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Had a lovely time this evening creating a Seasonal card front (digital) using a new kit by called 'Festive Friends'. If you love hybrid craft, digital art, cardmaking her digikits are great to work with.

From Mobile Suit Gundam: Beltorchika's Children, the iconic red Nightingale is coming to NXEDGE STYLE in ‘stylishly' articulated figure form!

Using an actual camera to take photos can be a great way to get away from the stresses of school! What's your favorite hobby??

¿Sin tiempo para ver esa serie que tanto te gusta, por que debes administrar tus redes sociales? No te preocupes nosotros lo hacemos por ti.

Empiezo a publicar en esta cuenta con el primer dibujo que realicé de manera más "profesional", con marcadores de color y estilógrafo. No me pregunten su nombre, porque ni eso tiene...

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Beautiful but dangerous staring
by @teeneyree

YouTube videos are troublesome sometimes bc I watched some guy squish paint onto a canvas with a palette knife and make abstract art and now it’s just like !!!! I wanna do that !!!! and I’m already planning shit like oh I could get lil photo sized canvases or something and like sell my own cute lil abstract art on etsy or something or just give them to friends and family and I.. just cant help myself. I’m trying to resist the desire to start yet another hobby but like… it looks so fun and therapeutic, y'know???


I decided to do a little introduction about my CAS choices :)

Activity: swimming.

I started to swim 2 years ago, when I decided it was high time to actually LEARN how to swim. I also thought that it would be a good way of keeping my body healthy and fit, as I didn’t really feel confident about myself. After only one month, I realised how much joy swimming gives me and how big influence it has on my physical and mental health. It became a form of realising all the stress and pressure aggregated in my body, as well as, it gave me and still gives me that feeling of freedom and lightness in water. That is why my decision was to keep practising my swimming skills under the watchful eye of my coach :) because although, I’ve been swimming for the last 2 years, I stil have a looot to learn.

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Creativity: Piano

For creativity I chose category that is my favourite thing in the world: music, and to be specific…piano.

It was my biggest dream to learn how to play an instrument, as previously mentioned music is my way of escaping from everyday issues and another way of realising stress. I can’t imagine not having music in my life, and it makes me even more happier that now I’ll be able to create music with my own hands.

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Lastly, service

For service, I’ve decided to volunteer in the public clubhouse for children in a city, where I live. I really like kids and enjoy spending time with them, and I hope that I’ll be able to help them to cope with their issues :)

#1 reflection coming sooooooon

anonymous asked:

Will we ever be able to state whether our detective has hobbies/interests outwith their job?

Possibly. These kinds of things tend to come into being as I write, lol. I prefer to have a base plan with definite choices, paths, and things that are essential to the plot. But after that I fill in the rest with how the writing flows organically.

Things such as customisation, hobbies, etc come up as I write naturally and it feels it fits in with the narrative as it goes!

Thank you so much for the ask! :)

You know when you care about shit that no one in your circles cares about? Frustrating as fuuuuuuu.

For me its Dinosaurs and Birds, Mediterranean and Middle eastern antiquity, Medieval Castles, Afro-Asian Mythology and the Afro-Asian Neolithic and Mesolithic. I have things I wanna talk about dammit, but literally no one I know cares, kiiiiii

Also, I only listen to instrumental music and I don’t care about pop unless its Beyonce, Lorde, Solange or Rihanna. Wake me when they release their next alberm. I’m tired.

Poem About the Awakened Adventurist

Awakened in my name means I’m fully awakened consciously and spiritually

Also wanting to be awake when I’m on a journey

Adventurist describes my curious personality

I like to explore different ideas

And travel to various places and countries

Yes, I call myself The Awakened Adventurist

Who goes on here and prefers to be anonymous

To simply put it,

I’m just a girl with many interests

An ENFJ who happens to be religious

But to be clear,

Christianity is really a relationship between me and Jesus

As my Heavenly Father offers me love and support in times of weakness

Along with much needed assurance and confidence

I am thankful He has blessed me with all sorts of hobbies and experiences

And teaching me how to live a life of love, prayer and repentance

I feel grateful because I’ve been introduced to amazing friends who are kind

Now I’m finally feeling inspired to write poems that rhyme

I love to watch a good movie

And listen to music that sounds groovy

I appreciate nature and look forward to adventures

Would totally travel around the world if I was richer

Perhaps that will happen someday

I’ll just have to save up and wait

For now, I’ll continue to blog about my life

And play around with this lovely website

Thank you all for visiting my page

Feel free to follow and have yourself a wonderful day!



The Awakened Adventurist


Y un día se me dió por hacer un #collage al ritmo de #børns

#craft #vintage #hobbies (en Villa Crespo, Distrito Federal, Argentina)

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