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My beloved dog ❤️❤️
By @ehvtew

Photography… “Photography is the art”

I use my photography to show what the world looks like through my eyes!

I see the beauty of the landscape and the sunset/rises, I see everything differently from everyone else in this world, people go by every single second of the day and don’t notice the beauty that’s surrounds them! Either it be in the city full of people and buildings or up in the country full of fields, lochs - Either way the world is beautiful…. all you need to do is stop moving from point A to point B and see this amazing place you live in! Look up and breathe it in! Take 5 mins to appreciate the things in life.

I think it’s really important to remember it’s never to late to start something new. Sometimes I get down about not having more started more hobbies when I was younger but guess what? Your opportunities didn’t leave when you turned 18 or graduated or hit some “big milestone”.

Some people find their talents and hobbies early but it’s okay if you didn’t! Julia Child didn’t get into cooking until she was 36. Jenna Fischer got her big break as Pam in The Office when she was 31. Don’t let your age or your past or your lack of experience stop you from going for what you want.


Sometimes building a #LEGO set is hard work!