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Official pic by from opening of . Seen some great films already, including The Monster, with . Many more to see, inc The Games Children Play, Monday, 4pm. LA friends, see you there!

Immigrant Stereotypes Are Everywhere on TV:   In April, a Season 4 episode of Jane the Virgin sees Alba—the titular character’s…

Supporting about to take stage. But met Debbie who won tickets from to go to to see Said “Trip of my life”

The 2019 ScreenCraft Public Domain Screenplay Competition's early deadline is 3/31: Jury includes filmmakers, executives, managers & producers behind such beloved films and TV shows as THE POST, ROMA, GREEN BOOK & THE CROWN!

Barbra Streisand should NEVER work again. should be banished from ALL public life. Are Pure .

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After our long journey on the film festival circuit. Finally landed in Hollywood at TCL Theaters April 19-21st. "The Most Interesting Man in Show Business" was just selected by via !

Zurück zur in Rein-Kultur?😱Boshafter und niederträchtiger können Ab- und An-Moderationen in den Medien nicht sein.

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Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin face court amid settlement pressure in admissions scandal

Great Movie,Great Cast Memorable Performance by Barry Pepper “Saving Private Ryan” 1998

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Unnecessary Shred Guitar Volume 1 - Willie McBrides tonight with the Event Horizon - 11pm! #guitar #shred #customdreams #customdreamsguitar #80srock #80smetal #georgelynch #hollywood #shredguitar #solo #unnecessary #danneary #guitarplayer #kramerguitar #friedman #leadguitar #rock #hairmetal #hardrock #metal #nj #williemcbrides #hoboken #eventhorizon #saturday #weekendvibes #march #stpatricksday #la #nyc (at New Jersey)

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When Barbers need to make that rent it don’t matter who cut your hair before, they automatically messed you up 😂😂😂 @peter_plon @narcist
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diversity doing it right

a movie deserve to watch black spiderman is a new character, name and a story and wasn’t another shity boring remake a story that have its own individuality which become a rare in film industry with over a 100 remake and reboots, probably they doing the same with black superman by giving him a new name and story, similar stories are lazy move but these days there is a fucking lack of creativity so making similar stories out of popular stories with new characters and story line im all about it because i will NOT fucking watch the same shit just because they change the character race or the gender 

film industry will dry out every fucking popular story, the double standards hypocrites yelling about whitewashing but asking for black batman, female sherlock, black superman, black james bond..etc not because the diversity and equality reasons as they claim its because the story is too white or too male so they think the solution is changing the character race or gender  or snowflake will attack white writers, white tv shows and movies because the shit they read or watch doesn’t fit their fucking ideology threatening to boycott something for being tOo WhItE, Instead of complaining about the lack of diversity maybe more people of color need to creates more new stories for people of color like Lilo & Stitch, The Princess and the Frog, black panther, legend of korra..etc even these shit creates by white 


Official Kopy Kings Trailer

Happy Birthday, The Ghost of Frankenstein!

On this day in 1942, The Ghost of Frankenstein lurched into theaters for the first time! The film was the last hurrah of Frankenstein as a solo act. Sure, Ol’ Flathead would appear in a few crossover films afterwards, but this was the last of the true Frankenstein films at Universal. Lon “Son of the Phantom” Chaney Jr. played the patchwork golem in this outing. While lacking Karloff’s depth, Chaney Jr. was certainly the most imposing of Universal’s Frankenstein Monsters. Lugosi returned as Ygor and was as deliciously devious as he was in Son of FrankensteinThe Ghost of Frankenstein is no monsterpiece, but it was a decently spooky end to one of the greatest Ho-rror franchises of all time.