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تسوقوا الان من و تمتعوا بخصم حصرى اضافى عند استخدام الكود الموجود بالصوره ... سارى فقط بـ و #

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i want an au … but i may just write up a whole like au verse … where reed and sue still went off into the universe but for whatever reason safety or timing or whatever couldn’t take val with them so johnny ends up stepping up n lookin after her . hm

aziraphale being unmonitored for the first time after armegdidnt and letting it go to his head. He goes apeshit “nothing can punish me now i can do whatever i want!!!”

i was gonna finish this post with examples but actually he pretty much already does whatever he wants


Poolside - Harvest Moon

J’aime beaucoup cette cover, par le groupe californien Poolside, d’une des plus belles chansons de Neil Young, « Harvest Moon ».

my introduction to animanga was stumbling on some compilation AMV on YouTube in like 2009 when I was sneaking on my mothers computer to watch Harry Potter vids and smosh pop music video parodies even though I didn’t understand English. I saw a inuyasha clip in one of those 7 minutes 240p quality vids with nightcore music to get away with copyright infringements, and I thought those guys with animal ears and long flowy hair were the coolest things I had ever seen. then I searched “manga” on yahoo and I found hentai and I was banned from using the Internet (it took me a few years to realize it was porn. I didn’t even get to the sex part of the video and I also had no sex ed growing up)

// You know…this shadow meme looks interesting

but like, Shinsou is blunt and negative most of the time and if I were to do this meme

I had to make the shadow like most self-destructive, depressing angsty sad blop in this world with a mix of sad angry with bitterness and jealousy

but mostly his shadow would be a lonely sad thing. 

i watched episode one of kakegurui on a whim cuz i got bored and it could do with less panty shots but otherwise its got an interesting plot