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Fun fact for today in 2009 🎁 Any other fun facts for this day in history, please comment them below 👏

: How does a place of love become a house of horrors? Patricia soon discovers that those responsible for her care add so much more pain & sadness to many lives.

This is exactly what I meant when i tweeted about it 3 days ago A trip to Paektu is of great significance for N Koreans Kim is showing middle finger to with & at its back is shifted

Sphinx of Balochistan. Amazing natural wonder & only of its kind in the world. This "Sphinx" created by nature & its similarity with sphinx of Egypt is coincidence?

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Which ethnicity were these people? , , , , or ? No pseudo “makedonskis” recorded anywhere throughout .👇🏻

In the "Memoirs of Joseph " (1838), Charles wrote “The delights – the ten thousand million delights of a – come streaming upon us now…” Find out more in my “Dickens and

Did you know in NBA 2K14 it has a Pro Stick feature which allows players to give more awesome basketball passes?

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My cousin with the feathers
—  What Maria Theresa of Spain called her husband Louis XIV, noticing all the plumed hats he wore

Oleg: We were Rus Vikings

Me: .. bitch, you’re still supposed to be.


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I’m sorry. I’m very upset about this historical inaccuracy, being a descendant of the Rus and all; I just wanted to see some Rus Vikings in action. Also, the Viking age just began. How is it that they “were Rus Vikings”.

I know it’s just a show, and it’s fun to dramatize aspects of history based entertainment, but this is just completely disregarding history in general. (As if most of the show already hasn’t, but come on!)


徳永信一郎 『三好長慶』





corningmuseum Pair of Fire Screens, James Pearson, London, England, 1800. 2018.2.9 A, B. These fire screens are perfect for chilly days cozying up by the fire. Portable fire screens were used to temper the intensity of the heat from a fireplace. Glass shields on fire screens were unusual and offered the sitter the benefit of heat protection without blocking the fire’s illumination. They allowed for better visibility for reading or sewing while simultaneously providing luminous entertainment because of the interplay of the flickering light and the painted scene before it.


That California was likely named as a reference to a Spanish novel popular at the time. (16th century) 

As I understand it this is the equivalent to us naming a newly discovered planet Tatooine.


December 7, 2019

10:35 PM

I’ve been at the library since 12 in the afternoon but it’s been amazingly productive. Finals starts officially on Monday but mine don’t begin until Thursday. I also have a sore throat but a girl has to power through

JEFFREY HUDSON, ‘Lord Minimus’ was known as the “Queens Dwarf” who belonged to Queen Henrietta Maria of France the wife of King Charles I and the mother of the future King Charles II.
When Jeffrey was aged 7 he was invited to stay at the court of the Duke and Duchess of Buckingham. In 1626 the couple gave him to the King and Queen as a gift during a banquet. A large pie was placed in front of the queen which Jeffrey jumped out of wearing a suit of armour. He moved into Denmark House in London in the Queens royal household. He entertained the court with his wit and intelligence which made him famous. He was painted in a portrait with the Queen by Van Dyck.
During the English civil war in 1643 the queen including Jeffrey fled to France and moved into the Louvre palace & then to Nevers.
Jeffrey was tired of playing the court clown and had the shits due to all the insults he would receive. In 1644 he took offence to the gentleman Crofts who insulted him about his size. Jeffrey challenged him to a duel with pistols on horseback. During the duel Jeffrey shot Crofts dead which led to his downfall. Duels was outlawed at the time & Jeffrey was at first sentenced to death but the queen intervened and he was sent back to England in 1644, aged 25.
On-board a ship he was captured by North African pirates who made him a slave and he had to work for the next 25 years doing hard labour. It was believed he was ransomed & was able to return home.
In 1669 Jeffrey was living in England in Oakham where he lived in poverty and was interviewed by James Wright who was a historian. In 1676 he returned to London to get a royal court pension, however he returned at a time of anti-Catholic sentiments and was imprisoned for being a Roman Catholic. He was released in 1680 and died 2 years later in 1682.

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