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It is . I hear the local shelters have plenty to adopt. If you need a puppy or dog, go there.

T'his device worked perfectly to remove all noticeable background ' Sometimes our little EarBuddy doesn't get the attention it deserves! However, as this customer shows, it works! Click to check out the full review

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موزیک جدیدم به اسم زمزمه شو بزودی بعنوان عیدی تقدیم حضورتون میشه (زمزمه شو درگوشم بزار بجنبه سرو گوشم یادم بره همش خیاله نبود توووووو) ( (محمد هیس))

The East Side Dave Show brings extra to an all-new episode on ! Experience it today and better your life!

Sam to Jason - This Shiloh situation is getting a lot worse. Krissy to Shiloh - The next step, I'm ready to take it. Next on

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The East Side Dave Show brings down the hammer! Tonight at 7 PM (EST) on !! !!

Admittedly know nothing about football (soccer) I think these are cool but the UK fans had lots to say about the names on the chairs ...£45 each

1pm - Vinyl rewind with playing records how they were meant to be played, scratches and all! Tune in at for a trip down memory lane. Cambridge Historian

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hey i wanted 2 publicly apologize 4 my outburst th other day. i said a lot ov shit i shouldnt have and took my negativity out on whoever it was that sent that ask and it waznt ok. i need 2 b better.

ive noticed that liek.. i havent been stimming th way i used 2 in a while. no happy stimz. no flapping. i still rock on occassion, when im sitting down. but more often i hit or bite myself now. & my ticz are getting more difficult generally, liek when im not out ov it. ive talked 2 other ppl with tourettes about it b4, and i know our ticz tend 2 quiet down when we are focusing, az mine do, but it also seemz mine kinda fade away whenever im dissociating too. not in a good way, not in th way it getz when i have calm periodz. itz more liek i cant move my body so my brain iznt sending th signalz my tourettes takez 2 tic. i feel liek im shutting down, and itz scary.

man i gotta bee real with u. if u are psychotic u KNO that telling other psychotic ppl “lol im conducting an experiment on yall i was pretending 2 be ur friend it was all a lie lmao” and then turning around and saying “LOL IT WUZ A JOAK JUST A PRANK BRO U SOFTBOYS CANT HANDLE A PRANK LMAO!!” thatz…. fucken messed up!!!! i dont even interact with this guy, ive got no idea who he iz, & still th second i heard that someone had done a “social experiment” and pretended 2 bee a mentally ill/disabled kid i almost cried. thatz fucking terrifying!! do u kno what instantly goez thru a psychotic'z mind when we see that? even if it'z a good day, even if we’re in our right mind and have insight super good, th first thing we feel iz intense fear & paranoia!! instantly i went 2 “oh fuck what if thatz all my internet friendz.. what if thatz everyone i kno? what if theyre all experimenting on me and other ppl and theyre using us? what if theyre all adultz pretending 2 bee kidz and they want 2 experiment on me??” THATZ NOT AN OK PRANK 2 PULL!! a prank iz liek,, putting salt in someone'z milk. not cauzing paranoia 4 an entire group ov kidz!! thatz shitty!! and especially since Mr Joker Clowncrime apparently did this 2 cover up a callout or something. this iz so gross & im sorry youve got piss 4 brainz but liek. learn 2 not bee a fucken dick, okay?? this waznt funny. you fucked up.

no one should kno abt yur sex life. no one should kno u do or dont fuck. itz not their business. it literally has nothing 2 do with them. it should bee between u and those involved, literally no one else needz 2 kno. ur family doesnt need 2 kno. u dont need 2 tell yur boss at work that youre an acey-wacey uwu bean. no one should bee aware ov whether or not u fuck unless youre in a romantic and/or sexual relationship with them. not comfortable hearing talk about sex? fantastic, most people aren’t. if ppl around u are makin sex jokes and that makes u uncomfortable, either A.) fucking tell them 2 stop, use yur damn wordz, can’t believe i have 2 say this but fucking communicate holy shit, or B.) remove yurself frm th situation. it'z that easy! no one needz 2 kno abt u being ace! no one'z oppressin u jst cauz u opt out ov sex! no one givez a shit stop tryin 2 make everything about u!!!

ok tbh i already do kin cabinet man. liek i heard th song and i wuz liek “thatz me”. itz me! ppl on discord have called me Cabinet b4 and liek! thatz me babey!!

i wanna look liek goth long-haired cr1tikal aka god plz make me hot when im older im tired ov looking liek a shitty second evolution pokémon