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Connect with established leaders and rising stars in , and outreach on Wednesday, June 26 >>

American Lawyerโ€™s annual Diversity Scorecard is out! See how some of the biggest law firms are tackling diversity and inclusion and where lawyers are making inclusive inroads.

12% of Hispanic men have been diagnosed with diabetes. This Men's Health month be sure to pay special attention to your health and get a checkup regularly.

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Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 launch reportedly planned for August 7th

Elapse, dream of the better world

Repair fractured bones

Define the lines between bold

Imagine, the surcomfrance of a heart shape pure genuine atmosphere, that’ll change significantly your adaptation of life. How the evil and the good scale, spin, move from place to place. Life here is filtered, chemically romantic and toxic, radically insignificantly beneath mankind. Well the meaning of love, sprinkle our warm hearts again? Or will earth relapse through fracture bones and define Mother Nature between bold lines? Live, Love with a single life. Their is no tomorrow.