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Jingle Bell Jazz, Ch. 2

Love Live, NicoMaki, 2.8K, 2/?

Bibi hits the rehearsal room, but the mood is less than jolly…

Chapter Two

Nico was running late. She hated that. And too darn pretty and smelling like money and musk would probably be ten minutes early, having been dropped off by the family chauffeur. Nico couldn’t stop imagining what that would do to the redhead’s already snooty attitude. But Nozomi had put all of her comfortable winter wear in the wash, leaving her with a very form fitting pencil skirt and a pretty white blouse with a holly pattern scattered over it. Nico had draped a gray shawl over her hair before putting on her pea coat.

Maki was at the piano, shuffling through sheets of music, Eli running through scales on her sax at the window.

“Good morning, ladies. Let’s get to it.” Nico announced brightly as she opened the door.

“You’re late.” Eli grumped, interrupting her warm up.

“That’s Nozomi’s fault. She decided to mix Nico’s laundry with hers so Nico had to improvise.”

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