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The look on most today after finding out that there is 🤣The & the clowns in their circus have just guaranteed ’s Reelection in 2020🤣 6 more yrs!

Proud to present a proclamation to the on its 10th Anniversary of Hispanic Leadership Awards & to recognize the business owners who have advanced the commercial, financial, educational, & civic interest of the ever growing community in .

When it comes to , we find that avid voters gravitate toward retail banks & more than avid Anglo voters. Read article to learn how this wealth of available boosts & maximizes

I had to report a road rage and harassment to police. The white driver of a white car cursed me and took my parking spot only because I am a or I look

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund announced the award of a $30.7 million from Lilly Endowment Inc. for the creation of a comprehensive program to help navigate each step of their path from college to career:

I'll be at the table #1 at the exhibit hall from 2:30-3pm (Friday). Come say hello! families, , , , . Have you seen our recent brief on

RT : JC Torres, Director, Development share how to “Elevate Corporate Community Relations Efforts for Talent & Consumer Development” at 2019 Tennessee Regional Forum in

JC Torres, Director, Development share how to “Elevate Corporate Community Relations Efforts for Talent & Consumer Development” at 2019 Tennessee Regional Forum in

E | | Stigmabase history for researchers – Thousands stories about global social exclusion | Serving the truth, Stigmabase uses 400 reliable sources –>

Uncontrolled creates a country of 2 languages & 2 cultures. Miami is a Hispanic city with its own culture and economy; no assimilation necessary. Divisions between Blacks/Whites is now between Hispanics/Anglos. See: S. P. HUNTINGTON

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From a latina to gringos: the right terms to call us

Although there’s good intentions behind it, using latinx or latinxs as gender neutral terms isn’t right. Both Spanish and Portuguese - because not all of us speak the same language* - already have “gender neutral” terms.

Latina is for a woman. Latinas for 2 or more women.

Latino is for a men. Latinos for 2 or more men.

But latinos is also for a group of both men and women and it’s gender neutral too.

Actually, Spanish and Portuguese don’t really have gender neutral pronouns and/or terms, so the masculine forms are used as gender neutral, with few exceptions.  

There’s no need to say “latinxs”, you can just say “latinos”.

And since we’re on this topic, I’d also like to clarify that Hispanic and Latino don’t mean the same thing.

Hispanic = first language is Spanish **

Latino = comes from Latin America

So, therefore:

Mexicans are both Hispanic and Latinos.

Venezuelans are both Hispanic and Latinos.

Brazilians are Latinos, but not Hispanic. (speak Portuguese)

Haitians are Latinos, but not Hispanic. (speak French)

Spanish people are Hispanic, but not Latinos.

Also, latino isn’t a race. A latino can be black, brown, white, mixed, yellow, indigenous…anything at all and still be a latino. It has nothing to do with skin color but with where you were born, what language you were first taught, and a specific historic and cultural background.

*Unfortunately, those two are the only languages I know, besides English, so I’m only using them in this post. If any French speaker would like to add these terms in French, it’d be awesome.

**The term Hispanic comes from Hispania, meaning Spain, and it’s used to refer to anything related to Spain, including countries/people who were colonized by Spain or have Spanish ancestry. Which is why I’ve heard many Spanish-speakers say that they’d rather not be called Hispanic, since it ties them to their colonizer.

New Ballet Hispánico works explore intersection of Latino, Asian cultures

When Ballet Hispánico takes the stage this month at the Joyce Theater in New York City, audiences will experience new works from Asian-American choreographers — a first for the 50-year-old company and legendary Latino dance organization.

“What is traditional Latinx culture? A big part of it is showing its intersections,” said artistic director Eduardo Vilaro, who commissioned the works by Bennyroyce Royon and Edwaard Liang. “Even as a culturally specific organization, we need to challenge people to look deeper for our commonalities.”

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