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Oh just take a look at this!

The ultra-vintage style. The pink 🎈. The . Well, we won’t let him dictate the trends, right? ;) Join the corporate team and face the hipster general in Hipster Attack on , , and on August 23 :)

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Son y les encanta lo se burlan de mi carro, pero andan a pie.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? HIPSTERS!!! Only 2 days left! Get ready for the Hipster Attack coming to Appstore, Steam, and Google Play this Thursday, August 23!

These tonight. All I need now is a fucking stupid beard, tattoos up to my neck and some ugly piercings.

Ya podéis dejar de enviarme MD, ya he encontré marido. Ahora solo nos falta conocernos, congeniar en la cama y hablar de matrimonio solvente y "abierto" jaja

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