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So sorry about the sim requests. I want to get to them soon, but I haven’t been feeling well.

Sorry again. Take care of yourself, i love yall.

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Don't mean to be rude but someone you follow is a minor

Hi sorry i tried to answer this earlier but my phone flipped out and i kept losing what i wrote.

Basically: yes, i do follow a few minors! I also have always been really firm on. the boundaries i do have around interacting with minors online, as im an adult that has experienced a lot of really shitty stuff having been in fandom since i was a teen, and it makes me sick to think about reproducing that same toxic, inappropriate shit that i went through.

That being said, one of my boundaries is that i wont follow most minors unless i know them, they create a lot of original content that i think is super neat, or they dont have age posted and i find out later, in which case ill usually be very careful going foreward with whether or not i continue following them. Also, if at any point i see someone post or reblog something that implies they DONT want adults following them, or if they contact me directly, ill unfollow immediately, no questions asked and absolutely zero hard feelings.

I believe that there are ways to respect teenagers in our communities without just deciding that we will never talk to them or interact with them or their art or their thoughts–we, as adults, need to be the ones with the boundaries and ultimately have the responsibility of knowing what abuse is, what manipulation is, and what is innapropriate to talk to kids about and expose them to. However, unless a minor wishes to never interact with adults online (which IS valid and DOES happen but isnt always the case), i dont think adults in fandom spaces HAVE to act like they dont exist and like having a friendship or even, like, mutual respect for each other’s opinions and ideas, is a bad thing.

Are there still things that make me uncomfortable? Yes, but thats mostly like…stuff i cant control. I would prefer to not hear about the sex lives of minors, so if i see that on my dash i unfollow. I would also prefer if young teens didnt follow me, because im a dumbass stoner who is shit at tagging for things like nsfw and drug/alcohol mentions, however, im not going to comb through every person that follows me and block every minor, because thats a lot, and also because i want to trust teenagers to be smart about who they follow and what content they consume and internalize, and in that realm…id call myself pretty tame. Id rather queer teens follow me than uhh some other adults in this fandom, you know? Id rather be a loud advocate for them then have them follow some of the bigger blogs who are adults and who are NOT kind to teenagers. Idk. Its a balance? Maybe?

Im still figuring it out too, because fandom culture can be uhhh super toxic to young people’s development and i feel like we’re really Just Now starting to unpack all the grossness thats been happening for YEARS between minors and adults when there aren’t strict community guidelines to address that.

Long story short, i have a lot of feelings about the responsibilities of adults in fandom and how a lot of people, even young adults like me who experienced shitty stuff when they were young, dont like to admit and accept that responsibility. I care a lot about it, and i ALSO think that there isn’t just one option of never interacting with young people. A lot of my work and schooling is in advocating for young people, and i believe really strongly that adults need teens in their lives and teens need adults, but i also recognize the platform of tumblr is maybe not the best place for us to make those connections. And, also, not everyone has an age posted in their bio. Not everyone sees every post someone makes. We miss stuff, and all we can do is correct it based on what feels the most comfortable to us and whoever else is involved.

So, im just gonna say this again (and keep repeating it forever), to my mutuals, minors who i follow and to any minors who may read this: be firm in your boundaries. respect yourself and your needs and acknowledge your discomfort. If i, or any other adult in your fandom or online community, makes you uncomfortable, even for something you think is small or insignificant, block us. Talk to us. Ask us not to say certain things again, or to do a better job at tagging it. Do whatever you feel ok doing, but please please please advocate for yourself and your experience. You deserve a positive space and a healthy environment. I mean that.


The Pogues - A Rainy Night In Soho

Shane and London forever…


If I want to start having *some* sort of following on here I should probably post my shitty drawings at least :thinking emoji:

Even if they are just… Shoulder shots (and Kokichi/Beta Kokichi) 98% of the time

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Using only the song titles from one artist/band, cleverly answer the question and tag 10 people!

Artist/band: Florence + The Machine

What’s your gender? Make Up Your Mind

How do you feel? Breaking Down

If you could go anywhere? Leave My Body

Favourite mode of transportation? Heartlines

Your best friend? Strangeness and Charm

Favourite time of day? Only If For A Night

If your life was a TV show? Ship To Wreck

Relationship Status? Wish That You Were Here

Your fear? Hospital Beds

I’m uh. not gonna tag anyone because I’ve seen like almost every single one of my mutuals do this already so yeah. if you see this and want to do it I guess say you were ‘tagged’ by me? sounds good idk