Cardin’s Bubble Palace in the South of France


Felt this one so deep down it’s crazy. Man what a beautiful place!
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“When we are talking, I feel totally at home in my own skin.. like, that is not normal for me, so you are really doing something right. Keep doing that and you will own my heart forever..”

Being with you is like being at home, it’s comforting, and it’s the most amazing feeling ever.. you’re amazing - Eue

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So I was petting one of the neighborhood cats and he looks like a mini panther and omg he rolled over today and his tummy is a just big bundle of white fluff. He never rolls in the sunlight so this is the first time I got to see it 😪, just wanted to share

A mini panther omg he must be gorgeous!!! I wish I could’ve seen the lil baby too but the way he turned over on his back!!! Aah he trusts u!!! This is such a cute lil story thank u for sharing 💗💗💗


“I’ve got no roots but my home was never on the ground… I like digging holes, hiding things inside them, when I grow old, I won’t forget to find them”. 🖤