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Convivial Spaces? Encounters in Twentieth Century London 20 June King's College London WC2R 2LS Conference Investigating opportunities & limits of warm, friendly spaces: city places where solidarities, kindness......

Sonntag | 23. Juni | 11 Uhr FÜHRUNG durch das Gohliser Schlösschen Schlossgeschichte(n) aus 260 Jahren Tickets hier entlang:

Great news! is excited to host a professional development event with HENRY REYNOLDS. It'll reflect on the of the See the link/image for full details.

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😑Who's shocked Mitch McConnell "The Improbus Ille Macrochelys Temminckii" -or the heartless alligator turtule, is a confederate loving traitor? don't you remember how the Union Army came to your "nutral" state's aid after Confederate General Polk's invation?

A little piece of history for : Emperor Naruhito was an honorary member of Vincent’s Club when he was a student at Merton College. Vincent’s is an exclusive Blues club and only recently started admitting women. 🇯🇵 – at Vincent's Club

June 19, 1685 the Earl of Feversham with 3 troops of Horse Guards, a Troop of Horse Grenadier Guards, and 3 Battalions of Foot Guards are ordered west.

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I was delighted to see an old Japanese lady who used to sit in front of me at the sushi bar 30 yrs ago at private class! 🔪🍣 That’s when we created & !

Image: Claude Monet observes his Giverny, France, garden from its Japanese footbridge. 1922 colorized photograph (Courtesy of the New York Botanical Garden)

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Finally had the day to myself. Went to the and WOW. It's really amazing. If you're in Chicago you need to go! Congrats - it's incredible.

is making history 24/7! Your latest champion in the company of the greatest champions of all time! Get ready for the greatest title reign ever! 🤘🔥🤘

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Is your child texting about ecumenical councils?
  • lol: loving origen's loss
  • lmao: latrocinium made an ass of orthodoxy
  • wtf: westerners, the failures
  • idk: is döllinger kidding?!
  • bff: basel-ferrara-florence
  • nsfw: never say flavian won
  • idc: i deplore conciliarism
  • tbh: trent bested heresy
  • dilf: dignitatis [humanae] is looking fine

Dungeons & Designers 2000s by Shannon Applecline. I delayed reading the last installment in the series (for now) because I thought I would know a whole lot about that era. Turns out I learned a whole lot I didn’t know, particularly around the genesis of the Indie movement and the d20 crash. So really just as good as the previous three provided you’re well into role-playing games, obviously.

A Short History of New Zealand by Gordon McLaughlan. At the end of this winter’s New Zealand trip, I once again wanted to understand a little bit more about the country’s history. To be honest my interest was more in the original Maori arrival (of which we know little) and the early settlement, but reading this (very readable) book highlighted to me how ahead and progressive New Zealand has been on social issues. It also (hopefully) gives me a slightly better understanding of kiwis. Well worth a read if you’re interested in a light dive into NZ history.

study guides

yoo, undergrad here.

 I’ve been getting pretty good grades in math (algebra, precalc, and calculus 1) and other subjects (political science, computer science, history, philosophy, psychology, etc.) this is my first year (but i have sophomore credits) and i got a 3.9 GPA

would any of y'all be interested in study guides or tips.

reblog if yes please

“It is difficult to see why lace should be so expensive; it is mostly holes.”