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Great golly Ms. Molly, I have a lot to do!

I hope they have this bed at Nebraska Furniture Mart cause I need it for my Sleeping Beauty impersonations. . . . . . . . 📷 Pinterest

I’ll just drop 👇🏽this👇🏽here. Maybe it has nothing to do w Graham, Nunes or any of that crew but if blackmail or threats are at the bottom of this.

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I was excited to have the last night which was amazing but my stand out dish was the was so good nearly licked the bowl !! 👍

HOLY MOLY MACARONI Harlem - influenced mac & cheese restaurant opens at Grand Central

Hou op met me. Vanavond twee films met Alan Rickman op de Nederlandse televisie.

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Holy moly! A 1910’s era Berty. This rectangular-shaped timepiece with a Silver case, features an original, patinated dial with “exploding”-style numerals & a Welsa Watch Co. movement. (Store Inventory # 12020, listed at $1850, available for purchase online & in-store.)

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Just wanted to drop in and say that I love your blog! I watched Inside Edens Gate like a month or so ago? Anyways I came across your account and have been enjoying reading your threads! Amazing writing! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💯💯💯💯

@xeffie-thredsonx​ // [ always accepting asks ]


// O h. Ha ha oh NO I CAN’T TAKE A COMPLIMENT HA HA ABORT ABORT. First off HECK YES FOR WATCHING IEG! Despite some of the crap it gets they really crammed a lot in <30 minutes and I respect that. Plus they had a great cast and some good lines in there among many other lil moments. I’m super happy to have you here though and geeze ah gosh. 

I cannot believe people read this gunk. And put up with the shitposts. And the ooc. Basically *vague gestures at all of the blog*. I’m gonna camp out under my desk now y’all have a good SinSunday