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thesarestofchasms  asked:

Do you have any hcs about the Aurora Survivors ?

sorry for the wait on this! i DO in fact have at least a glimpse of what they’re like

-yu was really good at lighting up the place essentially everywhere she went. almost everyone on the aurora liked her. she owned a small tech company before getting a job on the aurora (berkeley was one of her employees and a close friend)

-jochi was kind of an imposing figure, both physically (he’s like. 6′8) and in personality. the other crew was always nervous to approach him and he was honestly fine with that, as he had a distaste for alterra anyways

-keen was INCREDIBLY uptight and a real stickler for rules. he grew up in an extremely strict and wealthy alterra family and it really shows

-hollister was actually a very lighthearted man, despite how many tough jobs he’d had in the past (captained multiple different ships, served in the military). although he was busy almost all the time, people liked being around him because of his friendly personality and sense of humor. tries to be hip with the kids

-danby was only in his early twenties while stationed on the aurora. his family pushed him into becoming a doctor, which was ironic due to his affinity for getting sick and having a weak stomach. insecure and constantly worried, he only had a handful of people that he trusted on the ship.

-ozzy was a really nice and chill dude who had a reputation for being a very good listener. although it was occasionally tough for him to truly understand other people’s problems (when he was growing up he almost never had to worry about things), for the most part he was a pretty fun guy to be around

-berkeley was a good friend of yu’s, and was kind of her impulse control. very level-headed, he’s kinda average honestly

Just a little mini haul from Manchester today 

[Ft. Huji cam.]


- Kodak products t shirt from Primark

- Hollister body sprays; Crystal Shores,Silver Strand Beach and Vista Cove

- Levi’s Tab socks

-Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Swan

-Mac Prep and Prime Fix+ in Cherry Blossom

-Lush Fresh Face mask ‘Mask of Magnanimity’

-Primark False Lashes in the styles ‘Natural and Intense’