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An Italian Affair by Caroline Montague Historical fiction set in Tuscany and England before and during WWII Beautiful and involving.

HURRY! The Decision They Made is available at a reduced price only until January 31. Buy your copy now on Amazon Kindle and save.

The Decision They Made ebook. On sale until January 31. Hurry, buy now on Amazon Kindle. #familysaga #historicalfiction #aussieauthor

Love WW2 fiction? Meet the brave East End Angels ambulance crew who rescue casualties of the London Blitz. Whole series now out. 5* “loved the characters couldn’t put it down” 5* ‘thoroughly enjoyed’

We explore the do's & don'ts of on this Adventure. Spitfire is a riveting spy story set in post WW2 Europe from debut author that you don't wanna miss. Here's your Listen Link>

Madame Fiocca: A gripping tale of life & espionage in Occupied France, based on true events. Also available to read via NetGalley

The Good Cop by Peter Steiner Set in Munich, between the two wars. Great historical thriller - a perfect blend of fact and fiction.

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' 5⭐️. Well written, beautifully paced, engaging characters, wonderful love story.' The Girl Who Loved Cayo Bradley by @ NinsTheWriter. FREE on KindleUnlimited. Romance HistFic Western LitFic IARTG IAN1 Kindle books ebooks

"Giacoma is a wonderful character. Despite the centuries that separate her life from ours, she is totally relatable." reviewed by our review today

PREORDER NEWS!! Pennington's book 4, A SHOP GIRL AT SEA is available for preorder NOW - releases April 9th. Why not reserve your copy today??

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