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Today is National Pickle Day! Please tune in to at 10pm if you want to see me at my most hipster as I teach America how to pickle! It is very fun and pickles are my favorite!! OK LOVE YOU SO MUCH MMMMMMMKAY BYEEEEEE!! 🥒 🥒

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😋 La VIDA no es un restaurante, si quieres un buen día... ¡Sírvetelo tu mismo! HOY, sopa de guisante para rematar la jornada con humor 🍵

I say it’s beautiful just the way it is... it wouldn’t hurt to add on an M203 and heat shield though. 🤔

Aumentando la videoteca en tiempos de plataformas y descargas digitales. Soy un romántico...

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Brain: Focus, you have data to process and stuff to finish.

Me: Yeah, no, let’s look at medieval Bulgarian coins and try to find a coat of arms.


Introductions, First Impressions and Resumes. 🤔 Of all questions, yes there is one I’ve often found difficult to answer. What do you do? 🤔 To pass the time, make money, or whilst hoping to entertain myself? Well… to be concise, stuff. I like to apply myself, learn new things and help others, too. In addition, I’m not afraid to get dirty, work towards excellence and do the best I can do, always. Still, I try not to judge a book by its cover either. 😉 #explore #questions #hobbies #skills #jobs #business #resumes #firstimpressions #effort #unafraid #lastingimpressions #try #dontjudgemechallenge #relevance #appraisal #worktowardexcellence #livelaughlove #nevertoooldtoplay #taketimetoknowsomeone #lifelonglearning #studentoflife #interpersonalcommunication

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Going back to old hobbies...

You know that feeling?

You used to be so very good at something, and then you spend a couple years not doing it. Then, out of nowhere you get the sudden urge to be a master brass  player and leave all of you med student responsibilities behind. I’ll be as good as these guys - 

I picked up a trombone I had laying around (because that’s normal). My how I’ve missed playing music. I drew my first breath, and blew into the mouthpiece - 

And it was so bad. It was so very very bad. 

Which is to be expected since I never played the trombone in high school/college - I played a similar instrument (the glorious EUPHONIUM).

but still…

Regardless, I had fun. I enjoyed what will eventually become the beginning of a story where my neighbors kill me. I’m going to do it again and again until I’m good at it. I even logged my 30 minutes into an app called Mastery.

MariHarem Week Day 2 - Hobbies

Well here is my submission for day 2 of MariHarem Week! ^^

“So…care to explain how you got me to model for your designs?” Ondine asked the shorter bluenette who was currently taking her measurements. The girl looked up and stuck her tongue out with a mischievous look on her face.

“Because you looovvveee me,” Marinette teased her which caused Ondine’s face to flush bright red. Seeing this, Marinette giggled and went back to work which left her girlfriend muttering angrily under her breath.

“You know, when you asked me if I wanted to help you with your hobby today, I thought you meant that you wanted me to be your opponent in a video game or something. Being the model for your designs…it’s not really a hobby if this what you want to be when you grow up,” Ondine told Marinette who huffed and ‘accidentally’ poked Ondine with her needle causing the girl to yelp in pain.

“I don’t want to hear this from the girl who practically lives in a swimming pool, but tells me that swimming is nothing but a hobby for you. That’s the pot calling the kettle right there,” Marinette muttered under her breath as she continued working. Ondine sighed as she ran a hand through her hair in annoyance. Looking down at her girlfriend, she did smile softly at the dedicated look in her eyes. She really was passionate about this. Just like she was passionate about her swimming.

They’ve only been dating for a few weeks now so Ondine was still learning new things about her girlfriend. The slightest things that Marinette did whether she was busy, tired, cheering her on during a swimming competition, still amazed the girl and warmed her heart. She really needed to think Kim during their next practice for introducing her to Marinette.

“Why are you staring at me, Ondine? You daydreaming about being at the pool again?” Marinette teased the girl who blushed in embarrassment and pouted while facing away.

“Happens once and you never let me live it down. You are so mean, Mari,” Ondine muttered causing Marinette to giggle as she stood back up to her full height. Before Ondine could react, Marinette leaned forward and kissed her cheek causing Ondine’s blush to spread even more.

“Thank you for helping me out with this. How about we play some games afterwards, or we can go for a swim if that makes you feel better. I mean it is only fair if we do your hobby since we did mine,” Marinette teased Ondine while booping her nose making her blush even more, which shouldn’t be possible.

Marinette smiled as she wrapped her arms around Ondine’s arm and nuzzled into her shoulder. She really needed to repay Kim one day.

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hi! do u have any advice on balancing ur time/making time for urself when working fulltime? 8am-5:30pm is taken up by either getting ready for work, being at work, or traveling home from work. as an introvert w/ some social anxiety, i basically just come home + isolate myself in my room/go online bc of the mental energy it takes to be @ work (even tho its an ok job). i lack energy to go meet new people, take up hobbies, etc bc i crave several hours a day to myself which takes up my whole nite :/

I feel this 100%. How you you feel about trying to go out more on the weekends? Personally, I agree that trying to do activities or hobbies on worknights is really hard. Could you maybe try for one activity per week? This could be taking a class, going for a meet up, joining a choir or music group, or going to a group fitness class. Just try once per week! It can be on the weekend, too! You might have more energy to try it then. I like being alone on the weekends, but I tried to do one weeknight activity in the past. Or, I’d invite someone to go out to eat with me on a weekend that I would typically go to alone, or to a concert or show if there was one. It can be something low commitment, maybe just a one-hour thing after work, but try it!

It’s intimidating to try to invite a lot of people to things via group text, so I usually try to ask one person and get them on board, then text more people something like “Hey, X and I are going to to to this thing, wanna come?” It’s way less intimidating than sending off a group text!

You know yourself best, don’t try to force social interaction all the time if you don’t want to or if it exhausts you more. Online friends are valid, too! Finally, if you find that lack of energy and isolation are severely impacting your life, consider talking to a doctor or therapist!– Mimi

The pictures aren’t very good (turns out it’s really hard to take a picture of a 76x54 inch puzzle), but I finished it! It took about three and a half months of work with anywhere from a few minutes to several hours work at a time. I would’ve been done sooner but I had to redo a quarter after my dog jumped on it and I couldn’t salvage more than a small section. At 9000 pieces it’s my largest puzzle yet and I’m not sure I can easily go back to 1000 piece puzzles. They were already fairly boring and easy.

I started a pin cushion last night. This is my first hand sewing project and I’m happy with it so far. It really should be done on a machine but I don’t have one. So, I’ve sewn a pair of boxer style shorts in school as part of a grade, but this is the first thing I’ve ever sewn on my own. It’s a little rough but I hope, once I get it stuffed and the button on, it will be more even. I also hope to have it finished today or tomorrow. I’ll leave a link to the video that helped me. You know, in case you more seasoned tailors and seamstresses want to use up some scraps for holiday gifts, or if you’re a total noob like me and need something easy to build your confidence.


For the November Writing Challenge

Shout out to @thebiganvil and @devsash for their characters being in the piece.

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The sound of the water coming down over the sharp edge of the fountain creates a soft rushing whisper that drowned out much of the city noise. And most everyone that came down to Lion’s Rest found a place away from others to converse, read or just contemplate the things in their lives. Few noticed her as she sat on the stone platform that overlooked it all.

Niqi’s hands and wrists were grey in places, but the tips of her fingers on her right hand were completely black. She didn’t seem to care. Her focus was on the serene face of a Draenei male who had nodded off while reading. She looked between him and the paper in front of her. She carefully drew the charcoal over the page, creating the soft lines that she would then blur and blend with her fingers.

“That’s nice,” came a voice behind her. The hint of gravel in the tenor tones brought a smile to her face. She looked up at her fiancé’s face.

“You like it?” She moved her charcoal covered fingers back to reveal a surprisingly realistic image of the man sleeping below.

Ælithil smiled at her. “I like it very much,” he complimented. Sitting beside her, he picked up one of the other drawings. “You’re really quite good at this. How come you don’t sell your artwork?”

She giggled. “Thank you, my love. I do it for me. It’s my way to relax,” came a gentle explanation. “What about you? Any hobbies?”

Æl sighed, shaking his head. “Not in this life. I spent too much time drinking and…other things.” He picked up another drawing, “This is cute. Who is she?” He indicated the image of a human child weaving a flower crown.

Niqi looked over at it. “Oh! That’s Anne. The daughter of one of our clients. She likes to play just outside the shop while Anas reworks designs for her mother.” She smiled. “Sometimes a little scene just asks for me to draw it. This was one of those.” She set her drawing aside and leaned into him. “That’s just how hobbies are I guess. They call to you when you need it.”

The truth behind hobby hopping

Adhd brain: Hey look new thing we should learn to do!! This is going to be so much fun and we are so going to be awesome at this thing!

Me: Ok cool. Of course this is going to require time, energy and rigorous pratice but hey I’m sure it’s going to be worth it!

Adhd brain: No 

Me: What? 

Adhd brain: No effort. Just learn. 

Me: Umm you… you know that’s not how this works right? 

Life Worth Living, Life Worth Loving

Someone who had a great deal of experience with mental health, mental illnesses and hospitalization due to such issues once told me: “You cannot project your happiness on external things.”  So what does this mean?

1. You don’t want to project your happiness on your relationships — people leave you or pass away and if there was no relationship to begin with is the person actually “abandoning you”?
2. Your identity is not your job. Obviously if you love your job you will be happier but career paths change and you may lose your job.
3. Your happiness shouldn’t depend on materialistic things. Even a toddler will know, things get lost and item will be broken.

If my happiness does not depend on my relationships, my job nor the stuff I own. What does it depend on? We are defined by our passion. If we develop hobbies and passions worth living for we will have a life worth loving.

Stay strong!